The smackdown against Oracle in the courtroom continues. It was only last week that victory sided with Google, after the judge who presided over the case didn’t find Google guilty of infringing Oracle’s patents. What the public didn’t know is that the same judge apparently had ordered Oracle to pay for Google’s legal fees!

Perhaps Oracle should heed the old adage that says ‘if at first you don’t succeed in getting that $6 billion settlement from Google, you should refrain from trying it out again and again’ – especially at the risk of ticking off Judge William Alsup, which Oracle seems to have successfully done. The judge, who lectured Oracle for wasting the court’s time, did allow the company to file for a damages report for the third time around on the condition that Oracle would cough up legal fees and expenses that Google has to pay to defend itself.

Wondering what’s the amount of damage? According to Jim Prosser, Google spokesman, the check to cover for the legal expenses and fees, which Oracle has handed to Google, amounted to over $300,000. Can you say, ouch? As a top-tier tech company, that figure may not mean much for Oracle in the grand scheme of things – but it sure is an embarrassment being told to reimburse the legal fees of your courtroom opponent.

Considering that Oracle could only potentially get no more than $300,000 from Google, though chances of a maximum settlement from the two remaining incidents are somewhat slim, it’s just made the whole saga even more laughable. It’s also probably why Oracle spokeswoman Deborah Hellinger has declined to comment on the story.

Here’s the link to the court document if you want to read and relive the embarrassing experience.

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  • AppleFUD

    That’s just rubbing salt in the wound. . . . wouldn’t it be great if more judges made companies pay legal fees for stupid lawsuits that ultimately lead to nothing much at all. . . “rubber band effect” anyone?

  • JamesNCleveland
  • Mike

    While true it is not completely accurate. Oracle was ordered to pay Google’s legal fees as they pertain to review and response of Cockburn’s third revision of the damages report for Oracle.

    The cost was high but dwarfed by the total legal fees incurred by Google for this case (likely in the tens of millions)

  • Melad360

    lol only if apple were made to pay for bs lawsuits against other companies.Pr

  • Jim

    This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time :D

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