According to Korea’s ET News, both LG and Samsung have settled on the global launch dates for the Galaxy S8 and LG G6. LG will reportedly start selling the G6 worldwide on March 10, with pre-sales between March 2-9, and the Galaxy S8 will go on sale in all markets on April 21 with no further details on pre-order times.

Samsung has apparently decided against putting the Galaxy S8 out in South Korea a week earlier in order to “have stable supplies” for all markets. The information comes from a “high-ranking official for a mobile network provider” in South Korea and presumably includes the Galaxy S8 Plus.

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The news outlet also reports that Samsung has changed its marketing strategy and will wait to see what market response is like to the LG G6. Citing an analyst, ET News claims, “If initial responses towards G6 are positive, there is a chance that Samsung Electronics will open up preorder for Galaxy S8 earlier than expected.”

Both of these global launch dates are entirely feasible and match up with recent rumors. The Galaxy S8 date matches up with rumors that began a month ago based on information obtained by The Guardian, which put it a few days later than the initially expected date of April 18.

The LG G6 had originally been expected to be available in the U.S. on April 7 with Korea getting it a month earlier. But that date later changed to March 10 (admittedly, also via ET News), just two weeks after its MWC unveiling. The strategy makes perfect sense though, giving LG a 42-day head start on Samsung. With LG releasing a flagship before Samsung for the first time this year, every day will count.

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • S6andNote4isBoss

    Samsung won’t have nothing to worry about with the useless G6 nobody will be buying that handset compared to the S8 and S8Plus.

    • I really impressed with note 7 Iris scanner feature. and it is expected that the Galaxy S8 will also have an improved version of Iris scanner. So we will be able to keep our Galaxy S8 from the probable theft of data.

      • Player Slayer

        G6 is rumored to have an iris scanner, but it would be combined with the camera, unlike the Galaxy phones which need 2 separate sensors

        • But it is “rumored.”

          • Player Slayer

            But we can’t rule it out just yet

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          • definitely-not-spam

            I see they gave up trying to use profiles with pictures of girls with cleavage showing. I’m interested to see if this new bearded man approach works. Please let me know.

    • If the G6 has the latest processor I’d buy it over the S8, LG give faster updates and their phones tend to be easier to repair. Huge pluses for me. Plus I don’t like glass backs on phones, just another unnecesary thing to worry about breaking.

      • Noel Santiago

        They already said that the first phone with SD835 will be the S8

      • Louie Cafarella

        The G6 will have the SD821 my friend.

    • Camilla Russo

      You are really obssesed about how much samsung is selling compare to others, it sounds like you have some shares in the company.

    • Kanoosh

      richard , get your troll ass out of here , we all know you don’t actually own a samsung device .. you’ve already been banned from other sites.

      • Antoine Devon Swans

        A grown ass black man over the age of forty years trolling because he’s afraid that his self worth maybe compromised if Samsung isn’t on top is hella scary, sad and alarming! I said it once and i will say it again! Samsung fanboys are the worst ever hands down, they make the Apple fanboys look like well behaved, someone you want to sit next to in class cool kids. And not the disgruntled Samsung’s smashed faced mean bullies that manly grown up to be nothing.

    • Antoine Devon Swans

      Another who’s self worth is caught up in a mobile device just to feel relevant! I’m so sorry that like didn’t turn out that well for you and that Samsung galaxy will be all the attention you receive, so to me it’s understandable why you need it so bad. People who aren’t afraid of anything or anyone will say nothing about the other because they know that they are better than that. Little insecure kids ramble about things that are unfamiliar to them do to there relevancy being compromised.
      Mr Sick No Boss Of Nothing, excuse me that was rude of me! Its Just having a grown ass man that’s clearly over forty with phone names is a little bit alarming and actually tells me more than you know. So if that galaxy has anything to do with your existence then Fight for Your Life!

    • Derp

      how come you comment how much you hate the G6 on every relevant post XD 😂😂

  • The only way the new LG G6 phone will sell is if they price it at $350. If they price it like a 2017 flagship using 2016 specs the phone will be DOA.

    • definitely-not-spam

      $350 would be a pipe dream price, honestly. I would be surprised if they charge anything less than $500 – $650

      • Kunal Narang

        Going by the specs, it should be $699.

        • definitely-not-spam

          It probably will be

        • David Martrano

          The price is 800.00 banana’s! Plain & Simple!

  • John Smith

    The LG G6 was never going to launch on the 7th of April in the US. That date is 7/4 or 4/7 in US format. The 7 and 4 combination is code the Masonic media use when they are lying. You will see this combination all the time, sometimes with 7 and 3, for 777 Order Out of Chaos.

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      You’ve got it all wrong. South Koreans are all alien lizards wearing human skins, and the launch dates and formats are secret codes they use to communicate with the mother ship. Boot looping isn’t an accidental problem. It’s a call for help to the mother ship.

      • Antoine Devon Swans

        You are about as dumb as God will allow! Do you know how crazy you sound? Yet we have another is search of themselves hidden behind a smartphone! Trust me, the little value the you have won’t diminish if the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t on top.

  • Antoine Devon Swans

    I think that they will do better than most people would expect!

  • Player Slayer

    Ugh, finally! LG waited way too long to start selling the V20 in the states, so long, that Google launched the Pixels 1 day before LG brought the V20 to America, losing the title of ‘first non-Google phone to get Nougat’. I just hope, if the G6 launches with a 821, that there’ll be an 835 variant coming later

  • Antoine Devon Swans

    And what’s with all of these Samsung’s fanboys bad attitudes? Nothing stays on top forever!

    • definitely-not-spam

      LG’s phones have consistently had lots of issues, everyone who is skeptic certainly has the right to be. I hear horror story after horror story of boot-loops that happen, and LG refuses to fix because it’s “out of warranty.”

      Meanwhile, Samsung recalled the entire line of the Note 7, and refunded/swapped everyone out until all that was left were the crazies who refused to return them. That’s why they’re a company on the top, honestly.

      Regardless, if the LG does well, and performs well for it’s userbase, I will be the first to say that I’m glad LG turned it around. Because let’s be honest, they need to have a successful launch with this phone.

      • V-Phuc

        bootloops mainly with G4. Even that, only with a specific subset, probably manufactured within a certain period of time. G5 and V10 also have some but not quite as widespread. Hardly heard anything with V20. Horror stories are just … that, horror stories.

        • definitely-not-spam

          I’ve definitely heard of numerous issues cropping up with the Nexus 5X, the V10, G5, and V20.

          I don’t even have to dig that far. Every time it happens again another thread gets posted to the android subreddit lol.

          • Antoine Devon Swans

            And do you know how many people had to trade in the S7 because they had so much lag and problems, if you would have done your research you would know that S7 had a lot more problems than the G5 did. Reading is fundamental, commenting without proper research is telling.

          • Btort

            the s7 is bearable but it’s still laggy af

          • definitely-not-spam

            You’re so cute. I’ve done plenty of reading, and own an S7. Anyone who had to trade in theirs because os issues, that’s just unfortunate

      • Antoine Devon Swans

        First Samsung tried to swap out the batteries first and after they kept on exploding then they figured out that it was the batteries. So no, they had to after the second batch of batteries had problems because they were being forced out by every major airline, buss and train so it didn’t happen like that! I get what you are saying and i do understand but Samsung’s had its own problems as well with the exploding phone and the exploding washing machine tearing up peoples home. I will take the bootloop problem over anything exploding around me.

        • definitely-not-spam

          I’m aware there were two recalls, which only reinforces the point further that Samsung was trying to do right by those who bought the Note. Also, something that irks me is the throwing around of the word “explodes.” The batteries vented, overheated, and caught fire, but none of them actually exploded in the sense that something like a firecracker or grenade does.

          I’m not sure about the washing machines. They may have exploded, I really didn’t read much into it as I have an LG and didn’t have to worry about it. Oh the irony XD

          • Antoine Devon Swans

            What do you think exploding means my friend? When someone is trapped with pressure and can’t get out it explodes! So i don’t know what to make of your generalization of what exploding means? That’s something you should have learned in elementary school with soda pop! Any kind of pressure will cause something to explode if the pressure is too great and can’t escape out, we call it exploding! Have you ever left a soda in the freezer? SMMH! Google should really be your friend!

          • definitely-not-spam

            Here’s the definition, from google

            A violent and destructive shattering or blowing apart of something, as is caused by a bomb.


            A violent expansion in which energy is transmitted outward as a shock wave.

            This is not by any stretch what happened with the Note 7 Devices. Any use of the word “explode” when describing these phones was a hyperbolic statement.

            Notice how they specified “violent.”

          • Antoine Devon Swans

            Burning one’s house or the car that was torched, or the little girls hand that was burned, or maybe the Southwest airplane full of fule that would have blown up if they at taking off with that phone out of control is not dangerous? You need to rethink what dangerous and volatile is my friend!

          • definitely-not-spam

            Okay so let’s break down your three examples:

            “Burning one’s house” – Fire
            “Car torched” – Fire, and on the list of possible hoaxes/false reports that emerged in the fiasco
            “Little Girl’s Hand Burned” – Unfortunate, sad, and caused by heat/fire

            The last one is just ridiculous/kinda confusing because your english doesn’t seem 100%. Also, the definition said violent, not volatile lol.
            Fire =/= Explosion

          • Antoine Devon Swans

            Dude what are you Googling? That is not what it said! You Googled Explosion not Explodes how in the hell did you get that far off context? I have a ninth grade education and i know better than that! For Real and I’m not ashamed of it because people come along to remind you that your ok. LMMFAO!

      • David Martrano

        How can you have a successful launch when you have regional restrictions on the G6? Take Europe no DAC 32gb’s & no wireless! I hate to say it but this will not be a success! Last year’s soc & no re-move able battery! Then lastly an 800.00 price tag! Your better off waiting for the 835 processer for that kind of money! In all honesty LG has shit the bed again!

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    Watching your phone boot up for the first time is an exciting experience. And LG phones give you that experience over and over and over again.

    • V-Phuc

      Stop the trolling!
      Similar to what I can say, “Watching your phone go up in a fiery ball after a peaceful night of recharging is an exciting experience.” And no other phones besides the Samsung Note 7 give you that unique experience.

      • definitely-not-spam

        Well, yeah but his is funnier

        • Kunal Narang

          But the replier’s name is funnier.

  • NevaSurrenda

    These final designs or just really good renders based on rumors?

  • V-Phuc

    Don’t understand why they cannot launch the sales, let’s say, 1 week after the intro. Would make more sense to me when all the impressions are still fresh in everyone’s mind. Not 1 or 2 months later. Ridiculous!

    • Blair Davis

      If you are talking about the G6 they introduce it on the 26th and preorders start 4 days later. That doesn’t seem so bad to me.

      • V-Phuc

        Agree. They seem to get their acts together this time. I was referring to G5 and V20.

      • Andrew Louden

        Not bad at all. I really hope they stick to that schedule. I have seen other reports suggesting an April release. That would be unfortunate if true.

  • Danny O’Neal

    I am a devoted Samsung fan, customer &, advocate,2,Note 7,and literally ,having the last one snatched from my hand’s, I have history with Samsung all the way back to the original Galaxy phone, S4 S3,Note 3 &,Note 4,and 2,of those right now, between me and my wife, I’m at a crossroads with Samsung right now, If this S8 if this is phone comes with only a QHD display a smaller battery and only 4 gigabytes of RAM I’m going to pass I would not pay top dollar again for another QHD phone with the same display now going on for 3 years Samsung needs to upgrade to 4K display the phone needs to be 6 gigabytes of RAM larger battery I’m not interested in incremental updates so that’s how I feel about it thank you

    • Metroidam11

      Dude, Samsung displays are awesome. That’s why they haven’t updated them. A 4K display will surely drain your battery faster and you’ll get used to it so quickly you won’t notice much of a difference.