Invitation Only: OnePlus to sell a limited number of bamboo covers

by: Robert TriggsOctober 28, 2014

oneplus one bamboo styleswap (1)

If you were disappointed at the cancelation of the OnePlus One StyleSwap bamboo cover, I have some good news – you might still be able to get a hold of one. The few that made it through the production process unscathed will be put up for sale by OnePlus on Tuesday 4th of November. The catch – you will need an invitation before you can buy one.

In order to fairly distribute the few hundred units that OnePlus has available, the company has decided to dish them out randomly through a raffle. Lucky winners will then be invited to purchase their bamboo cover within 24 hours of the event’s end. The cover will cost $49.99.

Entries are limited to one per person. You can submit your application by entering your email address and country of residence through this simple form. The raffle doesn’t appear locked to existing OnePlus One customers, so you can grab one if you are planning to pick up an OnePlus One in the future and might even be able to buy one on eBay after the raffle has ended.

The original production of the StyleSwap cases was cancelled after manufacturing issues and a poorly designed method of removing the handset’s back cover. Swapping covers could apparently leave the back cover slightly creaky or loose. We’ll have to see if these covers come with the promised instructions on “how to replace your cover without damaging the cover, phone or battery.”

The raffle has already begun and closes on Tuesday 4th of November at 6AM EDT. Who wants one?

  • Nabeel

    I thought it was an invite so,, clicked the link so fast….:P

  • GasPoweredCat

    thanks for the heads up on that

  • Noel Leon

    I am really sad that these won’t be available in the store. I was hoping to buy the silk white, bamboo and kevlar. Here’s hoping I can get my hands on one of these.

    • Norman Zaczyk

      The chance to get a silk white cover is pretty high actually, as OnePlus produces more of them due to the fact that there is a standard version of it and it can be ordered via the support (at least that’s what I heard of)… I also hoped to get a Kevlar, Silk White and Dark Wood cover for a long time -.-

    • gdecandio

      I ordered a silk white cover through AliExpress ( It took about a month to arrive but was an original style swap cover.

      I can see why the company might stop encouraging swap of these covers. The cover itself is very fragile when not on the phone due to the thin areas between the volume and power buttons and the phone. Also the remove process was a little tricky as was swapping the power and volume buttons that fit into the cover.

      That said, I was able to swap mine in a few minutes and it looks great,

  • WAT


  • Sumitro Bhaumik

    Play the lottery to get few of the faulty backcovers!

  • Adon

    Am so over OnePlus One. MOTOROLA (or LG) make an alternative please.

  • RanRu

    The styleswap covers were a really neat idea, though (in my opinion) they should at least make the sandstone black and silk white covers available for purchase.

    Also, perhaps it’s just me, but $50 seems pretty expensive for what is essentially a slab of grass with rubber/plastic sides

    • anthony909

      It actually has the NFC receiver and contact points imbedded within it as well.

  • Fernand

    Are you fucking kidding me?!!! What the fuck, this company is a joke. I need an invite to buy a freakin cover. Well played opo, well played.

  • Jeffrey

    I see a lot of people hating on Oneplus but in all honesty people need to remember that it is a start up company and the logistics and manufacturing problems they face are very difficult and complicated. It takes a lot to mass produce a product as advanced as the OPO.

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      People don’t care about that they care about the massive HYPE train that crashed and burned but people are still riding, even though its dead.

      • dertsch

        so why do they like Apple so much ? ;)

        • TheSony/AppleFanatic


  • Ryu

    Just buy a drand bamboo skin. Way cheaper. (Plus you can actually buy it)

    • Akki

      Good Alternative, but this one looks more natural as compared to dBrand’s one..!!!

  • Rick_Deckard

    Screw you Oneplus…

  • Viswanathan P

    INVITE ?

  • Andreas Rühl

    wanna have one