OnePlus developing its own Android ROM for OnePlus Two, to replace Color OS

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 28, 2014

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You still can’t get a OnePlus One without an invite (the pre-order window from yesterday not included), but the OnePlus team is already working on the next generation of the device.

CEO Pete Lau told Chinese media that OnePlus has established its own ROM development team, and that one version of the OnePlus Two will ship with an Android implementation that is developed in-house.

Currently, OnePlus offers the One with CyanogenMod to international users and with Color OS (the OS developed by sister company Oppo) to Chinese users.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for clarification and we were told that the new ROM will only ship on devices sold in China.

OnePlus has taken some steps that reduce its reliance on Cyanogen’s ROM, like releasing a stock Android ROM for the OnePlus One, as well as supporting other “official” ROMs, like Paranoid Android and SlimKat ROM. However, dropping the partnership with Cyanogen seems unlikely at this point, as CM is one of the main reasons the One was so successful internationally.

OnePlus is profitable

Pete Lau also revealed that OnePlus is profitable and that it managed to ship close to a million OnePlus One units in a few months of limited availability. In the past, Lau said that he didn’t expect OnePlus to make a profit in its first year, so it seems that the good evolution of the One helped the young company beat its own expectations.

The OnePlus Two is expected to launch in Q2-Q3 2015.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Considering they piggybacked on OPPO’s everything else, I imagine this will be based on the Color OS framework.

  • Let them give to Chinese what ever they want to give.. But if they uses on international model surly they will loose some sales….. First work on to make available to all people who ever wants to buy ……

    • Chad

      Yeah what an indian think matters a lot

      • WeirdG

        Thanks for the dick comment Chad.

        • Chris

          You mad bro?

          • WeirdG

            Nope… just find the comment offensive and ignorant. Seems like Chad has a holier than thou attitude. If don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

          • Chris

            Welcome to the Internet

          • WeirdG

            Fair enough… there’s always going to be ignorant people on the Internet. I always wished you needed a license to use the Internet. Things would be more civilized if that were the case.

          • William Riu Liu

            More “civilized” or more censored? Who will be the morality police?

      • KenanSadhu

        Dude, really?

    • László Keresztény

      You are absolutely right.
      You could improve your english a bit though… :)

      • Maibenrai

        It’s English, not english so ;)

  • Agent Awesome

    They should stick to stock Android instead.

    • Amrit Zoad

      BTW, I don’t think that Cyanogenmod will come with a Theme Engine in early CM12 builds. CM’s theme engine is made for 4.4.4 and Lollipop is completely revamped. For Theme Engine (for 5.0) they will have to work from scratch. IMO CM12 is most probably going to be stock at first with very few customizations later.

      • aenews

        Yeah nightlies when they come out prally will be missing a lot of features.

      • Andrew Tsaviour

        May be ur right but remember cyanogenmod has invested alot to make its custom rom unique and its a tree to many developers,and its taking a different direction and far much better than stock google. I don think if there might be much stock porting for them to start from scratch but a continuation of better structure like they do.”why do u think google wanted to buy cyanogen inc?”

    • Chris

      Stock sucks

      • MasterMuffin

        Cyanogen Lollipop doe

      • Kolyan24k

        It does, that’s why there is Xposed which unfortunately doesn’t run well on CM

        • xposed doesnt worrk with the new ART runtime

        • aenews

          How does Xposed not run well on CM? It runs on anything and obviously wouldn’t have problems with custom AOSP ROMs lol…

          The glaring issue is that Xposed doesn’t work with ART yet and thus won’t work in Lollipop unless you switch back to Dalvik (if it’s an option).

    • MasterMuffin

      Chinese users seem to like bloat

      • jtaylor991

        I think it’s more about governmental regulation that requires stuff to be blocked, locked down, etc.

    • Kolyan24k

      I agree. I don’t see the point filtering all the bugs when u can just make it stock and focus on firmware improvements instead, same as Google.

    • aenews

      You can always use whatever launcher you want, and CM has a pretty solid theme engine that should eventually get ported.

  • Individual

    This is a letdown. I yearned for a company that sells devices annually, that come pre-loaded with CM and recieve exclusive features.

    Also, with the type of customer support they have right now, you can forget about bug fixing and constant software updates.

    • László Keresztény

      what do you mean? there are lots of updates…
      (well. CM updates… still, updates :D )

      • Individual

        This is exactly what i meant. CM is a seperate company.

      • Chris yaritz

        To date their customer service is subpar at best. And yes the updates are coming out via Cyanogen, however they are missing the mark on some of the software issues, to many to list, but they are all reported on the Jira website.

  • flye

    Isn’t it would be another version of skinned android?
    Not much difference to me

    • László Keresztény

      correctly “wouldn’t that be another”….
      And yes, you’re right.

      Brand androids are usually just skinned versions.. usually even slower that the vanilla droid.
      But sometimes there are some additional things. Like with Samsung (and no, I still don’t like samsung, these are just examples)
      S Beam. using NFC to connect throught ad hoc wifi.. and send fles.. (even stock android has this now)
      Health applications.
      drivers and software for special hardware (like flash for android 1 and 2, and IR blaster nowadays)
      connectivity with other brand hardware.. like smartwatches for the same company.

      I still don’t like branded things… but they push the stock android futher too..)

      • Chris

        As long as that ISIS member is in charge of Android stock will continue to suck.

    • Chris

      Stock sucks. And it’s not just skins it’s a modified version of Android

      • FranchisePlayer

        Someone didn’t get a nap today.

      • My name is….

        Fighting hard to be an ultra-megatroll? Or is it just natural for you?

        • Chris

          I’m a “troll” because I don’t like stock android? Get a life kid.

          • My name is….

            No you are not a troll for not liking stock android.

            You are a troll because you keep repeating it, like we give a fuck

          • Chris

            Who’s holding a gun to your head telling you to read my comments?

          • thelastguyX20

            Who’s holding a gun to your head to run around like an annoying idiot saying how much you hate stock?

  • iTriune

    If it doesn’t have a CM ROM or Stock Android, I’m not a customer.

    • Chris

      Stock android sucks. It’s designed for nerds in their mothers basements

      • iTriune

        Funny because the basement is exactly where your mom sucked stock semen out of me for the first time…..

      • MasterMuffin

        But I live upstairs, does that mean stock isn’t for me? :/

      • FranchisePlayer

        Thank you Chris from Touchwiz.

        • Chris

          I’m a htc fan

    • That Guy

      I agree with you if you added paranoid android to the list and make it 3 great ROMs.

  • Scott Ricketts

    Is this the Oppo N1 all over again? Starting to feel like a line of phones that will have CM on it year after year.

  • That Guy Bob From ReBoot

    They should just give the international users Stock and let them be on their way.

  • Siyam Hossain

    Stock android can be a better choice

  • Viswanathan P


  • Tony

    Android Fragmentation!

  • crutchcorn

    I will be interested to see what OP does with their ROM, however I feel they should still partner with Cyanogen so that there are options right off the bat!

  • Andrew Tsaviour

    Oneplus one stick to cyanogenmod to be unique and real. Otherwise the phone will be like any other Chinese phone.