Google Play Store app listings in 2016 will let users know if any app contains ads

by: Jimmy WestenbergNovember 18, 2015


Listings in the Google Play Store will soon be much more upfront about whether or not they feature advertising. Beginning early next year, all apps that contain ads that are listed in the Google Play Store will feature an “ad-supported” label to help warn users about what content they might see in the app. Google rolled out this feature for ad-supported apps in the Designed for Families section back at Google I/O, and now the feature will roll out to to all applications and games beginning in January. These ad labels will show up right under the “Install” button on the app page, so the warning will be pretty difficult to miss.


If you’re an app developer, you’ll need to sign into the Play Developer Console and declare whether your apps contain ads by Monday, January 11th, 2016. After this date, the ads declaration will be required to make any updates to your apps. Google says misrepresenting ad presence violates the Google Play Developer Program Policies and could lead to suspension.

So, if you happen to be an app or game developer and would like to know how to stay within compliance, head to the Google Developer Support link below.

  • mrochester

    Oh good. This will allow people to more easily avoid ad-supported apps.

    • good googllee

      I hate paid apps that also contain ads.
      This will made that kind of apps developer to rethink their strategy.

      • Leslie Bath

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    • TJ

      That’s the idea. Let’s hope it works.

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    Psh, with the right zips flashed and the right Xposed modules downloaded, no apps contain ads.

  • Great Dude

    It is especially good for paid apps but if the app is free ,so why not expecting ads.
    They should have started making a list of IAP available in the app before this.

  • mrjayviper

    how about imitating iOS where it actually list all the in-app purchases available WITHOUT installing the app? I find it very useful.

  • Albin

    A lot of Play Store descriptions are very unclear about whether a “free” version has ads, and even whether the paid version removes them. More than that, there’s no real disclosure or control over resale of personal data, location, etc. from either a free or paid app to third parties – sometimes Permissions indicate this but often they are necessary or useful for the app to function – nothing tells you about resale of that info to marketers. My guess is if advertising puts off installations, developers will turn to sneakier ways to help mobile marketers.