OnePlus kicks off installment plans in the US

by: John DyeMarch 7, 2016

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Been wanting to get an unlocked device but haven’t really had the cash to make the jump all at once? If you’re in that boat and you’ve been eyeballing the OnePlus 2, then you’re in luck! OnePlus has just announced that they are initiating installment plans that can let you rock a OnePlus 2 for as little as $22.60 per month.

The company claims they are adding this option because buying a phone in the US is unnecessarily complicated. Often times, there’s not a whole lot of transparency with major carriers in regard to how much of your monthly bill goes toward paying for your device. OnePlus doesn’t like the fact that carriers have historically masked the actual cost of phones with confusing terms and conditions, subsidies, and installments. They want to bring a simpler model to the table that lets folks pay for their device over time, plain and simple.

The installment plan that OnePlus has set up is eligible for any order from the company that exceeds $99. Right now, it’s only available in the US, but we can keep our fingers crossed for a European release. The installment plan is totally optional, and if you decide to pay the remaining cost of your phone at any point, you’re free to do so. The main benefit to paying installments through OnePlus rather than your carrier is, of course, that you’re free to hop carriers whenever you would like.

What are your thoughts regarding OnePlus’s new installment plans? Still prefer to buy your phone outright rather than be tied down with recurring payments? Let us know your take in the comments below!

  • DigDug2k

    My OnePlus2 has huge perf problems (i.e. locking up for several minutes) that are only (occasionally) fixed by rebooting into a dev mode and clearing caches, which logs you out of some badly written apps. At times it makes the phone unusable. They’ve known about this for a month now, there’s a long thread about it in their forums, and haven’t either reverted the change or pushed a fix. i.e. I wouldn’t buy one again.

    • DDD

      Well it took about a month before the ONePlus X had their most recent bug fixed.

    • Norman Zoidberg

      Yes this device is seriously terrible. In ever way you can rate a phone this device fails miserably. I feel so ripped off by them, its awful in every possible way and the company does not care. I cannot stand this phone and I wouldn’t use another OP product if they gave it to me for free….

  • bitchass darius


  • Garrett Lee Reyman

    Pretty gosh darn excited. Good job one plus

  • kappatau808

    hoping the oneplus 3 will be as exciting as the oneplus one and have installment plan

  • DDD

    So it’s an extra ~$50 for the 2 and ~$40 for the X.

  • onstrike112

    I don’t mind making payments, though I just can’t stand that carriers just don’t offer unlocked versions instead. If only they’d just not screw us end-users with slow updates, bad bloatware, and crap, so OnePlus just selling with installment plans is highly preferable to the way carriers go about it. I hope one day we’ll see carriers just allow installment plans with unlocked devices, and once your contract is done or you switch, you just pay the device off, as per usual. No carrier locking or anything, which isn’t fair to any of us. So, good on you OnePlus, you’ve earned my respect.

  • George Konstantinopoulos

    Yes that would be great for me and many more people who can’t afford it oll in one. But can put out a smaller amount every month. lucking forward for it in EUROPE..

  • Norman Zoidberg

    Don’t buy this piece of shit. This is the worst phone I’ve ever owned. OnePlus sucks so hard, they screwed me and ever other OP2 over with this garbage device. The battery lasts about 2 hours, the camera is terrible and takes 20 seconds to load, the finger print scanner is crap, the dumb thing doesn’t even have NFC and good luck getting a software update. These morons promised the latest version of Android as soon as it drops….I’m still on 5.1 I hate this company, I hate this phone and I hope they go out of business. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the promising One Plus One then they scammed me into buying this garbage OP2 by sending an invite and only giving me 24 hours to make a purchasing decision. I hate them, I hate this device and if anyone wants to avoid feeling totally screwed I would recommend steering well clear of this shady, garbage, scum company.

    • balcobomber25

      Sounds your might just be defective. Everyone else I know with a OP2 raves about the camera and hasn’t had nearly the problems you have.

      • Norman Zoidberg

        This is the replacement…The device works well when you first get it, give it a month or two and the problems start rearing their ugly head. I am far from the only person with issues, their forums are littered with folks just like me. The issue is the software is buggy as hell and the snapdragon 810 is the worst chip every put into a phone. TRUST ME, DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE

        • balcobomber25

          I wouldn’t buy it because I am not a fan of the looks but several people on the Chinese android sites (including a few of the better known Chinese tech writers) praise the OP2. Not saying you are lying or wrong just that their experience has been much better,

  • balcobomber25

    Too little, too late for One Plus especially with since the OP3 will be launching in a few months. A company that makes very good phones but makes some of the worst business decisions.