OnePlus X officially announced: what you need to know

by: Andrew GrushOctober 29, 2015

Last year’s OnePlus One came out of nowhere and instantly shook up the market by bringing us a handset with flagship specs and Nexus-like pricing that put nearly all of its competitors to shame. Since then, the “flagship killer” has been followed up by the OnePlus 2, which has arguably failed to deliver the same momentum as the original. That’s not all OnePlus has up its sleeves for 2015 however, as the company has now unveiled the OnePlus X.

In many ways, the OnePlus X is sort of like the 2015 version of the original OPO, featuring a lot of the same specs but in a more premium package, with an even lower starting price. It remains unseen if a sleeker design and lower price tag will be enough to win over the hearts of consumers in a market where pricing has become more aggressive than ever, but the X is certainly a valiant effort. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the OnePlus X.

OnePlus in video

OnePlus X specs and features

Display5-inch display
1920 x 1080 resolution
Gorilla Glass 3
ProcessorQualcomm 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801
GPUAdreno 330
MicroSDUp to 128GB
Connectivity2.4GHz b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, GLONASS, BDS, LTE
SIM cardNano SIM, dual compatible (but uses microSD slot)
Camera13MP ISOCELL 3M2 CMOS with f/2.2 rear cam, 8MP front cam
BatteryNon-removable 2,525 mAh LiPo battery
SoftwareOxygen OS (based on Lollipop)
Dimensions140 x 69 x 6.9 mm, 138g for Onyx, 160g for Ceramic

The OnePlus X comes with a 5.0-inch Active Matrix OLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a pixel density of 441ppi. It’s also covered in a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which should keep the device safe (to a point) from scratches and small bumps and bruises. Seeing as how the company’s last two flagship phones shipped with 1080p panels, it’s no surprise to see this affordable device sport a Full HD screen.

One benefit to having a lower resolution display is that it will sip power compared to a Quad HD display. This will certainly help the device’s non-removable 2525mAh lithium-polymer battery last a bit longer. The new device also sports a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor backed by 3GB of RAM and an Adreno 330 GPU. The Snapdragon 801 is still a powerful chipset, even though it’s a couple years old at this point.

You’ll only get 16GB of on-board storage with the OnePlus X, though there is a microSD card slot that supports expandable memory up to 128GB. Oh, and if you don’t need any more memory, you can use the other slot for another Nano SIM card. For those curious, no the OnePlus X still doesn’t have NFC.

On the camera front, the OnePlus X features a 13MP rear cam with f/2.2 aperture, with .2-second autofocus with phase detection autofocus. There’s also an 8MP front-facing camera that OnePlus provides its best selfie experience yet.

oneplus x first look aa (29 of 47)

Just like the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X runs on the company’s in-house OS, OxygenOS, which is a stock-like ROM that is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. When it comes to the software experience, anyone who has used stock Android should be pretty comfortable with the software features found on the OnePlus X.

There are a few differences between stock Android and OxygenOS that you should be aware of, though. OxygenOS comes with a handy Dark Mode for nighttime reading, as well as several gestures designed to make using the phone a bit easier. OxygenOS also has something called the Shelf, which is a special area found to the right of the homescreen that gives you access to widgets, you most used apps, favorite contacts and other important information.

For those familar with the OP2, OnePlus did manage to throw in a few additional software features in their latest build of Oxygen OS that we think many of you will be quite fond of. Thanks to the device’s OLED display, this allows for an ambient display that will wake in duo-chrome mode to alert you to new notifications. This is similar to what we’ve seen on Google’s recent Nexus devices and Motorola’s Moto X line. There’s also a proximity sensor that will allow the device to wake up when it’s pulled out of a pocket or bag. OnePlus has also decided to bring FM radio to the X. You’ll now be able to broadcast your favorite stations directly from your phone without having to connect to Wi-Fi or consume mobile data.

OnePlus X design

oneplus x first look aa (6 of 47)

The specs might not be as aggressive on the OnePlus X as we saw with the OnePlus 2, but one area where the X truly shines is in design.

The OnePlus X features an anodized metal frame sandwiched between a glass front and back, in somewhat similar fashion to handsets like the Galaxy S6 or even the Sony Xperia Z series. The end result is a stunning, premium design that should appeal to that are looking for something with a bit more flair than found with OnePlus’ previous two handsets.

oneplus x first look aa (24 of 47)

The Ceramic version on top, Onyx at the bottom

There’s actually a second version in addition to the standard “Onyx” model, but it has a much more limited availability. The OnePlus X Ceramic, as the name implies, features a clear ceramic backing that is scratch-resistant with a hardness of 8.5H and is designed to provide both a stunning look and an even more solid, durable feel.

Regardless of which version you get, you’ll also see the return of the OnePlus 2’s Alert slider for easy notification adjustments, on the left hand side of the phone. On the right you’ll find the power button and the volume rocker.

While the phone is definitely a fingerprint magnetic, the new design is certainly attractive, and the smaller screen size should also result in an easier handling experience – especially for those that favor one-handed use.

 OnePlus X pricing, availability and invite system

oneplus x first look aa (14 of 47)

Sticking with OnePlus tradition, the OnePlus X will require an invite for purchase, though OnePlus suggests it won’t be very long before they start opening up sales without invites, though likely in limited capacity, just as we saw with the OP2’s one hour sale recently. As for the cost, the OnePlus X will set US users back $249 and will be available on November 19th.

oneplus x first look aa (36 of 47)See also: OnePlus X hands-on and first impressions52

European consumers will be able to pick one up a little earlier on November 5th for EUR269. European and Indian consumers will also have the opportunity to get one of the limited (10,000 only) Ceramic versions of the OnePlus X starting November 24th, priced at EUR369.

Show Press Release

Powerfully Beautiful: Presenting the OnePlus X

New Smartphone Line Fuses Sleek Design with Flagship­level Performance

LONDON – October 29, 2015 – OnePlus today announced their brand new smartphone line

with the launch of the OnePlus X. Featuring a compact 5” display and a new range of premium build materials, the OnePlus X, available in Onyx black glass and a limited Ceramic edition, showcases an elevated level of craftsmanship and power for OnePlus.

“Today’s smartphone user strives to find the perfect balance of style and performance. The OnePlus X is a design­centric device ­ chic and powerful enough to fit any lifestyle,” said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau.

Precision Artwork in Your Hand

The OnePlus X is a work of art. OnePlus has created two separate editions inspired by the exquisite handiwork behind two timeless fields of art ­ glassware and ceramic. The OnePlus X Onyx is fashioned from black glass on a metal bezel, giving the phone a premium feel in your hand. Every glass backplate is cut to size and polished repeatedly until it achieves a smooth, glossy, mirror­like finish. Slightly rounded edges give the phone a fluid and seamless feel, and at just 4.86 oz, it is the lightest and slimmest OnePlus device to date.

The Ceramic version is crafted in a process totaling 25 days. Starting with a zirconia mold just 0.5 mm thick, the ceramic is fire­baked up to ​ 2,700ºF ​ for more than 28 hours before cooling for two full days. Each individual OnePlus X backplate undergoes three meticulous methods of polishing before it is flawless enough for use. Scratch­resistant with a hardness of 8.5H on the Mohs scale and weighing 5.64 oz, the ceramic build is a feat of engineering and design. A brushed anodized metal frame etched with 17 elegant microcuts surrounds the OnePlus X.

A convenient Alert Slider for easy notification adjustments adorns the left side of the device, with the power button and volume rocker located on the right. Intuitively placed buttons combined with subtle curves and ergonomic lines make the OnePlus X easy and natural to use with one hand.

Capture Your World Faster than Ever

The OnePlus X has a 13MP rear camera combined with f/2.2 aperture, perfect for documenting your unique everyday experiences. Optimized white balance and saturation maintain the integrity of the colors of your photos, and a lightning­fast 0.2­second autofocus with phase detection autofocus (PDAF) ­­ our fastest camera yet ­­ means you won’t miss a moment. Shoot in Auto, HDR or Clear Image to perfect your image, or switch to the 8MP front­facing camera with supported Beauty Mode to capture a flawless selfie.

Beauty That’s More than Skin­deep

Combining the Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB of RAM, the OnePlus X is as powerful as it is stylish. The 5” 1080p Active Matrix OLED screen is responsive and incredibly bright in direct sunlight, and the 441 PPI resolution keeps the screen sharp without draining your battery.

Notably, the OnePlus X supports two nano SIMs for more network choices and added convenience for people on the go. Even better, one card slot provides optional expandable storage with your own microSD card, allowing a maximum capacity up to 128GB.

Personalize Your Experience

OxygenOS, a custom operating system developed by OnePlus, brings a range of unique features and elements to the OnePlus X.

The AMOLED screen, never before seen in a OnePlus device, allows for an ambient display that will wake in duochrome mode to alert you to new notifications. A proximity sensor, enabled by each individual user, also wakes the screen whenever the OnePlus X is brought out of a pocket or bag.

Along with OxygenOS features such as on­screen gestures, an enhanced file manager and custom quick settings, the OnePlus X also brings FM radio to your smartphone. Broadcast your favorite local stations directly from your phone without having to connect to Wi­Fi or consume data with the new OnePlus Radio.

Pricing and Availability

The OnePlus X Onyx will be available on with an invite in Europe starting November 5 at EUR269.00, with a U.S. version to follow on November 19 for USD249.00. The Ceramic edition will be available with a Ceramic­specific invite in Europe and India starting November 24 for EUR369.00. Only 10,000 OnePlus X Ceramic devices will be available.

About OnePlus

OnePlus is a global startup challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans. For more information, please visit

So, with all of that said, what are your thoughts? Are you interested in the new OnePlus X? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • systemupdate

    The only concern would be the processor. A bit old for a device released now. The rest seems good.

    • Timmy

      The 801 is still a beast.

    • marKo

      I’m concerned with the battery….

      • Overheated Oven

        Battery life will be great 5.0 1080 with oxygen os that handles consumption very well

    • Juang Bo

      if you are a heavy user and using applications that requires powerful processor then this is not a phone for you, but for those who are just for calling, texting, browsing, music, taking photos, like small phone then this phone is way better because the price is not high.

    • M3D1T8R

      Still a great processor, same as in the Sony Z2 and Z3 from just a year ago. It’s the lousy 16GB included storage that bugs me.

      • Overheated Oven

        You have SD support also,……. 128gb lol man

      • devilreaper

        All hail Satan teemo.

    • Jay

      If it kills you when a processor loads an application around 4 to 5 seconds slower than the newer processors, then it is a concern.

  • sachouba

    They didn’t even use the latest iteration of the Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5 GHz ? That’s not cool.

    • Samuel L.-Cloutier (QcSam)

      I don’t think it’s a question of iteration. It’s probably just to keep it cool. pun intended.

  • George

    801 is certainly a good SoC, but outdated in Q4 2015.
    And what is that 2,525 mah battery?
    I don’t think this phone will fare well, there are much better alternatives.

    • robert fish

      Yeah me too, i think this phone will not age well against other competitors.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      At $250? The Zenfone and Acatel Idol 3 are very good, but only the Zenfone is faster, the Alcatel is slower. And they are both big 5.5″ phones, part of the draw of this is the smaller size. What other phone at $250 do you know that’s faster than this?

      • rag

        xiaomi mi4c will be a much better alternative. sd 808 3gd ram 33gb storage. same price tag $250.

        of course, if only you can endure the shitty miui rom. i will not hesitate to buy 1 when the kernel source is release and someone has ported over the cm rom.

  • browngeek

    This should have been their “flagship” killer. Initial thoughts :

    – Battery is a bit small

    – Ouch, only 2.4GHz wifi

    – They should have included fingerprint reader

    – Likewise they should have included usb-c

    – Like dual sim, but don’t like that one of the slots is used for micro-sd

    – However I think they have brought back NFC [ah, just confirmed it
    won’t have NFC, I thought founder had said they would bring back NFC, oh

    – I like the size

    – Price is very good

    – BUT fcuking invite system

    • Paul Beau

      Invite system is for 1 month only

  • Not1Not2Not3


  • Steve Papadogiannakis

    Crap.. If you want the best budget phone.. Go for the BLU Pure XL.. Sick specs impeccable hardware big screen. My daily driver and I love it!

    • Teddy blue

      Blu me bollo,bought one, 5 months later whole left hand side of screen unresponsive,no joy from manufacturer,,,,

  • Jino Joy

    A big NO

    • Linda Burns

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  • h1ghland3r

    No NFC, no fingerprint scanner, Wifi only 2.4Ghz…
    No! Thanks..

    • Luka Mlinar

      So basically you want absolutely everything on top of a stellar price tag :)

      • h1ghland3r


      • HLFH

        Did you forget the OnePlus One? They were on the high standards with a normal price of 300$. The next ones (2 and X) are really shitty smartphones compared to the OnePlus One. They don’t have NFC. And the OnePlus Two has a CPU that is getting hot really quick.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Yes, and this is 50$ cheaper. I think you are going about this the wrong way. Instead of comparing this to another OnePlus device, you could compare it to another OEM device that sits in the same category. For example the Z4 Compact is twice as expensive yet lacking in a lot of areas compared to the X.

          • rag

            frankly speaking, if you compared to xiaomi mi4c, same price tag but much higher spec and same shitty no NFC.

          • Hussein Abdullah

            srsly what do you all have with your NFC, i have NFC since late 2013 and NEVER used it, not even once, the fuck is wrong you all with your shitty NFC, your Toillette also doesnt have NFC and I bet your your shoes doesnt have it too

          • browngeek

            Each to their own. I use NFC on a regular basis, so a phone without NFC is a dealbreaker (to me anyway).

      • Hussein Abdullah

        he wants a galaxy S6 for 50 bucks

    • Warriah

      Exactly, this is a 250 dollar phone calm your titties.

    • Pez Smith

      this article is wrong w.r.t to wi-fi.

  • Their quality control is really bad and their customer service is even worse. Won’t buy again. Their forums are filled with horror stories.

  • bjorn

    I love my opo.. The 2 was not interesting enough, and the x still has no nfc… If it had, i might look a bit more into it, but really oneplus? Leaving out nfc these days?

  • Patrick

    It looks like xperia z1/z3 compact….

  • Gagan Sonu

    Wow awesome phone in less price

  • TheGuy
    Get on the waiting list if you are interested

  • Chris Menon

    NO NFC!!!

    apart from that it is a pretty neat affordable OnePlus 1.1

  • Hussein Abdullah

    why are People so obsessed with NFC, never used it and dont know anyone who used it either

  • Scooterch

    No NFC, no deal. Pity.

  • Vie wer

    invites u can get here!

  • SirWoggles

    Was actually waiting for this to be announced. Then I saw that you needed an invite and II immediately started looking at other phones. Serious 1+, what’s with your invite system? Even on a cheaper phone.

  • nikhil kumar

    at least nfc should be there