New HTC One M10 leak purports to picture the back side

by: Matthew BensonFebruary 23, 2016

This year’s Mobile World Congress feels just a bit different than usual. Taiwan’s HTC has announced some Desires and even “re-launched” the X, but has opted not to unveil its new One. Just last week a new leak appeared that claimed to show off the device – allegedly going by the codename Perfume – in full frontal, sans HTC’s oft-criticized black bezel bar. In fact, no logo appeared to be present at all, something that Samsung Korea (and Galaxy Japan) seemingly knows something about.

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)See also: HTC One M10 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features14

Today’s leak originates from a Weibo account which has since deleted the post, but not before was able to save the image. The picture appears to be of the back of the One M10:

HTC One M10 Back

A few key take-away points to discuss:

  1. The camera sensor is markedly different for an HTC One flaghsip. Whereas the One M7, One M8, and One M9 all used a camera module flush with the device’s body, this looks to protrude as evident by the ring around it.
  2. To the right of the sensor is a dual-LED flash, and another space which is assumed to be used for the laser-focusing module which the phone is rumored to have.
  3. HTC’s classic antenna lines – part of the original design cue HTC argues has been copied by Apple – are present, and are as thin as ever.
  4. The back – while clearly made of metal – has a very different aesthetic going on: a large chamfer going around the rear perimeter of the device.

For reference, here is the image which was leaked last week:

HTC One M10 leak

It should be noted that there is something a bit strange going on with the display. In particular, the bottom-right corner looks to be sticking over the white bezel. It is possible the display itself is damaged, or the image was edited or Photoshopped for reasons unknown. The picture does, however, line-up (design-wise) with that leaked earlier in the month:


In this picture however, there looks like what appears to be a third antenna band along the top part of the frame – just above the camera – yet this is clearly not present on today’s rear leak.

It remains to be seen as to which – if any – of these three leaked pictures turn out to be accurate. They might all be of the real product, or they might all be a clever trick. It is also possible that one or more could be of a prototype device that was sent out “in the field” for testing but to disguise the body itself.

The HTC One M10 is rumored to be shipping with a 5.2-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. It will supposedly be dropping the BoomSound speakers – like the A9. Depending on the region, the Snapdragon SoC may be replaced with a MediaTek unit instead.

With HTC inevitably going to launch its new flagship within the next couple of months, it is only a matter of time before the final design becomes known, or at least until some more leaks start to trickle out. In the meantime, feel free to leave your thoughts below and discuss what to make of the newest possible picture of what may potentially be the new One (but not that One).


  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    Ok, so I get that HTC did a lot of things first that began trends that other brands seemingly copied. However this is just a downright clone. If this is HTC’S new One series, the. It looks like a gs7 had a baby with Lgs camera module, and this popped out. Not to say it’s not good looking, the chamfered edges are quite nice, and the front camera looks like it’ll be a beast. But I mean, come on, they’re basically pulling a One Plus X with this thing. They could’ve started a trend with putting the finger print sensor on the side or something under the volume rocker or power button, but no, you smack it under the screen, the exact same shape and size as a galaxy.

  • I’ve never seen so much wrong in a phone design since the Xperia line.

    • Ikram Choudhary

      what’s wrong with the xperia design? i dont understand. the z5 looks amazing. the fingerprint sensor location is practical when picking the phone up

      • Bacillus

        Looks nice but is really uncomfortable to use. The square edges dig into your palms

    • charlie Jason

      What’s wrong with this one?

      • b

        Seriously? Front- copy of Samsung, back looks shitty, big bezels, no boomsound… What is NOT wrong?

      • I’m not even going to bother. Its sad that you don’t see it.

  • 404

    Not bad, i would buy it

  • Happy

    Looks like a smartphone.

  • Mist Coconut

    Sound boom?

    • Rob nuttz

      Boom sound.

  • barneydog7

    HTC is Apple of the Android world…….. Nuff said.

    • Jake

      You are right there my man! In fact I would go as far to say the front of the phone looks allot like the SGSII!

  • Sid Shetty

    Its like HTC doesn’t even care anymore.
    If Xiaomi can make a similarly specced device with same finger print scanner and double it as home button and use the extra space for cap buttons while keeping the bezels slimmer than M10.
    HTC has no excuse i hope they go down under so they can stop disappointing year after year.

  • Lucy Heartfillia

    No boomsound? Why HTC why? :(

    • sp

      not like it helped them to convince most consumers to purchase their phones. it could also be costly.

      • antithesis

        It might not convince most consumers but at this point, what’s convincing people to stay with HTC? I love the boomsound, and never been bother by the bezel. The leaks make the M10 feel very generic.

        I love my HTC M7 and have been using HTC since their WM days. But right now, from what I’m hearing/seeing, there is zero reason as to why I should get the HTC One M10.

        I’m still going to wait for the official announcement as these leaks could be fake/prototypes. But I’m not impressed at all.

        • Brian

          Agreed. Boomsound or bust! It’s the best feature of the phone. People with other phones (especially the iPhones with their crappy mono speakers) are always impressed with how loud my M8 is! It’s got better speakers than my Surface tablet. I’m really going to be sad giving them up. Worse than loosing Qi Wireless charging with the last generation.

    • David M Hunsinger

      Because the M9’s speakers were sub-par it sounded great but was too quiet.

  • Adam Bryant

    “They might all be of the real product” how on earth can this be? the device in both front shots differ quite alot! are you saying it might have a 2nd face in another dimension? – Adam

  • Derek

    Look, it is simple. All these photos are either fakes or plants. HTC could be planting these “leaks” to test what people’s reactions would be. Quite frankly I think they are fakes being made by people who have way too much time on their hands.

    There has been NO definite information on the M10 from HTC at all yet. None! Zero! Zip! Nada! All this information floating around on the net is pure 100% speculation coming from bloggers. HTC has not officially released ANYTHING about the M10 yet, not even the specs!

    All this talk about no more front speakers is rumor. Pure and simple.

    We all need to wait it out patiently until HTC announces it and makes it official. I don’t mind waiting 2 more months to get a new phone if it means I am basing my purchase on fact. All of you booing HTC over speculation and rumors are helping to sink their ship. Honestly, they could use all the fan based help they can get! Let’s cheer them on and let them know what we look forward to and then hope for the best. I want to see HTC come alive again!

    I have the M7 and have been using it for 3 years. It has been a fantastic phone, aside from the camera issues, which they fixed. I love the feel of it and the design. It just feels right.

    I have tried the A9 out and I also like the feel and look of it. If HTC wants to depart from the M design and make the A9 design their new flagship look, then go for it! I just want them to keep the front facing speakers, have a great camera with optical image stabilization, lose any camera hump or protruding camera ring, have up to date competitive internals, keep sense simple and equip it with water and dust protection.

    I look forward to what HTC will reveal.

    • Simon Murphy


    • Kody

      If they are plants wouldn’t it be better to complain so they know what people don’t want?

    • thatguy

      I hope you are correct.

    • dbeelz

      Definitely not a plant, I see zero evidence of photosynthesis (no visible chlorophyll) or any other plant like features.

      • neonix


    • Shane

      I’ve been saying the same thing. I could not agree more. I love the look of this new render. People can hate on HTC all they want but they’ve made quality phones in the M series. Camera was lacking on the m7 & m8 but I have Zero complaints about the M9 in any category (I own all 3)
      . It takes beautiful pics in light, and good enough pics in the dark. Sure, other cameras are better in low light but I don’t buy my phone based in camera alone. My M9 outperforms and out handles the G4, V10 and the s6, GN4, and never lags. Battery life life is generally a full day with moderate use. It’s incredibly fast with downloads & uploads, especially when paired with my fios Wi-Fi at at home, but even on LTE it’s fast.
      I think the problem with HTC is their lack of mainstream marketing. They really do make high end phones, people just make their opinions based on biased articles they read on the intranetz.

      • SnakeSplitskin

        I think your comment is a persuasive argument against buying the M10. Saying things like “good enough pics in the dark” and “sure, other cameras are better in low light” and “I don’t buy my phone based on camera alone” all lead the reader to believe that the M10 will not be a flagship level phone. Let’s be clear. To be considered a top-level phone the phone will need to have an excellent camera. Excellent meaning is one of the cameras that is considered the best at low-light photos. “Good enough” is a phrase for mid-ranged phones. At flag-ship prices customers expect an excellent camera.

        Then you go on to say “generally a full day with moderate use” referring to the battery. People aren’t looking for phones that give moderate use for battery performance. They are looking for great battery performance. Basically, a flagship phone these days has to have
        1) excellent battery, excellent camera, and excellent software experience contained within a beautiful design. Your comments makes my confidence in the M10 very low.

        • illyay

          No, sorry.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            great comeback.

          • David M Hunsinger

            I have the M9 and I’m an HTC fanatic but the battery on this phone is garbage, as for the Camera it takes some great photos… When viewed on the phone, blow them up and the details get… Noisy. The design is about the only thing it has going for it, the boomsound speakers are more quiet than even the M7’s.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the M10 can somehow get past that. Otherwise HTC is dead.

          • neo905

            I still have the M7. The M9 is definetly louder than the M7 but not as loud as the M8.

    • Cole Hyntermeister

      I agree. Everyone thought that sleek and sexy Nexus looking device was the M9, and then 2 weeks before release a leaked picture came out of the utter disappointment that the M9 truly was. I was in denial that it would happen up until the announcement at MWC (Or whatever event they held themselves, a lot’s happened to me since then lol I don’t remember everything). I was PISSED. I love the A9, I just wish it was even just $100 less. $500 is too much, but for some reason $400 is more okay with me. If they could have an A9 with a bigger battery and front facing speakers, it’d be a perfect M10, IMO.

    • Arcendus

      You’re opting to argue that we know nothing about the M10 while saying with certainty that these leaks are either planted or simply fake.

      Do you see the flaw in your argument?

    • Rob nuttz

      Well said…and I for one can not believe they would be dropping boomsound. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Brian

      Right? Give me an A9 design, with a good camera (with no bump god damn it!), finger print scanner, latest internals and BOOMSOUND SPEAKERS, and I’ll throw my money at them.

      I have a feeling we’re going to be disappointed.

  • charlie Jason

    At this point I feel like no matter what design they come up with everyone’s gonna complain.

    • Arcendus

      People will complain (rightfully so) if HTC remains stagnant. This isn’t anything unique to HTC—they simply need to satisfy their customers. If they don’t realize by now that this means innovating, at least a little, then they certainly deserve their current reputation. Here’s hoping they wake up and take a risk.

    • Rob nuttz

      I know so many damn cry babies. Go get a fckn G5 or S7 then and stfu

  • meh uninspiring and rehashed way too much.

  • javallee

    I thought the same when I first saw it. Looks like they blurred it out.

  • javallee

    The chamfered edge design pic lines up more with the initial leak showing the raised buttons on the side. Also the home button/fingerprint sensor look to be totally different. Personally I really dig the chamfered edge design, and the exaggerated buttons. Can’t wait for this to be unveiled so I can decide if this will be a contender in the possible upgrade list later this year.

  • Keith

    Recovery seems impossible for HTC now! RIP HTC!

  • Marty

    I’m kind of liking the chamfered look. But am concerned about any curve on the back. I had two M7s and both of them exhibited a very, very faint deformation of their curved backside running parallel to the long sides and in from the edge about a half inch, which could be seen at the right angle in the right light. I don’t see this deformation on my M8 so there’s hope for the M10.

  • TairyHessticals

    Ill be fairly pissed if the boom sound is gone. I’d take the black bar if need be , you know the “space needed” for the amp for the speakers. Headphone port on top is also lame because of the cord having to be held by one of you fingers to keep it from dangling in front of your screen and bumping it and possibly…just its frustrating all the have to do is add 4 things, just 4! AMOLED screen, shrink that black bar on the bottom and add a better camera and Wireless quick charge 4 things! Geezeee HTC! that’s all they needed to do they literally could have kept the same phone change those things and the industry would have been like they finally did it but no they just could not stick to their gardens and fix it. Well at least according to this leak. For Samsung goes it with Apple does you get a person used to your product and every year you make changes for the better. It’s a formula that’s been proven to work time and time again. It’s like just toss the fingerprint sensor on the back like the Moto X like a nexus. F****** blfunkygetwork
    HTC Isnt Keeping It Tairy!

  • Steven Fox

    God, this is so uninspired, I except this from Chinese phones, but HTC have really hit a brick wall when it comes to desing.

  • waitwhatno

    I don’t get the point of leaked photos – they’re always wrong, not just for HTC but for Apple, Sony, Samsung…etc. Remember how the “leaked” HTC Aero looked nothing like the finished product? The second photo is so clearly a photoshop, it’s not even funny.

  • Adam Jefferson

    It’s just pitiful. I’ve had every top of the range HTC since 2006 and the M8 is likely my last (I eventually upgraded to an M9 and then downgraded as I disliked it so much). The M7 was absolutely revolutionary. The M8 leaks couldn’t possibly be the actual phone? And they were. Same with the M9 (Incidentally the M9 has a raised camera contrary to what’s stated in the article). And I’m 99% sure it’ll be the same with the M10. If not I’ll happily eat my M8. HTC have completely lost it. This isn’t interesting, attractive, novel or aspirational to me in any way. Plus it loses the Boomsound speakers which are among the best features. I’m so close to buying an S7 Edge it’s untrue.

    • Aaron Shepherd

      I’m with you, I had the M7 and 8 which were great, I got the M9 and was so disappointed in HTC that I went to the GS6 edge and do not believe I would ever go back to HTC. They do NJ other seem to care what their consumers want.

  • Trey

    I am considering htc’s next flagship. But it needs to have those boom sound front facing speakers for it to be a winner imo. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get a really good camera in the device either. Year after year they’ve failed in that category. The sound & camera would be a huge selling point for me along with having it be water & dust resistant like the gs7. I’m a big fan of htcs all metal design & don’t need to remove a battery as long as it’s 3000 or higher. External storage would be nice too. Thanks.

  • Luis F. Vidal

    Dropping the boomsound speakers is a nonsense. The M in the M series stands for Music/Media. Those pictures are maybe from some A10 concepts or current A9 concepts. Also, the front grille speakers are one of the most particular and original designs in smartphones today, and that’s a difficult thing to get today. Today almost all smartphones have the same face, but when you see those speaker grilles you know that’s an HTC ONE, just as when you see the curved display edges you know is an Samsung S6 Edge. That’s a trademark. HTC would be stupid if they drop them.

    • Brian

      Let’s hope so! If they drop a phone with their signature front speaker grills, add the latest internals, better camera, and fingerprint scanner, I’ll buy one release day.

      • Luis F. Vidal

        I don’t think they’ll be dropping the front speakers. And that photo looks too much like an A9. Why to release a M10 almost identical to the A9?

  • Brian

    Your analysis is confusing and off.

    Assuming these are all of the actual phone, here are my observations:
    1. The M9’s camera protrudes from the rear of the phone. I don’t know how you got that wrong…
    2. I’m very interested in that cut into the top rear of the phone. Would they be foolish enough to put the headphone port at the top dead center like that? Could it be an IR emitter? Something else?
    3. HTC has published a teaser image which seems to confirm the chamfor, which implied the latest leak is genuine.
    4. The white front image is CLEARLY photoshopped. No question.
    5. The presence of the antenna band on the front of the phone but not the rear makes complete sense. It’s the same with the M7, M8 and M9. There’ll likely be a strip of black plastic across the top like the three preceding phones.

    Seriously, I feel like whoever wrote this article has never even held an HTC One before. Sorry, Matt, don’t mean to sound like a dick.

    Anyway, if this is the case, I’m worried. I love HTC, their phones have been rock solid and the build quality unparalleled. I liked the A9. The more iPhone-esque form factor was nice. The camera’s placement, also much better. These images have me concerned. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see the actual product, but depending on what they reveal, I may end up turning away from HTC… The M7 was a great phone and the M8, an even better refinement of that design. The M9 offered modest improvements and I thought the A9 was a step in the right direction. These leaked images though… Maybe if they offer it in Bright Red again like they did the M8 I might stick around. Otherwise I’m not really sure what else out there I’d rather use. I’ve never been a fan of the Samsung Galaxy line…