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Crazy Taxi Full Android App Review (video)

Crazy Taxi, a game originally launched on the Sega Dreamcast years ago, is now available for Android, and we're giving it the full review treatment. Is the game still much like the original, or is it another bad port? Find out in our review.

Published onJuly 18, 2013

crazy taxi


crazy taxi

Did you ever own a Dreamcast? If you did, chances are you’ve heard of, and maybe even played, a game called Crazy Taxi. Well, we have good news for you! Sega has brought the game to Android, and unlike a lot of mobile ports, it runs and plays very smoothly. Let’s take a closer look at the game, shall we?

If you played the original Crazy Taxi on the Sega Dreamcast, then everything we are about to talk about, will be extremely familiar to you. This is almost an exact port from the Dreamcast — even the ridiculous game physics still hold true.

One of the nicer things about this port is that there are two options for controls — tilting your device or using on-screen controls. It doesn’t really matter which one you use, as driving around is as easy as it always was, but let’s face it, on-screen controls do get annoying a lot of the time.

Crazy Taxi 2

Crazy Taxi is a little more than just an arcade game. You can play ranked mode, 3, 5, and 10 minute modes, along with the crazy box mode where you can do big jumps or bowl using the the tax. You can also earn points by ferrying people from place to place in an allotted amount of time.

And…that’s pretty much the whole game! The real challenge is getting as many fares done as possible in a certain of time. There’s a time limit per fare, so if you don’t get there in time, they’ll jump out of the moving vehicle.

Crazy Taxi 5

Graphics-wise, you shouldn’t be expecting much. After all, this is a Dreamcast port, although Sega did do a few touch ups on the graphics and sharpened them for Android screens. In other words, it’s not like an emulator where games will look all fuzzy. Crazy Taxi is sharp and looks good.

The sound and music is probably one of the best parts about Crazy Taxi. Instead of generic video game music, you will be greeted with some awesome punk rock music by bands like The Offspring. For those who have never played Crazy Taxi, it’s reminiscent of games like the old Tony Hawk games.

Crazy Taxi 4

All in all, the graphics are what you should expect from an old Sega port, and the music is, well, awesome!

Crazy Taxi is a really fun game, and with ports, there are some elements of a game that usually get lost in the transition. However, the original gameplay is pretty much perfectly ported over, so you’re not really missing anything from the original game. In other words, if you spent a lot of time playing and loving this game years ago, you’re in for the exact same experience, as Sega recognized what made this game good to begin with, and kept all of that in the package.

Crazy Taxi 7

The music in this game is awesome and unique. The graphics aren’t that bad, when you consider the time frame Crazy Taxi was released in. It’s not going to win any awards, but you can definitely tell what’s going on.

Overall, it’s a simple game, as there isn’t much to learn, aside from the controls. Once you get those down, playing Crazy Taxi will be smooth sailing. It’s a lot of fun, slightly addictive, and a trip down memory lane, being on oe the games that made a real splash on the Dreamcast.

There really isn’t much to not like about Crazy Taxi. However, there isn’t much to the game, and that’s the first thing we didn’t like about it, though it’s somewhat forgivable considering the year the game originally launched. It’s an arcade game, through and through, which means there won’t be any story or campaign to play around with. Once you get bored of the time challenges, chances are, you’re going to quickly become bored of Crazy Taxi.

Crazy Taxi 3

If you don’t like punk rock, you’ll likely want to play this game on mute. Even if The Offspring and other, similar bands, sold tens of millions of albums in the 90’s, most people today just don’t like that kind of music. However, it’s much better than throwing some Bieber or Carly Rae Jepsen in the game.

When it comes down to it, Crazy Taxi is a fun game, and a trip down memory lane. However, we’re left with a question — is it worth the $5? It’s really up to you. For some people, it might be worth it for a game that lived through the death of the arcade generation and the depressing life cycle of the Sega Dreamcast. For others, well, it might just not be worth it.

Crazy Taxi 6

The game garnered itself a 4.5 rating in Google’s Play Store only a few short days after launching, and that’s just a small testament to its popularity back in the day. In our opinion, getting a chance to play one of the popular arcade games from the Sega Dreamcast on our Android devices is well worth that $5. It’s well worth picking up.

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