New Sony Xperia C6 render shows off bezel-less display, looks drop dead gorgeous

by: Preetam NathJanuary 30, 2016

sony xperia c6 leaked render

A high-quality render of Sony’s unannounced Xperia C6 smartphone has been released by a reliable tech leaker on Twitter. The Xperia C6, if the newly released render is to be believed, looks a lot like Xperia C5 Ultra, which was introduced back in mid-2015. Just like the C5 Ultra, the new Xperia C6 is expected to have a near bezel-less display, which would definitely help this device stand out from amongst the crowd.

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The new Sony Xperia C6 render was released by @OnLeaks, who says that the image was constructed based on the phone’s factory schematics. Not much else is known about the Xperia C6, but rumour has it that Sony’s upcoming device will run an octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 chipset under its hood, clocked at a cool 2.0GHz. There’s another rumour which says that the Xperia C6 will have a 1080p resolution display, while the display size may be anywhere between 5- and 6-inches.

While we can’t say for sure, Sony might introduce the new Xperia C6 at MWC 2016, which kicks off on February 22nd in Barcelona. Several other players are also expected to make major announcements on the first day, like Samsung, who’s expected to announce the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge after Sony’s press conference. Alleged press renders of Samsung’s unannounced flagship devices were leaked not too long ago as well, so be sure to check those out before MWC kicks off. Stay tuned for the full coverage on all things relating to Android at MWC 2016!

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  • Jay Leno

  • Dioq8i

    Jimmey Kimmel

  • Mark Washington

    Top and bottom bezels though!

    • ninux

      They cant forget those exist too. It’s impossible to eliminate them but they could make them half the size at least.

      • Милен Стефанов

        Half size bezels + front speakers is a must today if they want to set a price tag over $150…

        • Kanoosh

          then where would you hold the phone at?.. what about one handed use? what about lanscape mode? would you use the speakers when your thumbs are covering them up because the bezel isn’t big enough?..

          personally , i think those big bezels are awesome and much needed if you are going to eliminate the side bezels.. makes it easier to handle imo.

          • KLoNe1

            No-one cares what someone with a bezel-fetish thinks.

        • They could have filled the bezel space with speakers, agreed.

    • Andrew White

      Yep…. Sony just won’t minimize these.
      They just don’t get it.

    • AndroidBrian

      Seriously. That much bottom bezel may as well put home button there.

      • Robert Robert

        i agree with you !!!

      • Svnjay

        No, home buttons are awful.

        • Shamoy Rahman

          They should give us an option to turn it on or off. To choose between touch hardware or software keys.

          • Svnjay

            But then we’d have the ugly home button ruining the design like Samsung and OnePlus.

          • Shamoy Rahman

            You could turn off that physical home button. You know how LG did those glow buttons that disappeared into the screen when the button lights turned off? Sony should do that.

          • Svnjay

            Sounds like it ruins the aesthetics just as much as capacitive buttons.

      • George Marinopoulos

        Thats what I’ve been saying all along about the inch top and inch bottom bezels there is no common sense to also put the 3 menu buttons in the bottom bezel like almost everyone else then that save on the screen viewing sorry this just looks almost like a iphone 3 or 4 im not a apple fan but very much a sony fan since the P800 id rather have a thicker phone then seeing the bezels even the p800 had smaller bezels top & bottom the this or the Z5

        • 3165dwayne

          The Xperia x1 was my favorite design from them.

    • EasyCare

      I’d rather have a long phone compared to wide ones.

  • Jonathan Kramer

    David Letterman!

  • Alex Trebek

  • Rocky

    I hope they accommodate front firing speakers on top and bottom bezels

    • AntiXerox

      With bezels like those, they better.

      • Rocky


  • Lim Ming Quan

    No selfie flash?

  • Wezi427

    What markets will this be sold in?

  • Roby

    Yo momma so fat, she looks like the bottom bezel on that phone.
    Srsly tho, if they would at least add capacitive buttons it wouldn’t look half as bad….


    Just when you thought the design couldn’t get more Apple-y, here comes this…

    • Svnjay

      That’s a good thing :)

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Man the C5 Ultra is already like the cousin of Lenovo K3 Note, now the C6 is like the cousin of the K5 note!

  • aaloo

    Don’t know why Sony stinks at selling its really good looking phones.

  • Jalitha

    looks pretty dope….??

  • ahmad aliraqi

    finally lil change in the design ???

  • Tech_Nano

    Nice design …. but top and bottom bezels ??

  • Marty

    I bet that’ll be a nightmare to hold. The home screen will always be in edit mode whenever you pick it up to look at it.

  • iia3ezu

    Too bad there’ll be a crappy Mediatek chip inside it, but hey, you want a cheapo phone, so you get cheapo parts.

    • 10s of millions of people using MediaTek powered Smartphones. It ain’t so bad, unless you go with a $100 phone. You get what you pay for!

  • Aditya Putratama

    the matte-metal-looking back looks very good ..
    bezel is okay, but could be better ..

  • BluntSmoka

    I have the Z1s with all the bezel at the bottom they should just give the phone a menu, back, and home buttons.

  • Da_James

    CPU backdoor included? No thanks ;-)

  • benz_85

    I’m hoping that the entire bottom bezel is a fingerprint scanner

  • Airyl

    Hey, it’s the Nubia Z9!

  • Rohit Raja

    It’s an I-phone, without wearing my glasses. Hasnt the world got better to offer, besides rip off designs from apple?

  • Luctreebusch

    What a design?. Hope the bottom bezel is for offscreen buttons though.

  • 3165dwayne

    Ugly as sin. It has a billboard for a forehead and Jay leno’s chin.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sell it for $350, and a ton of people will buy it.

    • Considering they are targeting the South Asian markets, a $250-$300 price range is more realistic.

      • Shamoy Rahman

        They would make a loss then. They should target pricing it slightly higher but not too high. $350 is the sweet spot. After all, Sony does put more emphasis on quality and is a more reliable brand name. A lot of Indians (not every) would prefer to spend that extra $50 to ensure their phone is very carefully engineered with high end specs.

  • dem_wapo

    I’m currently using c5 ultra. Good looking phone and no problems so far. Looking forward to c6!