Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro has 4GB RAM, 5000 mAh battery

by: Matthew BensonMarch 30, 2016


For some weeks now, rumors have been floating around that suggested Samsung had a “Pro” variant of its recently released Galaxy A9 (2016) prepping for launch. As time progressed, the words turned to a more visual variety. Now, the product has officially been announced for the Chinese market.

The Galaxy A9 Pro will be released with the product number SM-A9100 and features a 6-inch Full HD (1920X1080) Super AMOLED display with a 1.8GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 652 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage. It also comes with a 16 megapixel rear camera and 8 megapixel front camera, as well as a 5,000mAh battery. It supports Dual SIM, microSD expansion, an embedded fingerprint sensor in the home button, and runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

The Galaxy A9 Pro will be sold in three colors: White, Pink, and Rose Gold, and will retail for 3,499 Yuan, or roughly $540.


For reference, the original Galaxy A9 (2016), released earlier this year, had only 3GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage, a 13 megapixel rear camera, and a 4,000mAh battery. It also retailed for a slightly lower 3,199 Yuan, or around $487.

For those keeping tabs, the Pro model comes with 1GB of additional RAM, 16GB of extra on-board storage, an additional 3 megapixels for the camera, and an extra 1,000 mAh for its battery. Ultimately this will ensure the product is not only more powerful performance-wise, but also able to last significantly longer with the added energy.


The Galaxy A9 Pro is currently only set for launch in China, however this has often been the case with the Galaxy A series on the whole. While earlier offerings have in fact launched in other territories around the world, it remains to be seen what will become of this particular product. If anything, Samsung may want to skip the A9 launch entirely in possible markets and simply release the A9 Pro from the get-go.

Please note: All pictures used in this piece depict the Galaxy A9 (2016) standard model for illustrative purposes. On a visual-basis, the newly announced A9 Pro looks the same.

  • Pez Smith

    There are phones in China selling with SD820 for a lot less … why would you buy this?

    • Tim R.

      because of the fckin’ 5000 mAh battery? ^^

      • Steven Fox

        Because of the Samsung brand

    • Which phone ? Is it from any reputed brand ? If not then there is no comparison

      • Pez Smith

        I think Xiaomi Mi5 Pro is one of them …

        • And how do I claim warranty or any support outside china ? There is a reason why some phones cost more than others

          • Pez Smith

            Zero support outside China because this A9 Pro is for the “Chinese market” as stated in the article. Mi5 in China will get zero support outside China too. :p

    • EasyCare

      Much safer bet. Also miles better support and warranty. Chinese phones offer great value but if you don’t know much how to deal if they’re broken, you’re done.

      • Anon

        the reputable ones like oppo, xiaomi, huawei, lenovo, vivo, zte all have no problems with warranty in china.

        • EasyCare

          The problem is you don’t live in China. Even if there is warranty, it could take months to send it back, repair it, and return it back to you. That’s a long downtime.

          • Anon

            actually, with the exception of xiaomi, all the brands that i have mentioned earlier provide warranty in the US. and that’s only because they have yet to officially enter the US market. the same is true in europe where im located. while i was working in Singapore all the brands including xiaomi had support and warranty covered. warranty and support is good for me here and my friends using the different brands never had much of a problem.

            “Even if there is warranty, it could take months to send them back, repair it, and return it back to you. That’s a long downtime.”
            sorry mate that just isn’t true.
            the ones that you refer to are the smaller, more unreliable brands like Umi and the hundreds of other brands that nobody really has ever heard of. i would steer clear of them too.

      • Pez Smith

        I think Xiaomi is a safe bet …

        • Phillip

          Not here in the states .that’s one of the reason I love Samsung. I never had a customer service issue. Just call and your done that Chinese stuff good luck with warranty

          • Pez Smith

            But this A9 Pro is for the “Chinese market” … Not for your country. Thus zero support from Samsung for you.

    • Anon

      there’s a reason why samsung sales in china is very bad. the s7 is doing well though this is the exception rather than the norm.

      • Wjdzm

        quality isn’t the reason i take it

        • Anon

          but iphone sales are sky high. the s7 sales have been exceptional too.
          the reason is that samsung products are nothing to really shout about when talking about price-quality ratio.
          until now, only the s7 have they ticked all the boxes to justify the premium over the other brands available and their sales is doing very well.

      • Fred Sandford

        The Chinese market doesn’t like Korean or Japanese products, end of story.

        • Anon

          how ignorant. korean and especially japanese products fly off the shelves all the time. most of japan’s and korea’s exports go to china.

        • YES

          You are so wrong. I live in China Mate…i am Euro

    • Arman

      Because we are not in China..

  • Tim R.

    the a9 pro comes with a bigger battery than the Tab S2 8.0 hahaha…

  • amh

    Is the battery removable?

    • Rodrigo Freijanes

      Are you serious?! 5.000mAh and you want to change?

      • Zaptor99

        I have a Note 4, and 14 months after I bought it, the battery started dying when it reaches 30%. I tried calibrating, nothing worked. At least, I can go buy a battery and change it myself. How much do I have to pay if the battery is not removable?

        • EasyCare

          Probably more than that but 5000mAh takes pretty long time to deteriorate, so you’ll probably get a new phone before the battery goes bad.

        • Phillip

          Dude the removable battery is a dead issue . If you want that get a LG. My gs7 edge is a beast on battery life. This thing 5000 amp wow I’ll take two please

      • Phillip

        I know right haters gotta hate

    • Tim R.


    • Ziyad Meeralam

      Lol , really , you are asking that ?

    • Phillip


  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    samsung is introducing too much phones every now and then its making people confuse few days it was in the news that s7 active will come out soon so people should be smart to pick a device which can run at least an year samsung introducing new phones too often with minor changes

    • seattle tech

      Samsung is introducing excellent phones in different categories for different people. They aren’t making only one phone for your desires.

    • Arman

      S7 Active is not a universal device and would only be available in US and selected carriers, its the same with this phone only in China so i wouldn’t count on it.

      • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

        You’re right but you can choose lot of phones from Samsung

        • Arman

          I personally don’t like it and prefer if they stick to a couple of devices and improve those, but that is up to their marketing plan and normally all companies care more about profit than what customers want, so I can’t really blame them :P Look at Apple, now they are even doing it with iPhone SE (aka shit edition) I bet someone is gonna be offended now, just waiting for it.

          • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

            Rightly said it’s up to them

          • Phillip

            Then get yourself a iPhone sir . This is what Samsung has been doing for years . You don’t like it get a different brand no reason to complain

          • Arman

            I am not complaining, just answering his question.

    • Phillip

      Samsung makes a lot of phones for different people. That’s what good all at a different price point and now there all good . My note 5 and gs7 edge are beast and this a9 heck I might get me one of these to

      • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

        Yes they have lot of options to choose from which makes it easy to make a choice

  • Rodrigo Freijanes

    I always buy Galaxy Note since first one, but with Note 5 without external micro SD, small mAh battery and same screen size, I give up and moved to Apple iPhone 6 Plus.
    After S7 edge fearures, I’m already realizing how hot Note 6 can come, and I’m excited.
    Reading this article I’m dreaming about better specs yet and thinking give up iPhone.

    Imagine a Note 6 with:
    Micro SD card slot + 2 SIMs
    6 inches 4K screen for better experience with Gear VR
    Air View with fingers (not only SPen)
    4GB RAM
    64GB minimum internal storage
    USB 3.0

    • EasyCare

      I’m curious, what makes you buy iPhone 6 Plus? I mean, both have no SD card slot, battery size is the same and screen size is identical.

      • U answered u’r own question.

        • EasyCare

          Not much.

      • Rodrigo Freijanes

        1- iPhone 6 Plus has far way better battery life, even with the same mAh thanks iOS.

        2- Here in Brazil there is only 32GB Note 5 option. Without micro SD, you can realize. I always uses 32GB internal with a micro SD 64GB class 10. So, I bought a 128GB iPhone.

        3- iOS works better.

        4- iOS has quickly upgrade. I’m really disappointed of Android in this case (before you ask, there isn’t Nexus in Brazil).

        • Phillip

          So my question to you is why the hell are you in a Samsung forums talking up apple ….I get it trolling beat it

          • Rodrigo Freijanes

            Just because is a free space to exchange ideas.
            If you can forget being a fanboy, you can see that I’m trying to come back to Samsung.
            I said that I’m excited about features of S7 edge and what Samsung could bring on Note 6.

            People, let’s stop being fanboy. Just try everything and choose the better for you.
            If Samsung can do it, got Samsung.
            If Apple, just got iPhone.

            I don’t care about brand. I want the best. I want company fighting for me, not me fighting for them. I’m not his employee. They are not paying me.

      • Arman

        I personally switched from iPhone to Android 2 years ago but Simplicity and better support would be the only reasons i can think of. Also being an iPhone user you wouldn’t care about those features much, the learning curve from switching might not be worth it for most of the non savvy people.

    • U can correct that with 6GB RAM, 6000mAh battery, USB-C(3.1) as-well-as UFS 2.0 256GB Storage.

      • seattle tech


      • Rodrigo Freijanes

        I think 6.000mAh could compromise the portability.

    • Tim R.

      please no 4K ^^ QHD is enough…

      • EasyCare


        • Tim R.

          tzz.. than Samsung has to build a 4K Display in the VR but not in a Smartphone… that is just stupid…

          and to be correct, 4K is not enough for VR, so it’s actually useless to release a Smartphone with 4K…

          • What? Useless? Honestly, my brothers Z5 Premium can choose 2160p option for 360 videos on Youtube, looks pretty amazing compared to FHD and QHD. Saying 4k is not needed, is a very weird thing to say.

          • sachouba

            You must have really really good eyes, if you are able to tell the difference in quality between a QHD and 4K video on a device this size. I can see the difference between FHD and QHD, but between QHD and 4K… it sounds more like a placebo effect.

            The only type of content that could make a difference is the sharpness of text on web pages in landscape mode, but unfortunately, the Z5 Premium doesn’t even let you use the 4K resolution for browsing.

          • I have to admite that I have yet to watch a 360 video on QHD, sorry. 360 on my Z3+ is blurry though, how is it on a QHD panel?

          • Phillip

            You know the difference with a vr on your face

          • I just passed through two different stores and compared QHD (Galaxy S7 Edge) to 4K (Z5 Premium) and there was a difference, in a 360 video that is. In a regular video there was nothing to brag about. Would also recommend you to look it up yourself.

          • Tim R.

            haha… i don’t believe that u seriously see a diference between UHD and QHD.
            4K in a Smartphone is just marketing-bullshit.
            “weird to say” is that u acutally see a diference…

          • We will see in the future my friend ;)

        • Bidiminished

          Hardly anyone uses VR, so 4K would just reduce performance and battery life for next to no increase in sharpness. The average smartphone user doesn’t use a magnifying glass to look at the screen.

          • EasyCare

            It depends on how they implement it. I think Sony’s approach is smart, by changing the display resolution only when watching 4K video. Same for VR, they could switch to 4K only if VR apps is being used, then switch back to Full HD for other apps since it’s no longer beneficial.

          • Phillip

            Haha Samsung just gave way a shit load of them and there’s more on the way get up …Dude

      • Rodrigo Freijanes

        With 5.000mAh, 2.000mAh more than Note 5, I think 4K display can’t drain the battery.
        Or could launch a “Pro” version of Note or bring this resolution on S7 edge Plus in 6 inches.

        I think Sony Z5 has a 4K display that works like 2k most time. Samsung could make 4K works only on VR and showing videos.

        VR is hot now. There are a market run with Samsung, HTC, Sony, Oculus etc.

        • Tim R.

          the Display of the Z5 Premium runs 90% of the normal use with a 1920×1080 rendered UI… only watching videos or pictures you can “see” the full resolution…

          • sachouba

            Actually, I’m sure you could tell the difference between a 360p display and a 1080p display even with a 360p video, so what you’re saying is only partially true.

            But I have to agree with you, because when the resolution is that high, there is very little difference between a 1080p and a 4K UI on a display this size.

          • Rodrigo Freijanes

            I believe for VR use, so close from eyes, 4K makes difference.

    • Arman

      I wouldn’t count on USB 3 and hope it doesn’t come with 4K display as its really useless, but everything else is quite possible! There is also a rumor that its coming with 6 GB Ram, but its very unlikely.

      • sachouba

        USB 3 seems quite likely, with a Type-C USB port.
        Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, I’m pretty sure Samsung would only replace the MicroUSB port on its flagships by a USB 3 Type-C port.

        • Arman

          Sorry i meant no USB -C.. The reason i don’t think it will come with USB-C is because it won’t be compatible with Gear-VR, as all the existing GEAR-VR’s have micro USB port, unless they make a new Gear-VR specifically for Note 6 which is very unlikely.

        • Rodrigo Freijanes

          I meant USB-C.

    • Omar

      Air view with fingers is here from S4.

      • Rodrigo Freijanes

        Yeah. And this is so cool.
        Samsung didn’t realize it is better than 3D Touch. But doesn’t explore it.

    • Lamp

      So you got a phone that has a smaller screen size than the Note 5 with a lower resolution, smaller battery, and already has no microSD support?

      • Rodrigo Freijanes

        iOS + 128GB
        I was tired about long waiting Samsung Android updates, 32GB limited version of Note 5 doesn’t sufficient.
        Full HD screen for non VR use is ok.

    • John Daniel

      6 inches would be too big, it should be keeping the same (5.7 inches) and with the capabilities of doze with marshmellow, and fast charging, 4,000 mAh would be enough, but obviously more would be nice. 4k isn’t going to come this year for sure either, and they are probably not going to specifically would on new display technology, just refine what they have.

  • Stuie Hunter

    As phones get better and better, battery is the biggest selling point.
    I currently have an lg g3, and the only feature that I wish it had was a far better battery…

    • seattle tech

      How can LG,make the G2 with excellent battery life and then make the g3 g4 g5 have the worst battery life.

      • My name is….


      • Thisath Ranawaka

        God no. Having the G2 and G4, the G4 has so much more fantastic battery life over the G2. The G2 is only 6 months old, the G2 two weeks.
        Getting 4h of SOT on the G4 without Airplane mode on, and 2h of SOT on the G2 with Airplane mode on. Tested them each separately on a daily basis, and my G4 only has 2900mah compared to my G2’s 3000.
        I’m pretty annoyed.

        • seattle tech

          Do you have an old or used G2 or does your version have issues. My G2 would give me 7 hours of screen on time consistently

          • Thisath Ranawaka

            Nope. Utterly brand new! It’s a tmobile variant, but rooted. Still stock LG lollipop. I bought it in September, and it was boxed, untouched and unused. I used to get around 5h of SOT as a max, with the same usage as now, but since the last months or so, 2h is pushing it! I even put on Greenify to see if it would have an effect but no. Still bad battery. In beginning to wonder if the battery has deteriorated but it’s only 6 months or so old! My usage is not crazy either. I put it to charge every night, everyday, so I don’t see what the problem. The G4 is extremely impressive, to have 4h of SOT and have a 2K screen without battery saver or airplane mode (My G2 was always on airplane mode to it get the 5h of SOT)!

    • coldspring22 .

      why don’t you get an extended battery for LG G3? All popular phones with removable battery can be swapped out for much bigger battery unit, with a custom backplate. Probabaly ZeroLemon has 10,000 mAH battery for LG G3, which can last for up to one week on single charge. Of course, the phone becomes much thicker, but that’s small price to pay for having the ultimate battery!!

    • YES

      External battery solves it

  • seattle tech

    I like this more than the note 5 & s7 edge. 5000mah finally

    • Arman

      Have to agree, as a marginal faster processor is not worth the extra price but a bigger battery definitely is a game changer, especially with a 1080p screen. It should last forever. The real question is how the camera compares to S7/S7 edge..

      • billozy

        The S5 and the S6 had 16 MP, probably the same one as the S6

        • Arman

          That would be totally acceptable

    • Mark Kendrick

      No excuse for Sammy not to put a 4,000 mAh battery in the Note 6. No more pretending everything is so optimized they can put in smaller batteries.

  • mcdonsco

    And it’s HUUUUGGGEEE…..

    • gilbert supeno

      that’s what your mom said

    • Fred Sandford

      And it’ll look old fashioned with a 1080p screen also.

  • Efti

    “For reference, the original Galaxy A9 (2016), released earlier this year, had only 3GB of RAM”….ONLY!!!

  • Shellyman 8K

    Imagine the battery life on this thing!

  • Roberto Tomás

    that is the most expensive 652 that I can imagine. Are the software features of the camera as good as the galaxy S7?

    • Phillip

      No …hey would they be ones 800 and the other is 500 big difference

  • balcobomber25

    Or if you live in China you can get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro for $400 less.

  • RiTCHiE

    Didn’t samsung say it would make less phones and focus more on the high ends? At the end of this year samsung will have like 50 different models uit like the old days.

    • Phillip

      And there all gonna be good….why do you care . Get a different phone….maybe a nexus ????

  • Ariel Jersey Jr.

    I though the non pro one already has a 32GB of internal storage? Is GSMArena wrong?

  • abn


  • Manjurul Islam

    Any idea about the whole camera spec? Aperture size, pixel size, flash configuration?

    • Phillip

      It’s 16 mag don’t known if it’s the same one in the gs6 though . That would be nice but no where close to the gs7 edge

  • Nicholas Sebastian Veron

    When you are so rich
    *bought s7 and a9 pro,s7 for the phone, a9 pro for the powerbank*

    • Nimbus

      No one cares how you rich you pretend to be

  • qwerty

    Mate 8 has some serious competitor now. Larger 5000mah battery, 16mp OIS Camera and AMOLED screen.

    • Phillip

      No knock on the mate 8 but all those Chinese phones have really bad customer service support. With Samsung they have repair center right hear in the states and you can just talks to some one 24/7 I love that

  • s2weden2000

    that´s right!

  • gocchin

    A9 2016 has 32gb of built in storage not 16gb.

  • B3d0 Twair

    How is the A9 pro better than the S7 yet is cheaper in price?

    • Phillip

      It’s not better just different the gs7 is the beast mood phone. Better chip and camera . 2k screen resolution vs 1080p . Better gaming chip …you see there not the same hence the higher cost. Just get yourself a A9 and be happy . Any price range Sammy got you covered

  • Michael Habel

    They should support their other ‘Pro’ Devices first! Namely the SM-T’s 32x, and 52x’s (i.e. Tab Pro 8.4, and 10.2 respectively)

  • Bill

    Cool specs and enticing features, but I’m not getting a phone that’s half a foot

  • JAWS

    Why they don’t fcking launch this ones with high specs?

    Been waiting for a 6″ top of the line for years and they only release crap

  • gianni_zambrotta

    Anybody know, when it will be released on market ?

  • Gästen med gesten

    this phone is gorgeous, huge, fast not so different from s7 speed :) nice with should have been nice with ip 68 but its not so important. i wait to see how this new note gonna be or else i grab this :)

  • Paul Thomas SGone

    Believe Me, this is one of the most outstanding Samsung Galaxy that I ever had. The 5000 mAh battery make’s him a 2 day’s hard working gadget, like the old Nokia’s XD. A great camera, great and strong Smartphone, the weight is non-existent because the device size.

    • coldspring22 .

      Yes, probably better than Note 7 for many people. Samsung should launch this phone in US, as Note 7 replacement!