Octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4 smokes the competition in benchmark tests

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 10, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 10 aa 600

Ever since two variations of the Samsung Galaxy S4 were announced, one with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, and the other with an octa-core Exynos 5 processor, we’ve been more than curious to know how both devices stack up against each other, as well as against competing flagship devices. Now, Sam Mobile has got their hands on the latest benchmark test numbers of the octa-core version of the Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9500) with the latest firmware installed, and the results are absolutely amazing!

Before we get to it, it’s important to note that there aren’t two, but three variations of the Samsung Galaxy S4. First, with a 1.6 Ghz octa-core Exynos 5 proccessor and no LTE (GT-I9500). Second, with a 1.9 Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with LTE (GT-I9505), and third, a Korean variant which features a 1.8 Ghz octa-core Exynos 5 processor with LTE (SVH-E300S). The device used for the following benchmark test is the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500.

galaxy s4 gt-i9500 antutu

This time around, the Samsung Galaxy S4 performed even better than its previous 27417 AnTuTu score, and scored a whopping 28018. As you can see from the table below, the score not only improved from a previous test, but is still comfortably ahead of the Qualcomm variant of the Galaxy S4, and the HTC One, which also powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

HTC One vs Galaxy S4 benchmarks

With numbers like these, we can definitely expect the faster Korean variant to perform even better in benchmark tests. Of course, the slightly better scores won’t make that much of a difference when it comes to real-world usage and performance. A difference may be noticed only when using processor-intensive apps, along with the fact that the Exynos 5 is expected to be more power-efficient.

Are you impressed with the performance of the Exynos 5 variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you excited or disappointed(whichever applies) that this version may or may not be available in your region? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • MasterMuffin

    And if it would be 1,9Ghz, 30,000! And yes, before anyone comes here to talk about how Ghz don’t matter that much, THEY STILL DO

    • tehanon

      Because there exists something in this world called, “TDP” and “Power envelope”. But alas, How could i expect “dumb” “smart” phone users to know about that..

      • MasterMuffin

        And there comes those personal insults that I was waiting for, thanks for being an idiot! Benchmarks don’t show real world power and they often show better scores when overclocked, that’s what I ment…

        • tehanon

          Not once have called you dumb. go figure.

          • tehanon

            *not once have i called you dumb. go figure.

            PS: typo

          • MasterMuffin

            You obviously called me dumb -.-

          • tehanon

            Oh, then I’d have to recommend you to re-take your english comprehension classes as well :)

            lol, jk.

            Didn’t mean to point it at you, but at a general group of people who think increasing clock rate is a child’s play and they can push any core to any frequency they fantasize about. (Like the 1.9Ghz in your post).

          • MasterMuffin

            You were implying, but whatever, I’LL SHOW YOU I’LL MAKE IT 19GHZ!

          • tehanon

            You still didn’t get the point, did you ? ….

          • MasterMuffin

            Yes, and here it is: at 19Ghz my phone will be so fast that it will get 100,000 in AnTuTu because that’s totally possible and the perfomance would stadily rise with every Ghz and no laws of physics and stuff could stop it

          • tehanon

            Wow, i didn’t think I’d say this. but gosh, You are dumb or at least have next to no knowledge about how a cpu clock is generated.

          • MasterMuffin

            You still haven’t gotten that I’m joking? Gosh

          • tehanon

            You have zero sense of humor, I’m sure you must have plenty of friends..

            sucks to be someone who is dumb while being bad at social skills.

          • MasterMuffin

            Wow, hatred is all you got? It’s funny how I’m just messing around with you and you’re all serious and then it suddenly goes to personal insults! The one who should get a sense of humor is you, relax, in internet you can be anything, don’t spend your time being an idiot! :)

          • tehanon

            Nope, I have more than just hatred with me, I have Samsung Galaxy Hatred sitting right here, next to me. and guess what ? I HATE IT!

          • MasterMuffin

            Good there’s the sense of humor. And your original comment was correct, without the last part I’d had agreed with you right away

          • john

            This made me think of a microcontroller course I did awhile ago.
            19Ghz, would be amazing, if it were possible and practical. However, you won’t get “amazing” performance with just a CPU with higher clock speed. You would be filling most of those amazing cycles with NOP NOP NOP NOP….

            Program/data memory should also be equally faster, I/O peripherals should also be fast enough to match the clock speed. In the end, you end up with super fast computer that is clearly too fast for any human being.

            Yes, we are the bottleneck.

          • MasterMuffin

            :D I was just, you could say “trolling”. I believe the Ghz race has ended on mobiles like it did little while ago on PCs, the St-Ericsson’s 3Ghz processor will probably be the highest we’ll go

    • john

      Well, Ghz is relevant among the ARM products. If you were to compare 1.9GHz of GS4 and say Intel 2.0GHz SoC, all hell breaks lose with comparing different ISA, silicon, etc.

      GHz in computing wise would be important in almost any applications, but realistically it’s just for gaming: variable clock speed->max clock speed-> not many applications that would benefit/need this other than games-> max clock speed becomes the high limit of gaming experience. However, this again is muddled by other more important factors such as memory clock and bandwidth, I/O, GPU is whole another set of computing structure.

      With the thermal capacity of the phone and it’s tiny battery, I doubt Samsung designed the chip’s top performance purely/centered around the clock speed. Out of the box, it has the heterogeneous architecture and larger memory bandwidth.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Old news (I know it’s a different device an it’s not the 1.8Ghz Octa benchmarked previously)….which is false by the way, at best you should write that S4 Octa smokes (if that even a term to write in an artical title) the competition in AnTuTu Benchmarks, because I don’t see any other benchmarks posted there.

    The 1.8Ghz Korean version posted 27k max in 3 times bench with an average of 25k and the One and S4 SD600 score are also averages, (you can easly find videos where either score over 26k)

  • Who cares when it looks like that?

    • MasterMuffin

      Does that mean it looks bad or good? :)

      • tehanon

        I’d suppose bad, why would someone not care when it performs good and looks just as well ? (food for thought).

        • Peter

          Here’s my take: I’d much, much rather be with a beautiful woman who’s good in bed, than with an ugly woman who’s great in bed. :)

          • Austin

            By the way, what is the definition of a beautiful woman or a beautiful phone for that matter? And likewise what is the definition of an ugly woman or a phone? Oh, wait a minute – there is no precise definition for this and these are only opinions. If all men had the same opinion about what a beautiful woman is, we would have ended up fighting over 15 to 20 % of the women and the rest vast majority of the women would have had to stay single and lonely till the end of their days. Well, fortunately this is not the case…

          • Rob C

            Indeed fat and ugly womem who are not particularly smart get more ‘dates’ but they don’t choose always quality over quantity either.

            They are not my first (or last) choice.

          • LukLikeS3

            Very true, theres already more than enough performance, the Xperia Z is a great performer already, and i never felt that the Note 2 was underpowered as well. Then there is the question about the bloat UI Samsung is pushing, come on, deep integration of TripAdvisor?? How useless can it get, thats just WOW.

          • John A

            Beauty is subjective, performance isn’t. Well, when it comes to phones anyway!! :D

      • RarestName

        Probably negative. I personally think it looks nice though, not sure why so many people bash it.

        • MasterMuffin

          Me too, but sgs3 was too bashed at the beginning but somehow it sold only 40000000

          • taz89

            I like it too and like you said the same things were said about the s3 but we all know what happened there.

          • The overall shape of the phone isn’t very much different to S3, but I must say I prefer the “dots” effect over what they did with the finish of the S3 and GN2 covers.
            I quite like the metal band around the S4’s sides too.

          • lukLikeS3

            It would have sold more with better looks. You know that lots of people didnt want it. Fortunately, its only competition was the HOX with its superlagging Tegra 3 chipset, webbrowsing was almost impossible due to the extreme stuttering, small hangs and freezes, AND it had no card slot. Its easy to compete against such a device, and by the way the HOX was not exactly good looking as well, based on the tired old Desire design as it was. Theres more competition this year, sure SGS4 will sell more than HTC One and Xperia Z combined and the high end market is much bigger now, we are still talking very considerable sales but less than it would have sold with a good new design.

      • Bad of course :), Got my HTC One yesterday replacing my old S3 and they are lightyears apart, performance and looks.

        • MasterMuffin

          Of course it performs better, you’re comparing your blazing fast One to over a year old sgs3. I have to agree that One is “sexy”, but looks aren’t everything, it’s what’s inside that matters in tech and real life :P

        • C.J. Lipman

          Light-years apart?! Really? LMAO!

    • fixxmyhead

      uh i dont care . what matters is performance. htc ALWAYS gonna be second

      • Id be happy to run 10% lower performance in a package 100% better looking.

        • fixxmyhead

          when did the android community turn into women? now all u guys love is looks

          • So someone can´t enjoy good design without being called a woman?

          • fixxmyhead

            or gay lol jk

          • MasterMuffin

            xD not agreeing, but just loled at your logic

          • th3-D

            You dont like beautiful girls as well? Unfortunate for your logic that heterosexual men are always attracted to beauty.

        • John A

          I would be of a different opinion.. Give me maximum performance everytime and I will quite happily sacrifice some of the looks. I have been closely looking at the three big flagship phones and I am edging towards the S4 as my next phone.

      • th3-D

        Yeah like the competition does not have enough performance? Xperia Z is slow? The S4 is a one year old design that was not so good when it was new and how much less goodlooking now?
        How about girls, do you go for muscles or looks? Heterosexual men are always attracted to beauty. We dont buy ugly cars, we dont sleep with ugly chics (at least if not drunk) but ugly phones is aceptable? I dont think so. The only thing that saved the S3 was that it was not ugly enough, it was average, but now with almost 20 other cheap samsung models sharing the same looks, its way below average now. In my opinion i have to add.

  • ifty

    Very disappointed in Samsung for not releasing the octo core variant here in the uk, clearly the exynos is better equipped than the snapdragon 600 in terms of everything. I don’t think its fair on consumers in this country and abroad.

    • matt

      Better equipped ? in what way ?

      • ifty

        Snapdragon 600 4 cores vs exynos octa core 8 cores

        • matt

          So, samsung’s marketing for dumb people does work…. (Just like apple’s.)

          It’s a heterogenous core, only 4 cores can run at a time and they are not even asynchronous as all of them share the same voltage plane. the other 4 cores (A7) are included because the power consumption of the other 4 cores (A15) is too high for a smartphone form factor even at idle loads. So 80% of the time, your GS4 will be running on a much slower core than QSD600 and then you’ll have latencies in terms of hundreds of milliseconds when that transition occurs from A7 to A15.

          • john

            Well, I get your point, but I also think there is a performance improvement to be had:

            Let’s say you have a A15 CPU. It takes a larger die, more components: larger dat/pro memories, ops per sec, etc.

            Now, bring this device to a market. A consumer spends say 60% standby, 30% calling and web browsing, 10% in gaming. Since A15 takes a lot of power, most of the time the clock speed will be lowered for longer battery life. When you are playing game however, the clock speed will be set to max for the maximum performance.

            The problem here are several things:

            a) A15 even with lower clock speed will dissipate much more energy than A7 doing practically the same thing.

            b) For the gaming performance, you would want to have high maximum clock speed. However, with this you would have to design your chip in certain way:higher voltage, larger gates, etc. This would also result in more energy dissipated.

            But if you had two separate micro-controllers, A7 with low voltage, low maximum clockspeed and simpler architecture. This would allow a SoC designer to make a very powerful power hungry A15 chip because it won’t be running all the time.

            With HSA, you can increase the maximum performance at minimum power draw. ie) Octa is still a very fast chip despite only having four active cores at the same time.

            Also, 8cores? I know that Java is the king of multi-threading with JVM, but efficiently utilizing all 8cores is extremely difficult, both hardware and coding wise. Even someone was to make the “true” octa core I doubt it would be any faster than the one above.

          • matt

            I couldn’t understand more than half of your comment as it’s filled with unnecessary and irrelevant fud.

            Ain’t nobody got time for that!

        • MasterMuffin

          Are you serious?…

        • Microsoftjunkie

          Brainwashing worked on you, pity.

  • RarestName

    What matters is battery life.

    • Randy Hinbjorg

      Samsung has done a very good job with battery life since the S3. They even did a better job with the Note II. I can assure you it will give you a day battery life. They focused on optimization for the battery. Since the S2 if you don’t like the battery life you can get a bigger battery depending on what you want.

      This is why they continue to get my money. Sure I would love for them to give me a bigger battery up front (think Note II) but not everyone will use as much battery life. I thought the S3 battery life was going to be bad until I significantly lowered my usage per day. I see my phone lasting days now (partially thanks to the update too but more on my usage).

      This is why I was blown away by the HTC One but disappointed with the battery. Although a lot of reviewers gave the battery life a decent rating, you won’t get the same battery life in maybe a year or even two. With my S3 should my battery start to lose charge I can buy a replacement for less than $20. If that doesn’t satisfy me I can get an extended battery for $10 more.

      • freedomspopular

        And of course even if you aren’t happy with battery life, you still have the option of multiple batteries or extended batteries.

  • boggz33

    The new galaxy s4 is a beast.

    • kascollet

      The new new GS4 @1.8Ghz will be even better !

    • Jelly Bean

      The Galaxy S3S. ;-)

  • Magnetic1

    I think Antutu should add another test to measure the current draw from the battery to estimate the battery performance while these benchmarks are executed. Maybe the next sensor they need to add to the android device is a current meter.
    Also is it possible to break down the Antutu scoring system and reverse engineer the soc to perform well in only those specific tests that give the most return on investment so to speak?

  • They should do real world tests, instead of crappy benchmarks scores and shit.

    • Peter

      Hmm, there will never be a “real-world” test mechanism. On the other hand, we already have “real-world” test facilities; you! Every person is such a testing tool. Here’s a simple set-up: Place phone in hand; turn on phone; use phone. If it seems to work fast for you, then it does. If it makes you happy, then it’s served its purpose. That’s all that really matters. All these benchmark scores are absolutely, totally, completely, utterly and thoroughly irrelevant in “real-world” conditions.

  • mjolnirxz

    still going with the one

  • KashKaw

    A Performance + Energy saving Hybrid Octa processor is quite impressive…even Hybrid cars are spreading now a days…it is what consumers want. As far as quality build…I believe Gorilla Glass 3 on the GS4 is 7 times stronger than Gorilla Glass 2 on the HTC one or any other device…why did HTC ignore that ??. I wanna see both devices in a crash test then we will talk about which one will end up looking good?

  • Mike A

    “Second, with a 1.9 Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with LTE (GT-I9505)”

    Shouldnt that be Snapdragon 600 processor?

  • xperiaZ

    With looks like that, performance does not matter. And i had it with Samsung AMOLED, why can white never be white on them? Should a few performance benchmarks matter more, when we can have white on Xperia Z? The missing white was one of the worst things on my Note 2, it was either yellowish magenta or blueish depending on viewing angle, but never white.

    Ugly, useless bloat (samsung call it features for some reason), bad display, no premium feel. Then who cares if it has a few percent more performance??

  • Jelly Bean

    Not that much higher than Snapdragon 600. I expected to be wowed, but this, while good, is a little disappointing, sorry.

  • Sam Oliver

    Wait for May 15-17 and Google will show you something that “smokes” the competition.

  • Rob C

    So what we need is the SVH-E300S (1.8 Ghz octa-core Exynos 5) in North America and we would be happy. It is because North America gets the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor that I do not see the GS4 as being ‘obsolete proof’ for 6 months.

  • Steffen Andersen

    Up to now all Galaxy S 4 prescription models here are delivered with a Cortex QuadCore 1.6Ghz. No Sight of other Cpu’s delivered. Which is not in thread of anything read – up to now. Hére.

  • Guest

    well done samsung you now have a galaxy s4 in competition with a
    ,,,,,,,,,, galaxy s4

  • Steffen Andersen

    Can You Prescribe to get the Octacore version S4 i9500 anywhere? Or, is it out of the Question?

  • [email protected]

    Back in 1987 I wanted 128 planes plugged into the daughterboard each to be 64 cores with 64 mg staticram cache

  • Raul Velazquez

    There isn’t too much diference between snap 600 and exynos 5, It must be just the price….

  • Exynos 5 Octa-core is designed to save battery. http://geeknizer.com/galaxy-s4-processor-exynos-5-octa/