Video allegedly showing the Galaxy Note 5 design shows up

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 6, 2015

Summer is heating up and so are the rumors swirling around Samsung’s upcoming devices. We already have a good idea of what to expect from the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and now a video based on CAD drawings promises to give us a (partial) look at the design of the Galaxy Note 5.

The video above, published via @Onleaks by French tech blogger Steve Hemmerstoffer, allegedly shows a 3D mockup of the Galaxy Note 5 made based on CAD product schematics. The origin of the schematics is unknown, though we can speculate that they might be sourced from a 3rd party case manufacturer that had advanced access to the Note 5.

With this said, there’s absolutely no guarantee that this is the real, final design of the Note 5, so don’t put too much stock into it just yet.

samsung galexy note 5 model

The design of the device resembles that of the Galaxy S6, with the biggest difference being the tapered profile of the back, which resembles the curved back of the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. The curved sides are almost the reverse of the S6 Edge design, where the back is flat and the screen hugs the sides.

Some other, predictable design elements that can be spotted are the protruding camera and the flash/HR sensor on the back, and the S Pen slot on the bottom. The 3D model suggests the Note 5 will feature a regular microUSB port, as opposed to Type C, as some sources have claimed before.

The model measurements (153.44 mm x 77.31 mm) are very close to the Note 4, suggesting the Note 5 will stick with a 5.7-inch display. The 10.2 mm thickness of the model seems rather large, but it includes the protruding camera, so the phone body could be a couple millimeters thinner.

There’s no clue in this 3D model about the materials that Samsung will use for the Note 5, but metal and glass look like a good bet. If that’s the case, the back cover of the phone will not be removable, which is bound to disappoint a lot of fans.

samsung galexy note 5 model 2

@Onleaks has supplied us with a number of accurate leaks in the past, but, again, we must stress that this “leak” is completely unsubstantiated for now.

Separately, Italian tech site HDBlog published a set of renders that it claims it created based on information about the Galaxy Note 5 from unspecified sources. The renders were published today, but it’s not clear if they are based on @Onleaks’ model or on independent information. The images show the same curved back, with a metallic frame sandwiched between two panes of glass.

samsung galaxy note 5 render hdblog (2) samsung galaxy note 5 render hdblog (1)

What do you think of the 3D model? Do you think it’s credible?

  • Choda Boy

    “If that’s the case, the back cover of the phone will not be removable, which is bound to disappoint a lot of fans.”

    More like disappoint a lot of former customers.

    • I have the Note 4 and can’t wait to upgrade to the Note 5

    • Guest123

      Given how even a class 10 microSD slows the performance of the phone, i’m not a big fan of it but not having a removable battery can be a slight problem with lollipop being a big battery drain.

      • Fifth313ment

        Then why no enable UHS-1-3 support and then problem solved. I don’t know why phone manufacturers have been using such slow microSD tech from 10+ years ago?! Cameras use UHS-3+ microSD cards and they are actually faster than some internal memory devices! It is the evolution to class types but no phone manufacturer has ever made a phone to take advantage of them?

    • jasonlowr

      Lol. I will still upgrade to the note 5. Why? Let’s be honest, because I have rich parents and I don’t even care about what others talk about me. ( user of every Samsung flagship and current s6 edge owner)

      • V-Phuc

        How about share your love by sharing your wealth? LOL. If I were you, I’d write to Samsung to make phones that become dead after 1 month of service. Like that, we can all upgrade/change phones 12 times/year. Wonderful, isn’t it? LOL.

        • jasonlowr

          What are you even talking about about.

  • Guilherme Ameijide

    Bought the Note 4 due to the micro sd slot and the removable battery, guess i’ll skip the N5…

    • Hans Pedersen

      I seriously doubt you bought it ONLY because of that. I have a Note 4 too, and agree the SD card slot is nice to have, but I can definitely live without it. The excellent battery stamina of the Note 4 means a spare battery is borderline pointless for most of us.

      • Guilherme Ameijide

        Actually it was, i was between the note 4 and the nexus 6. Not saying that micro sd and replaceable battery are the only reason to buy it or not, that was just the tie brake for me.

        • Hans Pedersen

          The only reason? Not the fact that the Nexus 6 used OLED tech from the Note 3 generation? Or the superior camera? Or the unique pen?… But a battery you have never replaced? Sure… :D

        • I have to say, you’re very stupid. If all you wanted was micro sd slot and removable battery then you should’ve bought a phone much cheaper.

          • MJay

            You called him stupid for his preference, you are truly an idiot! People are so pathetic in this day and age! Grow the hell up and get an education! Smh

      • MJay

        Speak for yourself! This debate over other people’s preferences has become quite dumb. If he prefers micro sd and removable battery then that is his preference, not yours. If you can live without them then that is good for you! I know this, people keep saying if the phone comes with at least 128 gb of storage then I can live with micro sd cards. That extra storage will cost hundreds more. For every storage model you go up add $100 if not more. Also, you can not take it with you when you switch phones. Lol! Micro sd cards are far superior imo! People keep saying they are slow, but yall need to stop buying knock off cheap ones because I use the Samsung and San disk ones and they are far from slow! No offense! ☺

        • William Molina

          just like you told him that’s his preference, What you said is your opinion and your preference too. everybody talks so much sh1t about other people but then everybody has double standards when it comes down their own.

          • MJay

            That is why my comment said no offense smart guy! Smh, people just like to talk, lol! FYI, my sure you read my post I only stated the differences between the different storage methods and I never said mine was the best.

  • Err0xx

    Could care less about swappable battery. Had Notes since the original and never swapped it a single time.

    Micro SD I somewhat care about unless there is a readily available 128gb version. If there is, I wont care about loss of micro SD expansion, either.

    Wish USB Type-c was there but we’ll see in the actual phone.

    • The Calm Critic

      Unfortunately that’s not totally a universally representative PoV. I got friends w/ borked charging ports half the time and they can survive that easily until getting the necessary repair done only because they’re able to use secondary batts in between.

      • How are they borking charging ports

        • The Calm Critic

          Life happens… Few of ’em have fairly active kids while others w/ pets e.g cats and dogs. So you name it; accidental tugs while charging, drops and bumps etc. I’d argue that no matter the level of build quality from which OEMs we can do all day, NONE can survive those beyond a 50:50 probability.

          • bd

            hence usb type c and wireless charge

          • The Calm Critic

            Both still can’t save that 1 in 1000 instance of a lemon batt module failure that’s still gonna happen. Or if we prefer that Samsung to go with this too:-

          • Err0xx

            That’s why they have warranties.

            I have had dozens of phones over the years and haven’t had a single faulty battery. Wireless quick charging with resolve most of your complaints.

            I also never said my POV was a general one. I said it was MY point of view and I could care less if a swappable battery isn’t included in the Note 5. Getting 6h screen on time during a normal day on the Note 4 as is…if the rumors pan out and the Note 5 battery is over 4000 mah, I’ll be set. Even if it’s not, a 30 minute charge time is fine for ME.

    • Fifth313ment

      I like to keep my phones for other reasons for years. Being able to pop in a new battery every once in a while makes an $800+ device like new again and not simply a paperweight. And also 128GB is so expensive, why not enable UHS specifications for microSD and problem solved! Superfast internal memory on the cheap! I think Google knows this too which is why on Android M microSD memory is back in a a big way and now you can even make microSD memory into “real” internal memory as seen by the phone! So microSD is not going away. Phone manufacturers simply need to stop being thieves and trying to squeeze every ounce of money out of us!

      • Err0xx

        Because the way memory cards are, you have to go into a file manager and manually move new stuff to the new card. You have to manually move apps to the new card, then deal with the longer loading times.

        You keep spouting “Use UHS-1” “Use UHS-3”. You do realize that those are 3-4x slower than the most recent Samsung internal memory tech? They are and I’m not getting it confused with Class 10. Look up some access speed comparisons done by the dozens of review sites online. Some Galaxy S6 memory access speeds were over 240 MB/s. UHS-3 doesn’t even get close.

        I’ll take 128gb internal with 3-4x the speed, no have to deal with the hassle of manually moving things to the card and use Samsung Transfer for easily moving all the crap to new devices in the future.

        It may be a bigger deal to you, but lack of internsal SD means NOTHING to me as long as 128gb is available.

    • Toss3

      Buy an external charger with an extra battery and you will never look back. ;) You don’t appreciate how nice it is not having to charge your phone at all, until you try it.

      • Err0xx

        Um no.

        I use a case. Hooking the phone up for 25 minutes is less hassle to me than taking it out of the case, the back off, swapping battery, having to turn the phone off and on, keep up with another battery AND another charger.

        I get 6h screen on time during a given day. I don’t need or want a second battery- I rarely have to charge before my day is over as it is.

        • Toss3

          So you would honestly rather spend 25 minutes hooked up to the wall than take 20 seconds to swap your battery? What about those situations where you don’t have access to an outlet? And no you don’t need to worry about an extra charger as it uses the same charger that came with the phone. At least I hope you get why some people prefer having the swappable battery though.+

        • V-Phuc

          Did you see the ad “wall-hugger” from our own Samsung? Did you crack up laughing and find these “iSheep owners of iPhone” ridicule? Well… guess what…what are the S6 owners becoming now? For all you describe, it takes barely 2 minutes vs 25 minutes “hugging” the wall and that’s provided there is an outlet to hug… Humm, I thought people should write to Samsung to ask what they think of their own ad?

  • The Calm Critic

    imo if they’re going the fixed batt route, then make it 4000mAh up and a Snapdragon 808 or gtfoh. Until Samsung get their sources shit together for Exynos = never, then that’s the way it’s gonna be for me at least.

    • jasonlowr

      Talk to youyself. I prefer Exynos much better than SD.

      • The Calm Critic

        Did I touch a nerve somewhere? Didn’t say anything personal about Exynos users. You’re fine w/ sticking with what works = stock firmware or stock fw based custom ROM w/e, hey more power to ya. Some of us prefer “longevity” over performance and when I’ve spent good money on a device I’d rather not wholly depend on Samsung on which Android ver that I can or can’t use for any dumb excuse(s). Over a minimum of a 2 year usage scenario, just ask for Note 2 or S3 users’ opinion on the matter..

        Just gotta “love” the min sys req BS they pull when far more inferior Android One phones on crappy MediaTek w/ half the RAM are all launched w/ 5.1 or will be updated to it.

  • I’m just happy they’re are following the design of the S6, I was a bit concerned they’d keep the removable battery and sd slot on the Note 5

    • Guest123

      If this is credible then its likely not to have removable battery with that SIM card slot.

      • Major Sceptic

        I’d wait and see old mate, it may be all bs.

  • Cyberstriker

    Samsung note 5 better have a removable battery and SD card slot.

    • I certainly hope so. If not, I will get an LG G4, and try to live without an s-pen.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      I know eh!!!! I love janky creaky feeling phones with plastic clasps that snap off if you where to actually swap batteries out. Battery tech has gone nowhere since people use to actually do that in 1999. And cloud storage, hahah laugh in your face progress!!! Give me your biggestSD card and a so I can store all my music like I use to in 2004. And while your at it give me a stylus like my old palm pilot had so I don’t get any Bengay on my screen.

      • Fifth313ment

        I prefer plastic phones as my phones go into cases anyway and plastic is more durable, most of the time, and has much better signal penetration. The metal phones that have been released recently all have issues with signal penetration and have much lower signal levels than their plastic phone counterparts.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          I agree 100% full Metal is a retarded idea. I would love to see sapphire but the future is plastic because where going foldable soon.

          • Toss3

            The Note 4 feels just like any other premium phone and having a swappable battery makes it a much better phone for those of us who don’t want to be stuck to the wall when we run out.

    • Fifth313ment

      Yeah but I’m now 100% sure it won’t! But great news LG is working on the G Pro 3 which will have the same if not better specs than the Note 5 and with a bigger 6 inch screen! I’m excited as I’ll be buying 4 LG G Pro 3’s and saying goodbye to Samsung forever if those renders are true. If Samsung doesn’t want my money it seems LG sure does!

      • Cyberstriker

        Just get a galaxy note 4 until Samsung Galaxy Note 6 come out.

        • Fifth313ment

          I have a Note 3 and it’s time to retire that. Plus the Note 4 isn’t even better than my Note 3. I get near identical becnhmark scroes when I put them side by side. Also I don’t like the crappy fingerprint reader, USB 2.0 backslide, back on the phone speaker slide. I might as well keep my Note 3 at that rate. And I want to use it my old Note 3 devices as a universal remote anyway for one and use my other for a mini bedroom gaming machine and tablet. I think the LG G Pro 3 sounds like a better phone anyway. Bigger screen, better specs and NOT giving my money to Samsung to do something most agree is stupid. If they want to be the new Android “iPhone” then let them but they won’t see my money.

    • yasser hassani

      if it doesn’t i’m not going back to samsung

  • Anonymousfella

    Leak doesnt seem likely. USB type C is almost a given at this point. They are going for the “premium” feel with S6’s glass and metal looks and looks like non removable battery wont be present. Micro sd on the other hand can still be present.

    • Hopefully they go the Sony route and put sd in with the sim card area rather than get rid of it because of the change in backing.

      • Sony way? No way.
        Sony mobile is falling down. It seem their so called ‘premium feel’ has no appeal at all. Not only Sony -HTC as well. It is time for the return of Nokia, the reign of Microsoft mobile. I remember they have a patented high tech Spen far more superior than the Samsung’s Spen, I appeal to other phone companies to bring about a phone with the Spen.

        • I’m certainly down for more Nokias, but I like both of my Xperias. Either way my point was for them to keep the SD card slot, not to be like Sony in general.

  • DDT

    Who even cares for another iPhone 6 Plus clone

    • Aris Routis

      Joke of the day.

    • Godbody

      LOL! The Note is the reason the iPhone 6 Plus exists

    • Andy Webber

      You mean the iPhone which has just jumped on the phablet bandwagon, but is still totally missing the point? They copied the screen size, but they make no use of it. No wacom digitizer, no split screen multitasking, no one-handed operation, just a blown up screen. A few more years and they’ll get it. Except by then, the world will be going again in a different direction.

  • Definitely upgrading my Note3 on the 10th day of Sept2015. What Note? – still undecided. It will be between two lovers Note4 or Note5.

    But just today, I accidentally scanned a local store brochure and found this;
    My Passport Wireless-

    Regarding the USB C, if it is in the S6, – then there is no reason for Samsung to backtrack this item to the Note5.

    • Fifth313ment

      USB C isn’t in the S6. A portable wireless harddrive is so stupid. Just another battery drainer for something I could have simply just had in my phone with less battery to begin with. Plus if people think microSD cards slow things down image having to transfer from wirless into a third party app, etc…

      • I’m just dreaming this may console our sad moments and just accept the Note5 for what it is.
        But speculations are adding up.
        1.) no removable battery/back cover.
        2.) no SD Card
        3.) no USB C which is already a given technological expectation at this point in time.
        I’m about upgrading my gaming desktop, only playing some time waiting for the release of the latest motherboards with USB 3.1 support.

  • Daggett Beaver

    I’m guessing a lot of people will skip the Note 5, not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because they already have a phone that works just fine. I will probably drool all over the Note 5, no matter how they design it. But I don’t feel a pressing need to upgrade from my Note 4. If it has disappointing sales for that reason, I hope Samsung doesn’t interpret that as a rejection of its design.

    • MJay

      I typically upgrade annually and have the note 4, but if they can not keep the micro sd slot I will keep my phone. Battery is not a deal breaker for me. Design will not make me upgrade because I am not one of these metal junkies because all my phones have cases on them, plus polycarbonate plastic is much more durable and less finger prints. They will have to show me why I should upgrade!

    • Major Sceptic

      Indeed mate , note devices are well made , and its pretty easy to keep them for years, even my old note 2 that I passed on to my young brother , is still a very capable device even by today’s standards, and despite my rough treatment, it’s poly carbonate is still in great order today with hardly a blemish on it.
      I could have kept it myself for another couple of years, but wanted to give myself a birthday present :).
      it was a great device and I miss it,
      no doubt other people will be feeling the same with note3, and 4 , both robust and very capable devices.

  • Razken

    They gonna fuckup the Note series too!?

    No swappable battery and no MicroSD reader… Thanks for nothing Samsung.

    • V-Phuc

      Another blunder by Sammy?!!! (sigh). Who runs this company lately? On a related note, I saw their A-series phones have a big battery (idk if it’s swappable though) and a microSD slot. Camera specs are also better than S6. Isn’t it kind of strange? the A-series are supposed to be only mid-range.

  • Joshua Ried

    People say that battery teck is stuck in the 90s . Well so is the idea you make a phone out of plastic and you take it apart to put a new battery in it. Boombox anyone? Two wrongs dont make a right. Id rather have a sexy looking phone i can be proud of than a creeky piece of plastic.
    In short i don’t give damb about if the Note5 has a removable back.

    • Toss3

      The Note 4 already feels like a premium phone and the removable battery gives it a leg up on the other so called premium phones that offer no features only useless design.

    • Major Sceptic

      Functionality and sturdiness get my vote over fashion statement, but I’m old. :), I actually like poly carbonate.

      Most of today’s metal devices, one drop on concrete and that very fashionable pretty device will be marked for life, not so with poly carbonate.
      As for the swappable battery,
      I have a spare battery for my note 4,
      I’ve used it about 3 times in 7 months , usually because I forgot to charge it,
      But agreed , it’s less of a big deal anyway with the fast charger, and there are other options to charge your device, such as the cases with in built battery’s, the small or large power banks, wireless charging, that being said, I like the option changing battery’s if I need to.

  • Toss3

    Not getting the Note 5 if they drop the swappable battery. Lot of people on here that have never owned an external charger apparently and don’t understand how convenient it can be not having to charge you phone AT ALL; just swap the battery when you run out and you are good to go. This is especially great when using the Gear VR. To be honest I would prefer them dropping the microsd than the swappable battery.

    • mmm

      My feelings exactly! I’m enjoying my Note 3 but have been looking forward to the Note 5 for a year now. Without removable battery(which I’m still holding out hope for), I may have to get use to a whole new phone this fall, So hoping for great specs on the LG G4Pro!

  • Antony Guan

    really hope they’ll do something like the oppo r7 how they have a tray for 2 sims or 1 sim card and 1 sd card slot

  • Not1Not2Not3

    No micro SD + no removable battery= no sale from me. I’ll keep my mint condition Note 4 and my next purchase will be from LG. Screw Samsung for turning into CRapple.

  • William Molina

    wah wah wah everybody keeps whining and crying about removable batteries and sd card slots. If the phone doesn’t meet your needs, then don’t buy it and let whoever thinks the phone is enough to be happy. I have never filled a 32gb phone completely but it’s still sux to not have an sd card slot cuz it’s beneficial to have one. if the phone has a great battery life, like all Notes have, it’s ok if they take away the option to swap it… still sucks cuz it’s awesome to have multiple batteries and not be stuck to the wall. Either way this phone is gonna sell millions and a few thousand people who can’t deal with change ain’t gonna stop Samsung from progressing into the goal and vision they have for their phones.
    I’m still getting this baby, unless it has a smaller battery than the note 4.

  • TheGreatDroid

    Everybody here is crying about the removable battery and SD card and I am here just appalled by that protruding camera. I know it must not be a big deal for you all since it isn’t that noticeable… That is, until you start using it. Little things like this really bother me. Besides, that’s always a terrible design choice. No matter who you are or what kind of preference you have, if you like protruding cameras I’ll think you’re retarded. For a company so focused on design, I don’t know why they are doing this with the Note series being all about productivity. A removable battery IS useful. Not everyone is stinking rich and some people hangout with the same phone for almost 2-3 years. A removable battery drastically increases the phone’s longevity. A removable SD card isn’t all about storage or speed of data transfers only. Its about portability and security too. If you work in a professional field there will be times when you just have to handover some data and can’t always do it digitally or through a cloud. In that case, handing over the client a SD card instead of the whole smartphone makes much more sense. I’ve gone through this all and I’ll always prefer a phone which lets me decide how I want to use it and not the other way around. That was the whole reason the Note series became so successful in the first place. I think I’ll be forced to move towards LG now.

  • melchor2679

    I don’t mind if it’s uni-body or if it doesn’t have a micro SD card slot, as long as the battery is big enough to have a good life. Fast charging is not much of an appeal.

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