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Well, it was fun while it lasted, but the latest data seems to indicate that the latest poke-craze is already on its way out. A variety of app and market intelligence firms are reporting that Pokemon Go usership is starting to fade away.

When the game first launched, it quickly rose to the top of all app lists, breaking record after record and creating its own micro-culture awash with rivalries and tongue-in-cheek propaganda. However, in the shadow of a number of poorly received actions on the part of developer Niantic, daily and weekly users are in decline.

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August 15, 2016

At its highest point, Pokemon Go boasted more than 40 million active users, joining the leagues of app titans like the official Facebook and Twitter apps as well as Instagram and Snapchat. Bloomberg reports that, although interest is still high in the game, players don’t seem to be as engaged.

pokemon go engagement

Perhaps Niantic will re-snag their players’ attention if they ever end up pushing out much-needed features like a more sophisticated tracking system, player to player battling, and Pokemon trading. For now, it seems, the novelty of catching ‘em all is starting to turn into a grind.

It’s notable that data from Sensor Tower, Survey Monkey, and Apptopia demonstrate that Pokemon Go was actually responsible for a significant bump in augmented reality interest across the board. However, this interest since petered off significantly while interest in virtual reality remains high.

pokemon go ar vr

What are your thoughts regarding the rise and possible fall of Pokemon Go? Are you glad that the craze is starting to fade, or do you think there’s still room for a resurgence? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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August 15, 2016
  • ozzyager


  • RenatoFontesTapia

    Hackers and server errors don’t help keep us motivated =/

    • TemporalArc

      On the flipside, I really got into the game when I started botting and lost interest once the perma-bans hit. The fact is, this game involves way too much grinding for very little reward.

      One can only make legitimate satisfactory progress in this game if they’re unemployed.

  • Bea Stig

    Imho, main reason is, it’s not close enough to the original games, no P2P battles, you do not train your pokemon, Gym battles are kinda boring, there is no incentive to battle (well, except for coins, but that’s not really rewarding.) Also rare pokemon don’t spawn often enough to justify candy requirements on evolution, powering up your pokemons is not feasable because to expensive in stardust…. anyway, my main disappointment is the inability to train&raise your pokemon as it should be. And I guess that feature is what would add longtime satisfaction for players. Also, there is no real strategic and faction binding element in the game, as there is in Ingress. Imho ARG need to have a community element, it’s totally missing from pokemon go. You can raid some gyms, but again, not really rewarding.

  • Marty

    Good! We don’t need any more driving distractions. It’s bad enough that idiots and morons text and drive, but adding something like this just makes the misery that much worse.

    • C Lo

      Yeah, also people changing radio stations, fixing their make-up/hair, having discussions with people in the car, sipping sodas or downing a burger, talking to people on their bluetooth mobile devices, rubbernecking an accident on the opposite side of the freeway causing traffic to slow down to a slow crawl; I hate people that just can’t drive and not do anything else. Way too much distracted driving.

      • Marty

        Agreed. 😋

        • Zack.zck

          You can’t even get sarcasm, you shouldn’t be allowed to comment on posts O.o

          • Marty

            I think you’re the one that doesn’t get humor. :P

          • Guest123

            The irony of him telling you that you couldn’t get sarcasm lol

        • vegiisan

          Went right over this guys head.

          • Marty

            Over you’re head…because you didn’t get my humor. :)

          • deepdvd

            Over you are head.

          • Marty


  • Alexandros Vourlakos

    Servers have been fine for more than 3 weeks (I have a ptc account and had severe issues, i couldn’t log in for 10 hours a day, the game was practically unplayable) my smartphone also heats less now. However it’s only natural that the interest will fade away. Tracking a pokemon is more difficult than postgraduate mathematics and 99% of the pokemons you’ll find are less than 10% of the actual variety. Trading is also an easy and social way to actually get close to catching em all… I’m actually surprised I still play it :p

    • mortenmhp

      After the latest update tracking is far from impossible. Go in one direction til it disappears, then turn around and go the other, if it also disappears, go back to the middle and start going in one of the to other directions. The range where they show up is sufficiently large that you are quite likely to run into it this way and 15 minutes is more than enough to do it. I’d say I have found around 4/5 this way. Some people would rather they could just look at a map and be told what to do, but what kind of challenge is that? Imo it’s simply cheating. Then you might as well just sit at your computer and spoof the location too.

      As for the variety, if you could get every Pokemon everywhere it would again defeat the purpose and ruin any challenge. You could just sit at the same lure all day. They wary by area. If you want a different collection try playing someplace else, that is part of the entire premise.

      • wulves

        Very true ,well said , but I do see less players in the parks ,I feel because of College students returning to school and H.S . students starting school already or getting ready too has a big impact on the lack of interest right now. Also on the East Coast of the U.S. Fall is almost here ,and Winter not far behind . If Nantic wants this to work and rebound they have to start to prep for some new and needed updates and lure players back in again after we all settle down for all the above changes. I hope this is not over ,I do feel there will be less interest right now,its kinda depressing going to the park and not seeing players playing , and barbecuing ,its an empty feeling, but winter alone is going to cut back the interest in this game and I did wonder during the summer if this game would just die because of it.

    • wulves

      I think trading will have players quickly complete the pokedex ,and then Nantic has to think about releasing the second generation pokemon to catch. I think winter is coming to the east coast of the USA and college and high school is starting. I hope things pick up again because it was quiet a ride !

    • Ryan

      I stopped stopping for every pokemon that pops up. I’m tired of that grind. Now I only look for and go for the uncommon and rare ones. I also do the tracking thing and keep watching the nearby screen as I’m riding my bike. I find the ones I’m looking for rather quickly on a bike. When they pop in, you know they are just on the edge in a ‘C’ shaped arc. Once I get tired of the tracking thing, I’ll probably stop any real playing. When winter comes, I won’t go out at all.

  • London fear

    All the HS students are back in school.. That might account for the drop

    • Mohamed Salim

      not yet

    • Ollie Hamon

      there are other countries than just America you know….

  • Too expensive to continue just to collect them all….

  • catfanatic1979

    I wish they would give out 10 free pokeballs each month to keep kids in rurual areas a bit interested. Entire rural counties are sometimes missing pokestops. Its hard to play when you are poor and unable to leave the house often.

    • mortenmhp

      With ten per month they might as well not play at all. Even with 10 per day I’d be out fairly quickly.

    • wulves

      if your playing ,your in possession of at least a $300 phone.Your not poor.

      • Ollie Hamon

        not true at all. it only need android 4.4 or higher. a £15 would play it happily

  • Josh Zheng

    Good, all the fake bandwagoners are now starting to leave

  • Remy Cajallena

    Japanese investors were right to pull off Nintendo stocks when they learned that Niantic made the game… Niantic pretty much destroyed not only the Pokemon trademark, but also augmented reality in general…

  • Nayners

    And the experience needed to level up past 20 is crazy! I think the real killer is no PvP and training, though.

  • Wasim Mansor

    I hate this game so much… Takes my friends and family away… I hope this game will be banned soon

  • C Lo

    Not surprised. The way people are today, these things only last about 20-30 days of binging and then it’s on to the next thing.

  • Bob F

    Best news ever!

  • It was expected. I’m still playing it but I just play it on my morning runs. I don’t go out wasting gas to reach downtown anymore.

  • Terry

    Niantic was completely unprepared for dealing with the general public. Their vicious abuse and nihilistic high handedness was tolerated by Ingress nerds. But the broader audience responded with a hearty GTFO!!

    I love it. It couldn’t have happened to more deserving scum.

    • Chump

      Spot on mate!

  • Jeffrey DiGuglielmo

    Hardly would i say that pokemon go is “dieing” most apps lose 80% of there users within the first week, pokemon go has suffered a loss of 20% in a span of 2 months. In that sense its doing fantastic. Of course it is not going to consistently keep up with things like facebook and twitter which have become a literal part of most peoples daily lives if not most of there lives. Pokemon Go is a video game and to think it would continuously keep up with apps like that is insanity. The fact that 30 million people are STILL actively playing is what is truly amazing. One final note to all of you people crying about people playing pokemon go and driving and somehow blaming the game itself and not the idiots behind the wheel, you sound dumb. I do not see people calling for the ban of drive-through’s because some people are to stupid to not eat and drive. Make-up companies are not being yelled at for causing accidents when some dumb lady decides to put on make-up instead of watching the road, and there is no one calling for the end of cell phones because people wont stop texting and driving. So lets stop blaming the game for people being stupid, people are just stupid with or without the game.

    • Grown Simba

      I find it amazing how some people who end up getting in trouble, blame the game. How can you not tale responsibility for your actions? The game didn’t tell you to violate this rule, etc, etc.

    • 1213 1213

      The activity on Google is a good guide of general interest. Looking at people who play includes many reluctant players who will leave relatively soon. And the number of related Google searches has dropped to 27% of what it was 30 days ago.

      • Jeffrey DiGuglielmo

        the people who u say “reluctantly play” and will leave soon…. that is the 10 million that has already left lol. Nobody “reluctantly” plays a grinding game like this for over a month unless they have real interest in or at least very few would. If you think that pokemon go is even close to dieing you are out of your mind. I live in Toledo Ohio, not a huge city but not a small one either and you can go to the park downtown at any hour of the night and there will be hundreds playing the game. This game has quite the potential for long term success. With the addition of team events, trading, and trainer battling this game could easily have years of success to come. Just remember me in 6 months when this is still huge and remember what you said lol.

        • 1213 1213

          Firstly, in that period of decline, they were still introducing it in huge markets like Brazil and Japan. And many other people do play the game once a day for a bit, and slowly stop playing over time.
          And if you click on the source, you’d see a third graph called engagement. The time spent in the app. Which has dropped from 95% to 50% in the last 20 days.
          You could also look at how it is trending in google searches. This is correlated with the above, as in the past 20 days it dropped from 67% of its peak to 33% of its peak. So that has halved too.
          Only daily users hasn’t shown such decline because of reluctant players, who will soon leave, as I said. Understand? Especially for games like this. Social games drop as rapidly as they rise, because they rely on popularity to be popular. If people’s friends stop playing they will stop too. This is different from other games.

          • Jeffrey DiGuglielmo

            Think what you will I am not going to waste time arguing with you when you are acting as if 30 million people playing a game is anything to scoff at be in regularly or semi regularly. It’s crazing that a “dying” game that is completely free to play is still grossing higher then anything else in its in app sales by almost triple its closest counterparts like angry birds and candy crush. Again just remember me in 6 months when your sitting there and parks are still packed with people playing

          • 1213 1213

            That’s because of the branding. But its nice how you completely ignore the numbers on its decline. Probably because you don’t have any possible way of denying them.

            The core gameplay is poor. It doesn’t matter if they add trading or battles or whatever else. You’d have to be a real sucker to still be playing such a poor game in 6 months. This is the main reason its declining, the gameplay is shallow and boring and unable to retain customers. Once the attachment to pokemon can no longer sustain it, people leave without looking back on the gameplay.

          • bella Mater

            PoGo: the new WoW…

            Maybe us non-PoGo punters will get access to our galleries and botanical gardens back before the snow flies, eh?

  • Ryan

    I”m hoping they come up with a new and different augmented reality game. There is so much more they could do with this sort of thing. Any game they come up with, people will grow tiered of it after a short time. For Pokemon Go itself, they need to introduce bad guys you can fight. They need to add adding CP to your pokemon when they engage in battles instead of only being able to power up with stardust. We are not trainers as it is now. This would give more incentive to battle in gyms. I could make more suggestions but they may not fit with the world of Pokemon. For this game, the country and small town folk are kind of left out. My facebook friends live out in the sticks so you never hear a thing about pokemon. They may have downloaded it, tried it, ran out of balls and that was it.

  • 1213 1213

    As the world moves on all those stories about people doing stupid things and getting themselves injured or killed seem even more stupid. To think they lost so much and went so far for a temporary craze that left as swiftly as it arrived.

  • Edwin Yee

    Niantic is not ready for the fever and they will never be. They themselves ruined the fun of the game by having those weak servers and 0 management team. They don’t even care what the players think about their game and they doesn’t interact with their players. I’m surprise that it took that long for the fever to be gone.

  • Susmith Sunil Kumar

    Bring the game to India and China…. we’ll get u active players!!

  • MisterSuperGod

    Bound to happen eventually…

  • Sam

    Theres so many things to improve in the game.. Like example the radar in nearby pokemon is so detailed.. They should give a tracking to where you should find them.. Because somethimes it says there are nearby but as you go around theres no such pokemon there..
    Also should do some interesting options where the player are not getting tired of the usual thing.. And others where the players have the interest to finish the game..

  • Dave_D

    Good! I was sick of hearing about it after the second day! So many idiots walking in front of cars, or on to private property, and then wondering why people got pi**ed off with them! What did they expect? I heard someone actually quit their job to go Pokemon hunting… Ugggggh moron!

    Another ridiculous craze for all the sheep to follow! Put it to bed and get on with your life.

  • randomguy

    for making such many bug application,
    and they already gain so many profit, yet the aplication still so many bug, no improve from day to day.

  • FranchisePlayer

    Perhaps the decline can be attributed to school starting in most of the country. Lots of players are in class now. (Edit: I’m thinking of the US, not so sure about classes in other parts of the globe)

    Even so, there’s still lots of people playing and some decline should be expected with nearly any game a few months after it comes out. Once new game features are added, more people will be playing until it more or less levels out.

  • James Childress

    Greed is most likely the cause. Bilking users with micro-transactions has soured the gamer’s interest, especially with the rumored changes to the game that would cause poke-balls to be wasted more often.

  • Well, School’s starting in the West (August) so STOP losing your darn minds over it.

  • Jillian Lake

    Niantic should have put more time into developing the game. There game trailer showed trading, legendary pokemon and a working tracking system along with a couple other cool features. What they actually gave us was a game with none of these features functioning or actually in the game. After seeing your 100th pidgey, rattata and zoobat you start to ask yourself whats the point of playing this game if out of the whole poxedex these are the only pokemon im finding. I could go on and on about all of the problems of this app. Its such a bummer too because this game could have had real staying power.They sunk they’re own battle ship.

  • khan mohammad

    Finding of Pokemon is very bad, there are too much ratata and pichey, geodude, machop but what about others ….impossible to get rare Pokemon’s that is the lag of Pokemon go
    Gym battle is kinda shit. It’s impossible to collect pokecoins

  • Diskus1

    Turning the camera on in the background isn’t AR! It’s not even tracking as you turn = not AR.

    • peerpressure

      Mine tracked as I turned. I have to be careful when I’m a passenger in a car, because the driver will turn the corner, and suddenly the pokemon I’m trying for is outside the window instead of on the dash. Of course, it killed my battery and made my phone go super hot, so i turned it off.

  • Abhay Barik

    Not releasing the game in big Asian countries is the reason for its craze fading away there will be a new ag reality game might come along and wash away entirely like pokemon in anime

  • Pencil Tales

    Imo, I think this game is getting boring because the game hasn’t change much, except stability issue fixes. I am always catching the same Pokemon and spinning the same poke-stop. There isnt much to do in the game. I don’t have the money to go to the Pokemon craze spots and eat out all the time. This game makes you want to spend more money than you think when you’re outside. Now it feels kinda embarrassing to play Pokemon go outside because I am like the only person playing it. I wish there was more people playing with me.

    I really want to see like Pokemon trading, chat room, trainer battles, Pokemon fashion, legendary Pokemon, offline story mode, special events, earn actual gym badges etc… I don’t see that happening anytime soon because Niantic is too busy getting rid of people and Pokemon moon/sun is coming out. I don’t see myself playing this game for long. I think I will buy Pokemon moon/sun because those games never disappoint me.

  • Anonymous

    Ya, ok i admit that it is me to urge windows users to stop supporting Pokemon Go as seems Niantic doesn’t welcome windows, They even put windows users into the so called( illegal cheater list), OK, so it fair enough for windows users to boycott and due to the fact that every popular game shall fade away. Actually, i don’t want to create troubles but since Niantic plays so rude. Well, Niantic,you shouldn’t blame us because what you have now is caused by yourself not us windows fans. I told you money cannot be brought to coffin, the god has gave his answer towards what you have done. Please respect windows users! If you said your latest API update has nothing to do windows PoGO-UWP why in your blocklist has a name called Windows pokemon users. Ok, fine, i think i will still forgive you for this time. I will try to play Pokemon Go but for now i need to wait until Pokemon Go comes to windows phone!

  • s2weden2000

    *delete app

  • kaikai777

    haha. That’s funny that people actually think pokemon go is on its way out. The franchise is huge and its hasn’t even been out long enough for any added content other than some basic patches. There are so many ways for them to grab peoples attention. They have enough money to fulfill their fans needs. As for the people saying we don’t need anymore distractions while driving. That all went out the window when texting came about so stfu and stop being idiots.

  • jay

    I think a good update would help. Not that everyone is playing but people who still play keep playing. Just a nice walk in a park and get some Pokemon stop…

  • Tom Vader

    I stopped using it because I’m tired of having to hold my phone, and keep it active.

  • RagingKamias

    useless Pokemon Go , no freindly battle, no trade poke stops are to hard it rural areas u cant find anything, i prefer playing pokemon on gameboy in more fun compare on that shit