Huawei’s Mate series is known for its beautiful designs and construction, fantastic displays, and large batteries, all of which makes for a popular range of smartphones. The latest addition to the series, the Huawei Mate 9, continues to bring all of these signature elements to the table, and more, including an upgraded version of the LEICA dual-camera setup from the P9, and a major overhaul of the software experience. If you are in the market for a large display smartphone, the Huawei Mate 9 is definitely one to consider.

However, as is the case with any current generation smartphone or tablet, the latest high-end offering from Huawei is not without its issues. Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the common problems that Huawei Mate 9 owners have faced, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them!

Disclaimer: Not every Huawei Mate 9 will face these issues, and in fact, it is more than likely that you won’t come across of these problems at all.

Problem #1 – Issues with using Nova and other third-party launchers

Quite a few users who use third party launchers, and particularly Nova, have found that the device automatically, often after closing an app, reverts to the default stock launcher of EMUI. Users then have to go into the settings and once again set the third party launcher as the default one.

Potential solutions:

  • This seems to have to do with the aggressive RAM management and default battery saving features the tends to kill any apps that are running in the background, including the third party launcher. This is what also causes the notification bug (see below). Until a permanent fix is made available via a software update, there are a few workarounds that can be tried.
  • You can try locking it into the Recent Apps list. Some third party launchers, like Nova, won’t show the launcher settings if you are currently using it, so first, set the default launcher to the stock Huawei one. Then open Nova launcher and go to the launcher settings. Press the Recent Apps key and you should see the settings page. Press the small lock icon and lock it in place.
  • Nova launcher also has a setting called “Aggressive Desktop.” Enabling this seems to have fixed the issue for some users.

Problem #2 – Performance issues

Some users have reported that the device tends to randomly freeze, and there are quite a few instances of stutter and lag as well.

Potential solutions:

  • Download the Greenify app from the Google Play Store. Here, you can see a list of applications that are active on waking the phone, and you can then change the settings for these apps, which should help with reduce any slowdowns.
  • A rogue app could be the cause for any stutter or lag. Boot the device into Safe Mode (you can find the instructions on how to do so below) and see if the problem persists. If not, an application is the issue. You can then either delete the last few apps you have may have installed before the problem started, or perform a factory reset and start over, even though that is recommended only as a worst-case scenario, since you will lose all your data.

Problem #3 – Battery drain issues

Some users have reported coming across serious battery drain issues, with the device, in some cases, running out of battery in just 6-8 hours, with relatively light usage.

Potential solutions:

  • Keep a track of the battery stats to see if an app is causing the surprising battery drain, and more often than not, that is going to be the case. Then, the only option is uninstall the app or to wait for an update. A good alternative will also likely be available on the Google Play Store which you can use instead. In the case of the Huawei Mate 9, users have found that the battery drain seems to be caused by the Exchange email app, and in some cases, by Google Calendar sync issues.

Problem #4 – Connectivity issues

As is the case with any new device, you may find yourself facing some connectivity issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Apart from that, users have also come across problems with connecting to Protected Wi-Fi.

Potential solutions:

Cannot connect to Protected Wi-Fi

  • While the Mate 9 can connect to regular Wi-Fi routers, it seems to have difficulty connecting to those with 802.11 EAP enabled routers. The “Connect” or “Save” button remains greyed out depsite adding the correct user name and passord. The fix for this problem is very simple. All you have to do is change the CA Certificate setting from “Unspecified” to “Do not validate.”

General Wi-Fi issues

  • Turn the device and the router off for at least ten seconds, then turn them back and retry the connection.
  • Go to Settings – Power saving and ensure that this option is turned off.
  • Use the Wi-Fi Analyzer to check how crowded your channel is, and switch to a better option.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi connection by going to Settings – Wi-Fi and long tapping the connection you want, then selecting “Forget”. Re-enter the details and try again.
  • Make sure the router firmware is up to date.
  • Make sure the applications and software on the device are up to date.
  • Go into Wi-Fi – Settings – Advanced and make a note of your device MAC address, then make sure that it is allowed access in the router’s MAC filter.

General Bluetooth issues

  • With issues when connecting to the car, check the manufacturer’s manual for the device and the car and reset your connections.
  • Ensure that you are not missing a vital part of the connection process.
  • Go to Settings – Bluetooth and ensure nothing needs changing
  • Go into Settings – Bluetooth delete all prior pairings and try setting them up again from scratch.
  • When it comes to issues with multiple device connection, only a future update will be able to address this problem.

Problem #5 – Issues where the only option is to wait for a software update

There are some issues that users have come across that unfortunately don’t have any easy fixes or workarounds. In these cases, the only option is to wait for an official software update. Some of these issues are listed below.

  • No audio controls on lockscreen: Some users have found that there are no audio controls on the lockscreen when listening to music, which means that the phone has to be unlocked each time. This seems particularly prevalent with the Spotify app, but some users have faced this issue with other music players and streamers as well.
  • Touch sensitivity: Some users have found that the touch sensitivity isn’t as good as expected, particularly along the left and right sides of the display. An update to fix this problem is rolling out now, and you should receive it shortly.
  • Notification bug: The aggressive RAM management and battery optimizations that cause the issue with third party launchers (mentioned above) also results in notifications not coming through. An update to fix this problem is rolling out now, and you should receive it shortly.

Guides: Hard reset, Safe Mode, wipe cache partition

Hard Reset

  • Method #1 – Turn off the device. Then, press and hold the power button and volume down key simultaneously. Release the buttons as soon as the Huawei logo appears. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu, go to “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm with the power key.
  • Method #2 – When the device is on, go to the Settings menu. Scroll down to Advanced Settings, then select Backup & Reset. Tap of Factory Data Reset and accept it.
  • Method #3 – When the phone is on, open the phone dialer. Dial *#*#2846579#*#* and from the menu, select “Reset Factory.”

Boot into Safe Mode

  • Turn off the device, and then press and hold the power button to restart it.
  • As soon as the Huawei logo appears, release the power button and immediately press and hold the volume down key.
  • Keep holding the volume down button until the device finishes rebooting, and release it when you see “Safe Mode” in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Restart the device to exit Safe Mode.

Wipe cache partition

  • Turn off the device. Then, press and hold the power button and volume down key simultaneously. Release the buttons as soon as the Huawei logo appears. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu, go to “wipe cache partition” and confirm with the power key.

So, there you have it for this roundup of some common problems faced by Huawei Mate 9 owners, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them! However, don’t let these small list of issues deter you from picking up what is otherwise still a fantastic flagship, with a great camera, gorgeous display, great battery life, and more.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • One_of_many

    So basically don’t bother buying the phone. It can make you throw that flagship in the toilet

  • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

    All those super optimizations seem to be for nothing, you get a worse handset.

    I was looking to buy it :( but I guess this is a no.

  • PadieMwangi

    Is huawei only releasing the “update” in China ? Haven’t received it yet 😠. Loving it.

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  • Dusty

    Dang. First you list off three reasons of why this phone is so great, but fail to mention it’s cheap. Then you recommend that I consider buying it, why would you recommend that I consider this phone considering severity of the issues, even if an ‘average’ user won’t have them? No thanks, this device sounds just as bad as the Honor 8 was.

  • Tariq

    Bought the phone but have not opend it yet. A bit concerned now. I hope they get their software support act together. Might sell it now

  • Paul

    I’ve had none of these issues with mine! It’s a very very good phone. Launch fw is better than prerelease.

  • Matt Spencer

    any idea as to exactly when the update will come to fix notifications?

    • Lorinczi Thomas

      yesterday i got the nougat update on my p9 and they fixed it.

  • Mike Orszag

    The issue I have with this phone (which I really regret purchasing) is that unlocking the bootloader has proven an unsuccessful marathon effort. Huawei customer service is terrible — by any standard — so much so I don’t even ever want to so much as buy a Huawei cable again, let alone a phone or router. Customer service needs to be factored into any decision to buy something such as phone and here Huawei really breaks down. I have had Mate 7,8 and 9 and when I had a problem with the Mate 7 hardware Huawei was terrible too. So the issues with the phone (which I have had for more than five weeks now) are: poor service, software glitches/battery life issues and some concerns about security with all the connections the device makes to China. I’d recommend strongly staying away.

  • Got the phone 2 days after Christmas. Was pleasantly surprised how everything worked so fine until yesterday. I restarted the phone and all photos on my SD Card>DCIM>Camera went missing. Everything in DCIM was gone. I tried simulating the problem by taking pictures and restarting the phone after that but no missing photos. And then it happened again today. Everything in DCIM went missing after restart.

    I am not sure what seems to be the cause but suspected the Huawei Phone Manager app Optimze function must have corrupted the SD card. Or the Camera app corrupted it.

    I ran chkdsk on the SD card on a PC and could see that there are errors but fixing them did not bring back my photos. The SD card had no problem on my previous phone.

    Contacting Huawei customer service seems futile. Anybody here faces this problem?

    • Lorinczi Thomas

      you sure you dont have any cloud service (google foto) active?

      • In where I stay, I only have a show ADSL connection with an upload speed of 512k. I only set the sync to run when charging.

  • Muhammad

    My problem was that the phone was not receiving the charging signal tried different cables different plugs could not come right. After a simple reboot it began working simple yet so frustrating.

  • disqus_Vr0QezCVi2

    After a EMUI update the keyboard is not shown after the phone asks for the password! So anoying. Can’t do a thing now.. Thinking of wiping the cache…

  • disqus_Vr0QezCVi2

    BTW HARD RESET is power & volume up key. And release when you see the EMUI screen

  • saile

    Huawei mate 9 sure it is a good phone but the stock apps are terrible. Messaging app and email app have limited access to attach files.

  • John

    Hi Team my soft key navigation keys vibrate when pressing. Have unchecked vibrate to touch in keyboard and sounds… Any idea. Please help!

  • Michael

    No mention of the poor Huawei Health app when using GPS high accuracy mode? The device cannot calculate distances correctly as the fixes are in error.

  • Greg Hill

    Just got a new Huawei Mate 9 from Optus Australia. It would not connect to my car bluetooth although it would connect to two bluetooth speakers I have. Optus technical support finally resolved the issue by changing the car bluetooth PIN from 1111 to 0000. Looks like a Huawei bug in that it can only connect to devices without a PIN or with a PIN of 0000. Checked my speakers and one has no PIN and the other has 0000 as the PIN. Hopefully Huawei will fix this.

  • Martin Lynch

    I keep getting “HiVoice” is not available. I can’t enable it either…!

  • Batlongthienam

    are the issues fixed now ? (May 11 2017)