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As 2015 prepares to finish up and the next new year begin, owners of last year’s Moto X Pure Edition are inevitably wondering if Motorola will release Android 6.0 Marshmallow before January arrives. Whereas last year the company was quick to update the device for the release of Lollipop, things haven’t been going so smoothly this year. Thankfully, reports from users in various countries around the world indicate that the roll-out has begun formally, though some territories were early to the party.

The Android 6.0 update is around 884MB and can be manually checked for those who don’t want to wait for a notification to appear. To do so, hit the Settings menu, scroll to the bottom and find “About Phone” the select “System Updates” and see if the magic of Marshmallow is ready to go.

Please be aware that often times OEMs will issue “staged” roll-outs that see devices gradually having update access over the course of several days or even weeks in an attempt to minimize potential server traffic problems. If the prompt to download the new OS version is not appearing, prepare to wait a bit longer. Also be aware this update is for the 2014 (“2nd Gen”) Pure Edition -unlocked/SIM-free – variant and thus carriers will inevitably be on their own set schedule.

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Android 6.0 brings with it Doze, a new feature that optimizes battery life by more aggressively managing the way in which apps behave when a device is in sleep mode and undisturbed. Now on Tap is another key addition: by holding down the “Home” button the OS will take a snapshot of the screen and analyze the content on it to allow direct access or usage of the information such as making an appointment. The last primary new feature is “App permissions” which give users more control over what any given app can do or have access to.

Android 6.0.1 has already been released earlier this month however, which brought with it new Emoji and bug fixes. It is unknown as to when or if Motorola plans to include it at a later date.

Are you the owner of a Moto X Pure Edition (2014)? Have you received the OTA yet? Drop us a line in the comments section and share your thoughts and machinations on the minutia of Marshmallow!

  • Gilad

    I’m a nvidia shield tablet owner and it doesn’t update

  • Marko Simonovic

    I’m on Motorola V3 Why I didn’t recieve the OTA? Motorola Sucks..

    P.S.I: I’ve recieved the OTA and I’m very happy with that!

  • Scott Lowe

    I got the update yesterday.

  • Jason A.

    The update came in this morning on the moto x pure 2014. Everything working great so far.

  • b!gcletus

    Since when was the 2014 Moto X called Pure Edition? Thought only the 2015 version was refered to as the Pure Edition.

    • Glenn

      Wrong, both years had a pure version. In the 2014 model the version was the XT1095.

    • Tony Fernandes

      Moto Phones are now on sale only below

  • techymaster

    Update came in this morning for me!

  • Tapajyoti Giri

    When will be Marshmallow update will be coming for Moto X Play devices in India

  • Joseph Martin Stradling

    Yeah I got it last night.. Takes a good 35-40 minutes to update

  • Ana

    I got it yesterday noon. I left my phone without being charged through the night in order to see how Doze worked. Sadly I woke up to see I had about 16% less battery. I did have a fair amount of notifications but I have been disappointed with what I expected from Doze. My battery has been really sucking lately, I sure hope Doze starts to work sometime.

    • dtechba

      Facebook is sucking up data and I bet that impacts the battery.

      • Ana

        Yeah, facebook is terrible regarding data and thus battery. But I was on wifi and had notifications for whatsapp and emails, so it shouldn’t have been that terrible :/.

  • Ragtop99

    Updating now!

  • dtechba

    I bought this phone for our son for Christmas, got the 64gb version on special with Motorola. Phone is very nice, so lite you wonder if it is fragile. Our son got the update yesterday.

  • Jacob Byrd

    I received the update here in the US

  • bobdon

    Recvd. the update yesterday. Already noticing the improved battery life. A few hours before I call it a day – and the battery is still at 74%…YeeHawwww ~

  • Carlos Javier Alba Perilla

    I received the update today. I am in Colombia, South America.
    One issue I am facing is dialer doesn’t display names only phone number. :-(

  • Sybil Hall

    Where’s the flashlight?! I’m freaking out lol. How are they going to replace it with a “do not disturb”. I need to get the chopping do I can see in the dark. I want to remove the update lol

  • bigo3214

    this phone is called moto x 2014 not moto x pure look at moto web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lethal_1

    Anyone in QLD/Australia got the MM update yet.? Still waiting…