‘Reicast’ Dreamcast emulator comes to Android, plays quite a few games at full speed

by: Andrew GrushDecember 19, 2013


At least when compared to the PS2, Xbox and even the Gamecube — the Dreamcast’s popularity was very short-lived, with Sega throwing in the towel way ahead of its then-current competition. Despite this, the Dreamcast is still one of the best systems ever made and is home to tons of classics including Sonic Adventure, Soul Caliber, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi and Jet Grind Radio (aka Jet Set Radio).

While the latter two games have officially made their way over to Android already, many of these classics will likely never see release. The good news is that you can still play them in full-speed glory using the Dreamcast emulator Reicast, at least if you happen to have a reasonably decent Android device.

According to Nillware (the app’s maker), they recommend a Cortex-A9 dual-core 1GHz CPU at minimum if you want to enjoy the experience at decent speeds. It’s also worth noting that the Reicast is said to work reasonably well on the Ouya.

Reicast is technically alpha software, though it is relatively stable, with more of a beta feel to it. Of course, there are bound to be bugs and there are likely at least some game ROMs that won’t work with it, or that at least won’t work at full speed.

In spite of a few possible flaws, the Reicast could still be the perfect app for both Dreamcast fans and mobile gamers in general.

Keep in mind that to get the app working you’ll need to provide a Dreamcast BIOS, which you get pretty easy by doing a system “dump” from an actual Dreamcast. For more details about Reicast or to download the free app, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

  • Azeem


  • palindrome

    good news !
    aah too bad I don’t have any dreamcast games :(
    guess I’ll stick with nds for holiday

    • A.M

      go to coolroms . com or freeroms. com or theisozone . com to get the games

      • palindrome

        yeah thanks but, you know *ahem* , I mean obtaining them *cough* legally …

        I just feel bad if good emulator is used to play pirated games. It makes emulator looks kinda illegal.. (though I believe emulator is legal by all means)

        • Southall87

          Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to legaly pay for and obtain these games, like from the original developers…

          • A.M

            yes there is it’s called Ebay that’s the only way Ya’ll 2 belong together

          • A Googler


        • A.M

          1st you need to stop being a up tight ass citizen have to get them legally the only way that is possible you have to own the game then the way you feel you never will play emulators “They all say emulators don’t come with ROMS ”
          Iegal: Spend cash on DC games turn into a cdi image then play game you’ll be blowing money Street Fighter 3rd Strike $125 used $35 Power Stone 2 $120 used $55 Marvel Vs Capcom 2 $96 used $22
          Illegal: Go to one of the sites download game & play 1999 I’ll let decide which way is smarter …… Besides you think Sega cares that people download there games shit people were doing it when the Dreamcast was out

        • A Googler

          Legally? wheres the fun in that???

  • chkenwing

    This is great news! Shenmue! Guess I have to invest in a bigger memory card now considering the size of some DC games!

  • Lora Empson

    i am proud of this game.

    Blog: Tech Blogger

  • EFD

    MOGA support is missing… Anyway this emulator’s small filesize is an advantage. Reicast is also open-source (this emulator has a Github page).

    • A.M

      dude it’s alpha what do you expect chill it will all be there give it time

  • A.M
  • A.M

    Games that are flawless: Power Stone NBA Showtime On NBC Crazy Taxi (small sound hiccup)

  • A Googler

    awesome the dreamcast was a great console i still have 2 of em.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Tested Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it works very very well.
    Glad I can play that again as Crapcom itself does not port any games to Android so it’s unlikely that they will bring MvC2 released on iOS to Android.
    Hopefully will be able to play Capcom vs SNK 2 as well.
    I guess it’s time to get my old games and start to convert them :D

  • Wilfried

    how can i get fullscreen on my s6 edge for grandia II?