Our newly unlocked T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone

by: Darcy LaCouveeOctober 30, 2008
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It was a piece of cake. We have unlocked our T-Mobile G1 thanks to the guys over at Unlock-TmobileG1.com.

The process was quite simple. I just opened up the back of the G1, removed the battery, swapped in an already active AT&T SIM card, closed the phone back up, and then restarted it. When the phone had finished booting, it prompted me for an unlock code, which I had received in an email last night.

Nothing complex – just 8 numbers. Each code is different and is linked to the IMEI number for your phone, which you can find by entering *#06# on your phone’s keypad.

5 seconds or so after I entered the code and hit the unlock button, I saw a brief message on the phone saying that it had been unlocked. And that, as they say, was that.

First thing I noticed was an improved signal. AT&T is stronger in my area than T-Mobile. You can see the photos in the gallery below showing the AT&T network name on the G1’s status screen. Note the lack of 3G data, though. The G1 doesn’t support the proper network frequency bands to work on AT&T’s 3G network, though it will work overseas on 2100MHz networks.

The only thing left to do was to see what worked. Unlike when you typically swap a SIM card, I didn’t get a message asking me to re-login to Gmail. I suppose that is because it had no access to data at all. Web browsing and email with WiFi disabled just didn’t work. Somebody is going to have to come up with a way to reconfigure the network APNs before networks other than T-Mobile’s can be properly used.

Update: Well now, aren’t I a moron? Seems there is an APN section in the Wireless Settings, and all one has to do it add an APN for AT&T. In my case, the APN was “isp.cingular”, the user name was “[email protected]”, and the password was “CINGULAR1”

Everything still works fine with WiFi on, too, and SMS sending and receiving also worked just fine with the AT&T SIM.

  • aka2002

    Where can you buy G1 without a T-Mobile contract? Thanks

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    Theoretically you can buy it from T-Mobile. The trick is just getting the local store to sell it to you (they don’t advertise it on their site). I believe the price without a contract is $399.

    If you tell them you want to use it with a T-Mobile pre-paid card you might have better have a better chance.

  • Tyler Stone

    I have a G1 unlocked and on AT&T. I configured and use the browser for AT&T but the sms has NEVER worked on AT&T. Am I missing some set up or config step?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    Have you tried sending an SMS message TO your unlocked G1 to see if that works? I’m going to guess that the SMS Service Center number on the SIM is either incorrect or missing.

    I don’t see a way to change it on the G1, but many regular phones have to ability to change it (especially those meant for non-U.S. markets).

  • android_guy2

    Does anyone know if you are able to use the G1 with its full featureset with a t-mobile pay as you go SIM?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    Yeah, it will work fine – but pre-paid data is usually very expensive. You have to make sure that you don’t burn through data when not using WiFi. That could be tricky.

  • ijinesh

    Does EDGE on AT&T work after changing APN settings? Does it sync with G-mail, calendar etc using EDGE?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    Yeah, everything worked fine once the APN was added. EDGE is slower than 3G, but it works fine otherwise.

  • Tommy

    How do you get your APN?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    I knew it already. They aren’t hard to find if you try Google.

  • Johnathan

    If you unlock your g1 to at&t then your 3g wont work? Is that correct?

  • Brian Smallwood

    To use a G1 on AT&T, do you need a specific model sim card? I currently have a Razr, can it’s sim card be used?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    Jonathan: If you use AT&T’s network you will have no 3G, that is correct.

    Brian: If you have an old AT&T SIM (before Cingular bought them, many years ago), then there *might* be an issue – I am not sure. But I believe that any semi-recent Cingular or new AT&T SIM card should work.

  • Monmon

    will the text messages and pic and video still work ok

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Text messages work fine, we didn’t try MMS if that is what you mean. There is no video on the G1 yet.

  • Chin

    I’m from Australia and my current provider is “3 Network” that only run on 3G and no GSM network .. If get an unlocked G1 would there be any problem? Thanks

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Yes, that could be a problem. If the network doesn’t run on the 1700MHz band (it doesn’t) or the 2100MHz band (it might), then it won’t work. I know that some carriers use 900MHz for 3G in Oz as well, and that certainly wouldn’t work on the G1.

  • dean

    hi.im from australia and i wana buy a G1 back 2 australia 2 use.if i unlock the G1 is the network system still work when im in australia???i use vodafone company..

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    3G on 2100MHz would work, if Voda uses that (I don’t think they do), and GSM/EDGE will work in any case.

  • sade

    hello i’m trying to buy a unlocked g1 phone for real cheap. does anyone know where i can get it from?

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  • Daniel

    So to unlock it, do I simply entering *#06# on the keypad, then put in the ATT sim card and input that 8 numbers? Is that it ?

    I was reading the other sites, it seems like you also need to put in a pin or other code ?

  • Daniel

    i just tested it on my friends phone by entering *#06# it shows the IMEI number only. Where do I get that 8 numbers pin code? Does anyone know ?

  • Kami

    hi buddies,

    I want to know if i can get a G1 in US and unlock it (for example with AT&T SIM) and then take it to Iran for my friend to use it on there network?

    besides, the iranian network mostly doesn’t have internet. does it matter? or it has all features except web browsing and online stuff?

    also i would like to know if the age of SIM matters? does it mean that he has to get a new SIM if his is the type of 5-6 years old?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Daniel: you have to buy the unlock pin code. http://www.unlock-tmobileg1.com/

    Kami: as long as Iran has a GSM network, it would work. Data is not necessary totally, but does complete the experience. If your friend had access to WiFi internet, then at least he/she could use the data while attached to a WiFi network.

  • mtay

    i currently have a lg vu from at&t, and only have the edge network here in NH. would it be smart to switch it over to the G1? also does the G1 have the service like the iphone because when i put my sim card in the iphone it charged me for not having the iphone plan, is there any secret charges about this phone i should know?

    ps i get an error message saying “error in communication” on my lg vu when i try goin on the web browser. do u know any thing about this? because i have unlimited interenet

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    I don’t think you would have any trouble once you unlocked and put in the appropriate data APNs for the EDGE network. As to your Vu problem – I have no idea. That sounds like something an AT&T support person could fix easily enough though. Call them.

  • mtay

    thanks, and how are the reviews about the G1?? comparing it to the other top phones how does this one rank from 1-10?? and some ups and downs about it.

  • charlie

    Thanks, Stefan, for this really useful column and others for your experiences.

    I’m looking into a $399 unlocked G1 from T-Mobile and wondering if the Google aps will work. Push GMail, Calendar, etc. My local provider can give their APN for data.

    T-Mobile’s G1 team says that the “Google package” is T-Mobile exclusive, works only with T-Mobile plan.

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/index.php/2008/10/30/our-newly-unlocked-t-mobile-g1-google-android-phone/ chevy

    ok so i bought the g1 and i had the phone unlocked they sent me the code and it worked perfectly! The only problem is when i turn the phone on i have to make a gmail account which is no problem because i already have one so i just click on sign in and it says its signing in this may take up to five minutes then this pops up ” THERE IS A PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH THE GOOGLE SERVERS. THIS COULD BE A TEMPORARY PROBLEM OR YOUR SIM CARD MAY NOT B PROVISIONED FOR DATA SERVICES.” I do have an old orange and white sim card that says cingular and i tried my girlfriends sim in it which is about a month old and it said the same thing and hers is a newer blue and white sim card that says at&t. If anybdy can help or has experienced this problem before please help its really frusterating. what color sims are you guys using??

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    You have to reconfigure the data services for AT&T before you can sync with a Gmail account or browse the web or anything. The main post here tells you how to do that for AT&T – just read it above.

  • http://www.androidauthority.com/ Stefan Frank

    Charlie, the phone will work with any GSM network or any network that uses UMTS on the AWS (1700MHz) or 2100MHz bands. Obviously the T-Mo guys just want you to think that it won’t work – it will.

  • Diana

    Hey guys….sorry if I’m asking a question similar to previous ones but I am definitely a noob at all of this type of info.

    I just bought my G1 at the T-mobile store (I am currently w/ T-mobile), without the data plan. I called Customer Service to add the data plan just a little bit ago but honestly I don’t want it, I will probably cancel it later but for right now I need my phone to work at any cost.

    Anyway my question is……can I get my G1 to work without the data plan with a T-Mobile SIM just as a regular phone? I mean, after all that is why the phone offers WiFi!! Why do I need this stupid data plan!!
    And can someone tell me how I need to go about doing this? Do I have to unlock it?

    Thanks so much for your time!!

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    I don’t imagine you need a data plan at all, really. Just turn off automatic sync of the various Google services and use WiFi. Do a manual sync when you have a WiFi connection. Might be tricky to get the phone setup initially without the data plan, though. I can’t quite remember the process.

  • Diana

    Ok…right now I am having a similar problem that was mentioned earlier by Chevy….a message shows up saying there is a problem, try again or call customer service….but since I called and added the data plan already I am just waiting for that to be turned on….

    so once it is turned on you are saying to follow those steps then and I could potentially cancel that data plan without having this problem again (the message popping up)

  • Raymond

    i had a t-mobile g 1 phone from my wife as an thanksgiving gift and now im in West Africa..and i cant get it start up what do i have to do??do i have to unlock it be4 i can use it in Africa..

  • charlie

    Thanks, Stefan! That makes it perfectly clear. Very useful column on this subject.

  • Calvin

    Hi can i use my pre paid plan that i currently have on my sidekick on the G1? the plan has free text and web by the way i think its the sidekick plan,help is much appreciated

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    I would have to guess that the answer is no, you can’t use it. The T-Mobile Sidekick uses a special data plan that has back end server support. I know that you can not use a Sidekick with a normal data plan, so I would have to guess that you cannot use a normal device (G1) with the Sidekick data plan. Just a guess, but an educated one.

  • Gani


    I use a G1 with t-Mobile in UK, and am happy with it. However, I will be traveling to India later this month. t-Mobile Roaming rates in India are exorbitant, but I would like to be able to use this phone there with a SIM from there. If I unlock it, will it still be back to normal when I put the t-Mobile SIM in it after I am back in the UK?


  • http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2008/10/hackers_crack_o.htmlhttp:// Boston Dha

    the Mr. Zeman saying http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2008/10/hackers_crack_o.html that after unlock t-mobile you cant return to T-mobil network. Did anyone chek this? Thanks for your help

  • Boston Dha

    Michael Oryl Nov 22nd, 2008 at 9:48 am

    Daniel: you have to buy the unlock pin code. http://www.unlock-tmobileg1.com/

    I did not pay for my unlocking code. I just called to T-Mobile and told them my EMEI number so they sent me within 2 day unlocking code for free

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Whether or not T-Mobile will give you the unlock or code probably has to do with the current state of your contract. In general the company does not hand out unlock codes willy-nilly.

    As to what Eric Zeman said, I think the problem he is referring to is the same one I had initially – there was no APN for the SIM I used after unlocking.

    There was no data at all when I first put the AT&T SIM card in. But once I added a data APN for AT&T, the networked apps worked fine. I can’t say if Gmail worked or not, since I don’t really use it, but the rest did.

    On top of that, Eric didn’t say that users couldn’t return to the T-Mobile network. The device will continue to work on T-Mobile even after it has been unlocked.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Gani, yes my phone still worked on T-Mobile USA after I unlocked it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/scottishducky Victor

    Ok so I am already currently with T-Mobile, and I am paying for the 39.99 a month regular “Most popular” plan with my T-Mobile Dash. I was wondering, if I buy just the G1, can I just pop in my SIM card into the phone and use it without having to purchase that stupid Internet plan? Because I don’t want to be paying like 90 a month along with the other services I have like unlimited texting and insurance etc.

    Will unlocking the G1 make it so I don’t have to buy the internet plan?

    One of the people at the retail store told me that I can’t just put in my SIM card because it doesn’t have the internet plan activated on it.

  • Justin

    hey will the gi phone work in south korea unlocked?

    I need to know when I visit if I can use this phone their unlocked. Please tell me what to search for or can you search for me. I have no idea.

    Thank you very much!

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Victor: You can just stick your SIM card in there, in theory, but I am not sure if you can get past the initial Gmail login screen without having data on the account.

    Justin: Both KTF and SK have coverage in Korea that would work in theory.

  • Victor

    Ok, but if I unlock the phone will I be able to use my SIM card and get past that Gmail login screen? I have a Gmail account already.

    So what will happen if I just stick my SIM card in there? Will I be able to use the device at all if I can use my gmail account to get past that login screen? Or does the gmail account have to be registered to the phone or something?

  • http://ryann.bebo.com Ryan

    I have an LG viewty on o2 contract.
    If I buy a T-mobile G1 will everything work ok?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    If you unlock it first, it should be OK. I’m not in Europe anymore, though, and can’t say with 100% certainty. But in general, an unlocked phone will work on any compatible GSM/UMTS network.

  • Joe Dougherty


    I can give you some additional information about the data plan.

    No, your SIM won’t work without you calling T-Mobile and asking them to fire up a data plan on your SIM. The phone requires a special setup with an existing or new Google account before it will work. At all. When I set up mine, I had to call and get off the Blackberry data plan and onto the regular internet plan before I could finonish the setup.

    The data plans are $25 and $35 per month. The $35 includes unlimited text. However, if you have unlimited text on your existing plan, you just get the $25 plan and use your existing text plan (this is what we had on a three-phone family plan). If you don’t want unlimited text, they’ll give you 400 text messages on the cheaper data plan for the same price.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Once configured, though, you could unlock it or just use WiFi for data. You don’t need T-Mobile data to start it, only to do the initial setup.

  • http://ryann.bebo.com Ryan

    will android market and the general internet for bebo and msn messenger work though?
    what if i buy the G1 in america and then put my o2 sim card in it?

  • http://ryann.bebo.com Steven

    I also have an LG Viewty and a contract with o2.
    My current contract has unlimited internet. Will the internet be unlimited if I buy an unlocked G1.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    You will have to configure the proper APN for O2’s network before it will work over the network. WiFi would work in any case.

  • http://ryann.bebo.com Steven

    What does that mean?
    I’m not very up on this stuff. lol
    can anybody do that?

  • steve

    can i unlock g1 and use it in egypt?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Yes, it will work on all three of Egypt’s GSM based networks. It will support UMTS 2100Mz 3G on the two that use that, as well.

  • charlie

    Suggestions on where to obtain an unlock code? Just received my G1 purchased on eBay two*monkies* – sill locked.


  • Steven

    Can somebody answer me please ! :(

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Charlie: Um, the very first line of this post says where we got our unlock code. You might want to start by reading this pose.

    Steven: Yes, anybody can configure a new APN in the device, but you have to know the right information. I can’t help you with that. You are going to have to read up a bit on what APN and such means, and how you would handle it.

  • Victor Jr

    How do i get an AT&T pin code
    it’s the only thing i that i need right now
    if any of you guys can help me i would appreciate it.
    thanks for reading.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Pin code? You mean the unlock code? You have to buy one or know somebody that can generate them. There is a link to a place that sells them at the top of this post.

  • http://Ryann.bebo.com Steven

    Thanks :D

  • http://None Dani

    My friend lost his g1 and ordered another. I have tmobile and he gave me his new one because he found his old one. I have a sidekick and I was wondering what steps I need to go through to get my g1 to work on my plan. Or if I can ben get away with having the other new phone when he has his orginial. Please help.

  • jose

    Why nobody uses the g1 on sprint network. When they have the unlimited plan 100.00. Does any hhave sprint apn etc. If do please share.

  • Dave

    I have been reading a fair number of posts from various sites (this one is the best) and from what I can gather, I *could*:
    1. get an unlocked G1
    2. use a SIM card from a prepaid T-mobile phone and use the voice part of the plan only

    The problems/limitations would be:
    1. I couldn’t use the internet anywhere except at Wifi areas (no data plan for prepaid plans from T-mobile)
    2. Data syncing/setup with gmail (and other google apps?) would be clumsy
    3. Android store apps could only be downloaded in Wifi areas not over “the network”

    1. Has anyone done this and are my assumptions correct?
    2. Is syncing/setp of google apps clumsy or impossible without the data plan?
    3. Are there any problems downloading Android apps without the data plan?


  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Jose: The G1 is a GSM/UMTS device, it is 100% incompatible with Sprint’s CDMA network.

    Dave: I have not tried it, but I believe that you would be successful once you got through the initial Gmail login when setting up the phone initially.

  • http://None Dani

    Could anyone reply to my post?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Dani, you will need to change the data plan on your account. The sidekick plan is not compatible with the G1 or any other non-Sidekick device as far as I know. They use a different network configuration and have special back-end servers. Since there is no $20 unlimited data plan any longer, you’ll have to pony up for a G1 plan.

  • arun

    Just bought an unlocked G1, but cannot get into the phone as it asks for google sign-in and wouldnt work with my AT&T SIM card. Is there another way to bypass the google sign-in screen without getting a T-Mobile SIM with data plan? Thanks

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Arun: As I’ve been saying throughout this thread, I really think you need to have a T-Mobile SIM with data in order to initially get past the Google sign-on screen. Borrow one for 5 minutes – that’s all it takes.

  • dean

    i call the Tmobile they say even you unlock the phones u still cant unble to use it oversea only USA..is that correct??Australia freq is 900MHZ 2100MHZ from vodafone….if u cant use the google network..when u unlock it can u still use the phones??i mean pick up the calls send Msg????buy off the phones with out a plan..

  • charlie

    Success story: I now have an unlocked G1 working with voice and data over i-wireless here in Iowa!

    I got the phone off eBay (T-Mobile kept insisting on a Plan.)

    It was locked (eBay lists some already unlocked) so I submitted the IMEI # from the box and battery compartment to unlock-tmobileg1.com as listed at the top. A couple hours later they emailed the code.

    We put in a i-wireless SIM, entered the unlock code and wha-la! Voice, data: gmail, contacts, calendar (synced), browsing all worked!

    This was fun and a joy!

    Thanks to you guys at Android Authority for showing the way – this is a great site!

  • Arthur

    Hi. I just bought a G1 with a T-mobile simcard from eBay and I also sim-unlocked it using an unlock code from the recommended site. Like everyone else from other countries (I’m in Brazil), I am not able to pass the google account setup screen and get to the main screen, neither using the T-mobile simcard nor using my Oi (brazilian provider) simcard with Internet data plan on – I can’t even make calls!

    All of this explanation is to ask whether the hardware solution for the simlock (a SIM card adapter that deceive the device into thinking the SIM card is actually from T-mobile) works for passing this damn google account setup screen. Did anyone try it?


  • Arthur

    By the way, I did have the phone configured for my network (GPRS/EDGE/3G APN stuff), I even took the phone to the provider store so they configured it with no mistake.

    About the hardware solution for the simlock, just search for

    G1 Turbo Unlock

    on eBay and you’ll see what I mean. A couple of people told me that this kind of “solution” consumes more battery (and the battery of the G1 does not last very long already), so it is not a reasonable option for a permanent sim-unlock.

    So, did anyone try this adapter to get passed the google account setup screen with a non-T-mobile chip?

    Thanks Android Authority for all the info. No other site gives any clue about the T-mobile-only google setup issue.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Arthur, I am guessing that you had an inactive T-Mobile SIM, which is why you couldn’t even make calls. If you can’t make calls, you certainly can’t get data – so you have the initial setup problem.

  • Arthur

    Hi, Michael, thanks for the answer. :)

    You are probably right, this chip may be inactive. But I can make calls with other unlocked phones using my original Oi chip. My question is: if I use the hardware chip adapter for T-mobile with my Oi chip, will I be able to pass the google account setup?


  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    I really don’t know anything about this adapter you speak of. I’ve never used any type of device like that.

  • http://Ryann.bebo.com Ryan

    I left a comment earlier and i’m from the uk on holiday. I’m going to buy a G1 to take home and unlock.
    i’m on o2 and have unlimited internet.
    if i do bring home a G1 will it work ?
    is it possible to take it to a phone shop at home named ”the phone doctor ” to be unlocked ?
    can you let me know about any possible problems before i buy please ?
    please reply soon because i go home soon .

  • http://Ryan.bebo.com Ryan

    Forgot to mention i am on holiday in florida .

  • Jim

    I have a similar problem many others have listed: bought unlocked G1, have previous T-Mobile prepaid plan, called T-Mobile and had gave them my SIM # (purchased with phone). Now can’t get past Google set-up screen. Have the same questions as Dave’s from 14 (except I already bought the phone.)

    I seem to see two answers to the key question:

    1. Joe Dougherty Dec 9 says “No, your SIM won’t work without you calling T-Mobile and asking them to fire up a data plan on your SIM. The phone requires a special setup with an existing or new Google account before it will work. At all

    Bummer, for me. I live and work in a dead zone and will only use the phone while traveling, or through wifi.

    2. Michael Oryl Dec 16 says “you need to have a T-Mobile SIM with data in order to initially get past the Google sign-on screen. Borrow one for 5 minutes – that’s all it takes.”

    Is this a workaround to what Joe said? Has anyone actually done it?


  • gurlal

    if i use g1 with a t-mobile prepaid chip will i have the 3g service still and all the other features

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Jim: yes – what I say will work. It is, effectively, what I did. I had a pre-existing T-Mobile SIM and data tariff (not the G1 plan sold now). I used the device for a while (the same as the 5 minutes of borrowing one) and then unlocked phone.

    The problem you have is not unlocking, but the lack of data on your pre-paid plan. You need somebody else’s SIM with data in order to get past that login.

    What you need to be worried about, though, is data use on your pre-paid SIM. I don’t use a T-Mo pre-paid, so I don’t know, but I have used data on AT&T pre-paid, and it is hyper expensive. You will need to ensure that the phone does not attempt to use data over pre-paid. You might be able to fix that by removing or altering the APN network settings for T-Mobile.

    Gurlal: I believe you would still have access to the voice capabilities of the 3G network, but you would have the same expensive data problem as Jim, which I just explained.

  • James Kali

    Hello, i’ve recently just gotten the g1 and i’ve already have some problems. Every time i try to create a google account it says theres a error with the google servers and it might be temporary or my SIM card doesn’t have the data services, how do i go around fixing this problem?

  • http://Ryan.bebo.com Ryan

    Yeah i now own a G1 and have the same problem as James kali

  • Alice

    How do i unlock my G1 phone without my google account: forgot password!!!!

  • Jason

    I just got mhy G1 from Tmobile store for 400$bucks without a contract.the problem is i use my friends sim card that is Tmobile and put that in..it just pop up a G mail login screen i type my GMAIL in few min later it come up with:THERE IS A PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH THE GOOGLE SERVERS. THIS COULD BE A TEMPORARY PROBLEM OR YOUR SIM CARD MAY NOT B PROVISIONED FOR DATA SERVICES”
    i just cant past this notice..can any1 help me?how to pass this notice.or is that mean my G1 is not unlock i have to unlock it???or have to give a call to Tmobile????plez help me thanks

  • Jason

    how do i get into the menu to make phone calls coz i press “menu”it come out APN SETTING cant get into the menu!!do u have to call the customer care to activate you G1 phones first??so u can get into the menu?

  • Nicholas Ahn

    Well, if you’re using your friends t-mobile sim, you shouldn’t have a problem.
    Have you purchased a G1 data plan on that sim?

    Also, if you can return it, I would really recommend that you spend a few more bucks, register as an Android developer, and purchase the unlocked handset directly from Google.

  • Jason

    well my friend have that sim card as contract like 2 yrs alrady but i put the sim in it just cant get into the menu..only stay at the GMAIL login screen….

    when i buy the G1 today from the store the ladie just keep remind me that if you buy the G1 it not going to work if you dun sign contract with Tmobile..the store guy told me this phone unlock already..i dun understand what is the different between Tmobile and HTC G1….HTC say that if u buy it will work with other company sim card..but Tmobile just keeping saying that if u dun sign contract with them the G1 is not going to work..can any1 tell me that what should i do now..can i unlock in this website?i wana use the phone make calls it just stop at the GMAIL screen..make me crazy….
    Nicholad Ahn:do u know where to make unlock handset???can u give me link or something??thank you very much…….

  • Jason

    i didn purchase G1 Data Plan with that sim card..

    i have same problem that Arthur has.cant make calls.cant even pass GMAIL login…what should i do now???will unlock helpful??or have to do something else help me….becoz u have to going back to my country i wana have it done when i get back..

  • Ankit

    hi..i am frm india,i purchased a unlocked g1 from usa and now m unable to use it..bcoz it sayz it wants to signin to gmail account but my airtel sim doesnt have a gprs…so what should i do…
    and what is this mcc and mnc ..do i need to change it??…
    or should i use my friends card which has a data plan and then after activating i’ll insert my card?? or
    should i activate gprs on my sim…….
    and also please tell me what all changes do i have to do…..in the settings after inserting my aitel sim

  • Jtown

    If I unlock my G1 and go to the att network will the 3G network work?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Jtown: No, it won’t work.

  • Jtown

    thanks for the reply, do you think the 3g att network will work in the future or that a no go kind of thing?

  • http://www.androidauthority.com Nicholas Ahn

    The current G1 phone does not support AT&T’s 850 band (the band they use for 3g).
    It’s a no go thing.

  • Mariano

    Every 60 mins I receive an sms “811 error message” It seems that the phone is sending an sms with an incorrect number to my carrier. How can I fix that?
    Thanks, Mariano

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Mariano, I have no idea what that would be. I’ve never heard of such an error.

  • Kelly

    With all of the steps you need to do to unlock the phone, would it be cheaper to just buy an already unlocked phone? My parents have a plan with AT&T but since the G1 is for T-Mobile I’m trying to see if it would be cheaper to buy unlocked or get my own T-Mobile contract/plan. I also remember reading something about Google selling an unlocked phone [that is just like the G1 but is named/looks differently) to developers for $399.99 once they’ve created a developer account for $25. I could be wrong but I just wanted to double check, yet I’m still unsure of what route to take. lol.

  • Kelly

    I can’t believe I posted about the other phone in the very article I read about it in. Oops! Please excuse my stupidity. =)

  • laure

    how to use interent on my G1 with a sim card provided by Vodacom.

  • http://androidauthority.com Nicholas Ahn

    @ Kelly: Yes, overall, it might just be easier to purchase the dev version of the G1, as it is unlocked to work on the GSM service of your choice. You can find the directions to do so here-
    Note that the dev phone will only be compatible with frequencies that the G1 supports.

    I’m not familiar with Vodacom, but you may want to look here- http://www.mobiledatasupport.co.za/htc.htm
    for some settings to edit on your phone.

  • joaquin

    Hi , I have seen the posting from Mariano, I have the same problem “I receive an sms “811 error message every hour” Mariano, which is your carrier? I´m susing Peronal from Argentina.

  • sandra

    Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could please help me. my cousin sold me his unlocked g1[ which he got on craigslist] it is working just fine except i cant go into the market [even when using wi-fi] because its asking me for a google password which he doesnt know because its not his account.is there ANY WAY i can change the log in name so i can log into my own account?

  • Casey

    @Michael Oryl

    Earlier in this post’s comment’s you said the G1 would work in Egypt.

    So far I’ve found the following info:

    Carrier Band
    Mobinil GSM 900
    Etisalat UMTS 2100 / GSM 900 & 1800
    Vodafone GSM 900

    It seems Etisalat would the best option for highspeed data?

    Also, since I already have a contracted (read: working) G1 with T-Mobile. If I unlock it and use another SIM card will I have the same issues others have had with not being able to get past the Google login screen?

    I guess the question is: does the G1 associate the google account per-phone or per-sim card?


  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    Casey, the login info is associated with the SIM card, not the phone. That’s what makes it even more tricky. What you should do, I believe, is configure the the data APNs for Etisalat (the best choice, it would seem) into the device before you put the other SIM in and unlock it. That way, it will find the data network it needs for that initial Google Gmail login when you put in the Etisalat SIM card.

    At least that is my understanding of it now. I haven’t unlocked the device in months now and I have to admit to not being 100% clear on it now.

  • Rack

    Hello Guys, I am in UK, brought a english G1 unlocked, will i be able to use my o2 sim in this and its 3G services, and the anderiod market?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    If it is unlocked and has the appropriate APN settings for O2, I don’t see why not.

  • Rack

    ok kool thanks for that, i see someone asked about the APN settings before can anyone shed anymore lights on these?

  • Patel11

    I just got my g1 and when i turn it on it asks for the gmail account….i put it in and it still wont go through untill i get a data plan. I cant even get to the main menu. is there any way to get around this problem without buying the data plan

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    @Patel11 – I don’t think there is.

  • http://www.binaryelysium.com/ Casey

    @Michael and @others,

    I’ve successfully unlocked my G1 and used it with another carrier’s 3G service (i.e., calling+sms+data works). I’ve written some simple instructions here: http://www.binaryelysium.com/blog/2009/01/30/the-vodafone-g1/

    The key, I think, as to why I didn’t run into the gmail-signin-screen problem that others have expressed above, is that my phone was already logged in/activated on my T-Mobile sim card.


  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    @Casey – I’m sure that is the case. That is what happened with me. But most of these people are trying to buy and unlock G1 phones without ever having had T-Mobile service. I’m not aware of any way past that short of modifying the kernel.

    Plus, any time you do a master rest on the phone to “start over” for whatever reason, you will have the same login problem (unless, of course, you did something else to prevent that).

  • colleen

    I have a g1 that is only 3 weeks old but honestly I’m not interested in keeping it because I’m swithing plans… would anyone want to buy it? If so please email me..

  • Travis

    Is there anyway to get th 3g to work is it the sim card cuasing the 3g not to work or the unlock that causes the reoblem.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    @Travis – 3G access has nothing to do with the SIM card. The G1 supports T-Mobile USA’s 1700MHz 3G network and the 2100MHz 3G networks used in most, but not all, other parts of the world. It won’t ever work on AT&T’s network or other 3G networks that don’t work on those bands.

  • yohana

    yeah i just got a g1 and im on t-mobile and i locked my screen so no one could get on it but i left it in my pocket and when i took it out it said it had 2 many attempts to unlock it and now i have to sign in gmail so it can unlock but my gmail wont work

    so how do i unlock it?

  • http://puneetp.wordpress.com Puneet Puri

    I am in India and want to buy a locked Google G1 from US.

    I am also buying unlock code.

    Can I unlock the phone in india ? ( not in US)

    What is this Google loin screen which most people seem to be getting stuck ? ( mostly international users).

    If I have EDGE sim card here in India , can I insert that and get past Google Login screen , or is their a possibility of me not able to contact EDGE ?

  • http://puneetp.wordpress.com Puneet Puri

    To Michael Oryl ,

    Want to know in what all conditions listed below can I enter my APN(access point network) details into the phone.

    Can I enter the APN details when my phone is :
    a) Locked State ?
    b) Unlocked State ?
    c) Has to be on T-Mobile Network ?

    Thanks ,

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    @Puneet Puri: You can enter the APNs at any time in any condition. The issue is that you can not get past the phone’s initial Gmail login unless you *already have* data access, which generally means you are on a T-Mobile network using a T-Mobile SIM.

  • http://puneetp.wordpress.com Puneet Puri

    So Michael , if I have understood this correctly .

    a) Then I should not buy a unlocked or locked phone unless ” the user from whom I am buying is willing to do the APN setting(for Vodafone-India, my local Service Provider ) on T-Mobile network and THEN send it to India “?

    After which I will put my EDGE sim and access internet and google softwares will enable ?

    Let me know if my understanding is correct or skewed.


  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    That sounds accurate to me, yes.

  • Pingback: Unlock G1 - Rap GodFathers Community()

  • Zara

    I bought a google phone from ameirca and it has been working fine until someone drew so many wrong patterns on it and it got locked. The phone requested for a google account login wihch i do not have. I reset the phone with the Alt+ L and W thing. Now it wants me to create a new account but it keeps saying there is a problem connecting witht the server. The internet was working fine before and Im in NIgeria. Could you please help ?

  • Kisha

    Can I buy the G1 phone and use it on MetroPCS network once it has been unlocked?

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    @Kisha – No, it is not compatible with Metro’s CDMA based network.

  • jaydee

    i am from the uk and is wanting to buy the t-mobile g1 on pay as you go from america . wen my phone comes can i jus take out the sim they have already given me and put in my t-mobile sim i already have

  • verseuno

    For all those who are stuck on the initial Google set up screen on an Unlocked G1…you must do the following…

    *NOTE: I am using an AT&T sim card..so you must check for other carriers APN NAME/TYPE

    1. hit the menu button
    2. you will see a small pop up window that says APN Settings
    3. Once you hit APN settings you will be taken to another screen with a lists of APN’s…hit the menu button again and it will say NEW APN…
    4. Then a new scroll down list will appear titled Edit Access Point..under Name you type in AT&T and under APN type in wap.cingular

    After you have done these steps just sign in if you have an existing google account or create a new one. You have to make sure the account associated with the phone number on the sim card has a data plan or else it will not work.

    Good Luck!

  • http://myspace.com/jigglepunch Crystal

    Ok here it goes, I did something incredibly stupid. I bought G1 on the internet and it was working fine until I went into settings to see if I could lock the screen that way I did not accidently dial someone while it was in my purse. Well, I pressed the wrong button and accidently locked phone where a certain pattern needed to be inputted in order for screen to unlock. I do not know what it is, so it says forgot pattern? I click on there and it asks for google sign in, again since I am not the one that set it up originally I do not have that info either. I tried to go back and guess the pattern, but now it is stuck on the google login page. Please help!

    (BTW I do have T-Mobile account and dont want to unlock phone to use with another carrier)

  • tompat

    i read almost every post here…but i just need to ask a few questions, I have a blackberry now on ATT with no data plan. i can not send MMS’s or recive them. i want to get rid of my BB but no phones really catch my eye. intil i saw the G1.

    so my questions are:

    1. Can you send and recive MMS’s with no data plan on a unlocked G1?

    2. is it possible to use the G1 with out a data plan?

    3. is there a way you can block the internte usage, so you dont connect when you dont want to?

    thanks for the help

  • xander

    Hey i just bought a unlocked g1 and sorry if this is stupid but i am very new. Ok well i have a problem with my text evrytime i send a text it sends it at the right time, for example it says “sent at 12:21” but when i recive a text like 5 minutes later it says “recieved at 8:25” usually 4 hours before so all the texts are out of order so it is hard to read ok well please write back if you know. oh and another quicky is there a way to go on aim with my data plan in canada on Rogers? ok thanks you.

  • Mlane

    Can I unlock my phone and still be able to use my tmobile sim card to work on the at&t network? Because of where I where I work at they dont have a tmobile signal but they do have a at&t signal, but my g1 still will not connect to the at&t network with the tmobile sim card.

  • warren

    Hey. I’m thinking about purchasing a g1. I have an AT&T sim card. I have read most of the comments trying to find some answers. Will most of the applications work on the AT&T sim? I know texting and calling works. But what about youtube, myspace, facebook and yahoo messenger. Will they work if I’m using the AT&T network on an unlocked G!?

  • vic

    i’m from uk and want to buy the g1 handset from t mobile, will it work if unlocked with an orange sim card?

  • sam
  • Vk

    Hi I got the G1 Phone from USA and is unlocked, currently i am in india. When i insert my sim here in india it is asking me to login into Gmail or APN settings, Can anyone suggest me how to come accross this?

  • Jo

    really i have no idea abt it, for unlock t mobile or unlock any other mobiles

  • Sebastián

    Hi, I have the same problem that has mariano and joaqui:
    “Every 60 mins I receive an sms “811 error message” It seems that the phone is sending an sms with an incorrect number to my carrier. PLS someone find a solution to fix this ?

  • http://www.dlcinc.com alexander-tron


    All you people just go on youtube and search att g1. And a video on setting up att data will show you exactly how to set every thing up. And evan if your g1 is unlocked you first need to sign in to google with a tmobile sim card. Then you power it off put in your att sim card then set up the data.

  • Levi

    If i already have unlimited text and data for AT&T, can I unlock the G1 without buying a T-Mobile contract and still get the data and texting through AT&T?

  • jack c

    can i get my parents to unlock it by using there credit card or do i have to use mine as im only 17.. my parents think its stupid that i cant go on youtube or the android market

  • Sebastián

    Hi, I have the same problem that has Mariano and Joaquin:
    “Every 60 mins” i receive an sms “811 error message”. It seems that the phone is sending an sms with an incorrect number to my carrier. please someone find a solution to fix this ? sameone have the same problem ?

  • Solu

    I have a Gi Android phone, my son was playing with the security pattern and the phone was blocked on saturday.
    It requested for my username and password used for registering the phone which i put in but the phone but is yet to open.

    I opened the mail add used for registering the phone on the computer but up till now i am still unable to use my phone, pls assist.
    Thank you.

  • davis

    Hey my name is davis I have a G1 now and i have and contract with T-Mobile how can i get my unlock code so i can start using other carries thats out there.I need one thats free or a way to get it?

  • Brad

    Just to clarify, the APN, user name and password you provide are open for general use, correct? (the APN was “isp.cingular”, the user name was “[email protected]”, and the password was “CINGULAR1″)

    I put them into my phone and they seem to work.

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    The APN depends on your carrier and the data plan you have. The isp.cingular APN is for people on the smartphone/PDA data plan, which I believe is $30/mo at the moment.

  • Brad


    To further clarify, I do have at&t and i just signed up online for a $15/mo unlimited data plan. at&t still thinks I have an older phone.

    It is working now, but I was just looking at my wife’s records and that lists wap.cingular

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    My guess is that if you were to switch to the wap.cingular APN (and the correct login/password that goes with it), then they would never know the difference. If, however, you continue to use the APN for the more expensive plan, they might just start charging you.

    Just a *might* there. I have no real idea, but I don’t think you would see much of a difference with the wap APN, so why not give it a shot to be safe?

  • Kory

    ok i got the g1 and its unlocked. Already got the unlock code but now it wants me to make a google account. I made one and it always says something about its temporary down or something. What do i need to do?

  • Oleg

    I have been trying to unlock a T-Mobile G1 and get it to work on the Movistar network down in Mexico, where I live. I have the T-Mobile unlock code, but can’t even get to where I can use it, because I haven’t been able to get past the Google account registration wizard (same problem as many others have reported–“Cannot communicate with Google servers”).

    I do have an APN set up on the G1 for the Movistar network, and I know for a fact that data provisioning IS enabled on the SIM, since I can surf the internet just fine on my old phone (Sony Ericsson Z500a). For the APN, I used exactly the same values as on the other phone, namely:

    Name: Movistar MS WAP GPRS
    APN: wap.movistar.mx
    Proxy: [blank]
    Port: [blank]
    Username: movistar
    Password: movistar
    Server: [blank]
    MMSC: mms.movistar.mx
    MMS Proxy: [blank]
    MMS Port: [blank]
    MCC: 334
    MNC: 03
    APN Type: [blank]

    To be sure, most of those fields didn’t even exist in the WAP profile setup of the old phone, so I just left them blank. I did, however, set MCC and MNC to the right values for the Movistar network.

    Alas, all this was to no avail. It still won’t communicate with the Google servers. Is there a way to just bypass the Google account registration wizard, so I can unlock the phone, turn on WiFi and then register from there?

    Can anyone PLEASE help me out with this (so my G1 doesn’t turn into a $300 paperweight)?

  • Oleg

    Well, folks, after a sleepless night I was finally able to get the G1 working with Movistar (in Mexico). It took the following APN configuration:

    APN: internet.movistar.mx
    Username: movistar
    Password: movistar
    MCC: 334
    MNC: 030

    That’s it–no more, no less. As soon as I set it up this way, a little “E” icon appeared at the top with flashing arrows indicating data transfer, and the phone was able to complete its Google activation.

    I haven’t set up MMS yet, but it should take the following additional settings (within the same APN record, I would assume):

    MMSC: mms.movistar.mx
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80

    I haven’t tested it out yet, though, so I don’t know if it’ll work in practice. Once I have, I’ll report back with the result.

    • verderman

      I had an update and i can use bluetooth now. And now i got a camcorder function , which wasnt there before…… but where is flash????

  • http://www.hrkgloballinks.com Amusa Wasiu ola

    I just unlock two G1 phone but the second one I unlock is requesting me to setup a google account. i tried to manually confiqured the APN but could not get through. does is it mean some of this google phone will not work in Nigeria.
    Or is there a way to bye pass google setting?

  • Mohamed

    How i can get it in egpt

  • Mohamed

    Egypt, how i can buy it

  • http://www.parejaspareja.es/ parejaspareja.es

    Hola de parte de parejaspareja.es, encontre tu blog navegando por la red buscando movistar com mx en google. Me parece super interesante la información que tienes en tu blog y sin lugar a dudas regresare a leerlo. Tengo una pregunta, si podria traducir tu blog “Our newly unlocked T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone:” y añadirlos a un de mis blogs en italiano? Y por supuesto con el link direccionando a tu blog. Estare esperando tu respuesta. parejaspareja.es

  • claire

    does anybody no wat to do ? i have bl;okd my pateren and my email account is not working ?? HELP PLEASE !!

  • Melody

    Oleg do you want to sell ur phone? Does anyone out there know where I can get a used G1 T Mobile Phone? My son’s dog chewed his phone and the buttons don’t work and the screen is cracked.(310)350-3676

  • Bonaventure

    I urgently need your help. I bought a G1 phone from America and had it unlocked. However, when I switch it on, I cant seem to go past the command to sign in into google or creating an account. am a little frustrated…What do I need to do, change internet settings fro the phone or what? or does anyone know the internet settings fro me to go past the first step? I am in Zambia, Africa…please help

  • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

    You will need to add the proper APN for your network. I believe you can do that by pressing the Menu key while the system is prompting you for the Google login information.

  • medison

    send me an email if you are interested in t mobile g1 we cant talk for the price

  • Mario

    i live in jamaica and my g1 was recently unlock but i forgot the password pattern..so i factory reset my phone and now i cannot get pass the google sign in
    What can i do to get pass it?

  • Sunil Shrestha

    I am from nepal, I have bought T mobile G1 set from USA, as i brought to nepal first it was working…as reset it then now it is asking to sign with your Google account. I have enter google account but it cannot connect to google server. so what should i do to connect to google account.

    how to activate gprs in the mobile set

  • Sarah Bundy

    I’m thinking of buying an unlocked G1 but i’ve been told that the internet wouldn’t work on my currant network which is O2 (U.K.)

    Could s you please let me know if this is true or false

    If it is false could you let me know what i would have to do to make it work on my currant network. Thank you

  • hani

    i got the g1 i unlocked it and everything is working great there is internet but i cant send mms ant one know why or how to fix

  • Ernesto

    ok guys I need your help with this, I have ATT and I want to get an unlocked G1.
    Do I need to get a data plan for it or have a special setup when I get the G1?

  • Andew
  • Toni

    if a buy the t-mobile behold from t-mobile online will i b able to unlock it and use it for another service??? also is there any place were i can get one in very good condition for a very low price? help please and thanks

  • Toni
  • danie

    I have an unlimited web plan with T-mobile but not the G1 data plan and I refuse to get the t-mobile plan because it’s just so ridiculously expensive and I would lose my unlimited text plan.

    Will my unlimited web plan suffice in enabling me to use the browser? If so, are there any changes to be made?

    • http://www.mobileburn.com/ Michael Oryl

      @Danie – I had a non-Android plan and was always able to use the phones with my regular unlimited internet. Just no visual voicemail and unlimited texting.

  • Jenny

    Thanks to all of you guys I just got my unlock code from http://mobileunlockingcode.com
    and now my G1 is unlocked took only 5 seconds to key in this 8 digits unlock code. I appreciate all of your help.
    Now I am on ATT

  • sharief

    I am from South India. I want to buy G1 mobile with android OS. Where can i get it. how much it will cost? it should be unlocked.

  • Moonshinegirl

    If you do a factory reset for a G1 and you are using a AT&T sim card go to that website.
    Works perfectly. Get the APN there. That was the only site that actually worked I tried all the stuff these people posted above me none of it worked til this sitr http://www.unlock-tmobileg1.com/procedures/activate.php

    GoodLuck poeple :)

  • simone

    im In Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean using a Bmobile sim in my G1 got the code to unlock phone but cant make any phone calls (Emergency calls only). they only keep asking me to create a gmail account and when i try creating one it says that the activation failes due to no network connection. pressed the menu bar but all comes up is wireless settings. when i go into that, then go into APN settings, NOTHING comes up, all i see is APN!!!please Help!

  • Alex natwijuka

    I lost my user manual for the T- mobile with google (HTC Android) -Black; shortly after purchase in the US. This has limited my acess to all the functions the gadget can perform. please help and forward me one in the event it is availlabe in soft copy.

  • cedric

    i don’t find my g1 phone man hole one
    don’t go on no man i am setting in the car with my g1 on its
    like g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7 da only thing i don’t like about it becuase
    i cant find it

  • Jasmine

    I’ve unlocked my G1 with ATT and I can do everything except receive phone calls why is that? and my incoming text messages come late.

  • Peter M

    I want to buy an unlocked G1. I have AT&T and was wondering if i were to buy this phone would i need to get the smartphone required data plan from AT&T which is $30/Month or could i only use the phone on wifi which i would prefer to do and save the $30/Month??

  • trisha

    i have my imei number but how do i get the 8 digit number without paying for it ?

  • Kenny Park

    Hi.. I’m using G1 with T-mobil and I got T-mobil blackbery service
    Some reason my phone is not working wep in 3g service. Is ther any way to usign wep this situation…

  • need help

    Ok how can I unlock it so that I can receive picture messages for a different company?

  • http://hot kim

    how do i unlock my phone so that i can use it in new zealand. its asking for a code

  • http://hot kim

    and i dont want to pay =C

  • dilpreet

    351680031044997 unlock code for my htc g1 phon



  • Geoffrey Boycott

    Such a this site information about the how to unlock 3g now a days this type of phones are very use in the market..so thanks for the give me this information…. now a days i am use this information for every new mobile..

  • http://unlockiphone41.com/ Julee Michel

    In past there was difficult to unlock iphone was difficult but now unlock iPhone 4.1 is very easy…thanks a lot

  • http://networkunlocker.com Jim

    You can go to http://networkunlocker.com and unlock your phone.

    Hope this helps!


  • R.Shankle

    I messed up on the security pattern on my google G1 and my google account is not responing to my pasword or username. I live in alaska and there in no tmobile here. is there a way for me to get back into my phone?

  • Yoseef

    Please i need help unlocking my HTC G1 i need the unlock code my IMEI # 351680031760667 Thanks

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