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Those looking to get a mid-end phone that actually manages to look great should take a look at the newly announced OPPO R7s. It has been under a week since we first learnt about the incoming handset, and today OPPO took the stage at Gitex in Dubai to share the good news. Is it the right phone for you, though? Let’s give it a closer examination.

Like other devices in the R7 series, the OPPO R7s features a metal unibody design that is simply stunning. The handset is amazingly sleek and I happen to love it, but there is more to a phone than looks. Though this phone is not targeted towards the performance buffs, we need to know if it can handle things relatively well. Spoiler: we believe it will.

The OPPO R7s packs a handy Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor and 4 GB of RAM, so right off the bat you can tell there’s plenty of power to be had here. While the processor is considered mid-end, that amount of memory is comparable only to the best phones out there. It will be a great multi-tasker!

Katrina Li, OPPO Branding Executive Director introduces the R7s

Other specs include a 5.5-inch AMOLED 2.5D screen, 32 GB of internal storage, microSD support, a 13 MP rear camera, an 8 MP front-facing shooter and a 3070 mAh battery; all powered by Android 5.1. That list of components is definitely not too shabby, right?

OPPO is also quick to advertise its “Flash Charging”, which allows you to get from 0% to 90% in just 50 minutes (or at least that’s the claim). Alternatively, you can charge for 5 minutes and get 2 hours of talk time. The phone maker is also touting its camera technology, which is said to be promising for a mid-end smartphone like this one.

The R7s with lock screenThe R7s features “Flash Shot” technology, a “triple-feature that assures fast launch, fast focus and stable imaging”. In fact, they state their PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) is equal to that of an SLR camera. This thing is said to focus in as little as 0.1 seconds! Selfies are also improved by lighting the scene with a white screen, effectively providing enough light for a decent shot.

Convinced? We would like to see more of the device before we pass any judgement, but it certainly seems like a good option… depending on the price. And of course, that is something the manufacturer is not talking about yet. What we do know is that it will be released this November in Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Those of us in the USA and Europe will have to wait until December.

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  • aboodi

    Why 4gb of ram for sd615 ???!!!

    • Singkawang

      I think this a sign that ALL SD808 & SD810 should have AT LEAST 4GB RAM

    • Jake Lam

      I think it’s to make up for the SnapDragon 615’s sub par performance when compare to the low end version of Samsung’s Exyno’s SOCs.

  • Everhard

    Inanticipation they keep the pricing around the ‘old’ R7, this is a sure winner!

  • Oobiewan

    mid-end? as a reminder, I tell you, you used to call this mid-range, because that’s the phrase that makes sense

    • fonix232

      Mid-end is end of midrange (basically the “flagships” of midrange phones, i.e. the best midrange phones).

  • Sere83

    Snapdragon 615 – possibly one of the worst cpu’s qualcomm has ever made. Why anyone would buy this is beyond me. Also when you consider you can get a xiaomi mi4c with an 808 in it and it will probably cost you less.

    • 404

      Have you had experience with it?

    • Singkawang

      Oppo is better compared to XiaoMi.

    • gg

      The worst Soc is the 810. There’s really nothing wrong with the S615. It’s a midrange Soc, and it does the job really well – just deal with it. Next, the Xiaomi Mi4c has no 5.5″ screen and not that design…

  • Jarl

    how is this good looking?
    it’s as boring looking as most other smartphones

  • Dis

    Why no 617/620 or whatever?

    • Singkawang

      agree…. but 620 is not here yet.

  • Bob

    Is anyone REALLY surprised that they used a Snapdragon 615? Oppo avoids high end processors or at least that’s what they’re most recent offerings suggest . They’ll probably price this one really high too.

    • Singkawang

      Oppo is nuts when it comes to pricing.
      But I’m surprised they still around with that high pricing.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      These are just Oppo’s midrange offerings they’ll have a flagship update soon enough.

  • Jonathan Kramer

    Mid end phone so what sort of price can we expect? The Moto G is $220 with 2/16 configuration.. this is a bit bigger than I’d like and will also be curious to see what LTE bands it supports here in the US.

  • Jon

    Please, stop calling mid-range devises “mid-end”. There is the high-end at one end, and the low-end on the other end. In the middle, there is everything else, and it’s an entire range. You can have a mid-range device or middle-of-the-road device, but it doesn’t end until you are at the top or bottom.

  • Sloth

    Shame 2GB’s of that RAM will be used for their bloated ColorOS, while using the default OPPO R7 I have only really had 1.3GB of RAM ever available for use.