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OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus X is now free of the necessary but notoriously unpopular invite system. Starting today you will now be able to buy a OnePlus X invite-free via the OnePlus store or on Amazon.

This is good news for OnePlus fans that have been having trouble getting ahold of an invite. While OnePlus introduced the invite system needs to manage inventory and not expose the company to unnecessary risk, the system has been unpopular since it first appeared. The OnePlus 2 went invite-free quite quickly after its launch and now the OnePlus X has followed suit.

I spoke with Carl Pei at the OnePlus X launch last year and he assured me that the company is well aware of how unpopular the invite system is, but that he couldn’t see it going away entirely for years to come.

Considering the razor-thin profit margin OnePlus operates under, anything the company must do to keep costs low and protect themselves is ultimately fine by me, but I’m even happier to know there are currently no OnePlus devices that require an invite. If you’re keen to pick one up, remember that OnePlus announced free standard shipping recently too.

What do you think about the invite system? Has it put you off buying a OnePlus device?

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • bob

    they would have sold more phones without the invite system ,now it’s too late

    • João Carreiro

      They made the right decision. Their objective was 20k in the first 12 months… they sold over 1 Million.

      • balcobomber25

        Proof of this 20K objective? That is an incredibly low projection, even Blackberry has higher projections than that. And 1 million in 12 months isn’t that good at all for a brand as large as OnePlus.

        • james mathew

          20k was the figure cited by Carl pei for OPO, however Indian head did admit that they fell just shy of off their 1 million target in india for OPT which he blamed on the poor availability after the launch of OPT.

          • João Carreiro

            The 1 million I mentioned was worldwide, not India alone.

          • james mathew

            He had mentioned, Indian sales constituted a quarter of their worldwide sales, which means they might have sold around 3-4 million phones, and this was revealed when the invite system was still in place for OPT.. .

          • balcobomber25

            This isn’t about OPO, it’s about the One Plus X. The invite system made sense at the time of the One, but it should have ended after that phone. Once Cyanogen went away, so too did the number of people willing to wait months to get one. Now there are too many options on the market, the only ones will wait are the diehard OP fans. Everyone else has Xiaomi, Meizu,. Honor. Moto, Zuk (Cyanogen), Nubia or about a dozen other brands to choose from that offer comparable devices for comparable prices.

          • james mathew

            You are right but the funny part is that it has been the consistently top selling and the only brand with above 4 star customer rating in amazon india website in their price bracket. To put it in perspective total number of customer reviews for moto x style which is a terrific phone for the price got 300 customer reviews on the other hand OPT got nearly 12k reviews… Which tells the amount of phone being sold through the website and the power of the hype I guess…

          • JDMillest

            After trying to follow the one and when they always ask the consumer to help out with the word spreading on all social media…I see it as all fake review so they can try to win a free invite. Same goes with opt and opx.

        • João Carreiro

          Do you know how many people work at BB? Over 6.000 right now. When OP launched they where about 10 people.

          1million phones for a company that had 10 people 12 months before isn’t good? That’s about 30million euros on sales for every worker!

          • balcobomber25

            Do you know how many people work at Oneplus today? Close to 1000. Do you know how many people work at Oppo? Over 17,000. Do you know how the chief investor is in OnePlus? OPPO.

            Oneplus tried to pass themsevles off as a small startup, they are not. They are a brand of OPPO which is one of the largest cell phone companies in China.

          • João Carreiro

            They are not a brand of OPPO. OPPO invested in them and obviously gave them smart money. That happens all the time and doesn’t take them any credit.

      • JDMillest

        1 million is nothing, when china is 1 billion people.

        • james mathew

          Their main target is the international market not China infact they are not doing great in China. On the other hand they sold nearly 1 million sets in india and close to 3 million worldwide, which was revealed by their india head however Carl pei has refused to divulge any numbers

  • Druk Ležaj

    What do you think about the invite system? Has it put you off buying a OnePlus device?

    No, sd810 what put me off.

  • balcobomber25

    Too little too late. By the time OnePlus phones shed their invite system there are better phones on the market. I can’t imagine this is good for their sales.

  • moew

    No fingerprint scanner, and missing a T-mobile band. Not sure if killing the invite system fixes any of that.

  • Kunal Tolani

    The invite system was a good decision for them, but really badly handled.

    • balcobomber25

      The invite system was good for the first phone, they were still a relatively new company and they needed time to establish themselves. After that it should have gone away.

  • Ruby

    The Huawei Honor 5x goes on sale in the US on Sunday for less than $200. I’m sure that played some part in OnePlus’s decision to go invite-free on the OnePlus X.

  • Wolf0491

    If they start to release phones invite free in future maybe i will be interested.

  • saimin

    Poor LTE support for both AT&T and T-Mobile. What’s the point of writing about this company on a USA-based blog?

    • james mathew

      Probably that is why they mention cost of certain handsets in this website in Indian and Chinese currencies as well… Point being these blogs are meant for all the English speaking masses not just US

  • Sam Assad

    So should we consider Oneplus a real company now? Or will they start selling to the public on Monday’s now? Or Friday’s maybe? Poor business model and the phone doesn’t fully support a strong radio frequency combination. I think I may detest oneplus more than apple.

  • Russell Blandamer

    The invite system is understandable, considering their thin margins. But what really spoils the Oneplus X for me is the whopping bugs in Oxygen OS. It’s a shame, because it’s such a nice looking phone, but I wish I’d ponied up for a Nexus 5X instead.

  • Max209

    who links austrian page of OnePlus on an english speaking website?