Nintendo’s first mobile game launching in March

by: Edgar CervantesJanuary 16, 2016


Nintendo’s imminent jump into the mobile space has been all the hype. The gaming giant has seen plenty of requests to bring its popular titles to smartphones and tablets. We are not quite there yet, but at least Nintendo is already taking the first baby steps toward that direction.

Last October Nintendo talked about its first smartphone game… which just so happens to not really be a game. It’s Miitomo, an app that is said to expand communication between Mii character users. Essentially, it is expected to be some sort of chatting app.

Nintendo had specified then that Miitomo would come to mobile device sin March, but the information seemed ambiguous. The company kept touching on the fact that they have to spend many efforts promoting other games, for example. It all just seemed very unsure.


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Nintendo president Kimishima mentioned to newspaper Mainichi Shimbun that they are, in fact, in time for this launch. There are no delays and March will be the month we see Nintendo first releasing an official (and probably free) app for mobile.

Now, we know this is not really news; it’s more of a confirmation, but it serves as a reminder that Nintendo is invested in stepping into modern ages and supporting the console we all carry in our pockets – our smartphones. Gaming companies need to realize they won’t be able to survive by supporting only the big consoles, and so far Nintendo seems to be getting that.

Let’s sit tight and wait until March, shall we? And let’s hope the next title is an actual game!

  • Raw Mess

    So its this app – miitomo launching on march right ? Not an actual game ? And any updates on pokemon go btw ?

    • SonOfKrpton

      They’re releasing it this year, since it’s pokemon’s 20th or so anniversary.

  • David Miller

    So, Nintendo is going to go BYE BYE like Sega! Let’s analyze this does Sony license its exclusive to be played on Cell phones? NO, I dont think it does! Does Microsoft license its exclusives for xbox to be played on cell phones? No, I dont think it does! Does Sega license it games to be played on other platforms and consoles? Yes, it does! I personally, dont see anything wrong with WIIU, and at the store I work at the WiiU still sells and people still want games for the Wii for crying out loud! What has the WiiU been out for like 3 years or something short like that? I just can’t see Nintendo killing the WIIU and it’s Amiibo sales for a new system any time soon. I bet the Nintendo NX isn’t a console but something else.

    • Jim Jimson

      I wouldn’t necessarily jump to that conclusion. A lot of titles are having companion apps (i.e. Halo Waypoint), so it’s not a completely unprecedented move. Additionally, it seems that this is an app targeting people who already have Miis- people who already own the Wii U. Additionally, Sega stopped making consoles after two major flops- first, the Sega Saturn had it’s failed surprise launch, that angered retailers and confused customers. Then, the Sega Dreamcast launched in between console generations and was ignored after the true next generation consoles launched. The combined failure of these two systems was what ultimately shuttered Sega’s hardware. The closest Nintendo has come to stopping making consoles was after the GameCube got kicked around the block by the PS2/Xbox, but the last two Nintendo generations (Wii & Wii U) have been major commercial successes, so I think they’re just trying to innovate rather than trying to get out of the console market.

      • Yaelle G

        Right. They know what they’re doing & they’re not going to cut into their own profits. I’m sure Nintendo wouldnt allow too much of that to happen, either so I dont know how they’re going to do it but we’ll see.
        All I have ever wanted out of life (cure for my tumors? Ehhh that can wait) is to be able to experience more Pokemon X & Y, Omega Ruby and Platinum. If there were any way at all they could somehow make something happen with mobile devices…? OMG.

        • “They know what they’re doing & they’re not going to cut into their own profits. I’m sure Nintendo wouldnt allow too much of that to happen, either so I dont know how they’re going to do it but we’ll see.”

          Virtual Boy and CD-i say hi. The N64 lost a HUGE chunk of third party support. The Wiimote and gamepad were huge risks too. Make no mistake though:The real problem with the gamepad is that the developers are using it as an excuse to not publish games on the Wii U.

  • Rocker

    It’s so sad that this generation of mobile gamers think playing games on cellphones is better than on a real system,Nothing good has come out of cellphone games it has given us microtransactions,Watered down games such as candy crush,angry birds and temple run.Its sad nintendo and others have to lower themselves to this platform

  • Mike James

    Those just look like cropped screens from Tomodachi Life

  • Yaelle G

    2nd game, actually. I mean, Pokemon Shuffle is out – not a full fledge game, though. If they start releasing anything even remotely similar to the main series Pokemon games I will literally start going with less food & whatever…not that I cant afford it, I’m just saying I would do just about anything to be able to play Pokemon Platinum, for instance on mobile.

    BUT… I realize they wont just port main series games over – otherwise there’s no need for people to buy the DS systems, and then Nintendo will have a fit.

    But I will take just about whatever I can get.

    • Marty Confetti

      Well they are releasing Pokémon GO this year, which is an augmented reality game where you look for Pokemon in real life. It requires a little bit of travel but you are battling and collecting Pokemon. They even mentioned Gyms. It will be interesting to see how well it plays.

  • It’s NOT news. It’s not even remotely article worthy. As Yaelle G and Marty Confetti pointed out, they already have a game on cell phones and another on the way. Joke’s on you people: I use adblock.