-Priced affordably
-MicroSD expansion
-Turbo charging
-Large vibrant display
-MotoMaker (market dependent)
-Durable build
-Good camera
-Fingerprint sensor


-No IP certification
-Power/volume buttons not very tactile
-Camera struggles in low light

Bottom Line
Motorola Moto G4 Plus

The Moto G4 Plus brings with it a slew of much needed improvements to the Moto G range, and while there are some questionable design choices, this is definitely an impressive smartphone for the price.

The original Moto G – released back in 2013 – was one of the first smartphones that kicked of the trend of affordable but high quality smartphones, and went on to become one of the best-selling Motorola smartphones ever. Motorola has continued to release a successor every year since then, but with a lot more OEMs offering options in this ever-growing category, Motorola did have to do something different with the forth generation of their affordable mid-range smartphone.

That something different arrived in the four of three variations of the latest Moto G, with the Moto G4 Play, the Moto G4, and the Moto G4 Plus, that come with varying display sizes, processing packages, camera setups, and other hardware features, with the latter being the highest-end of the lot. While more expensive when compared to its siblings, the Moto G4 Plus remains extremely affordable, and tacks on a few extras that ultimately make it far more compelling to users.

What does this device bring to the table? We find out, in this comprehensive Moto G4 Plus review!


Moto G4 Plus -10

Unlike the flagship Moto Z, which features a dramatic departure from the norm, the new Moto G4 Plus retains a lot of the design language of its predecessors. There are a few minor aesthetic changes, but for the most part, the line of Moto G4 devices features a design that is largely reminiscent of previous Motorola smartphones.

Moto G4 Plus -2

The Moto G4 Plus comes with an all plastic build, and despite appearances, the frame is plastic, albeit with a metallic finish. Understandably, you don’t get the premium look and feel of a smartphone that features a metal or glass build, but for a phone made of plastic, the Moto G4 Plus is definitely one of the sturdiest ones out there. It doesn’t feel hollow, rattle, or creak in any way, and feels like a very solid phone overall. This is something that Motorola has always done a good job with, and its great to see this continue to be offered with the Moto G4 Plus.

Moto G4 Plus -5

On the back is the signature Motorola dimple, and the back cover has a nice texture to it, that helps a lot with the grip. However, the smooth finish of the sides does result in the phone being a touch slippery, but not enough to be a cause for concern. The back is also removable, and gives you access to the SIM card slot and the dedicated microSD card slot, with some versions of the device, depending on the market, also coming with dual SIM card slots. While the back cover is removable, the battery is not.

Moto G4 Plus -6

The power button and volume rocker are found on the right side. The power button comes with a textured pattern that makes it easy to differentiate from the volume rocker, but the button layout is unfortunately a little too high up on the chassis to be within comfortable reach. The power button should have also ideally been placed below the volume rocker, but that isn’t case, and requires a lot more effort to get to. The buttons don’t provide a lot of tactile feedback either, and you’re often left wondering whether you have actually pressed them, because of how they feel. The headphone jack and the microUSB port are at the top and bottom respectively. 


Moto G4 Plus -9

Unlike previous generations of the Moto G, the IPS LCD displays of the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have been bumped up to 5.5-inches, with resolution getting a boost to Full HD as well, resulting in a pixel density of 401 ppi. That said, those who prefer a smaller size have the option of the Moto G4 Play, which comes with a 5-inch 720p display.

The larger display and higher resolution allows for a more enjoyable experience when reading text, watching videos, and playing games. It’s not the best Full HD display on a smartphone out there, but it certainly more than gets the job done. It looks sharp, with good viewing angles, and the display is vibrant enough for the colors to not appear washed out.


Moto G4 Plus -11

Under the hood, the Moto G4 Plus comes with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, clocked at 1.5 GHz, and backed by the Adreno 405 GPU and 2 GB, 3 GB, or 4 GB of RAM, depending on which storage option you opt for. This particular review unit comes with 3 GB of RAM, and the performance has been pretty good.

You won’t see very impressive results when running benchmark tests, but as far as real world performance is concerned, everything has been fast and responsive. Apps launch quickly, multi-tasking is smooth, and the device can handle gaming without much of a hitch.


Moto G4 Plus -8

The Moto G4 Plus is available with 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB in built-in storage options, and as mentioned, this also dictates how much RAM you will be getting. There is also expandable storage via microSD card, up to an additional 256 GB. While there are versions of the device, depending on the market, that feature dual SIM capabilities, you will still get a dedicated microSD card slot, so the great news is that users won’t have to make the choice between dual SIM support and expandable storage, which is often the case with other affordable smartphones out there.

Moto G4 Plus -13

The Moto G4 Plus comes with a single front-facing speaker above the display, and is a part of the earpiece. There is no stereo sound to be had, but the single speaker does sound pretty good, and is capable of getting decently sound without sounding tinny or distorted.

Also up front is a fingerprint scanner placed below the display, and this is one of the extra hardware features that is available only with the Moto G4 Plus. The fingerprint sensor is as fast and accurate as expected, and is comparable in quality to the scanners found with more high-end smartphones as well.

Moto G4 Plus -3

It may sound a little nitpick-y, but it has to be mentioned that this scanner isn’t particularly attractive looking. The square shape clashes with the rounded and curved design of the Moto G4 Plus, and looks out of place. Another very minor issue is the fact that the sensor doesn’t double as a home button, and anyone who has used a device with a front-facing fingerprint scanner will find this something that takes some getting used to.

There is still no NFC available, which is unfortunate, and means that you won’t be able to use this device to quickly connect to Bluetooth speakers, transfer content, or use apps like Android Pay. Another point of note is that the Moto G4 Plus, and other devices in the line, aren’t water resistant anymore. While you will get some form of splash protection, that should keep it safe from a simple splash of water or a sprinkle of rain, these phones aren’t IP-certified, and will not survive being submerged in the water.

Moto G4 Plus -4

The Moto G4 Plus comes with a 3,000 mAh non-removable battery, which has become the standard size for a lot of current generation smartphones. The battery has been pretty good, and the device can provide a full day of use with average usage that involves sending and receiving messages, browsing the web, checking social media, watching a few videos and playing games for a little while.

With more intense usage, such as when playing a lot of games or taking a lot of pictures, the battery does run out pretty quickly though. However, the Moto G4 Plus does come with fast charging capabilities, so you will be able to get back to a full charge in a short amount of time.


Moto G4 Plus -7

The camera is another hardware feature that is better on the Moto G4 Plus when compared to the other devices in the Moto G4 series. The Moto G4 Plus comes with a 16 MP rear camera with a f/2.0 aperture, phase detection auto focus, and a laser auto focus system, along with a 5 MP front-facing shooter. However, there is no optical image stabilization available, which is unfortunate.

Moto G4 Plus -12

The Motorola camera app has also been improved significantly, with there being a shutter button now that makes taking pictures with one hand easier, and the app in general is simpler and easier to use. A swipe from the left side opens up a menu for basic camera settings, and a button on the upper right corner lets you quickly switch between photo and video, along with a few other modes like panorama and slow motion video. The most notable change with the camera app is the addition of a manual mode, which is something that was definitely long overdue.

As far as picture quality is concerned, it is actually surprisingly really good. Granted, it’s not going to stack up favorably against the high-end Samsung and LG flagships out there, but for a device that is so inexpensive, the camera is certainly capable of taking some nice looking shots. In good lighting conditions, you get shots with plenty of detail and vibrant colors, and the images are sharp, without looking over sharpened.

Moto G4 Plus Camera Samples-18

Dynamic range isn’t the best, with the camera tending to crush shadows a little too much, but that is all taken care of with HDR. Using HDR mode tones down the shadows and highlights, and adds some more vibrancy to the image, without making it appear unnatural or fake.

In low-light conditions however, is where the camera falls apart extremely quickly. We expect some noise to be present in images taken in poorly-lit situations, but the grain is quite significant with the Moto G4 Plus. Highlights are also typically overexposed, there isn’t a lot of detail to be had, and the camera also has trouble finding a point of focus in low light.

If you’re looking for a really good low-light smartphone camera, the Moto G4 Plus is unfortunately not going to cut it, but in most other situations, this camera more than gets the job done. The 5 MP front-facing camera comes with a wide angle lens, and proves to be more than adequate to cover all your selfie taking needs.


Moto G4 Plus -16

On the software side of things, the Moto G4 Plus is running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and this is as close to stock Android as you can get without it being a Nexus smartphone. There is virtually no bloatware to be found, and the software package isn’t as packed with features as what may be found with the high-end Motorola offerings.

There are some features available though, such as Moto Actions, which lets you do things like turning the flashlight on with a chopping motion, flipping the phone over to silence it when it rings, or launching the camera with a twist of your wrist. A simpler version of Motorola’s ambient display feature is also available, but with there being no sensors on the front, it is entirely contingent on motion.

Moto G4 Plus -14

You can’t wave your hand over the display to wake up the phone, and it also doesn’t continuously pulsate to indicate notifications. The only time it lights up is when you take the phone out of your pocket or pick it up from a table, or when you initially receive a notification. Other than these Motorola features, the software package is entirely stock Android, and sometimes, a clean and simple experience is all you need to keep things smooth and snappy.


Display5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution
Processor1.5 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
GPUAdreno 405
RAM2/3/4 GB
MicroSDYes, up to 256 GB
Cameras16MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture
5MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture
Fingerprint sensorYes
BatteryNon-removable 3000mAh battery
SoftwareAndroid 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Dimensions153 x 76.6 x 7.9-9.8mm


Pricing and final thoughts

If the standard black or white options aren’t enough, the Moto G4 Plus can be customized using Moto Maker, that lets you choose between different back cover and accent colors, and allows you to add an engraving as well. That said, the availability of Moto Maker is dependent on the market.

The price and availability of the Moto G4 Plus in the US is still unknown, but in India, the 32 GB version (with 3 GB of RAM) is priced at Rs 14,999 (~$230), while the 16 GB iteration (with 2 GB of RAM) is priced at Rs 13,499 (~$207), and we can expect the pricing to be similar in the US as well.

Moto G4 Plus -18

So, there you have it for in-depth look at the Motorola Moto G4 Plus! The Moto G series has always been among the best bang for your buck smartphones around, and things remain the same, even with the technically more expensive Moto G4 Plus.

The Moto G was in desperate need for an upgrade though, and the changes Motorola has made to the display and camera make the Moto G4 Plus a very compelling option for those who are looking for a smartphone that falls in the sub-$250 category.

What do you think of the Moto G4 Plus and the improvements made vs previous Moto G smartphones, and do you plan to buy one? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • rda

    I cannot stand the fingerprint sensor on the front like that. I mean, it just looks so out of place and it doesnt work as a home button either. What were they thinking?

    • Rachael85233

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    • JS Tan

      It feels so much of Samsung look! Which i have no idea what they are thinking… =____=

    • Joshua

      For me, I think the sensor completes the front look of the phone. Also it does have a function apart from unlocking the phone. For eg, when your are watching a video on YouTube in full screen, all the buttons and the notification bar disappears. But when you touch the sensor, the buttons and the notification bar appear again so yeah. Like I wrote in my comment, all down to personal preference buddy.

      • Niraj Jain

        I don’t know what got into lenovo guys’ head and they didn’t put magnetic sensor in g4 plus. Shitty move lenovo.

        • caroline eadie

          They did put magnetic sensor in built in check the website

  • patstar5

    So what’s better? This or a moto x pure from last year that’s on sale for $240?

    • Faizan

      g4 plus. but you can buy a Redmi Note 3 with much better processor for lesser price

      • daftrok

        Or just get a Nexus 5X for $240 – $250. Good phones are getting crazy cheap these days.

      • Veteater

        Redmi note 3 sucks because of its software. It’s not just about specifications, and that’s why the Redmi note 3 is for crap: they can’t manage to give a phone a good user experience. Moto X pure would be the better buy @patstar5 between the two. And you get a free smartwatch. This G⁴ is great for under $250, at first release, but the pure is more of a flagship, and has that amazing Moto Pure UI.

        • Ionut Johnny

          I have to disagree my redmi note 3 pro is wonderful on all aspects, I have the International rom and all works great and more, you can find it at as much as 150 $, insane price.

    • jeffmaz

      Just bought the X Pure for my girlfriend, who now has the G3. That is a great price for a flagship phone, even if it is 8 months old.

      • patstar5

        I ordered a moto x pure for my sister. I just finished setting it up. I love the bamboo back! I have a oneplus one with bamboo back and the Motorola is definitely nicer. Personally, I want a phone with a fingerprint scanner and better camera. I’ll probably get a nexus 6p soon.

        • jeffmaz

          A taxi driver in Cartegena is enjoying my 6P, unfortunately. It was a wonderful device. None available where I live, so I got the Mate8, which is almost the same, especially after I loaded the Now Launcher. However, with a 4000mh battery – I think I prefer it over the 6P. And by the way, the fingerprint scanner did its job when the taxi driver kept my phone. He couldn’t get to any of my info. But I decided to wipe it, instead of keeping it locked in his hands. Android needs a wipe and lock feature, not either or.

  • balcobomber25

    That fingerprint sensor is so hideous and out of place. Either put it on the back or make that a home button + fingerprint. It’s going to be hard for this phone to compete at $230 when you can get the excellent Honor 5X for $199, even the Nexus 5X can be found for around $250 these days.

  • Zita Williams

    hmmm ive always had a real soft spot for the Motorola i had the first gen and for awhile the 3rd but im not that sold on this design the square button??? it doesn’t look right it looks like an after thought ,,,and then hurriedly stuck on

    • Hans Pedersen

      Had they put an wide rectangular button on it, it would have looked too much like a Galaxy S4. Had they put a round button on it, it would have attracted complaints from the fruity toy squad. I don’t see much too of an issue with a square button, other than it’s maybe wasting a bit too much space and gives it a too big bezel, like the iPhone.

      • DDD

        That is the ugliest button I’ve seen. There would have been way less complaints if it was rectangular. Oneplus’ home buttons are rectangular and no one compares them to Samsung. What makes it worse is that it doesn’t even double as a home button. If you want just a fingerprint scanner, put it on the back.

        • Veteater

          There would’ve been even more complaints if the scanner was rectangular, because people would call Moto out on it, unlike oneplus. Oneplus is OK, as people don’t complain about their Samsung knockoff scanners because they know that Carl Pei will rant about such a thing, or they are totally biased towards Oneplus. Or they are like me, and don’t care as long as it functions right. On the other hand, if Moto used a rear mounted fingerprint scanner, people would complain that there is no more batwing M, it makes the removable back ugly, etc. And if Moto put it on the side, where I personally like it best, people would complain that they copied Sony in one other way than moving their branding from X to Z, where Sony did the reverse… illuminati confirmed?! Anyway, nextbit got away with a side fingerprint scanner and didn’t get bashed for it.

          The thing is, any way you put a fingerprint scanner on a moto, design purists/ consumers/ everybody will bash it for having one. Why? Because Moto phones are not supposed to have fingerprint scanners, but people got mad that they didn’t, so it had to happen. No fingerprint scanner setup on a moto would be pretty. So now that this has been established, can we all stop bitching about how the scanner looks and be happy that it works like a charm?

          • legendlord4751

            Well said. Well said indeed

          • Veteater

            Thanks, man

          • legendlord4751

            No problem. The sensible people in this community need to get some recognition!

          • Veteater

            I try to be sensible ???

          • DDD

            So basically: If they put it in X spot, people will say they copied Y, even though Z did the same thing got no flak for it.

            Do you not see how that sounds? No one bashed OnePlus or the Nexbit because the scanners didn’t deserve it and their design made sense, unlike this trash. You can’t really say that People would hate it either way, then proceed to show that that’s not the case. How many persons are complaining about the naming system as you say? Two?

            It’s not been established that the phone would get hate with any scanner setup and it still looks like trash.

          • Veteater

            The Z got flak for the same reason the G⁴ plus did. It’s not trash because it works better than most every fingerprint scanner out there. Not saying anybody here deserved flak, I was actually telling people to stop complaining about the placement or appearance of fingerprint scanners… all that really matters is that it works well and is fast and accurate. I never said anyone was complaining about the naming system, so I dont know where you got that from. I was saying that Moto smartphones don’t look good with fingerprint scanners, because they don’t whether on the back or the front. I mean the z and G⁴ plus are still nice looking phones, especially the z, but they would look better without the scanners. The only reason Moto even bothered is because people complained that last year’s lineup had no fingerprint scanners. But you can’t make everybody happy.

          • DDD

            people would complain that they copied Sony in one other way than moving their branding from X to Z, where Sony did the reverse
            That’s where I got it from: you.

            I’m not debating whether or not it works. I’m concerned here about how it looks, which is absolute trash. If they were concerned about the phone looking awful, they could have easily put it in the power button. It would be perfectly fine. They could have made the edges of the scanner less apparent, so it doesn’t look like a bulky eyesore on the front of the device. There are so many ways they could have implemented it better.

          • Caroline Eadie

            No matter what your options it is a great phone I have been using it for three weeks & have had no problems & my photos look great it definitely isn’t trash

          • DDD

            So you read what I said and understood none of it?

      • Veteater


      • Disgustipated

        Completely concur. I’m looking forward to just how easy/frustrating it is.

      • caroline eadie

        It’s actually an amazing phone after a day or 2 you don’t notice the fps

    • Caroline Eadie

      It’s not as bad when u c it it’s very fast to open phone

  • Anonymous

    I’m using the Google camera 3.2.045
    And it helps a lot in medium to low light shots.
    The pictures shot with Google camera are more detailed and have better contrast and dynamic range, but for some reason the pictures are less bright in comparison to the moto camera shots. So, it won’t help in extremely low lights situations.

    • Marty

      Hmmm…no problems with auto focus? I generally like using the GC but on my Moto X 2014 it wouldn’t easily focus. Switched over to the built-in Motorola camera and no problems with focus.

  • Dhilipan

    What about heating issues?

    • Caroline Eadie

      There aren’t any heating issues on 1st day yes but after taking updates it is resolved

      • Ryan Smith

        What updates are you talking about? Was there software updates to fix the overheating issue with the SD617?

  • Aniruddha Ani

    Any feedback on heating issues. Many customers were complaining that phone overheats easily (using camera for a couple of mins). I heard latest update helped with the heating though so can anyone share their experience. Thanks

    • Caroline Eadie

      There is heating issue on 1st day buy after updates it’s great

    • Caroline Eadie

      It’s excellent& updates sorted heating issues I strongly recommend it I love it no bloat ware or lag

  • Eduardo Quintero

    I don’t know how to feel.about this phone. Removing the waterproofing and making the design uglier while also improving other obvious aspects make this phone difficult to like or hate. The Zenfone 3 looks like it provides more value, if it releases at $249

  • Kunal Narang

    I don’t know why but I actually like this device! I just wished the fingerprint sensor could have been placed in the back Moto dimple.

    • Steevey Dsouza

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    • Maryb7687

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  • Pranav

    Not the best available in India. G4 will face tough competeing with Redmi note 3, Lenovo(Zuk) Z1, Leeco le2 which give better specifications than G4. Expecting a price-cut after 2-3 months.

  • Murray Snudge

    I don’t agree that the G was in ‘desperate’ need of an upgrade, I’m really happy with my 3rd gen but may buy the 4 just to have the better screen.

    • David Martrano

      I think the g4 and plus are very good offerings. You can even pick how many gb’s you want. And very buget friendly. Thumbs up to lenovo!!!

  • Great review, but sucks that it’s using a 5.5 inch screen. Change it with a 5.2 and give them NFC. Guess this is where it’s going eh?. Even the budget phones are going big..

  • Kent

    So do I have to choose between having a finger print scanner and having a home button?

    Or is there no home button at all?

    I wonder if a third party mod would fix this.

    • erikiksaz

      There’s always a software home button right above the fingerprint scanner.

  • Umar Muhammad N

    Hi guys! Should I get a Oneplus 3 or save £80 and grab a G4 plus?

    • Joshua

      Hi bro, it depends on your purpose. If this is your secondary phone, the Moto will do just fine, but if this is gonna be your primary phone then a strongly recommend the oneplus 3. It’s a flagship after all.

      • Umar Muhammad N

        Thanks for the reply mate. I currently use an iPhone 6 as my daily driver but the storage has always been an issue which is why I saved for an android phone. I prefer the OP 3 but I’m just not happy with the non-expandable storage.

        • Joshua

          May I know what storage config is your iPhone? My father uses an iPhone 6s in the 64 gig config and even though we have many apps installed it still has 12-13 gigs free. I have also just bought a Moto G4 plus and believe me, even though it’s a really good phone, you will miss the speed and multitasking capability of that snapdragon 820 chipset. Also, don’t forget your will be downgrading from a flagship to a midrange phone and you will miss it’s speed in the mo

          • Joshua

            cont’d, moto, whereas in the oneplus you will not feel as if your have changed the software and the phone is same. Choose wisely bro, good luck.

          • Umar Muhammad N

            Thank you very much for your help. My iPhone 6 is 16gb so I was just scared not having expandable storage might be a huge drawback with the OP 3. Besides, I haven’t used android since the 1st galaxy device.

          • Joshua

            For me, most galaxy devices have sucked except the S6 edge and the S7 series. Believe me 64 gigs is more than enough. Told your my personal experience. Good luck.

          • Caroline Eadie

            Moto g4 plus has 2 sim slots& dedicated SD card slot

          • Joshua

            Hi! Which phone did you finally go for?

          • Umar Muhammad N

            I got the op 3. It is fantastic. Thanks for the recommendations.

        • Caroline Eadie

          I strongly recommend Motog4 plus

      • Darren Parr

        I love my xiaomi-redmi-note 3 pro, no lag, 2/3 day battery, fingerprint sensor, runs as fast as a S6 and much quicker than this if you believe benchmarks antutu of 76000.

        • Caroline Eadie

          Moto g4 plus is very fast it’s an excellent phone

      • Caroline Eadie

        Moto g4 plus is as close to stock android as u can get& no bloatware

  • Mukund

    this is a good phone but the heating issue still remains a problem

    • Caroline Eadie

      I’ve had this phone 31/2 weeks intense user & no heating issues only had issue on 1st day but plugging took all updates automatically & heating resolved

    • Caroline Eadie

      When I got the moto g4 plus I went into Google play store set it to auto update on WiFi only plugged in the charger& left it heating issues were totally resolved don’t know what the updates were as I didn’t bother checking but no problem since

      • Gagan Rana

        bro is it really true over heating is resolved ? ….playing games for long time is it the best mobile please give me a honest suggestion ..please … can i buy this phone or not .. heating is the only reason ..i dont buy this phone .

        • Caroline Eadie

          Yes all issues if any r resolved it’s an amazing phone love it not everyone had the problem i did but no complaints

          • Gagan Rana

            nd can i buy this ??

        • Caroline Eadie

          It’s really true I have not had any problems since updating on 1st day don’t know what update sorted heating issue as when updating i left it & did other things no problem since

          • Gagan Rana

            ok thnq bro …now i buy this phone seriously thnq …..i m a big fan of G series…

  • Joshua

    I just recently bought the Moto G4 Plus, and it is a good phone no doubt. It doesn’t lag and I don’t know if I’m in the minority here but I like the fingerprint scanner on the front which was why many of the phones were eliminated. Also, it depends on your personal preference whether you like the phone or not so guys, whoever wants to buy this phone, get it it’s good. The pros and much more in number than the cons.

  • I don’t get all the hate on the fingerprint sensor placement — I actually think it’s more comfortable there, even though it does look kinda bad. My real concern is the lack of NFC on a device that HAS said fingerprint sensor in the middle of 2016, when Android Pay is becoming a thing. And spec-wise you can say this is a successor to last year’s Moto X Play, which had the technology. What’s with this trend that only super premium flagship smartphones can have this super cheap technology?

  • nik1988

    I picked up the g4 standard today out of desperation for a cheap device to last me a couple of weeks while I wait on the insurance claim coming through for my usual phone. Blown away by how good an experience your getting for the money. It’s hands down one of the smoothest ui operations I’ve experienced. I was using a xiaomi mi5 and it’s amazing how close webpage scrolling and ui navigating are despite the benchmark differences between the two chips. Props to moto for optimising the os. The screen is also really impressive. Not just for the money but in general. Really vibrant panel. Camera sucks as expected and build quality is a bit plasticy but otherwise really impressed.

  • Charles

    As of right now I own a Moto G second generation and I love it. so you can rest assured that I will be purchasing Motorola G4 Plus ASAP.?????

    • Caroline Eadie

      The g4 plus is excellent I’ve had mine since day 1 pretty ordered &no regrets

  • Loser.lon

    the fingerprint scanner on the dimple would have been totally wicked

  • Tyler Williams

    Seems like there has now become many other Chinese phones that offer better specs for the same or a lower price. After the Lenovo support debacle with last years Moto X I wouldn’t consider this phone. Plus you can now even get the Nexus 5x for $240.

  • Tharun Reddy

    Does the phone has wifi dual band option (I mean 2.4 & 5.1 GHz) ?

  • Tharun Reddy

    which is a better one lenovo zuk z1 or moto g plus 4th generation for gamers

  • Rohit Raja

    The design seems a little weird….but i guess the software is flawless and pure android

  • Paul Kwon Ji Gangte

    I’m having an issue with the Headphone jack….. the sound is coming from only one side of the earphone!

  • Dale Beshansky

    I suspect overheating may remain an issue for those into shooting long videos, or heavy game players. For most it should not be an issue, especially with the latest firmware.
    I suspect the same problem had led to more venting of the device, and likely why it is now only water resistant and not water proof.

  • Cpo

    Will I be able to connect this device to boost mobile

  • Ryan Savage

    I just purchased this same model yesterday and I have to say I absolutely LOVE it. Being a Galaxy buyer for the last few years (starting with the S5) I was a little skeptical about the way it would perform. So far I have no complaints. Its very quick with anything I do.
    + camera is surprisingly fast, fluid, and takes amazing photos, plus 120fps slow motion video.
    + fingerprint reader is far more accurate than the Galaxy’s I’ve previously owned
    + screen size is just perfect and very crystal clear (imo)
    + design even though plastic structured is very solid in your hand
    + sound is also crystal clear and gets more than loud enough
    + NO bloatware, NO parasites on memory usage, never more than 48% used at one time
    overall very pleased with this phone and would highly recommend it

  • Atif karim

    does it heat up?

  • Angelo Joseph Vargas Vibal IV


  • Peter Starzynski

    You know, I hope the 64 GB variant comes to the US. I really hope so.

    • Tony

      It’s on amazon!

  • Ionut

    Really ugly and misplaced fingerprint sensor

  • Roland Szabó

    That fingerprint sensor on the front is ugly ah

  • Monkey

    Sweet phone


    I really like this phone especially the rear camera,I just don’t like the fingerprint feature,wish I could have one without it.

  • Aslan Dudayev

    The cons are not necessary for a mid-range phone. Still affrodable and good phone.

  • 厚切りダイソン

    If used snapdoragon 625,more powerful…

  • Jeremae Manalaysay

    This looks like an amazing phone! And the price is affordable.

  • Alonso Venegas

    I don’t mind the fingerprint on the front… it looks fine for me. Good battery and camera. Love the storage and microSD slot.

  • David G

    Motorola devices always seem to come thru with quality

  • Alexius PF

    I will buy one! Searching for this Moto case..

  • The G4 Plus looks good. And I like the idea that it’s close to stock Android with virtually no bloatware.

  • Salvador Tanalgo

    Moto X user here, Im curios of what Moto G4 plus carrying feature?

  • Ghigo

    Since first appearance on the market Moto G have attracted my interest, the G4 plus confirm the attractiveness

  • Augusto Moreira

    I like Very Mutch of the perfitmance and quality of camera

  • Bull Jones

    I took a chance on the G4, and on the whole I’m impressed. One thing that would have been a deal breaker had I known before hand is that there seems to be no way to set up Bluetooth auto answer. That part sucks

  • Satyam Ravi Dwivedi

    Bought it after much thought and survey. Been a week and I can safely say that this phone does the job with ease. Design is a welcome departure from traditional moto philosophy in terms of a raised back, took me a while to get adjusted to the slim profile of it but I love it. Fits well in hand and in pocket. It’s deceptively sleek for a Moto device. Finger print sensor placement is spot on as those on the back cant be accessed if phone is placed flat on its back BUT the fact that it doesn’t double up as home button does seem odd at first. That’s probably because Motorola doesn’t offer any physical buttons on their phones, I just feel that had the shape was kept a rounded rectangle rather than a square, it would look more integrated in the chassis rather that standing out as a “button”. Having said that, it works as a charm. Performance wise it does what it promises with no hiccups and stock Android helps. It doesn’t heat up as much as gets warm which is barely noticeable. Camera is a massive improvement over previous editions, something worth buying the phone for. Since Moto maker isn’t available in India, I went to third party options like gadgetshieldz to add some personality to this really plain looking phone. All in all a great device with reliability of Moto and a worthy successor to G3. I will say good job Lenovo.

    P.S Quick and earnest Android updates is also a huge reason for buying this device, a reason fairly important to many but hardly mentioned.

  • trungotvn

    I can not add a contact info on text messages on the Motorola Moto G4 plus. There are only five options for attachment: take new photo, select photo, select emoji, record audio, send location.
    Can anyone help me please?