-Solid metal unibody construction
-Large vibrant display
-Good low light camera performance
-VOOC rapid charging
-Snappy performance
-Accurate/faster fingerprint scanner
-Long lasting battery life
-MicroSD expansion


-Weak rear speaker
-Metal body can be slippery

Bottom Line
OPPO R7 Plus

The OPPO R7 Plus may be a bit pricier than your usual mid-range smartphone, but it is definitely worth the price!

Editor's Choice Update 2015

The OPPO R7 has proven to be a solid mid-range smartphone with very few sacrifices and a price point that can’t be easily beat. It has been a couple months since we reviewed that phone, and now we find ourselves holding its larger brother, the OPPO R7 Plus.

As you can expect, the Plus version is definitely larger, but what else can the handset bring to the table? I have been playing around with the OPPO R7 Plus long enough and am ready to tell you all about it, so let’s get this review started.

OPPO R7 Plus-3


The OPPO R7 had a great design, so it only makes sense that the Plus iteration follows the same course. In terms of aesthetics, the OPPO R7 Plus does pretty much look like a larger R7. The metallic body curves around the sides, where you can find chamfered edges extending along the entire perimeter of the device.

Metal phones are no joke, and the OPPO R7 Plus feels great. One thing is for sure, though, this is definitely one large smartphone. It helps that it’s only 7.8 mm thick, but one-handing it will still be complicated for most users. This is no big deal for those who prefer larger smartphones, but one can become uneasy when handling it, especially considering the phone’s smooth finish makes it feel rather slippery.

OPPO R7 Plus-9

Buttons are conveniently placed on the left and right of the device, making shuffling less of a problem. You can find the 3.5 mm headset jack up top and the microUSB port on the bottom. On the front you have your usual set-up: there’s a screen, a front-facing cameras, an LED notification light, the ambient system and the proximity sensor. Turn the phone around and you will find the main camera, a fingerprint reader and a single speaker.


We know the OPPO R7 Plus has a large screen, but that is only part of the viewing experience. There are many factors that can make or break a display. We must keep in mind this is an affordable phone, though, so we can’t expect it to do miracles.

The OPPO R7 Plus display is good, but it’s nothing to really write home about. For starters, the 6-inch Super AMOLED panel only has a 1080p resolution. At 6 inches you can start noticing some pixels, but the 367 ppi pixel density is still pretty good. You won’t have trouble reading texts or enjoying your media.

OPPO R7 Plus-10

Because this phone does sport a Super AMOLED panel, you will enjoy the deep blacks and vibrant colors these screens are so known for. The display does also have good viewing angles and brightness, making it a pleasure to view in direct sunlight.


The internals in the OPPO R7 Plus are identical to those in the smaller iteration. The device sports a Snapdragon 615 processor and 3 GB of RAM. This chipset has proven to be a success with other handsets, and we see no exception here. This little guy runs great, especially once you start noticing the ColorOS optimizations, which make boot times and app launching faster.

OPPO R7 Plus-24

I experienced no hiccups during my time with this handset, and that is saying much for a $480 gadget. I played games and used the phone for all my daily purposes, so it’s not like I went easy on it either. And event though ColorOS can be a bit heavy, everything was smooth sailing.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering – the phone doesn’t overheat. Sure, it gets warm after long gaming periods, but that is to be expected.


Other hardware includes the typical technology: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, etc. One downside many of you won’t be fond of is that the phone only comes with 32 GB. There are no other options, but OPPO did make up for that by adding microSD card support.

OPPO R7 Plus-11

If we move to the back and take a look at that single speaker, you will find the sound is nothing extraordinary. It gets the job done, but that’s about it. I am also not a fan of the speaker placement (it’s on the back). We found it very easy to muffle the sound, whether you are holding the phone or laying it flat on a table.

There’s another interesting piece of hardware back there, though. One that you will probably enjoy more. That fingerprint scanner is convenient, as well as very reliable. This scanner is as fast and accurate as those in the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9+ or even the iPhone. Seeing fingerprint readers on the back of devices is no longer rare, and I happen to be a fan of putting them on the back of handsets, as that is where one’s index finger naturally rests.

OPPO R7 Plus-22

Battery life

For many of us, this is the most important factor. We want to know smartphones can keep up with our busy days. Thankfully, the OPPO R7 Plus has a gigantic 4100 mAh battery. The phone usually surpasses the 5-hour screen on time, even if I am playing games and streaming video. In fact, the phone usually lasted me a whole day and a good part of the second. It was hard to kill it in one day, to be honest.

And if you do run out of battery, the OPPO R7 Plus sports VOOC rapid charging. This is specially good in this over-sized phone, which would usually take a long time to charge.

OPPO R7 Plus-16


The camera is another very important factor, and OPPO is not skimping out on this department. The R7 Plus comes with a 13 MP main shooter featuring an f/2.2 aperture and Schneider-Kreuznach optics, as well as laser auto-focus and an LED flash. On the front we have an 8 MP camera, which should also make you look great in video calls and selfies. 

But hey, those are just numbers. How well does the camera actually perform? It really does. Images in normal light are sharp and offer plenty of detail. In addition, color accuracy is outstanding, dynamic range is decent and shooting speeds are quite snappy.

OPPO R7 Plus-8

Once you move to a darker environment, things change. You will notice shutters getting slower, but ultimately results are actually quite great (all things considered). This is mostly because of OPPO’s RGBW sensor, which adds a white pixel to to the usual RGB set-up. This is said to increase light sensitivity by 32% and reduce noise by 78%.

In terms of software, you will find a very simple camera interface. You can easily swipe your way between shooting modes. You can also tap on an icon to reveal functions like beautify, ultra HD, slow shutter, live filters, GIFS, HDR and Panorama. 

OPPO R7 Plus-26

Camera samples


In terms of software, we are looking at Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, with OPPO’s ColorOS on top. If you are looking for the difference between the R7 and R7 plus, this is pretty much the biggest one. The smaller device was launched with Android 4.4 KitKat. You won’t be able to tell the difference very well, though, as ColorOS hides every aesthetic element you can find in either of these Android versions.

The UI looks very similar to what you find in other Chinese smartphones. There is no app drawer, and your home screens house every app in your phone. If you can get past that, you will find ColorOS is actually quite simple, sleek and pleasant. The icons, transparencies and colors happen to look rather good.

OPPO R7 Plus-7

In addition, you can enjoy features like double tapping to wake, drawing an “O” in the screen to launch the camera and even set your very own gestures. These features may seem gimmicky, but they can actually be quite helpful if you take the time to set them up.

Price and conclusion

Editor's Choice Update 2015The OPPO R7 Plus find itself in a tight spot, because it’s not really a high-end handset, but it’s also not at the same level as most other mid-range devices. This is something the price also corroborates, as the phone is expected to launch at about $480. You can pay about $300 for many other affordable smartphones, but with those you happen to make much more sacrifices.

Sure, the device is no steal, but we believe the price is justifiable. This thing is made of metal, has insane battery life and ample screen real estate. Not to mention performance is still great. For these reasons, we’re giving the excellent OPPO R7 Plus our Editors’ Choice award.

  • Cons — No NFC
    Other hardware includes the typical technology: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, LTE, etc.

    Typo error? Conflicting statements there.. :)

    • Arman

      I noticed that 2!

      • julierstratton

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  • phillyrenegade

    Does this have NFC? The cons say no, but the hardware section says it does.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    Notice how it magically got the “Editor’s Choice Award” just like the R7.

    Gee, I wonder why?

    • Gwyneth

      Because the battery life is soooooooo incredible.

      • Shiloh Trigg

        Yep. Most techies biggest complaint for phones is that they struggle to last one full day. If a phone surpasses in that regard it gets mucho brownie points. Yes, even to the point that we ignore the lack of another less critical feature.

        • Jmurder209

          I Agree, Nothing With A Snapdragon 615 Should Get An Editor’s Choice Award! And For That Price($480), It Should At Least Come With A Snapdragon 801 In It & Possibly A Quad-HD Resolution Too! I Am Happy To See That Finally Some OEM’s Other Then Sammy Are Using Super AMOLED Displays, Instead Of The Inferior IPS LCD Displays!

    • Joseph blow

      I bought one 2 weeks ago and this is and this outstanding phone. It only needs to be charged every 3 days and then it only takes about an hour to fully charge. Great screen easy to see, easy to use, excellent camera. For what 95% of people use a mobile phone for, I can’t see paying double the price for the big brand name when the Oppo is as good or better.

  • Dani C .

    It doesn’t support NFC, check OPPO’s website.

  • Daggett Beaver

    1080p AMOLED would suit me fine. Nice phone. First thing I’d do, though, is install a different launcher.

    • i_say_uuhhh

      Was about to say the same! Looks to be a great phone, just not really fond of the software.

    • Gwyneth

      Why? I think the launcher is cool though.

  • ukTechGuru

    It’s a shame it doesn’t have NFC. I wonder why? OnePlus 2 also without NFC despite Android Pay launching, which is supposed to be this Wednesday!

  • Joseph Cauchi Senior

    Does it support FM radio?

    • Gwyneth

      LOOOL. You are right, some phones these days doesn’t include FM radio, because some people don’t really pay much attention to it.

  • Chesz Heaven-

    Hi huawei mate 7! Oops, it’s Superpphone, nah! It’s Oppo! Superphone and Oppo which are both Chinese OEMs copy the design of their fellow Chinese- Huawei! Huawei should definitely change the look of Mate 8 !

    • paxmos

      You guys need to get real. Nowadays all phones almost look alike and will in future. How many ways can they build a phone?, you tell me!!

  • betold

    No LTE Band 20, at least for Germany thats an issue. :)

  • paxmos

    With Android Pay just around the corner, NO NFC is a NO NO not to mention the lack of LTE for USA

    • tech33

      What is it with these so called engineers that they think they can leave out NFC? How much money are they saving? 3 bucks?

      A phone that doesn’t have that or LTE is not a phone but rather just a tablet.

    • Jmurder209

      When Did It Say No LTE For US?

      • paxmos

        FDD-LTE Bands B1/3/7/8, TD-LTE Band B40

  • Victor Eklund

    Seems like a pretty solid phone, does anyone know what the pricetag will be at?

    • Jmurder209


  • Ollie Francesco

    how does the camera oppo r 7 plus compared to that of lg g3 ? sin for LTE , does not have the bandwidth 800 to italy

  • Gwyneth

    If OPPO would make a waterproof phone with such beautiful specs like R7 Plus, It would knock off Samsung, Samsung would definitely, definitely come to its right mind, to stop copying APPLE and its disposable expensive phones, S6 sucks. (Don’t kill meh APPLE fans, I’m a potato.)

    • Jmurder209

      You Make No Sense Bro.

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Just Awesome specs. Does it has External memory card slot ?

    • Jmurder209

      Yes, 32GB Storage Plus MicroSD Card Slot.

  • Orlando Ballmajo

    Aren’t you speaking here about Huawei ascend mate 7 mt7-l09? It sounds exactly the same to me. Have you checked on specs. They’re so similar. The only difference might be the processor.

  • Kyle Ong

    Shd hv a match up between R7+ vs Phab+
    The price, 1G ram…size…

  • Josh

    Just bought one today, I think this phone is fantastic. Put it this way; it has 90% of the flagship phablet features at about 40% of the cost compared to them. In my mind, the value speaks for itself.

    • Tao

      where did you get it

  • Tao

    Does it have LTE in US?

  • C Lo

    This is why I say stop with the increased screen resolution. Batteries are smaller with a higher capacity however, they cannot keep up with the screen resolution jumps. 1080p with a 3400mAh battery will last 2 days heavy use. 1080p is plenty for a phone with 6″ screen or less. Hell, 1080p on my 37″ TV looks fine, so a 6″ screen is more than enough. Batteries are no longer the problem, excessive screen resolution is.

  • nebulaoperator

    This review is utter garbage. Its a walk through at best. How can you recommend such an average product at flagship price tag with averagely tuned software I can put it around my head. AA you lost any respect as reputable website that was left.

  • Bishal Shrestha

    What’s that wallpaper you’re using?

  • Rex Xu

    Due to the similar design, the Oppo R7 Plus looks like the cheap version of a LeTV Max.

    Screen: FHD VS QHD
    RAM: 3GB VS 4 GB
    Camera 13MP VS 21 MP
    Price: $480 VS $500

    plus LeTV has USB C and NFC

    I don’t really understand why AA decided to cover the R7, it really isn’t groundbreaking

  • Joseph blow

    My wife has an Iphone 6 plus and says she doesn’t see much difference other than Siri which she rarely uses. For the 90% of the population that uses their phone for basic functions, why pay double for an Iphone or Samsung, this is an outstanding phone with fantastic battery life.

    • Loser.lon

      maybe you’ll start seeing what you’re missing out after awhile….

  • Yasin

    does this phone have any notification problem with facebook or whatsapp???

  • Janpieter Sollie

    let me tell my story of my phone:
    this phone is great, but the retailer (oppostyle) is a fraud:
    I bought this phone for €415, broke the screen after a year, and send it to oppostyle as they claimed they could repair it for a repair fee.
    I never saw it back…