Enable multi-window mode in Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a bit of tinkering

by: Edgar CervantesOctober 6, 2015

Android M Easter Egg-4

Multi-Window is one of the most awesome features that has blessed larger Android devices. You will never use a smartphone the same way once you try running two apps at once, but sadly this is a feature limited to very few handsets (mostly Samsung ones). This is why the whole Android modding community went nuts when it was discovered the Android M developer preview code included this featured, hidden deep within all those ones and zeroes.

People had to tinker with the phone to enable multi-window mode in the Android M developer preview, but it was definitely possible. The real question was whether this would also be the case for Android 6.0 Marshmallow when it became available, in its full glory. It turns out multi-window works, and all you have to do is follow the very same steps you did with the Android M developer preview.

The news comes from Reddit, where Android enthusiasts shared their experiences regarding the matter, and showed images as proof of this feature working. The process is not that simple, but those who know their way around rooting, flashing custom recoveries and running ADB on a PC should be fine.


And just in case those crazy words don’t manage to scare the faint of heart, the following might. Do keep in mind that rooting, flashing recoveries and tinkering with your device may harm it or void your warranty. Go on with this at your own risk and do your research, for you may be left alone if anything happens.

With that in mind, those who choose to continue can just follow the instructions over at XDA Developer forums, where pretty much all hacking and modding goodies come from. Have any of you tried this? How is it working for you?

XDA Developers
  • I’m sure the cm guys will enable the multi window thing once and for all easily Hail cm

    • Lindle

      i Will definitely swap to CM if this happens. Does Cm have double tap to wake though. I would hate to loose that feature on my phone. Also, does CM do Asus phones?

      • nahaluk

        They do, I have it on my OnePlus.

        • Android Developer

          Does it work on other devices too? For example G2 ?

          • 김태균

            You need to flash a custom kernel that supports dt2w if your phone doesn’t support it natively. G2 should work as LG built the feature in

      • Double tap to wake has been in cm I think from the days of 4.4 KitKat or so. I started using tap to wake before L. Remember, cm is sometimes, if not all cases, ahead of stocks. They are able to pull in changes and implement quicker than oems do.

      • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

        Double tap was inspired by cm

      • Gabriel Casagrande

        They have DT2W, and yeah, there’s an unofficial CM12.1 (lollipop 5.1.1) version for the Zenfone 2, with almost no bug at all that runs better than the stock version lol. They also just released an unofficial CM13 version, but it’s in alpha stage. You should check the Zenfone 2 page in the XDA site. lots of ROMs and content

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  • #Note5 IsBoss

    Google doesn’t know shit about Multi window features or phablets generally.

    Nobody beats Samsung period they are feature enhancement and software implementation kings.

    • yardie

      im sure if google wanted to implement multi windows mode they would have done so already
      are you retarded? who knows android like google?

      if they were such kings, Tizen wouldn’t have been such a failure. They still have to use Google’s android

    • squiddy20

      1. If you even bothered to read the article (you clearly didn’t), you would’ve learned this feature is not only experimental, but it also requires at least rudimentary knowledge of root. Something I know is well above your knowledge level, given that you couldn’t root your Galaxy Nexus after 3 whole months of “looking into” it.

      2. As if another company can’t ever improve on a product, system, or method of doing something. That’s how innovation and competition works. Pretty common sense, which you apparently don’t have.

      3. “they are feature enhancement and software implementation kings.” Hardly. They’re “kings” of throwing “features” on a wall and seeing what sticks. Most people don’t use that eye tracking tech, or Airview, or S Health, or any of the myriad other things Samsung has lauded as “revolutionary”. I seriously doubt even you, the Samsung fanboy, use even half of “features” the Note 5 you supposedly own has.

      • ShishkaBerry

        I had a S4 and I never used any of that crap lol, multi window is the only good proprietary thing they added. That phone was a nightmare.

        • Kama’aina

          S4 was terrible, but S5 is AMAZING!!!
          Their quality builds skip a generation it seems; quite like Intel and their processors.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Samsung Multi-Window (Working Flawlessly): Useless gimmick and bloat

    Marshmallow Multi-Window (Experimental, Buggy): Great new innovative feature!

    • Ichibanmugen

      Samsung multi window works pretty well with Xposed! :) you can enable all the apps that way!

    • hansip

      Keep in mind though that Samsung one is proprietary and limited in app support. Plus android M built in means it’s not an afterthought anymore and great news for other phone maker. All things considered though, split screen is more useful for tablet rather than smartphone. Small apps is the better alternative for a small screened phone.

      • Kama’aina

        Unless you have a Phablet (phone+tablet) like the Galaxy Notes and other larger phones. Split screen is amazing and very useful!


      LG’s SplitView is unapologetically revolutionary

  • DN

    Rooted devices: edit ro.build.type in build.prop to userdebug, reboot. Done.

    Works and im glad to see it but not as smooth as Samsungs yet, which should be expected.
    Still.. glad too see this on more devices, even if its only experimental.