OnePlus’ Oxygen OS is now available for download

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 4, 2015

oxygen os oneplus

OnePlus needed an extra week to deliver it, but its new Oxygen operating system is now available for download.

“Our goal for OxygenOS is to provide faster, more meaningful updates and a better-integrated range of services for every OnePlus user,” said OnePlus’ Carl Pei in a blog post. Pei emphasized the back to basics philosophy of the project, that values “performance and battery life over gimmicks and bloated features.”

The initial version of Oxygen OS looks to be very close to stock Android, both aesthetically and from a functionality point of view. However, there are a number of features that the OnePlus team added in order to enhance the user experience.

Oxygen OS carries over gesture support, first available on Oppo’s Color OS and adopted on Cyanogen OS 11s. You can draw various gestures on the screen of the OnePlus One (even with the screen turned off) and quickly launch apps like the flashlight or camera.

Another feature is the improved quick settings, which lets you reorder settings tiles and choose the ones you want to see. This feature seems to be inspired by Paranoid Android, and that should be no surprise, given that many of the key people behind PA are now contributing to Oxygen OS.

Oxygen OS also comes with a file manager, a welcome addition for any power user, as well as the ability to customize lockscreen wallpapers and switch between capacitive and on-screen navigation keys.

Oxygen OS is now available for download from OnePlus, with full installation instructions available. If you want to help, you can provide feedback by downloading and installing this special app. Note that updating to Oxygen OS from Cyanogen requires wiping the system and flashing manually, though OnePlus says an automated method is in the pipeline.

  • Dawid Poleszczuk

    it is not a new operating system

  • King4evr

    Will they make this available for other phones? Guess I’m still waiting for cm12….

    • SContrerasMer

      which device do you have?

      • King4evr

        Lg g2

    • YeOldeGoat


  • Allan Tan

    Is this OS meant for OnePlus devices only, or any Android device?

    • jitu1612

      OnePlus only. Special users get special treatment (we are from Oneplus family)

      • Allan Tan

        If it is really good, should consider SELLING the OS for users of other devices.

        • Jonathan King

          It’s open source software, can’t sell it.

        • jitu1612

          OnePlus is not like Cyanogen. They have build it for their phone only just like Samsung, HTC, LG make for their devices.

        • jitu1612

          Oneplus is not like cyanogen. It has made os for its device just like Samsung , LG, HTC make os for their devices they don`t sell os

      • getrekt

        Lol, special you say. Oxygen is just basically like stock. Even the theme engine from cm is gone. Cyanogenmod’s CEO might be a douche, but cm is way better than oxygen. Oxygen is made by PA, and PA was always more unstable than cm. :)

        • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

          This time, it’s the other way around. Oxygen OS is ridiculously more stable than the CM12 nighties I’ve been flashing for the past few weeks. Sure, it doesn’t have as many features as CM12, but it’s a fantastic stock Lollipop experience that this phone DESPERATELY needed to stay competitive.

          If you want a basic, Nexus-esque ROM, this is the ROM to flash.

          • LasersPewPew

            I don’t think it’s a fair comparison between a release version and a nightly build version. If the release version is more unstable than a nightly, then they seriously need to re-evaluate their QA team.

    • Błażej

      It’s just an AOSP with very few tweaks

      • Anik Das

        can’t this be ported? or is it closed source?
        I dont have a 1 + 1

        • MiMcCann

          There is no need for porting, due to it is stock android with minor adjustments that CM already offer as well.

    • David Onter

      Only OnePlus One

  • randomguy

    How about Audio FX?

  • Hiten Pratap Singh

    Hey i’m a OnePlus One use but i want to know whether will this update be also available OTA? As i don’t want to format my phone to update.

    • Jefficko

      Not yet, they are working on it

    • Joel

      From CM11s to Oxygen OS there is no OTA for it, maybe CM12s will have OTA which is coming anytime soon.

    • Anik Das

      you’re a OnePlus One? Man…

      • Hiten Pratap Singh

        yes man proud owner of OnePlus One 64GB… (y)

  • Vedant Singh

    Can I flash it on my NEXUS 6 ?

    • Jonathan King

      Why would you want to flash an unstable rom on your pure android rom?

      • ericesque

        Bro, do you even Linux?

        • Jonathan King

          This is android not linux.

          • Samuel Attard

            Hate to burst your bubble, but android is built off linux….

          • Lenard Bautista
          • SContrerasMer

            android uses a Linux kernel, it doesn’t has all the GNU Features that GNU/Linux distros have, but it’s still the Linux kernel

          • Jonathan King

            yes thanks it was my failed attempt at trolling.

          • MiMcCann

            Android is built from linux

      • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

        This ROM is the official release of Oxygen OS (1.0.0). It is stable and has most of the features that CM11s had. The battery life is also fantastic so far.

        What more do you want? They purposely made this a feature-slim ROM so that users can provide feedback and help to build Oxygen OS into something that is a OnePlus One-specific experience. I see nothing wrong with giving us more options.

        I wouldn’t want to flash this on a Nexus 6 though.

        • DrCarpy

          what about the theme engine? Is it still there?

          • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

            No. That is a CM-based customization feature.

            Like the description of this ROM says, Oxygen OS is designed to be a stable, stock AOSP Lollipop ROM. There are no bells or whistles here, other than the standard OnePlus One gestures and some extra quick settings customization features.

    • Omar Al Matar

      You can but it will break your phone -.-

    • David Onter

      No, of course not.

    • Cyrus

      No you can’t.For now it’s only meant for the oneplus one.

  • Denden

    Where is CM12S ???

  • Shashavali Dudekula

    can i flash it on my LG L9

    • Leroy Harrison

      No. It’s only for the OnePlus One. Unless someone ports it over to your device.

      • SContrerasMer

        Working on it ;)

  • sppi

    Boring, I’ll stick with Vanir Exudos for now.

    • YeOldeGoat

      I got 30 hours SOT on exodus

      • Kshitiz

        Hahaha you are hilarious! 30Hours SOT!!! Sir you need to get a standing ovation!

        • YeOldeGoat

          Ty i do what i can

      • M. G.

        How? HOOWWW?!?! TELL ME!!

  • f-lip

    This is just a “base” rom, many other functionalities will be added. Just give them feedback and let the updates roll.
    Why didn’t anyone mention how fast app’s load?

  • Roberto Virga

    Flashing right now! I’m putting a bullet through Cyanogen’s head. ;)

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    • forresthopkinsa

      Aha, I see what you did there

    • fuchhi

      can i install it in my s4

  • SugarFreeTargets

    Get ready, Cyanogenmod fan boys will try defending themselves.

  • Justin Williams

    I’ll be waiting for the rom to be ported for the LG G2

    • Le0

      me too :-p

  • wat

    Such an ugly phone now.

  • ibolito

    So much waiting for an almost AOSP pure Lollipop ROM? Come on One+…

    • Bluegrapes

      I think what really took a long time was waiting for the rom to pass google certification so they could include google apps in it.

  • Bluegrapes

    Hopefully LTE works on this rom.
    I could not get LTE working on cynagenmod 12 nightly for some reason.

  • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

    I flashed this ROM early this morning and put it through its paces today. I’m very pleased to see that this ROM is stable and has fantastic battery life so far. My experience with the latest CM12 nightly (4/3/15) was subpar. Occasionally, the dialer would crash– a huge problem for the times that I needed to make important business phone calls.

    I was a fan of custom/beta ROMs back in my early college days, but now that I have a job, I need a phone that just works. I can now recommend this phone to people who want a good Nexus-like experience but do not want to pay for the Nexus 6.

    • Kishore Venktesh

      A nightly isnt meant to be a daily driver… You should have waited for a stable release. Good to see that you dont have any issues with your device. I will flash it on my device soon.

      • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

        The problem is that most people who use nightlies use them as daily drivers. There is no official, stable lollipop release out for the OnePlus One other than Oxygen OS. Other ROMs that are derivatives of CM12 are not stable or official, no matter how stable it may seem.

        • mrjayviper

          seems like an unfair comparison then?

    • Jonathan King

      then how can you call it stable if one of the most important functions of the phone crashes? that to me is a huge bug which would make this unsuitable for urgent use for work purposes.

      • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

        CM12 crashed, not Oxygen OS.

      • uniquename72

        Reading is hard.

    • BT Onedem

      “I was a fan of custom/beta ROMs back in my early college days, but now that I have a job, I need a phone that just works”– so true. but whoever puts this in oneplus forum will most likely get burned.

      • thelastguyX20

        So true, the community of OnePlus is damn toxic; only few people like me are level-headed (until I rage at the blind ignorant defending OnePlus fanboy posts) that like the phone but would really wish OnePlus can their their stuff straight in both fixing the phone and their reputation.

  • trying to root, but too scared of bricking my new one+1. might wait until the automated download as this is my primary daily driver

    • MiMcCann

      There is almost no chance of bricking it if you use the fastboot OEM unlock. It is built in the phone and is easy. From there it is just simply flashing a recovery and installing the zip via recovery. To root after that it is just another zip you flash.

  • Martin Lane

    Not working here, just an infinite loading screen, tried twice with full wipe and same result.

    Back on CM12 and all is good again, shame.

  • Justin Williams

    For now I’ll continue rocking cm12 as my daily driver. Would love to test drive Oxygen OS thou

  • Talha

    Amazing review about this OS, Watch official Oxygen OS review Video here

    • lefty44

      Amazing if you like ads and click bait

  • martin adrian

    i wonder can i install it on samsung galaxy s6? just wondering..

  • Blake Foster

    does this rom work with an lg41c?

  • OxygenOs
  • johner_ramirez

    I hope it can be flashable to more number of devices.

  • Sahil Pandita

    Here’s a Tutorial on how to install the OxygenOS on Oneplus One :

    Please include it in your post if possible. I’d be grateful and it will help people a lot ! Thanks a lot

  • Jaromir

    Since it is 5.0.2, anything that CM12 would cover on this built can be replicated by Xposed. One thing I missed on Oxygen was the fact that I could not manually decide about the actions provided by the physical buttons (or maybe I am not searching good enough). Battery life disappointed me, but otherwise, the ROM provides the consistent experience, not going significantly above or under the things one would expect from CM12(S). Some things are still missing for basic users.

    I am using CM12 nightlies as a daily driver, flashing an update every 3 or 4 days. I am highly hoping for CM12S anytime soon (some sources confirm the upcoming release), but I do not considered Oxygen OS as a mediocre ROM.

  • Tim

    OxygenOS is good for battery for everything else, CM12 is better, i am back to CM12

  • ashishrevar

    I tried to install Cyanogen in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo but something went wrong and now my device just getting restart. Only Samsung Logo. How to install Oxygen OS in this condition?

  • Vales Valet

    Can I install Oxygen OS on my Zenfone 2?

  • fuchhi

    can i install it in s4