Nexus 5X price drops again, this time to $300

by: Derek ScottJanuary 26, 2016

mid-range smartphone of the year 2015 - lg nexus 5x

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, and you want a pure Android experience on Marshmallow without breaking the bank, then we’ve got some seriously good news for you. Google just slashed the price of the 16GB Nexus 5X to $299.00 and $349.00 for the 32GB version.

This is an interesting development, because just two weeks ago, Google trimmed $30 off the mid-range Nexus device to bring its price down to $350. Now we’re seeing an even bigger chunk lopped off. For a device running a Snapdragon 808 with 2GB of RAM and a 5.2 inch display, you’re getting a lot of tech-per-dollar here. For its default price, the Nexus 5X is now going for less than it did even on Black Friday.

nexus 5x second opinion aa (6 of 12)See also: 6 common problems with the Nexus 5X and how to fix them50

Technically, there’s still a way to get the smartphone for even cheaper. Right now, BuyDig is running a limited-quantity offer that puts a 16GB version of this device in your hands for $299.99, but they’ll also send you a $20 pre-paid Visa card to boot. When the Nexus 5X originally launched, we were impressed with its specs, but thought the price was perhaps a bit much when compared with competitors like the OnePlus 2 and Moto X Pure. Now it looks like the device is finally dropping to a price range where it’s truly a tempting choice.


What are your thoughts on the Nexus 5X? If you own the device, let us know what your experience has been like in the comments. Is this deal worth it, or not? For those still on the fence, check out our full review and decide for yourself if this new price tag compensates for the negatives we mention.

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Buy it for $299
  • Cellular Barn

    Solid choice for a mid-range smartphone, can’t go wrong with the Nexus 5X.

  • robert fish

    Google please !!!!,drop the price of the nexus 6p in australia.$899 is too much money for a phone that retails almost half that in the US

    • aaloo

      It’s the Australian import tariffs.

      • robert fish

        Unfortunately yes.And i cant even import the phone because amazon doesnt ship 90% of their products to australia

  • Chris

    The Nexus 5x is a decent mid range phone but I’m feeling very ripped off.

    I’m in the UK and have the 32gb version which is on sale for £339 or $487. Over charging much Google?

    • Just sayin’

      But that always happens with every technology product. 1USD=1GBP when it comes to tech. It’s been like that for decades.
      The rest of Europe has it even worse.

    • Karly Johnston

      You have to pay VAT, we don’t.

    • ShinX

      yeah also with the issues the 5x has and for me i think it is a waste to get one considering the numerous number of cheaper/ more price efficient options.

      i.e asus zenfone, honor 5x, etc.

      • David Bowline

        No “issues” here! My gf loves her 32gb Nexus 5X, I bought her for $349 on Black Friday!

  • jpeiv4

    … and I just bought the 64GB Moto Nexus 6 from Amazon a week ago hoping that would be the cheapest way to get a Project Fi device…

    • Btort

      if bought from amazon or amazon werehouse they take anything back, no restocking fee or anything. If it’s third party just ask them? maybe they won’t charge a restocking fee

  • ecdy

    No wireless charging and non standard usb are big negatives. Otherwise it’s marginally if at all better than the Nexus 5. Who needs it? The price is still too high. Probably will drop to 249. or less and I wonder whether it’s even still being made.

    • Rob Fetterhoff

      USB C is the new standard.

      • Major Sceptic

        So they tell us, I never had any problem with the cable, but then I’m old, the old : ).

    • David Bowline

      Marginally? Really? Much better camera, finger print sensor, larger better screen, superior processor and better battery life. That’s far from marginal.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      I would’ve agreed with you on the wireless charging, but thanks to doze, the standby time on this phone is insane. Sometimes I don’t even bother to put it on the charger at night and just top up the rapid charging before I leave the next morning.

  • Roberto Tomás

    makes you really appreciate all the great chinese phones coming out recently, no? :)

    it’s actually still hard to justify the price. you get a well made american-market phone with nice screen tech and probably the world’s best software updates … but you also get stuck with a snapdragon 808 (which is roughly identical the the snapdragon 650 in performance) and you get stuck with 2GB of ram. It isn’t that a phone like this wouldn’t be worth $250-$300 or so if it didn’t have the Nexus monicker on it .. it is just that it is barely fallen that low in price even with this discount.

  • mcdonsco

    A) no wireless charging. B) screen is one that doesn’t work with polarized glasses in landscape C) It’s a bit under powered (was a bit laggy).

    So, $299? Naaaaaa….

    • Roberto Tomás

      do you really need wireless charging? fast charging I care about, but wireless charging is just a novelty.

      I’m not disagreeing with your point as a whole.. I agree with you! that was jsut weird to lead with

      • mcdonsco

        Yes, yes I do. I use wireless charging constantly and because I use it bedside, desk etc i NEVER (as in EVER) need to plug my phone in.

        How nice is that? NEVER plug your phone in again. Just set it down in the right spot; that’s it.

        I find it funny how those that don’t use it always call it an unnecessary novelty when they have no clue how / why it’s useful.

        • Having moved from the Nexus 5 (being charged wirelessly) to the Nexus 6P, speak for yourself. Type-C is far better and no more inconvenient than a wireless charger.

          • mcdonsco

            See, amazing to me that folks that don’t use it bash those that do…so stupid.

          • David Bowline

            Funny. I see no one bashing those who use it, just sensitive people who use it. We’re all entitled to our opinions, no?

            The reason I make the points I make is because this article wasn’t about opinions. It was about a price drop totalling $80 us. Yet people bitch and moan about a great phone for that price. Great. It’s not for you. There are people who aren’t geeks like us and they are influenced by your negativism.

            And, yes. Now I’m bashing your need to trash the Nexus 5x.

          • GeekierThanYourLocalGeekSquad

            The only problem with wireless charging is how much money you have to invest in it. If phones came with wireless chargers instead of/ along with wired ones, I think everyone would use wireless charging and love it. The average Joe is gonna be hard pressed to think well of spending more money on what they view as the least important part of any device, and the one part that they take for granted the most.

          • Disqusser

            3 USD wireless charging pads are available. As someone who answers calls every few minutes while working on a PC….wireless charging has been very useful (as Bluetooth never really worked for me)

          • GeekierThanYourLocalGeekSquad

            Really? Huh cool. While that does eliminate my problem. I just remembered the problem that my parents have with it, standardization. There is Qi, PWA, Rezonence, all incompatible with each other, all competing with each other and all backed by different companys. While USB has one set standard for wired charging. Unless you use an Apple device , you never need to worry about compatibility. I’d use wireless charging myself inspite issues if my 6P had wireless charging. My parents, or my sister,all the non techies of the world will just be confused and thus refuse to use wireless charging till there is one standard (or two At most, as Apple would likely choose one that only iOS devices would use as they are want to do.)

        • Matthias Malmedie

          Have it.Waste of money.Overheating.Speed’s lame

        • David Bowline

          The key is, “the right spot”. By the time you find it you could’ve plugged your phone in. Fast charging is the way of the future. Wireless is a gimmick.

        • Spencer Walker

          I think why is because I haven’t ever used a bedside click or radio time whatever so when I got a phone I put it on the floor and set a alarm but I see your point

    • NotImpressive

      Whoa! What do you mean about the screen not working in landscape with polarized glasses? I haven’t heard that before. What is the effect of looking at it in landscape?

      • David Bowline

        I haven’t had a phone with LCD display that doesn’t do that yet. Welcome to the real world. What a pathetic complaint.

  • Prashant M

    Is this only in US ?!? Australia play store still does 570 AUD

    • Greg Eden

      $US350 is $AUD500. JB HiFi have them for $547 over the counter and they are proper Australian versions with B28 and B40 support.

    • Greg Eden

      JB now have then for $647. You have to be quick. I got mine for $547 for 32Gb version a few weeks ago.

  • Just sayin’

    FWIW UK Play store hasn’t seen a price drop (it did last time), but they have added £20 Google Play credit and a Chromecast in to the deal. If people in other countries are waiting and hoping for a drop then perhaps have a closer read of the blurb.

  • Matthias Malmedie

    As a nexus 5 and nexus 5x owner i cant complayn about it at all, works stable, feels nice an with the original book-flip cover its quite noble too

  • Daggett Beaver

    It’s still not going to woo away people from buying the Honor 5X for $200.

  • Mike Bastable

    so this thing does not seem to be a hit with consumers if Google is droppingthe price THIS much. US pricing is fine, RotWorld less
    so…though the price in Holland dropped significantly today also……
    The 6P i hugely overpriced. Google designs (with it’s partners) decent hardware but can we really say that NEXUS is a suc6?
    It may set the bar for other future releases and enable vanila Andrid to be used by consumers, but not that many seem interested really.
    Less hardware Google. Concentrate on getting a version of Android released avaialble to ALL handsets!, a basic OS will do….that can be fleshed out via the PLAY store depending on the handsets hardware. Apple updates across the board, Microsoft too. TO really please everyone, leave the cheap hardware to others and GIVE us a decent modern software. We all love the new Android versions but MOST do not (cannot) use them because OEMs do not update often enough. This whole 2 year lifespan for a handset is a disgusting rip off for customers and a massive waste of resources (materials, precious metals etc)…..
    Every recent phone should be updated to the new OS regardless of price point. The OS. if well written, would alllow this…
    Google has the resources but NOT the will.

  • Steve

    Hmm…looking for a smaller Android phone and this makes my choice between the 5x and the upcoming US release of the Xperia z5 compact a bit tougher.

  • Rochak Singh Choudhary

    This keeps getting compelling

  • Barry Moore

    If Google had started with this pricing, rather than 400 dollars plus for the 32gb version, I would have considered it. Instead I went with a MotoX Pure, which has a bigger screen and expandable memory. (For almost exactly the same price)

  • Hysen Parampil

    The price drop was also seen in India (temporarily though). During the amazon great Indian sale, nexus 5x 16GB was selling for Rs. 19990 which is close to $298

  • toomuchgame441

    It’s decent. But I was able to snag a One A9 for $350. That’s way better bang for the buck compared to a 5X IMO