Now this is how you add a microSD card slot to a Nexus

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 28, 2016

Nexus 5 microSD card mod 1 Sockpockets (Reddit)

One of the weirder Reddit threads for the day has got to be this guy that decided to manually add a microSD card slot to his trusty Nexus 5. It’s far from a polished piece of industrial engineering, but he did manage it and it does work. Who ever said we’d never see a Nexus with microSD expansion?

Long story short, the Redditor decided that if Marshmallow was capable of recognizing external memory cards as internal storage, then why not pull the back off his Nexus 5 and add one himself? The solution is as messy as it is simple. He just folded up the internal components to make everything fit and then soldered a microSD card slot on. Simple.

Nexus 5 microSD card mod 2 Sockpockets (Reddit)

The coolest part of the whole DIY trick is that no special software mod was required. Once the microSD card adapter was attached, Marshmallow instantly recognized it and the guy has been enjoying expandable storage on his fully functional, if lumpy, Nexus 5. Some commenters wisely suggested 3D printing a new back cover to accommodate the added bulk.

The reason everyone hasn’t been doing this since day one is because it’s a pretty aggressive mod. The guy pulled off the back cover and chopped it in half, flipped the bottom section where the microUSB port is around and MacGyvered a USB OTG solution on a folded up daughter board…after rearranging the speaker and antenna cables. Once all that was accomplished the whole thing was so bulky he had to chuck a TPU case on it to protect everything.


As the modder admitted himself, it was more of a “could I, should I situation”, vowing that if he were to do it again he would just solder a microSD card adapter to the microUSB port and keep it mounted on the outside of the device. As our parents wisely told us, just because we can do something, doesn’t always mean we should do something. In this case tough, I’m sure glad I got to see this done.

Did you think this would even work? Have you ever tried anything like this on your phone?

  • Remy Cajallena


    • Chanki Lee

      Screw apple too and screw everyone. dont buy it if you are going to complain it is not like they were hiding the fact you cannot put sd card.

      • Remy Cajallena

        YES THEY WERE HIDING IT!!! didn’t you just see that he had to friking tear apart the device just to find a perfectly functional SD card reader!!!??

        • Chanki Lee

          “One of the weirder Reddit threads for the day has got to be this guy that decided to manually add a microSD card slot to his trusty Nexus 5.” Do you not read retard? “Manually add” what do you not understand from it

          • Remy Cajallena

            Oh! OK. Still though I’m gonna keep compiling until the nexus line up gives me what I want >_> I’m a consumer after all

          • Dr. Gertsen

            Never go full retard…

          • ГАСООП

            and since when companies are making products to satisfy consumers?

          • Remy Cajallena

            One plus, BLU, Huawei, Xiaomi and sometimes ZTE. Even Sony is starting to look good now. Oh well I guess we really have to wait on google ARA

          • “He just folded up the internal components to make everything fit and then soldered a microSD card slot on.” It wasn’t there in the first place. Looks like what this redditor did was add one of those otg dongles, but instead of leaving it in the original casing, he removed it and stuck it in the phone.

          • ГАСООП

            oh they do? well, they cared to make good first look, now they dont care anymore. there is NO COMPANY in the world that cares to bring happiness to customer. all they want is your money for marketing blabla

          • KID ANDROID

            It never will because it’s too slow which is why we don’t want one

          • scottalias

            When it became time to upgrade my Nexus 10, I decided against the Nexus 9 because it simply didn’t have enough memory. My new tablet has 64GB of internal memory and a 128GB micro SD card. I just want enough memory for offline use, I don’t really care if Google charges extra for 128 GB of memory.

      • NotImpressive

        Yeah! No one on the internet complains! It’s the law!

    • Милен Стефанов

      GO FUCK YOURSELF… Or even better- find some negro with big dick to fuck you in ass…

  • andrewhahalee

    Everyone wants to make thin phones and compete. Nobody wants to add any extras to their phones even if its just adding additional bulk to make it as thick as a phone with a case, which some of us are used to.

  • Joey C

    that is why I got a LG G4…

    • scottalias

      That’s why I’m more likely to buy the upcoming LG G5 than the Nexus 6p. I think Nexus designers never go anywhere that doesn’t have WiFi or 4G LTE. I do.

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  • lu99ke

    how does he charge it??

  • lu99ke

    wirelessly only I suppose

  • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

    “MacGyver” that’s a name I haven’t heard for a long time ;)
    Colonel O’Neill anybody?

    • SirStephenH

      Or General O’Neill?

      • brandon allen


    • Samuel Matthews

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  • Newton Roland

    I make use of sandisk connect wireless stick 128gb. I memory for my two nexus. And can use any WiFi to stream wirelessly as I don’t need a password so long as it’s on the same network.

  • fitnesspro22

    This is plain stupid. I have a Nexus 6P with 64 gb that I don’t need. My NEXUS 5 after two years of use had 50% of the 16 gb free. How do I manage? Very simple. Google free Cloud storage. After I got my 6P, I sold my N5 for half of what I paid for it. Then regretted it. Fortunately, my in depth research bore fruit. I found on Amazon a brand new NEXUS 5, white, 16 gb and got it delivered to my door in three days. It cost me $190.00, though I was prepared to pay a lot more for a new Nexus 5. VRegistration with LG have me one year warranty. The 6P is a real Flagship, however the NEXUS 5 is just as fast. Yes, fast and furious. My favorite phone.

    • Clint

      Gee it sure must be nice having 24/7 internet with 1mb/s up and 10mb/s down so you can actually use cloud instead of local. Now if only the other 99.5% of the USA had that.

      Cloud storage obliterates privacy unless you encrypt first and android’s such a pile of crap you can’t even use luks or a truecrypt like app without modifying your kernel, personally, because all the other modders don’t put FUSE support in their kernels, and that basically defeats the point of cloud storage anyways… you say it’s stupid but what’s stupid and presumtuous is you.

      I won’t sign away my right to insert expanded storage or have privacy.

    • 3165dwayne

      Flac and games

  • TyH

    Nexus doesnt have microsd no one bats an eye
    Other brand no microsd everyone loses their mind

    • saksham

      cos 80% of common people dont know what a nexus phone is

      • Big_Green_T

        But they know about Apple and Samsung.. Lol!

  • ast00

    Should have included it in the first place. Thanks Google.

  • Dan McSweeney

    Think it may have been more of a MacGruber.

  • Ryan Cavitt

    Doesn’t the original back case kind of contain all the antennas? I mean yeah you can do without them but you won’t do well without them.

  • Clint

    Google should take a friggen hint and give us sd cards… tired of having to buy crap devices that never get updates just cause the nexus line will never have sd cards…

  • Joe

    This guy just ruined his phone!

  • Robert S

    Shouldn’t have to go through this shit. Especially on a Nexus device. They should have Micro SD and removable battery. What the fuck is wrong with this industry

  • Robert S

    LG is the trend, everyone else kinda sucks. I like to be able to change my battery, after all the grief I just went through with my kids iPhone battery, no smartphone should have a sealed battery. It’s just fucking asinine. Everyone’s paying more for Less