OxygenOS 2.1.4 arrives on the OnePlus One

by: John DyeJanuary 22, 2016


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For a while there, it looked like the OnePlus One had received its last update. Although owners of the smartphone have been squeaky wheels for ages now, an OxygenOS update seemed like a distant pipe dream. Today, however, the clouds parted as a post on OnePlus’s forums announced the long-awaited arrival of OxygenOS 2.1.4 on the OnePlus One.

The company boasts that OxygenOS 2.1.4 offers a clean user experience unencumbered by bloatware. However, this version of the OS will vary slightly from the OnePlus 2 variety. MaxxAudio’s proprietary sound technology and any relevant applications won’t be making an appearance, neither will the manual camera mode and RAW format compatibility. Naturally, the devs have left off the fingerprint support, since the OnePlus One lacks the hardware. There’s also no screen temperature slider.

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On a more positive note, you will be getting a slew of features you’ve been missing out on. Dark Mode and accent colors can be used to personalize your device, and there’s a nice selection of custom icon packs to boot. You’ll also have Marshmallow-esque App Permissions control.

Of course, you’ll need to download this update and manually flash your device since both the smartphone and the operating system are community sourced projects. No OTA for this. Check out the official announcement for links to the download and instructions.

OnePlus also offers these final words of caution, their formatting not ours: “Please note you will lose all your data. Also, do not try to flash this build through TWRP. You will most likely lose your radio and IMEI which means a trip to our customer support. It won’t lead to thermonuclear war but just don’t do it.

What are your thoughts regarding this spiced up version of OxygenOS hitting the lonely-but-not-forgotten OnePlus One? Tell us what you think in the comments below! Also, let us know how your experience with your OnePlus device has been so far.

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  • David

    Flashed it with the oxygen recovery and then installed TWRP again (just in case). I like this rom. There are some minor things missing but nothing dramatical.

    How battery life turns out, well,only the next days will show

    But when a stable MM Build will come out, i will switch

    • Nathan Chilton

      I’m already running a CyanogenMOD 13 nightly and quite happy with it.

  • Sueb

    Well my oneplus one has a good performance since i got the last cyanogen os version. Good battery, smooth, no lagging almost perfect.
    Should i get into this oxygen os?

    • stiga holmen

      No…I prefer the Cyano OS with lots of feature

    • moew

      Google it, you’ll see NO across the board. Also the latest cyanogen is really a Microsoft sponsored OS, heh.

    • Mexes&Testes

      NOPE, you’ll regret it very hard.

  • Nathan Chilton

    I’m curious enough that I just might try it at some point, but this a few months too late. I’m already running a CyanogenMOD 13 nightly, so I don’t see the benefit in going back to an old version of Android.

  • I have been pretty happy with Sultan ROM on my oneplus one after a long and crappy stint with CyanogenMod nightlies. I would rather wait for the stable marshmallow version of that rom than deal with the flaky software from oneplus.

  • rc1138

    How is mic on this rom? Since CyanogenOS 12.1 I have a really shitty mic quality during talk and none of the solutions on forum helped me.

    • Georgi Koemdzhiev

      I have been having this issues as well with COS12.1. I just flashed Oxygen OS and the call quality is pretty good for now.

  • Dave

    I am on the original Oxygen OS on my OnePlus one and it is working fine except that Pokemon go will no longer run. Apparently when I installed Oxygen OS the recommended from manager software rooted my phone. Pokemon go refuses to run on my phone after they updated it about a month ago. I tryed removing root but that did not help. Niantic never responded to my request for information. I see no sense to use the latest Oxygen OS as it only raises Android from 5.01 to 5.1.