It’s been two months since the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus was released in India, and now Moto is bringing that same update to US users.

According to a Republic Wireless blog post issued earlier today, Moto has started rolling out the Nougat update for the G4 and G4 Plus as part of a Maintenance Release soak test. It’s likely that this test will be quickly followed up by a full rollout of Nougat for both phones in the US. Aside from Nougat, the update also has the December 2016 Android security patches from Google and comes in a build number NPJ25.93-13.

Motorola’s own support page for the update shows that it will include some specific additions just for these devices. One is a way to shrink the screen with just a swipe, which can be enabled by opening the Moto app, then tapping on “Actions” and then finally by tapping “Swipe to shrink the screen”. The other new feature is just for the Moto G4 Plus – this one will allow owners to disable and enable locking the phone’s screen when it is on and when they touch the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

Keep in mind that this update is likely to be a large one, so you will want to use your Wi-Fi connection to download it. The Moto G4 or G4 Plus should have at least a 50 percent charge before downloading and installing the update, and it could take up to 20 minutes for it to complete the install process. You can check your device’s Settings menu, then choose About phone, and finally System update to see if the file is ready to be downloaded to your phone.

As always with these kinds of OS updates, this one may take a few days to roll out to everyone, so don’t worry if you don’t receive the update right away. Is your Moto G4 or G4 Plus running Nougat? Let us know!

John Callaham
John was a newspaper reporter before becoming a technology and video/PC gaming writer in 2000. He lives in Greer, SC with his wife and five cats.
  • Neel

    Still nothing for the Moto X Pure/Style

    • jhardy93

      yup :( that is what I am waiting for too

  • Nawe

    why did the Canadian update come out first? we got it like a month ago

  • Balde Aguirre

    I got the update since a month ago.

  • Beebs

    Infuriating that the budget G4 is updated to Nougat, while the flagship LG G4 is not. FU LG, will never touch LG again.

    • Eric Wang

      Same here, was hoping they’d have nougat on the G4 but nope. But then again practically no phone manufacturer is rolling out updates to 2 year old phones

  • Brodie Yg

    Most the globe already has android n on there moto G4 plus, Australia got it at the start of January

  • Kody

    It’s a little disappointing how long it took. They used to be so fast with the updates.

  • Saad Naeem

    remember when moto G 2014 got lollipop update even before the nexus?, well I do.

  • Pramuditha

    My G4+ still didn’t receive the update

  • pr5avage

    Arghhhh. No Moto g4 Nougat in the UK. No sign of when. It’s supposed to be a virtually stock build.

    Might be my lack of technical knowledge but how can it take several months longer to get it out in certain parts of the world?

    When Google owned Motorola kind of felt like the Moto phones were a sort of pseudo-Nexus when it came to updates. No such luck under Lenovo.

  • Christopher Bloemers
  • Pramuditha

    Damm still no update for my Moto G4 plus in Sri Lanka. The roll out speed is too slow.

  • Tony

    4 weeks later. Still not update in the US

  • John Parker

    Got my notification last night for my G4 Plus. Painless upgrade. Took about 15 minutes after download.