lg nexus 5x 2015 mint (3)

New leaked images reveal more details about the mint version of the Nexus 5X.

In our exclusive report on the LG-made Nexus 5X (also known as the Nexus 5 2015), we stated that one of the color options available at launch would be “light blue.” Our source wasn’t sure about the official name of the color version (or the exact hue), but this leak from trusted Korean website UnderKG clarifies it – the color will apparently be “mint.”

Two images are being offered as proof, and they look pretty credible. The first one shows the Nexus 5X’s back, with the LG logo at the bottom and the familiar, vertical Nexus logo. The image quality isn’t that good, so the actual color of the device may differ quite a lot from the washed out blue we can see in the image.

lg nexus 5x 2015 mint (2)

The front of the device contains a little throwback to the design of the original Nexus 5, which – in the white and red versions – had a black front and a circular speaker grille in the color of the back. The Nexus 5X features a similar mint accent, and there’s also a feature of the same color on the left side of the phone, though we can’t really tell what that is. (Older renders of the Nexus 5X show both the volume rocker and the power button on the right side of the phone, like on the Nexus 6.) Just under the speaker, you can notice the front facing camera.

lg nexus 5x 2015 mint (1)

UnderKG’s report says the color can be described as “Tennis Court Mint,” but it’s not clear whether that’s the official name of the version or just a descriptor used by the source.

The Nexus 5X will also be offered in the conventional black and white options, and we expect to see all three variants made official on September 29.

According to other reports, the Nexus 5X will feature a Snapdragon 808 processor, a 5.2-inch Full HD display and a fingerprint sensor on the back. The device is expected to start from $400, and you can read more about it, as well as the larger Huawei Nexus, in our rumor roundup.

Incidentally, another device will launch soon in a mint version – the Nextbit Robin. Check out our hands-on with the device.

Thoughts on these images?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Jay

    Those bezels look pretty big.

    • Rodney Pierce

      Yes they do!! If the phone is just as big as some of the larger screen versions, there really is no reason to go with it. My favorite phone size wise to date is the Moto X Gen2. If this one fits anywhere close to that one, overall size wise it should be a winner.

      • Dante

        Lg G2 is my favourite size – It has a 5.2 inch display but it is even smaller than the X2 Cuz bezels

        • Andrew VanRysseghem

          Agree. Not sure why they haven’t done that again or made a 5.5 with the same bezel size. Best bezels on a phone imo and that was years ago…

          • Dante

            Yeah the bezels were bigger on a G3 and even bigger on the G4

          • Andrew VanRysseghem

            Yeah. The g3 wasn’t bad at all but the g2’s were still smaller. Think the g3 is the smallest 5.5″er out there. I was really hoping the g4 would’ve had smaller bezels than the 3. I would’ve given it a much stronger look.

          • Dante

            Nah the G4 still best what xab you get there still has very hifh screeb to body ratio

    • SugarFreeTargets

      Especially for a LG phone.

    • Tom

      Meh. It’s not huge.

    • Android Developer

      Do you think the bottom bezels is for fingerprint ? If so, too bad that this caused it to be this way.

      • Garrett Cooper

        For a name like Android Developer, I would think you’d already know the fingerprint scanner is on the back. The front facing speakers are part of the reason for the bezel size.

        • Android Developer

          Why do you think an Android developer has anything to do with an unannounced device? Just because I am an Android developer doesn’t mean I have access to this device, and it doesn’t even mean I work at Google.

          Why being rude? Did I really write something that hurt your feelings?

          Also, on the images here I don’t see a fingerprint scanner on the back (though it can be, as the finger might hide it), and on the front I see the bottom having a much larger bezel than on the top, so it doesn’t make sense that it’s just the front speakers (which should be symmetric in size being used).

          I wish that the fingerprint would be on the screen itself, as demonstrated by Qualcomm (as far as I remember) a few months ago.

          • Mike Consolo

            Is this really your first time seeing a picture of a device that’s been leaked for about a month now. There are plenty of pictures showing off the finger print sensor on the back.

          • Android Developer

            And they are still leaks, and they might not be the final product, just like here.
            Plus, I’m not sure, but I think that this leak seem a bit different than the others.

    • Luis Lainez

      The picture was taken at a weird angle, the bezels look the same if not smaller than the bezels in the original nexus 5, and these include front speakers

      • jimv1983

        The bezels on this phone are noticeably bigger than the original Nexus 5 which also had large bezels.

        • Matty Cakes

          From The picture,Bezel sizes look identical to my N5, hard to tell without seeing one in person though.

          • jimv1983

            I agree that it is a little hard to tell but it seems to me that the bezels are noticeably bigger. Either that or the thumb in that picture is of a small child and makes the bezel look much larger by comparison.

        • Luis Lainez

          If you look at other pictures of the phone from different angles you can see that the bezels aren’t too big. Yes, not the smallest, but I personally don’t mind because it means I get front facing speakers

          • jimv1983

            I’d prefer smaller bezels to help one handed use and comfortable pocketability. I hardly ever use the phone speaker anyways because anytime I’m going to be listening to sound coming from my phone it will be in an environment where their are people around me that don’t want to listen to what I’m listening to so I use headphones to be courteous to those around me.

    • phinn

      The phone looks pretty big too. The Nexus 5 size was perfect it should have stayed the same.

    • Oliver Cervera ✔ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I think they look Ok… just comparing to my Nexus 5

  • Looks so ugly and cheap!

    • Michael

      its retail price is gonna be $400-ish, they gotta cut corners

      • Hussein Abdullah

        no they dont, other oems especially in China give you great design and specs for even less than 400$…Í just hope it has a SD808 and 3 gb ram and at least a metal frame

        • Andrew VanRysseghem

          I don’t care about a metal frame as long as its durable but those bezelsssss. I agree with 808 and 3gb but also hoping for 64gb

      • jimv1983

        They don’t have to cut corners at all. Just price reasonably. On many flagship phones that sell for $750+ are like 50% profit.

        • Aaron Jaeger

          Who decides what is a reasonable profit margin?

          • jimv1983

            I guess it’s hard to say exactly but I’d say charging DOUBLE(and in many cases MORE than DOUBLE) is pretty clearly excessive.

            Smartphones have a higher profit margin than any other consumer electronic I can think of.

          • Aaron Jaeger

            If people are still buying smartphones by the truckload, they aren’t too expensive. Companies look at sales figures and charge as much as they can. The market will correct its self if need be.

          • jimv1983

            Just because someone is willing to pay a high price doesn’t mean that price isn’t a ripoff.

            It’s also largely due to the fact that most people don’t even know they are being ripped off. If companies started charging the same markup for other items that they charge on smartphones people would lose their shit but when it happens with smartphones then nobody says anything because they don’t even know how bad it is.

            Think what would happen if the majority of people knew how much they were being ripped off. They would start speaking out with their wallets and likely send a message to the phone makers and thing might get better. There is no phone on the market were charging more than $500 is reasonable.

            Just look at a phone like the original Nexus 5 as an example. It started at $350. Of course there were things that could have been improved like a bigger battery, more internal storage, a better camera, etc but the actual cost of the better parts is just a few dollars so the price could have been increased only a small amount without a loss of profit to the phone maker.

    • dsp4

      I don’t know. It looks cleaner than most flagships The S6, M9 and G4 all look cheesy and overdesigned. The Z5 isn’t too bad, but it still has that gaudy glass back. Plus it’s covered in useless markings (power, nfc icons, camera specs next to the optics, etc.)

      This is a quickly taken picture too. So you can’t compare it to the manufacturers’ beauty shots.

  • Alicemad

    Must be one of the few here thinking this phone looks like a Nexus so it’s nice and simple. It was never meant to look premium just a refresh of the original N5 which never really impressed me with its looks of the rubber back and vinyl disk camera design.

    • dsp4

      I prefer both this and the N5 designs over the orgy of lines and accents and “premium materials” other flagships seem to be so enamored with. Wood looks good on trees, not on a smartphone.

  • NinoBr0wn

    Metal frame? Yes no?

  • Fil

    What about the Nexus 6? Is it still being delayed?

  • Matthew Antunez

    Looks like the old N5

    • dsp4

      Sure, and Ford Fusions look just like Camrys.

  • itrustme

    Looks like shit and the specs sound shittier

    • Andrew VanRysseghem

      I will admit the bezels are pretty gross but what about the specs are?

  • Noel

    I am just saying…giving all the well specced devices starting at about three hundred…this better start at under $375 considering the soecs. Too many good phones of its caliber starting north of $300

  • VeryLooseVaginaSweetPotato

    Overall an ugly POS hyped up…this is equivalent to the Moto G.

    • Quikmix

      let’s see:

      SD808 > SD410
      5.2″ > 5.0″
      1080p > 720p
      424ppi > 294ppi
      2700mAh > 2470mAh
      OIS > no OIS
      Adreno 418 > Adreno 306

      Definitely not the same.

      You’re welcome to talk about which one you prefer, but let’s try not to draw equivalencies when they are clearly not equivalent handsets.

      • VeryLooseVaginaSweetPotato

        Wanst comparing phones the way your thinking. I guess people buy anything nowadays even if it looks like a brick. As in a concrete brick with a screen etched in.

        • Andrew VanRysseghem

          I wouldnt say brick. It’s much closer in size to a “subway” tile. I’m fine with a black or grey slab as long as the bezels aren’t huge. The bezels on this are pretty hideous though

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks perfect. But I’ll be perfectly happy with the all black model.

  • Michael Henderson

    Screw what y’all talking about, is that a notification light I see??!!??!!!??

  • Roiteza

    Buna treaba Bogdan :)

  • Dan McSweeney

    Bogdan, if I can please make a suggestion.

    I think what we are looking at here is just the body/shell of the Nexus 5x, but missing the internal circuit boards and other components like the cameras, battery etc., Or else it is just a display “dummy” phone like they use in phone stores.

    This would explain the circular “mint coloured feature” to the left of the earpiece, as it is probably just the rear shell showing through the empty front facing camera lens. The front camera has been to the far left of the earpiece in the last three generations of the G series.

    I think that there is no way that the object under the earpiece is the front facing camera, and that what we are seeing here is simply a proximity sensor for turning off the screen when you place phone next to your ear during a call. (Ambient light sensor is also often right next to this, leading to an oblong surround shape being designed around them in many phones.)
    If you look just to the left of the earpiece on LG G4 (and also on G2) you will see a similar shape where this is located. It is also there on G3, but the area around the two sensors is not marked out as clearly in the G3.

  • people bitching about this phone have no fucking clue what the nexus line is about.

    eta: can’t wait for this bad girl.

    • Oli72

      Totally agree.

    • dsp4

      Nexus team, reporting in. Can’t wait to preorder two of those.

    • jimv1983

      My only complaints are the overall size of the phone. Based on the size of the screen and the huge bezels it will likely be close to 6″ tall. My other complaint, and the most important, is once again including an undersized battery. I could have dealt with the size but the battery is a deal breaker. It’s only 17% bigger than the battery in the current Nexus 5 and that has HORRIBLE battery life.

  • MaxPower27

    They really shouldn’t be targeting a $400 base price point with those specs and design. I really hope that ends up not being the case, or that $400 is the price for the highest storage tier.

    • dsp4

      Nothing is confirmed yet. The 400$ price point is probably an extrapolation from the $50 increase each Nexus generation has seen.

      • MaxPower27

        The gist of my comment was “I hope they don’t charge $400 for this thing” and not “I’m upset that they’re charging $400 for thing.” I probably should have worded it more clearly.

        • dsp4


          But even at $400, what’s not to like? It’s similar to the G4, which retails for $600. $400 gets you a Moto X, which has a much slower SoC, older radios, no USB-C, no fingerprint reader, and a better camera.

          $400 seems quite fair to me.

          • MaxPower27

            For starters, the $400 Moto X Pure Edition has the exact same SOC as this phone, and it also has a much better camera (that’s just speculation, but c’mon – a Nexus phone with an excellent camera? Please). It also has a 1440p display vs 1080p (apparently) in this phone. The merits of 1440p over 1080p are obviously up for debate, but it at least means that the component itself is more expensive.

            I dunno, this phone just looks like it has a cheap plastic build. So did the last Nexus 5, of course, but it started at $50 cheaper than $400. Particularly with the market becoming more budget-focused in the 2 years since that phone was released, it just doesn’t seem like $400 would be that great of a deal for a competent but ultimately lackluster phone (especially given prior Nexus pricing, the N6 notwithstanding).

          • dsp4

            You are right about the X’s SoC, I mistakenly referred to the X *Play* SoC which was significantly slower. The other benefits of the Nexus (fingerprint reader, USB-C) remain though. I think both phones are comparable. I’d definitely consider the X Pure if it wasn’t for this new Nexus, but I think using Google’s phone has its own benefits. Updates tend to come quicker, and when they don’t come quick enough, you can install the factory images yourself.

            Design-wise, I think it certainly looks clean and understated, which is a nice depart from the gaudy aesthetics other flagships have adopted (I hate chrome and gold accents). Metal is definitely better on cars, but for phones, the repeated debates have proven that neither material is superior to the other, so I’m fine with what they used. The Nexus 5 looked cheap in leaked pictures too, and it ended up being gorgeus IRL. So I’m not worried about that.

            I agree that a $350 price point would be awesome, but $400 is not unreasonable, considering what the market has to offer today.

          • MaxPower27

            See, I feel the opposite way about the original N5. I thought it looked great in photos, but the cheap plastic build became quite apparent as soon as I actually held it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a great phone. There’s just nothing impressive about how it’s built.

      • jimv1983

        $50 increase for each Nexus generation?

        Nexus One: $530
        Nexus S: $650
        Galaxy Nexus $750
        Nexus 4: $350
        Nexus 5: $350
        Nexus 6: $650

  • You know it’s real because the white model has a black front.

  • Tony Tone

    $349.99 or this will be a failure.

    • dsp4

      Show a comparable phone that sells for less than 400$.

      • Cool

        Asus ZenFone 2, or even a Moto X pure edition. To a lesser extent, the Alcatel Idol 3.

        The Asus ZenFone 2 actually out classes it for $299. 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage plus an SD card slot, 1080p screen and 13 megapixel camera. The only thing that the Nexus 5 really has over it is a fingerprint scanner, and I am pointing this out as a Nexus fan, myself.

        • dsp4

          Good suggestions, but the Idol 3 has a much slower SoC. The ZenPhone definitely looks attractive, but it is an x86 device. I’d be worried about app incompatibility (or performance loss for apps that need the ARM instruction set to be emulated). It also runs it’s own flavor of Android, which may or may not be a con. The Moto X is definitely comparable (although lacking USB-C), but it *is* $400.

          In the end I think the Nexus’ price point is quite relevant.

          • Cool

            Yeah, that’s why I said the Alcatel Idol 3 “to a lesser extent” because of the lower end SoC, but the other specs are pretty comparable and we’re talking about a $250 phone here, not $400.

            I had my reservations about app compatibility with my wife’s Asus ZenFone 2, but it’s been a complete non issue. Every app and game she’s installed (probably getting close to a hundred at this point) and has been compatible and that Intel chip flies. The instructions aren’t emulated, BTW, it’s just compiled to the Intel spec instead. It’s running a skinned UI, yes, but it’s still really snappy, and you can make it feel nearly stock, and nearly all bloat ware can be either uninstalled or disabled. It’s honestly an impressive piece of hardware for the money. I don’t see the big deal with USB type C yet. It’s not compatible with quick charge yet (which the ZenFone 2 has BTW), and it’s literally just a type C connector using USB 2.0, so you’re really gaining nothing but a connector that’s incompatible with all your myriad of micro USB cables. USB type C needs time to mature. We’re in that painful infancy where it’s almost like a proprietary connection. As for the new Nexus price, I think it’d be fair if they offered a 64 GB version for $400 to $449, and the Moto X is technically $399, so it’s within your original criteria.

          • dsp4

            Good to know about the ZenPhone. Seems like a good device. I know most apps are run natively, but some do need to run emulated, about 10% of them according to Intel. Not a big con, and definitely makes it an interesting contender.

            The Nexus is the official Google phone though, the one to get updates first and the purest Android experience you can get. The ZenPhone is like the total opposite. It’s like “here’s a phone that completely bends the rules, but it’s $100 cheaper”. I don’t know, the whole x86 thing just sounds a bit too “experimental” to me. Since stuff needs to either be ported or emulated, everything will inherently come later or run slower. I don’t think I’d consider it for long term usage. And then what happens if Intel’s interest in Android fades and they no longer support it? Definitely not saying it’s a bad phone, but I feel like the $100 difference is justified.

            You are also right about Type C. I feel like the reversible connector is a nice perk though. And replacing the cables won’t cost half as much as it cost my wife to replace her iPhone cables :)

          • Cool

            The 10% you’re talking about are those using C programming language and the Android NDK. They’re mostly high end games and the vast majority are recompiled for the Intel SoC by the developer and that is what gets served to a user when they choose to download it. I’m not saying there’s 100% compatibility, but it’s so close that it’s basically not an issue. I was pleasantly surprised by this, but we’ve come a long way since the early days on Intel support on Android.

            And, no, needless to say, the ZenFone 2 won’t get updates as fast as a Nexus (I’ve been a Nexus user for several years and I’m spoiled by the quick updates). But Asus puts out several updates a month with bug fixes, enhancements and security updates. For example, my wife’s Asus ZenFone 2 received the Stagefright patch the exact same day my Nexus 5 got the OTA. It’s slated to get Marshmallow, too. If one wants the latest and greatest version of Android then almost everything but Nexus isn’t an option (except Moto perhaps). You need to remember though, most casual users don’t care what version of Android they’re on, but we do because we’re enthusiasts, and since Asus puts the security updates out fast it’s a win for those people. I don’t mind getting type C cables, but it’ll take a while before it’s ubiquitous like micro USB is right now. Besides manufacturers need to embrace the USB 3.1 aspects of type C for its benefits to come full circle. Just my two cents. Cheers.

      • Tony Tone

        I’m talking about $349 as the starting price. most likely will be $450 for the model most people will purchase, not $400 due to that fact there wont be expandable storage. and there are a lot of really good phones in that price range you must admit.

  • ROB

    battery is too small

    • jimv1983

      Seriously. I really wish phone makers would start including batteries that actually match the power requirements of the hardware.

  • flye

    What’s a tennis court mint?
    Are tennis courts white in colour???

  • Edwin Walker

    I don’t really care about front-facing speakers on a phone so the huge bezels at the top and bottom are really unappealing to me. I don’t know why people insist on calling 5″ phones “media consumption devices”, that’s really the last thing I care about. I’d rather stick with my 1st gen Moto X for its compactness; it’s the perfect size for me.

    Also, the picture just shows the white version in the shade.

  • Barry Forry

    How does the price say budget?
    For Google to compete price should be 200 and 250.00

    • dsp4

      Those days are over I’m afraid. To their defense though, phone prices have been steadily increasing. In the Nexus 4 days, an unlocked Galaxy S3 could be had for $650, now the S6 is $800.

    • CoreRooted

      Since when have Nexus devices been “budget” devices? They are developer reference devices. Always have been, always will be. For whatever reason, consumers seem to like various models, but at the core, Google has always produced them as a development device targeting the newest version of Android.

  • nathan carter

    The bezels are not huge.

    • jimv1983

      Are we looking at different pictures? It doesn’t have the biggest bezels I’ve ever seen on a phone but they are still huge. Look at the bottom bezel compared to the size of the guys thumb. The screen is only 4.53″ long but the entire phone is probably close to 6″ long with the bezels.

      The LG G2 had a 5.2″ screen and was 5.45″ long and it had bezels that were much smaller than this new Nexus 5.

      I’m really curious how big a bezel has to be before you consider it huge.

      If the total length of the new Nexus 5 was like 5″ (which would still be 12mm for top and bottom bezel) then I’d say the bezels weren’t huge.

      • nathan carter

        LG is big on sound. So I suspect those speaker drivers to take up most of the bezel space.

        Every design has a purpose. I’ll wait and see why they chose this one.

        The bezels aren’t that huge.

        • jimv1983

          I’d prefer better one handed use and comfortable pocketability over front facing speakers that I’m hardly ever going to use anyways.

          And again, if you think those bezels aren’t big then we must be looking at different pictures. That is an iPhone sized bezel.

  • P.L.

    Looks like a white nexus with weird color balance

  • Jason Wilson

    Why $400? Moto X Style offers a 5.7″ QHD display and starts at $400.

    What’s the point of the Nexus line if not to be more cutting edge?

    • Ivan Feign

      Nexus phones are reference devices for the version of Android they’re released with. It’s up to other OEMs to soup up the specs and sell you a phone for twice the price.

    • King_Android

      Exactly plus Moto will update it close to when the Nexuses are updated. So if you can get a better product for the same price why get the inferior product. Price would be the only thing. So lets hope for a price <400. Maybe $299 for 16gb and 349 for 32gb and 399 for 64gb

    • jimv1983

      Some people don’t want an enormous phone. As it is the new Nexus 5 is likely going to be 6″ long(or pretty damn close).

      Also, battery life is a big concern as well. The new Nexus 5 is a 5.2″ 1080p IPS LCD with a 2,700mAh battery and the Moto X Style is a 5.7″ QHD IPS LCD with a 3,000mAh battery. Battery life is going to suck on both because of tiny batteries but the new Nexus 5 will have better battery life for sure.

    • dsp4

      The QHD screen, unless you’re holding your phone 8 inches from your face, only eats up your battery and GPU cycles. At typical usage distances (10 inches +), it’s impossible to tell the difference with a FHD display.

      Also, even though it runs stock Android, you’re still forced to wait for OTA updates. The Nexus line has access to factory images and future release previews, often as soon as they are announced. The Moto X also doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner nor a USB-C connector.

      Finally, this is mostly personal, but I think the Nexus looks much cleaner than the X.

      The X does have a better camera though.

  • Brandon Zobisch ヅ

    I like it, but not enough to get rid of my Nexus 6

  • Android Developer

    Too bad it still won’t have a lot of goodies that other devices have, like SD-card, replaceable battery, force touch…

    • Ivan Feign

      There’s not a single phone that has all 3 of those features…

      • Android Developer

        I didn’t say there is. I said Nexus should, as it’s a symbol of what an Android device can become.
        It’s also used by developers, so it should have features that can help to target to as many devices as possible, and this includes devices that have those features.
        For example, Android 5 finally have official support for SD-cards (via the DocumentFile API), but no Nexus device has it, so any developer that use it cannot try it on this device.
        For Force-touch, this was actually supported for a very long time (Android 2 I think), but most devices don’t have it, so I think that Nexus should have it too, especially now that Apple has shown it.

      • King_Android


  • Cool

    Ha. It’s probably just a white Nexus 5 2015 with bad white balance in the picture.

    It doesn’t really look very minty blue at all. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

    • HenryG

      you may be on to something. Here is the same photo WB corrected. I think the skin tones are much more natural on this version.

      • Cool

        Well done. This looks perfect.

        It’s not a confirmation. But it’s pretty close.

  • RM Becker

    1 vote for fake. The user covers certain things with thumb and doesn’t show others, when they could easily be shown. CLICK-BAIT!

  • RM Becker

    1 vote for fake. The user covers certain things with his thumb and doesn’t show others, and it’s purposeful.

  • Dustin Travis

    Does the screen crack as easily as on the original Nexus 5?

  • Joe Knaggs

    Looks pretty good really – though I’m hoping for another Huawei leak. This is the one I’m looking forward to see :)

  • Ethan Torres

    It would have been interesting to see a blue nexus; however mint is “cool” color though still.

  • jimv1983

    I wish it had the battery of the Moto X Play.

  • whispy_snippet

    I really doubt that’s a mint N5. More likely a white N5 taken with a dodgyily white balanced camera.

  • Lethal_1

    Subscribing … dunno why .. & not looking forward to the disappointment …

  • aprekas

    Are you sure the phone isn’t white and gold, not blue and black?

  • Pedro Gonsalez

    So the photographer had time to snap a pic of the phone, but couldn’t flip the phone to give a view of the camera and fingerprint scanner? SMH

  • Lethal_1

    Standing by for another disappointment….

  • Obsolydian

    I don’t know… I get less and less impressed with these leaks for the 5X: it’s like the device gets worse and worse every time something leaks about it. I’m DEFINITELY not feeling what looks like a gap between the screen and the chassis — HORRIBLE. (I didn’t even think manufacturers still did this with phones anymore…) 2015 seems like a bad year for stock Android purists who don’t want a gargantuan device. As a Moto X (1st Gen) user, I totally don’t mind moving from a 4.7-in screen to something like a 5.2-in screen, but 5.7-in is just getting too big for me. I guess we’ll see when the official announcement rolls around.

  • LightCucumber

    My only hope is that LG opts for a POLED display instead of a low-grade, light bleeding IPS on the Nexus 5. It would result in better battery life (only 2700mah for SD 808) and colors would pop on the new UI without oversaturation like super amoled…. you can check out POLED on lg g flex 2 in an at&t store!

  • Reverend retarted ^

    I was hoping that they would make the nexus 5 2015 look different, however it seems to be a carbon copy of the nexus 5 2013 design wise. Oh well, maybe I’ll wait for the snapdragon 820 phones