Do you have very big fingers? Many users have problems typing on their mobile phones because they have big fingers, which in turn causes inaccurate typing because the letters on the onscreen keyboard are so small.

Because of this, many users have a hard time in composing messages and consume a significant amount of time just to type several words. To solve this problem there is now a new type of onscreen keyboard called MessagEase Keyboard which is developed to optimize the number of words that a person can type. The keys of the keyboard are larger than that of a usual QWERTY keyboard, which makes typing easier.

As described by its developers, MessagEase is a smart, fast, and accurate way to enter full text on your Android device.  It is also claimed to be the world’s fastest touchscreen keyboard. This claim seems very justifiable because based on user reviews of the app, many users actually like it. Some like it because it helps reduce mistakes when typing.  Though, it does take some getting used to, especially if your QWERTY habits are deeply ingrained in your fingertips.

How It Works

The aim of this app is really to make typing faster and to reduce mistakes when typing words. The keyboard has nine keys that represent several letters.  Because of such compression, there are fewer but larger keys. As a result, mistakes are minimized because you don’t accidentally tap other keys beside the key that you want to tap, which is what usually happens when you use a QWERTY keyboard.

This keyboard resembles the old-school keypads of the first Nokia phones, but what makes MessagEase Keyboard even better is that each of the nine keys represent the most frequently used letters: A, N, I, H, O, R, T, E, and S.  Tapping on the key will input the main character that it represents.

The nine main keys also represent the less frequently used letters.  To input such letters, you simply slide your finger in the direction of the minor letter–either towards the center key (“O”) or away from the center key.

So, for instance, to input the letter V, slide from the A key towards the O key.  To input the letter M, slide away from the R key towards the O key.  To input the letter P, slide away from the O key towards the I key.  And so on.

MessagEase Keyboard also has a word prediction feature so that you don’t have to type all the letters of a word.

The latest version of the app has new features such as improved gesture recognition, expanded word list, enhanced text entry prediction, word prediction, and even voice-enabled speech input via Google Voice integration.  You can also change the shape, size, and color of the keys, as well as the default language.

MessagEase Keyboard is absolutely free in the Google Play Store. Download it now and try a new way of typing your text on your Android phone.

Have you tried the odd layout of MessagEase Keyboard?  Does it live up to its promise of faster and easier typing?

Ken East
Ken is an expert on management and is currently engrossed with his newly started adventure in logistics management. But, that's only his second love. His first love, of course, and without being mushy when this is said, is Android.
  • Fardarrigger

    I’ve been using MessagEase since the good old days on my Palm Pilots. I used it on my Windows OS phone, and now I use it on my Android phones. I flirt with other keyboards (Graffiti, Swype) but always, always come back to MessagEase. Bestest, fastest text entry system out there, and it keeps getting better. Now with text completion! In a world of constant change, MessagEase has been a refreshing constant, one I won’t do without. Well played, MessagEase. Thanks for years of effortless text enry.

    • Fardarrigger

      Of course, if you don’t do your part, you can still screw up text entry, as I did above. Skynet would not approve, lol.

  • Ron Jones

    Loved, loved, loved my Blackberry keyboard so I knew when I transitioned to Android the on-screen keyboard would be my biggest hurdle. My Android came with Swype which I immediately began to use. Quickly found MessagEase and downloaded it. There is a pretty steep learning curve with MessagEase but it’s been more than worth the effort. I like the speed and ease of Swype but it’s not as accurate as I want at times. Accuracy is where MessagEase has excelled in my opinion. And I’m about as fast with MessagEase as I am with Swype, especially considering the fact I don’t have to go back and correct words.

    Another plus for MessagEase is the fact they’ve added Macros! Fully user editable and save SO much time. There are lots of user customizable options with the entire program including keyboard colors or skins and lots of user settings. I’m still improving speed everyday. And they even have a MessagEase game to help improve speed and accuracy. Pretty sweet program. Not for everyone but for me and my fat fingers it just plain works!

  • Sayasekarang

    I’ve been using MessagEase since the Palm days. I’m glad it is available for free for Android phones.

    • Fardarrigger

      Since I can’t post my own comment, as it says I need a valid email to post, and it won’t accept mine…

      I have been using MessagEase for years now, first on my Palm Pilots, then on a Wondows OS phone, and now on my second Android phone. MessagEase means there’s no need for an actual keyboard, freeing up the entire front of the phone for a screen.

      I have flirted with other text entry methods, Swype was fun but ultimately was not practical for daily, hard-core text entry. At times, my Android phone was my only computer, and MessagEase made this work much better than the QWERTY keyboard ever could. Now that MessagEase has text prediction, text entry is faster and easier than ever.

      I have very large fingers, and MessagEase allows me to vary the size of the onscreen keyboard to a size I am comfortable with. I can enter text two handed, holding the phone with one hand and entering the data with my other hand, or enter data with the thumb of the hand I am holding the phone with, which has become the preferred method for me.

      MessagEase as a company is great. I sent an email with a question on a Sunday, not expecting a reply until Monday. Within an hour, the founder of the company had replied to me personally, and followed up to make sure my question was answered properly. You just don’t see that level of care and customer support often these days.

      There is a learning curve, but for me it was fun. I used an older version of the MessagEase game, and practiced my ABC’s. until I had it down. Which only took a few days.

      If you want to try an innovative method of text entry that is truly the future, MessagEase awaits. If you want to stay with the outdated, putt-putt method of QWERTY keyboards, well, have fun.

  • Al Chandler

    Forget the app, where can I get a phone that big lol.

  • Mmmmm, I don’t know about this one guys.

  • I’ve been using this keyboard for 6 months or so, it is unbelievable. Typing is so easy and fast, I can comfortably chat with someone who is using a real keyboard, and all that with my one finger. So you don’t have to hold your phone with two hands or something stupid as that.

    I dare to say that this keyboard will become standard for all android phones in 5 years or so. The current QWERTY design looks like a work of caveman compared to this.

  • Dmwhittley

    I have used messagease for about 18 months and recommend it everyone. Friends that write code love it, as all the symbols they need are visible and easily entered without having to press ‘shift’ or ‘alt’ or any other key first.
    Another friend has used macros for the usual tags and swears that he codes faster on his phone than on his PC!
    I can honestly say that
    never use the word prediction unless I want to check the spelling of a word. I type quicker than the word prediction guesses. I average 36 wpm. Pro users write up to 55 wpm!!!

  • Facundo Salom

    I´ll try it. But… I have big fingers and they are not a problem since all touch phones today select the key in the center of the touched area no matter how many keys are you touching.

  • Melad360

    seems cool, but im sticking to swyPr

    • Melad360


  • Not my cup of tea. Swype combined with Dragon speech rec. is my best friend.

  • Wya303

    “Portrait Keyboard” has all the advantages of “MessageEase” without the long, long learning curve. It’s also faster, because you don’t have to swipe in a precise direction.

    • Acct

      Portrait keyboard in my experience is slower and more prone to mistakes. My learning curve for message ease was about a week,

  • Uzair

    I have a bigger phone- Galaxy note, and with that there was no way to use it one-handed with the regular keyboard…until i found message ease. There was for sure a learning curve of about 4-5days (but i like to think i pick up things fast =) )

    I’m not going to go into a lengthy review but here are the bullet points:

    -Type one handed

    -Can use it while walking or any other place where the phone bobs about

    -Type without looking– not long sentences but you only have to look every other word to stay centered on the keyboard.

    -More screen real estate while typing (it can be transparent too) see picture attached (note, as i noted earlier, my phone is the galaxy note and is notably bigger than other phones) btw i use my thumb for the typing and not my index finger as shown in the pics.

    -35wpm typing (less while walking, naturally)

    What i miss:

    Auto correct- Although you really never need it, if it had a smart auto correct this would maybe be as fast as a full sized computer keyboard. I think its only a matter of time till it gets it to be honest.

    Two handed tying solution, doesn’t really need it, but it would be cool if there was a way to do it. I have a few ideas that im gonna send to these guys. The cool thing is they actually listen.