OnePlus: “we will not be launching our next device on April 7”

by: Kris CarlonMarch 25, 2016

OnePlus 2 and notebook

You may have seen some recent stories claiming the OnePlus 3 launch is going down on April 7. That’s unfortunately not happening. OnePlus has confirmed to Android Authority that the April 7 event is not a launch for the 2017 flagship killer (or whatever hyperbolic title the new phone will eventually get).

oneplus 2 review aa (28 of 38)See also: The latest on the OnePlus 2 OxygenOS 3.0 Marshmallow update16

So what is happening on April 7? A OnePlus spokesman told us that “the April 7 event is focused on the China market. We will not be launching our next device then.” While we couldn’t get any further details on the official OnePlus 3 release date or the specs currently being bandied about, we were told that “the only thing we can confirm is that [it] will be an awesome product”. Classic OnePlus.

The April 7 event is focused on the China market. We will not be launching our next device then.

While we’re not sure what’s in store for the Chinese market early next month, at least we know it is not the OnePlus 3. As you may recall, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei went on record not that long ago saying the OnePlus 3 will arrive toward the end of Q2, 2016 and will feature “a new design”. So we’ll all just have to hold on another couple of months longer.

What are you expecting from the OnePlus 3?


  • Karthik

    Not the marshmallow update for sure

  • RG

    I just want a screen that isn’t washed out. That’s why I returned the OP1 and OP2. Third time lucky, hopefully.

    • Richard Crossley

      Found that removing the installed screen protector makes a massive difference with this!

      • RG

        Oh those things come straight off anyway. The screen tone just looked unacceptably dull to me on both devices.

  • Although i loved the battery life, The lack of updates on the OPO and the lack of NFC on the OP2 left be wanting. Happily back with the Nexus 6p.

    • Falcon

      Same, used OPO until a couple of days ago, & then got my S7Edge, pure joy to use :)

      • jay

        Wait for Android N

        • alex

          Wait for Android O

          • jay

            O for Oreo

  • Matthew Burr

    I would expect grand promises with no delivery. Classic OnePlus.

    • fn noobee

      Just what I was thinking! LOL

    • joepiedepoepie

      Because someone seems to inform the press wrong? The 2 is just 6 months old.

  • Nikilauta

    As a happy 1+1 owner, i’m hoping for top notch product. Only thing that i’m afraid of is the price.. $499 would be too much. I hope that this phone won’t follow that +$100 price trend that 1+2 did from $299 to $399.

    • =

      1+3 WILL go for at least $449 (16GB) and if starting memory is 32GB price tag will be $499…

      • ShaShaank Srinivasan

        As long as its expandable and they take advantage of Marshmallow’s SD integration, 16gb at 450 is not a bad price to pay

      • Nikilauta

        If the price is $499, it should have atleast 1440p screen or it will lose to competition.

  • patstar5

    My oneplus one is due for an upgrade. Probably get the OnePlus 3,hopefully they will add nfc back.
    I hope they really improve the camera

    • Callum Byrne Appleton

      Why? its still a great phone….. One Plus 2 isn’t though.

      • patstar5

        I’m going to Europe this summer and I want a phone with a better camera

        • I have a OnePlus One as well and even though I’m satisfied with its camera, but only thanks to ColorOS ported app, I feel the need of an OIS, bigger pixels and higher aperture (f/1.7 or 1.8 would be awesome). So yes, for me OnePlus III is my priority and I hope they can deliver a very good device (hopefully with an high-end audio DAC and ampli built-in) at a bargain price.

        • Callum Byrne Appleton

          Then buy a camera?….

          • RG

            And an alarm clock, MP3 player, portable console, Internet device etc whilst he’s at it?

            Dude. He wants a good camera on his phone.

  • Jacky

    When is the Oneplus 4 coming out?

    • styleXtream

      which world are u living!! OnePlus 9 has arrived

  • MathewSullivan

    Are we talking about THIS April 7th? The OP3 isnt due until June / July.. I highly doubt anyone would believe an April release..

    Anyway, if they can stick to that beautiful 1080P panel, but switch to OLED, and increase the battery capacity, I will by happy. Keep the screen size the same, and decrease the top / bottom bezels, or fit a 5.7″ screen inside the current 151mm tallness.

    • Zach Champion

      I don’t see why they can wouldn’t. They used AMOLED in the X and its cheaper than LCD now anyway

      • thelastguyX20

        They can easily have a stupid excuse somewhere along the lines of “we’re still a start-up company” to cover up their bad design and component choices, QA issue, and cutting WAY too many corners than they should.

        I still love my original OPO (even though it has the god awful touch issue that’s fortunately fixed by a software update but must be kept that way) but after that it went all downhill…

        I hope the OnePlus 3 will either be redemption or ruin for them.

  • Devin Taylor

    Love my OnePlus 2 but just got it in January… Maybe I should wait till OnePlus 4

  • Malik Allen

    As a 1+1 owner I’m loving it everyday. The phone is really nice and the way the screen kinda sits on the outer edges. The camera is okay but since my phone is rooted im rocking marshmallow 6.0.1 .When the oneplus two came out I wasn’t thrilled about what I saw in the device it looked too much like a Samsung with a home button,I didn’t like the look of the 1+2. What I like too see for the 1+3 is a 21 megapixel camera in the back, 8 megapixel in the front, 6 GB RAM, between a 64 GB up to 128 GB for inbuilt storage,dual sim cards,NFC, 5.6 Quad Hd display ( 2560+1440) with force touch and Sport a cool looking metal design with a whopping 4,210 mah battery. Ohh let me not forget no earphonejack .Oneplus can make custom made 1+1 wireless earbuds like the Bragi earbuds I’m definitely in ok ! I’m I asking too much !(:

    • Eklavya Verma

      Lol dude, I too would like everything and the kitchen sink, all for a bargain price of no more than $350. Otherwise go home OnePlus! I don’t care whether you end up making any money to invest in R&D, or to streamline your supply chain, or improve your customer service or something…

  • kallen saczkowski

    I wanted to like this company so badly. I had a,defective phone that would frequently, either make it impossible for me to hear the person on the other end
    .or for them to hear me. The customer service is THE WORST that I have ever experienced and that is without hyperbole .
    The process itself is terrible, you create a ticket…speak to them online, trouble shoot with people that google the problem and have no idea how to fix it, (if you dont have your original order number you are screwed . so don’t lose it, and if you buy it from someone online GET THAT ORDER NUMBER..they will even state that they won’t try to help you locate it even though they have the information and are the one one to sell the product..I was told that the responsibility is on me) then they go onto your computer and try to fix the problem that way (if you want to get a replacement product you MUST allow them to go onto your computer)…then when that doesnt work, you have multiple people responding that have no idea what is going on

    ..but without exaggeration I would literally wait 30plus days for a response,or I would have to call them on Skype because they have no 1800#. At the end of the day I gave up, and received an upgrade through my carrier. They make the process impossible. I will never buy another OnePlus product and I wish more sites would comment on this process.

  • Joachim Nilsson

    You people … I just loove my 1+X, despite it not yet having the latest Android upgrade. Actually, I’ve never been so happy since the first HTC Desire. Dual SIM’s and a good enough camera really does it all for me, or is it the stick I pulled out my ass?

  • Sahil Roy

    Lots of promises, none delivered, a buggy phone with crap invite system.

  • Wait for Find9 launch first

  • Piyush Dave

    when is themarshmallow upgrade coming for one plus two