It’s official: Nexus 5 is out of the Google Store for good

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 12, 2015

Google Nexus 5 black aa 8

Google confirmed that it won’t be selling the Nexus 5 anymore, though the device will continue to be available from some retailers and carriers.

Along the 2013 Chromebook Pixel (replaced by the better, cheaper 2015 model), the Nexus 5 has not made the jump to the new Google Store, the hardware storefront that Google launched yesterday.

The Nexus 5 briefly went out of sale last year, but Google replenished the stock on December 6. Back then, the company said the device would continue to be available in Q1 2015. Now the inevitable has happened – in a statement to The Verge, Google confirmed that the Nexus 5 is gone for good this time: “While some inventory of Nexus 5 still exists (with our retail and carrier partners), our focus is on the Nexus 6 at this time.”

Despite a few shortcomings, especially in the battery and camera departments, the Nexus 5 has been the most popular smartphone in the series, and its absence will be missed. A year and half from its release, the LG-made device is still a top choice for those looking for the best bang for their buck. The silver lining is the price of the device is bound to go even lower over the following months.

Despite a lot of chatter on various social channels, there’s no indication that Google would release a Nexus 5 (2015). While that’s certainly possible, talk of a new Nexus 5 seems to be just wishful thinking for now.

Would you buy a refreshed Nexus 5 if it ever came out?

  • Murshid Raven

    And so the legend becomes a legend…

    • Chris

      With nerds in their mothers basements

      • Dustin Fontaine

        Won’t argue the nerd thing but I have my own place with my fiance. Probably some iPhone fanboy trying to talk shit where he isn’t needed. Or where he is simply wrong considering its already been demonstrated that the iPhone 6 is comparable to the Nexus 4.

        • John Doe

          Chris is just giving you his biography … or who he plays with … lol

    • Kanoosh

      a legend with poor battery life , dea pixels and slow performance considering the internal specs.. however, i couldn’t disagree that’s it’s still an amazing device, espeically for the price and what you get for it..

      • John Doe

        Funny, I do not experience any of those issues.. my battery lasts me almost 2 days on normal use, pixels are all fine even after
        dropping it several times (and no broken glass .. Yaay!!) yet.. lol
        and response is a hell of a lot better than my last phone (Original Note) …
        Love the auto OS update after my Sammy days!!
        I cannot complain about anything that this phone bring to the table.. tho I am not a big camera nut, so the camera could be crap, but my pics seem fine to me …. lol

        Of all my previous phones, this one is tops in my book! (but should newer phones not be better than your last ??)

        • random1uploada .

          I get the battery issue, but apart from that, it’s the best phone I’ve had to date. I also came over from the original Note too.

  • coryisakson

    The Nexus 5 continues to be the best phone for the money. The 6 is too expensive and too large. I would definately buy the 5 again.

    • David

      Couldn’t agree more, one of the best phones ever made, right size, good specs, good price, please release a new one with improved battery and SD Card.

    • Dustin Fontaine

      Your argument against the 6 is purely subjective. I went from the N5 to the G3 because the nand memory failed in the N5. Then the N6. I had a pretty good transition though.

      • coryisakson


    • William O’Meara

      If compare to other phones in it’s size class it is the best value, phones of that size are always more expensive, you can’t get a brand new note 4 unlocked for $650 MSRP but you can find it for that price on amazon but MSRP on that phone is $1030.

  • Shah

    absolutely yes is my answer to your question

  • mola2alex

    Yes, fix battery and camera and I would buy it

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    So I guess customers seeking a smaller Nexus must now: go big or go home.

    • bozs13

      Sad times for sure. My Z3 Compact comes in today. Sad that I had to leave the Nexus line

  • Guest

    it would be nice to have a nexus5 successor with such balance of performance, specs and price. I’d buy one. the nexus6 is not a successor of the 5, it’s in a different league in just everything.

  • If not for the crappy battery life, I’d have got this great phone back then!

    • Not nexus =(

      Same here. Instead I went with the LG g2 (best battery and camera for 5″ device on the block that I could find) installed cm11 (going to try the cm12 betas soon) and pocketed the £30 I saved as it’ was cheaper than the 5.

    • Will S.

      Buy a Galaxy.

      • William O’Meara

        oh God no! don’t do that. All the bloat and the crappy iOS ripoff interface just make those phones unusable. You can get the GE version of the S4 but that still has that crappy physical home button and the capacitive back and recent apps buttons instead of the android standard soft keys.

  • FAC.-

    it would be nice to have a nexus5 successor with such balance of performance, specs and price. I’d buy one. the nexus6 is not a successor of the 5, it’s in a different league in just about everything.

  • iamtravis182

    The battery life after 5.0 update improved substantially. The camera still has much to be desired. However, the screen, the form factor, software, and the price are tough to beat.

  • iamtravis182

    Not mentioned in this article, is the seeming abandonment of the GPe devices. Pure Android fans have extremely limited choice. I hope Google will remedy this with an updated Nexus 5 or other phone in a different form factor.

  • nyk91

    I own a nexus, except the battery life I love everything about this phone

  • Will S.

    I never found this phone that appealing to be honest, the only thing good about it is the raw specs and price…

  • Cakefish

    My Nexus 5 just got a new lease of life with Android 5.1 after nearly being choked to death with 5.0 and its notorious memory leak bug. I will wait some more months before I look for a replacement phone, probably until the end of the year, just in case Google make a refreshed 2015 version. If not, then I’ll get the best flagship at the time with a Snapdragon 820. Current flagships just don’t offer a big enough jump to justify their cost. That’s how well the Nexus 5 has aged – it’s still a fantastic phone today. All thanks to the great price tag and LG design.

  • William O’Meara

    I can’t see why they wouldn’t refresh the 5 but lg wouldn’t make the new version (it would probably be moto) so it wouldn’t be the same phone at all, just have the same name and around the same screen size.