Exclusive Interview with Otterbox at CTIA

by: Nate SwannerMay 23, 2013

Otterbox Logo

If wrapping your device in a case is your thing, Ottebox has you covered. Literally. Their lineup of cases is an industry standard for overall protection, shielding those precious devices from the rugged and clumsy alike.

At CTIA, our Joshua Vergara got a chance to catch up with Otterbox to talk about what they have on offer. Whether you need something to protect from the occasional drop, or a case that looks like it could take a fall from a high-rise building, Otterbox has it. Check out the interview below!

  • AndyCappLives

    Love Otterbox! Super products that keep devices as good as new, regardless of what life, or your kids might throw at them. Except for the design of the Defender Galaxy Note II. If the bubbled screen protector,which also acts as a dust vacuum, is corrected, I’d gladly buy (another) one. Please.

  • Yaritza Miranda

    I love them and Led Lampen