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Update: a Google rep told Gizmodo the Nexus 5 will remain on sale through the Play Store and other retailers in Q1 2015. The statement doesn’t necessarily contradict the report that production has stopped. It’s unclear what will happen after Q1 2015.

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The news that the red and white versions of the Nexus 5 have been removed from the Play Store sparked speculation about a similar fate awaiting the black version as well.

It looks like fears were founded this time, as an unnamed Google spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar that production of the Nexus 5 has stopped. Once the stock runs out, the black version of the Nexus 5 will be removed from the Play Store for good.

“Once they are gone, they’re gone, so we’d suggest people get them while they can,” said the Google representative.

Currently, the black Nexus 5 (16 and 32 GB) is listed as out of stock in the US Play Store. It’s not clear if more stock will be added.

With today’s short production cycles, which push the 6-month limit in some cases, it should come to no surprise that Google and LG have decided to wrap up Nexus 5 production. Still, when the Nexus 5 remained in the Play Store along newcomer Nexus 6, some thought Google would continue to offer the 5-incher as an option for users looking for a smaller phone.

Our Kevin Nether looked at how the Nexus 5 is holding up a year after its market debut, and found that “if you’re looking for a stock-Android experience, extremely quick updates, and decent build quality, you still can’t go wrong with the Nexus 5.” Here’s his video:

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Will there ever be a new version of Nexus 5? It may be just wishful thinking, but we can’t rule out the possibility either. But, for now, the oversized Nexus 6 remains Google’s reference phone.

Even after the Nexus 5 reaches end-of-life status, you will still be able to get it from various retailers, and probably at steeply discounted prices.

Will you be said to see the Nexus 5 go? Or is newer always better for you?