Nexus 6P officially announced: everything you need to know

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 29, 2015
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While the Motorola Nexus 6 certainly had its fans, the new phablet-sized device was a pretty massive departure from the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, not just in size, but also when it came to the price tag. With its latest Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones, Google looks to bridge the best of both worlds, offering premium specs, two different screen sizes, and relatively affordable price tags.

The Huawei Nexus 6p is the successor to Motorola’s Nexus 6 and marks the first time that the Nexus-making gauntlet has been passed to a China-based company. Although the Nexus 6 was easily the most ‘premium’ Nexus to date, the Nexus 6P takes things a step further with an all-metal design that features a somewhat unique looking bulge where the camera package can be found. The Nexus 6P is not only the first all-metal Nexus phone, it and the Nexus 5X are also the first to offer fingerprint scanners and Type-C USB ports.

As for the size compared to its predecessor? The Nexus 6P actually slims things down a bit from the Nexus 6, with a 5.7-inch QHD display and a body that is thinner and lighter, at 159.4 x 77.8 x 7.3mm and 178g, versus the Nexus 6’s dimensions of 159.3 x 83 x 10.1 mm and weight of 184g.

Nexus 6P Specs

Display5.7-inch AMOLED WQHD 518ppi
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 v2.1
GPUAdreno 430
Storage32/64/128GB storage
NetworksGSM 850/1900
W-CDMA 2/4/5
CDMA 0/1/10
LTE Band 2/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/41
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
Fingerprint scannerYes, rear-mounted
Camera 12.3-megapixel rear cam, 8MP front cam
Battery3450mAh non-removable battery
Wireless chargingNo
Dimensions159.4 x 77.8 x 7.3mm and 178g
ColorsAluminum, Frost, Graphite

As you can see, the Nexus 6P offers all the latest specs you’d want to see from a high-end flagship. Not only do you get QHD display quality and front-firing speakers, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 processing package is also onboard, alongside 3GB RAM. While the Snapdragon 810 has received a lot of bad press over its life, revisions to the chip, as well as measures like throttling and heat-conscientious design choices mean that heat probably won’t be the issue that 810 critics will claim it to be. Of course, we really can’t say for sure until we have time to conduct a full review.

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The Nexus 6 also offers a small jump in battery life over the Nexus 6, going from 3200 mAh to 3450 mAh. Huawei has a reputation for big batteries and equally great battery life with its Mate series, and while you might not get the 2+ day life you’d get out of something like a Mate 7 or Mate S, we imagine the battery life should, at the very least, easily make it through a full day’s use — or longer. This should be especially true with Android 6.0’s power-saving integrations that greatly improve standby time and more. And of course, you can also expect quick charging tech to be fully baked in as well.

When it comes to storage, the Nexus line tends to forgo things like microSD, and this remains true for the Huawei Nexus 6P, though thankfully there are options ranging from in-built 32GB, all the way up to 128GB.

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The camera package is an area that Nexus phones tend to be weak on, and although the original Nexus 6 saw big improvements here over the Nexus 5, the camera was still arguably one of the phone’s biggest weaknesses. It is way too early to say if the Nexus 6p improves on the camera experience in a meaningful way. On paper at least, things don’t seem a lot different, with the Nexus 6p still rocking a 13MP rear cam, with the front cam going from 2MP to 8MP.

Of course, megapixel count only tells a small part of the story. For what it is worth, Google claims that the camera package will offer great low-light performance, and the front 8MP camera should provide a great selfie experience. Google actually spent a good deal of its conference talking about the camera experience, and while we don’t know for sure how it will compare to other high-end cameras like found on the Note 5, GS6, G4, and Moto X Pure, it certainly sounds like Google has put a lot of focus into the camera this time around.

We look forward to spending more time with the phone’s camera in our future full review.


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The Nexus 6P runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which many of us have already played around with through the Android M Developer Previews. Aesthetically speaking, Marshmallow doesn’t offer much different than Lollipop, aside from some minor changes to the app drawer and launcher.

Where Marshmallow really shines is through improved battery management, bug fixes, Google’s Now on Tap improved search technology, and the introduction of numerous new APIs offering support for fingerprint scanners and more. Android 6.0 Marshmallow also adds greatly improved permissions, allowing you much more granular control over what parts of your phone experience your apps have access to.During the press event, Google also talked a lot about the fingerprint scanner, which it referred to as Nexus Imprint, making it easy to unlock your phone and offering compatibility with Android Pay.

Bottom-line, all the things that stock Android fans love will be found here, alongside a bevy of enhancements and bug fixes.

Pricing and availability

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Unlike in past years, Google doesn’t plan to offer its phones directly via carriers in the US, in a model similar to what we are seeing from Motorola with the Moto X Pure Edition. In fact, while select international retailers will still offer the Nexus family, in the US the Nexus phones will be available only through the Google Store.

As for how much the phones will set you back? The Nexus 5X will start at $379 for the base 16GB model, with the 32GB variant priced at $429.99. The Nexus 6P is obviously a bit more expensive, thanks to its beefier specs and more premium design, with a starting price of just $500 for the 32GB variant. The 64GB model is $549, and the 128GB model with price at $649. Those who buy either model will also get 90 days of free Google Play Music, and those who pre-order will get a $50 Google Play card as an added perk.

In addition to announcing the new phones, Google also took the wraps off its new Nexus Protect program. You can learn more about it here.

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What do you think of the latest member of the Nexus family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • M de Jong

    Are the prices announced?

  • John Straka

    When is this son of a bitch going up in the Google store?!

    • xgudwilx

      it is.. changed my mind.. I’m going Moto.

    • Greeney03

      I just bought mine 2 mins ago.

  • Jay McCaughrean

    Will the nexus 6p work in the UK if I buy it in the US?

    • Justin Williams

      I would like to know that as well. Definatley buying the 6P over the 5X

    • Dude check the network bands. For example, in Cuba Cubacel uses GSM 850… meaning those Nexus will work here. You just need to know. However it comes unlocked, I must function in every network. So answering your question: yes.

  • X

    Haha the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6+ is better value than this! Snaodragon 810…..and it is almost the end of the year. DOA

    • C Lo


    • LithiumFox

      A better value TO YOU.

      To YOU.

      And maybe to C Lo down there who agreed with you. It’s not DOA. Stop being a fucking twat. You’re almost as bad as the iPhone fanboys I have to deal with. If anything, this Nexus is the only thing bringing me back to Android from my iPhone.

      God I forgot how awful the android fanboys were… Thanks for reminding me I have to deal with you idiots again.

      • José A. Medina

        Actually he’s kinda right, the only thing that it’s better than the s6 is the battery size, both lack on sd support, and the nexus camera surely be good, but not Samsung flagship good, unless Huawei put some magic stuff that camera (crossing fingers)

        The bad part of the Samsung oneone, it’s course TouchWiz. But so far it hasn’t been a problem to me… Yet.

        The design of the 6P grew on me, but being honest, if Google want to price a smartphone as a premium it should perform in all the aspects as premium, as their competence.

        • pjtpjt

          He’s kinda not right. Unless you throw away phones like soiled diapers, software updates do matter. And Samsung will stop updating your S6 after a year and a half. My Note 3 would have been still on 5.0 it it hasn’t been for Cyanognemod. And there won’t be a full working Cyanogenmod for the exynos trapped S6.

          • José A. Medina

            And you’re right. But you have to acknowledge that not everyone buying a brand new smartphone are going to root and unlock the bootloader or use a room, some customers don’t even care about that, the community of custom rooms is big, but still little compared to the average consumer “community”.

            Updates matter, can’t deny that. But as soon as new smartphones come out people will get them, and thats what ensures the updates for them.

            In this context it’s only unfair for those who buy their smartphone on retail and don’t have a plan where they can update it as soon as the new one comes out, like you and me.

          • pjtpjt

            Well, if you’re using a Nexus device you’ll have the newest Android for at least 3 years. The N4 is not getting official Marshmallow came out in 2012. Compared to that other phones do need custom roms to get the latest Android, and the S6 won’t even get custom roms that are stable enough to be used as daily drivers.

          • José A. Medina

            I have my n5 on a sad drawer cuz it got the motherboard screwed up and it will get the M update.

            The point of all this was, Google is charging a premium for a not premium device as the competition, surely it will last more on updates but still people will go and change their smartphone for a new one and companies care more about the costumer who will buy a new one than the one who keeps the same device for 3 years.

        • Matheus Ferreira

          Dxomark just releases a pre release review of nexus 6p camera and I quote “Impressive detail preservation in low light conditions, by far the best tested to date.” . It got the second best score next to the galaxy s6, just above the lg G4.

  • Roby

    No SD slot, after making it possible in M to encrypt an SD card and treat it like internal storage….
    Google is turning into scumbags when it comes to hardware, forcing you to pay a premium price just so you have enough storage.

    • DNagooyen

      I was thinking the same about the fingerprint scanner on the back.

    • dem_wapo

      couldn’t agree more on this

    • MrSenorLoveDaddy

      People still are complaining of the lack of an SD card slot? The last and only Nexus to support SD card was the Nexus One back in 2010. Get over it already, 2010 has come and gone.

      • Roby

        Uh-huh… So the cheapest 128GB SD card I found costs $60 (with prices likely to drop as time goes by). And the 128GB option on the actual phone costs me $149.
        If you still think my complaint is unfounded I bet you’ll also be nice enough to pay me and everyone else who’d prefer a micro SD the $89 difference, right?
        And since I won’t be able to take my SD to use with my next phone I bet you’ll also pay the storage upgrade fee for that one and the one after? The SD is reusable genius, means you don’t have to pay an additional $150 or more for storage each time you buy a new phone.

        • MrSenorLoveDaddy

          So you end your argument with asking me to pay for your lack of external storage options because nexus didn’t include SD card support? Stop bitching about a feature that’s been missing for 5 years now, get over it. I understand if it was lacking a feature that was there in the last year or so, like OIS or wireless charging, etc. Shouldn’t you be complaining in the Samsung GS6/ Note 5 article?

          • Roby

            Go google “sarcasm”. I’ll also repeat myself since you don’t seem to get it… Try to read carefully.
            “No SD slot, after making it possible in M to encrypt an SD card and treat it like internal storage….”
            M as in Marshmallow, aka the software running on the phone. Do you realize how big of a deal that is? I don’t think so.

            Also, the SD slot criticism is perfectly valid from the standpoint of the consumer no matter the year, no matter the device, no matter the manufacturer. It’s a shitty move forcing people to buy the most expensive devices based on cheap storage. That’s why I dislike Apple, that’s why I dislike the new Samsung phones despite already owning some of their devices and that’s why I dislike Nexus….
            Now go bother someone else if you can’t handle some justified criticism aimed towards an inanimate object. I’m done talking to you.

      • pjtpjt

        And it was totally possible they bring it back, since M will support it natively. It wasn’t unrealistic to assume this one will have one.

    • Aleindra Mieramadhian Syah

      lol i just wondering why people need 128gb on a smartphone , i use my 16gb nexus 5 for almost more than 2 years and i never have any problem with storage , remember guys , dont use phone too much , put all ur document to ur pc ssd and hdd , and btw why u still need sd card in 2015 , “Uh-huh… So the cheapest 128GB SD card I found costs $60 (with prices likely to drop as time goes by). And the 128GB option on the actual phone costs me $149.” that because internal storage is much faster in read and write than any sd card ,

      • Roby

        Drop San Andreas, Cytus, Implosion and some other apps I use on your 16GB Nexus and it will be full before you even get to your photos, videos and music collection (I have a big one).
        Just because you don’t use your phone to the fullest doesn’t mean other people do the same. I didn’t fucking (forgive the language) pay $500+ for my phone just to make calls with the thing. I will browse, take pictures, videos, listen to all of my music, read, even watch the occasional movie depending on the circumstances and play demanding games among other things. I’ll sure as hell make use of the multi core CPU and HD screen.
        32GB is enough for my daily apps, 64 for my apps and most of my media, with 128 I can feel comfortable and even use my phone as a usb Flash drive if I feel like it. Not everyone behaves like you and uses their phone the same way.

        And if an UHS Speed Class SD is good enough for 4k video recording it’s good enough to access my media and apps. Technology is advancing and some people would like to take advantage of that. Even if internal storage is faster, don’t think for a second that 30MB/s is a slow read speed.

        About storing documents, there’s cloud storage for that if you want a proper backup.
        You’re so naive if you think your PC can’t have a drive failure or something.

    • Junmamama

      Man, are people seriously still talking about no SD card slot in a Nexus phone??? Have you guys been living under a rock? IT’S NEVER HAPPENING. STOP MENTIONING IT. I repeat: YOU ARE NEVER GETTING AN SD CARD SLOT ON A NEXUS! Caps lock off.

    • daniel

      Not to mention that this looks like it got beat with the fugly stick, taken in the fugly
      ambulance to the fugly hospital, put on fugly life support, and died a
      fugly death.

      Holding it makes it look like a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner.

  • Ahmad Zakaria

    No wireless charging? Deal breaker!

    • Mo Bashir

      i have all these expensive wireless chargers .. what am i gonna do with those.. I guess i’m not getting it.

      • Ahmad Zakaria

        Same here. I just purchased my wireless charger last month…. :(

    • MrSenorLoveDaddy

      Yeah I’m surprised Google abandoned wireless charging after their last 3 phones offered this feature. Aluminum is very overrated since maybe 98% of us use cases anyways. They should’ve stuck to their old materials or maybe even glass like Samsung and offered both wireless and quick charging.

      • Martin Jastram

        i second that.
        there is so many nice loking and feeling phones out there, half, or entirelxy made of plastic.
        only bad way to use it, if you make it look like metal, like samsung did for such a long time.
        wireless charging would have been nice too. :-(

  • Greeney03

    When can I pre-order?

  • That One Guy

    Note 3 had these specs 2 years. So many people are willing to pay premium prices just for pure android. No sd either, what is the $700 for? I can get a 128gb sd for less than $100. That camera will be the same performance. Man, my note 4 is definitely still top 5 best phones out now.

    • Same specs? Are you kidding or just trolling?

      Note 3 had the same size of screen but with 1080 x 1920 pixels (~386 ppi pixel density) and used the Snapdragon 800/Adreno 330 combo. Between the Snapdragon 800 and the 810 you have also the 801 and 805 (both used by flagships). Also the front camera was really poor on the Note 3, a 2 mp one with really bad white ballance and low light performance.

      My dad has the Note 3 so I don’t speak in theory or from charts.

      P.S. I’m also not a fan of pure Android because I like Sense a lot (the themes and stuff) so right now I have the M9.

      • That One Guy

        Considering the 810 was DOA with all the over heating crap. The chip constantly has to be throttled and clock speeds reduced. Which makes the 805 and 800 better chips. The camera on the note 3 is better than any nexus phone ever created, ha. The amoled screen on the note 3 looks miles better than this current nexus ( you will see). I do respect and appreciate your opinion though.

        • Zhen

          You’re really saying a 2013 AMOLED 1080p screen is better than a 2015 AMOLED 2k screen? You have got be joking…. The 810 v1.0 may have been a tidal wave, but with v2.1 and the Nexus being a metal-bodied phone, heat isn’t really going to be a major problem to be honest, and yes the Snapdragon 810 will be clocked normally at 2.0 GHz, so no underclocking or throttling. Plus the Nexus 6p has Gorilla Glass 4, whilst the Note 3 is last-gen. Really, if you argued that the Note 4 was better, you’d still have some room to contest, but Note 3? with a 800 (note: 32-bit processor, not to forget the 805 is too).

          • That One Guy

            32 bit and 64 bit makes no difference unless you have 4 gb ram or more so that is dead. And we all know the note 4 is better so that is no debate. I just tried to make the conversation worthy by comparing to a phone it could compete with.

          • Zhen

            Has that been proven? 32bit and 64bit differ, even with the lack of an extra 1GB RAM. The CPUs run very differently to desktop/laptop CPUs, mainly due to how the chipsets operate. If you read into detail about the differences between the 64bit and 32bit chips, you’ll find there are many differences.

          • That One Guy

            No real performance between the chips have been proven either. Lol.

          • pjtpjt

            Yep. 64 bit code takes up more space.

          • You are comparing two phones that are not one, but two generations apart. It’s just for the sake of comparing. In no tech today a much older product is better than the latest one when comparing objectively – flagship phablet to flagship phablet in our case -. Your statement can be is true only if you compare an older flagship with the latest entry-level. Latest mid-levels are worse than last year flagships but in some cases might better be than two or three years ones…

          • Hussein Abdullah

            you re saying it like you allready own a N6P, your shitty QSD810 v2.1 is the same as in the One m9, OP2, Xperia Z4 and guess whatt all of them heat so much up that their Performance is weaker than the 801, dont bullshit around

    • Hussein Abdullah

      touchwiz = dealbreaker, period

      • That One Guy

        For you it does, vanilla android has no features. Everyone is different. I prefer a phone with functionality.

        • Hussein Abdullah

          Actually there are tons and tons of apps for adding missing “functuality” to stock A your point is therefore invalid, touchwiz lags, is ugly and just plain stupid

          • That One Guy

            My opinion is not invalid, that is exactly the reason it is an opinion. Majority of the apps from the play do not add true functionality. They serve as minor add on’s. For example, a dialer app. The phone does not truly integrate the app into the phones native call and contact logs which is why it typically forces you to revert back to the default call screen when the call is placed. A lot of you weird people care about cosmetics. That is so stupid. TouchWiz looks fine to me. I care about feel and functionality. I do not care if the colors are pretty or the phone is made of metal.

          • Hussein Abdullah

            To me the most important part is fluidity real smooth experience, even the S6 and note 5 have some lags and stutters, i dont need a useless heart rate monitor and dont even need a finger print scanner, and here comes the worst part: fucking QHD on a 5.1 inch creen is the worst overkill total useless BS just using up resources and battery just pure crap for the sake of having it that is samsung

          • That One Guy

            I can agree with that. The only thing is I do not use phones with less than 5.5 inches so I love QHD screens, especially Samoled screen. Battery life on my note 4 has been better than my note 3 was with the FHD screen so I am not so sure about the battery powering the extra pixels causing it to drain faster.

  • 3223

    Wowwwww. It actually looks better than I expected. Plus, it’s gonna be about the same size as a note 5, but with the possibility of 128gb built in!

    Also, one nice touch I seem to notice is that the phone doesn’t seem to have the Huawei logo imprinted or emblazoned on it, unlike the 5x. So this technically is a straight up nexus device without the manufacturer piggybacking on the nexus goodwill. Certainly droolworthy! :)

    • daviddang

      uhhh the huawei logo is right under the nexus logo

      • 3223

        Oh.. Maybe I wasn’t watching the video in higher resolution. Noooooooooo.. Still, it does look rather nice actually.

    • Happy

      You really care about logos? Grow up.

      • 3223

        Well, some people do bother about the finer details apart from the bigger picture.

        Oh, and just coz someone doesn’t have the same viewpoint as you doesn’t entitle you to be a dick about it. :)

  • not being sold thru the carriers killed it for me, love the Next program on AT&T….have my Nexus 6 thru it now until November. I was looking forward to upgrading but I guess i have to stay where I am at.

  • dem_wapo


  • MrSenorLoveDaddy

    I hope Google placed some safety measures to keep Huawei from spying on us to their Chinese overlords. =) ‘Putting tinfoil hat on’

    • Happy

      Give me a break. Did you watch the presentation of Google? There were no Anglo-Saxon looking people – Indians, Asians (maybe Chinese), Portuguese/Brazilian, etc. If the majority of the people working at Google are from Asian origin, what makes you believe way more in them than in Huawei? Also who would care to spy on you? Are you working at the Pentagon or in the White House?

      • MrSenorLoveDaddy

        “Are you working at the Pentagon or in the White House?”
        That’s confidential.

  • shivansh

    Okay i am not gonna buy this.

    • pjtpjt

      I’ve just bought preventively a N6 last week, so I’m skipping this one. The real dealbreaker was that it’s not much better than the previous 6. Originally I’ve feared the screen will be too big after the 5.7 Note 3, but nah.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Still not sold. I’m for GS6.

  • noxtare

    omg was so exited but why did they remove wireless charging…… :(

  • Cpm

    The 6p costs $230 more in Irish Play Store, than US store, it’s an awful shame, as I was looking forward to getting one fur about 4 months!

  • Hussein Abdullah

    this is hardly a step Forward from the Moto Nexus lmao fuck that

  • Hussein Abdullah

    brace yourself the QSD810 V2.1 idiots are coming.