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Update, 2:30PM: Danon Brown, with help from fellow XDA-er arter97, has come through with a system dump of the Note 5 Marshmallow build, as well as a full partition dump. Now it’s time to wait and see what goodies come out of it.

Original post, 04:40AM: We know that Samsung is working on bringing Marshmallow to its flagship collection, including the Galaxy Note 5. The timeframe of the update rollout is less clear, though if the experience of one T-Mobile user is any indication, Samsung has already made substantial progress.

XDA-developers forums user Danon Brown reports that his Note 5 (SM-N920T) received an update to Marshmallow by accident. Danon was playing with his phone’s software and ran into a problem regarding the IMEI code. He used Samsung’s Odin software to revert his device to the stock firmware and then he checked for updates. Instead of the most recent official firmware for his device, the phone updated to build.number MRA58K.N920TUVU2DOK5.

If you’re not fluent in OTA firmware numbers, MRA58K is the number of the stock Android 6.0 firmware released by Google on September 6.

Danon has several screenshots as proof that his device has indeed received a major update.

It’s important to note that we could be looking at a prank here, and, even if it’s legit, this build is likely not-final, so nothing is set in stone for now.

Also, the visual changes could be due to a theme being applied, though one of the screenshots shows that only the default theme was installed on the phone at the moment.

The most visible functionality change is the new permissions system – apps like Gmail or Hangouts now request access to specific capabilities when first ran.

Unfortunately, Danon Brown didn’t provide more details about the build, but he said he would try to extract a system dump from his device. In any case, we’ll keep an eye on the thread and update you if info that is more substantial leaks out.

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It wouldn’t be the first time a user receives test firmware by accident. Last December, a Vietnamese user received an early Lollipop build on his Note 3 and promptly leaked it online. Perhaps history will repeat itself?

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  • Pilz

    Why wouldn’t you black out the device serial number?

    • Virusgunz

      Why would you ?

      • Pilz

        Because it can be used by other people for things

        • Virusgunz

          like ?

          • mobilemann

            wow @ your greenpoision avatar, that takes me back.

          • Virusgunz

            i have never used green poison tho always used redsn0w and when ios 7 just was released i needed to use ssh to manually make me get root acces and the tether jailbreak using linux this was only possible on the iphone 4

          • mobilemann

            that’s not true. the iphone’s problem that allowed it to be JB’d could not be patched.

          • Virusgunz

            Im talking about the experimental first ios 7 tethered jailbreak not about the full untethered version wich came like 3 months later

          • Virusgunz

            And about what the guy who explained how to ssh into root withoit jailbreak knew back then

  • electric

    I think it’s fake with a sure of 90%

    • Btort

      60% of the time, it works everytime

      • electric

        Yeh ?.. thanks

    • Craigs Lister

      It’s not a fake…

  • Luka Bulatović

    Oh, I really hope there’s a theme applied. It disgusting. Looks like Galaxy Tab 4 running KitKat (status bar), and I really don’t want to get back there. Status bar icons are colored again as if it’s 2012 and we’re still running Jellybean.
    That light blue color in settings is awful. As if they want to ugly it up so we could buy the S7. If this is any similar to real thing, or S7’s UI it will officially be the ugliest UI, uglier even than LG’s Optimus UX (to me, of course)
    But again, Samsung has more serious problems, like updates and so on…

    • Hans Pedersen

      OEM’s use colour themes to make the phones easily distinguishable in promotions, product placements and such.

  • abqnm

    Unless something has changed with Samsung and they are signing release builds with test_keys (which would be strange), the fact that it is signed with test_keys (recovery screenshot) indicates it’s not an OTA build and is probably leaked from someone inside Samsung or T-Mobile’s testing process. If it were a production build, you’d see it signed with release_keys.

  • Dharmik Patel

    This is a fake one and to find out just watch th e baseband number he probably had done this via xposed installer and using monster ui becoz I also use this often to make my fool frds more fool so this trick won’t work you fool

    • Craigs Lister

      It’s not fake.cits been well documented and all over on XDA as well… really happened…..

  • Cynthia Peed

    How can I stop the pop-ups from popping everytime I go on my home screen or anywhere? I get ano Antivirus popup I get a Facebook popup talking I won anumerous iPad or a smartphone….please I want the pop-ups to stop and pop-ups from the play store would come up too please how can I make it stop I am getting very frustrated and feels like I just want to drop my contract and go with at&t

    • Craigs Lister

      If you’re getting popups saying youbwon shit or otherwise, you’re navigating to some fishy free app have some sort.of malware.. I’ve NEVER had a popup ever on any device that was malicious or saying I won something. You need to run something like mobile Avast or porribly factory reset. You have some sort of security issue or have installed an app that is causing this….probably a free music app or something similar

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Boasts about AMOLED screens, doesn’t realise the idea of true-black interface.
    Samsung’s presence of sense is a joke.

    Atleast, change the green with red or orange when adopting that white.