Official video shows us a glimpse of LG UX 5.0

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 27, 2016


As Android followers we are all about variety, so we must realize that manufacturer UI’s are a crucial part diversity in the platform. Just think about it: high-end devices all carry pretty much identical specs and very similar performance. There’s not many other ways manufacturers would be able to differentiate themselves.

Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC has Sense and LG has UX. Today we are taking a look at the latter. Namely, LG UX 5.0, which is set to come with the LG G5 when it launches, this March 31st.

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But what is it that makes LG UX 5.0 special? We have already shown you a bit of it our hands-on post, and now LG has released its own little video demo to show you some of the software highlights. Let’s take a look.

As we can see in the video, LG quickly goes over 3 categories. First they touch on the LG “Friends”, which includes the modules and accessories LG has launched next to the G5. The LG Friends Manager app is also mentioned. It essentially works as a gateway to help you manage your accessories and find the right apps to control them.

LG also touts their camera experience, which is about much more than picture quality. And we must accept the new LG camera software is pretty cool. You can take advantage of features like auto shot (automatically recognizes when you pose), multi view (uses all cameras to create a collage), pop out picture (frames image with a blurry background) and film effect (fancy word for filters).


Other LG content: 

LG then goes on to focus on the actual UI, which is meant to be simple and quick. But this is one part of the G5 not many are fond of. There is no app drawer. LG claims this makes things less confusing and much more streamlined. And the good news is that if you don’t like it you can always go back to the previous version through the settings and recover that precious app drawer. They also touch on LG Health, Smart Doctor, World Clock and LG Backup.

Who is signing up for the LG G5? It’s coming very soon, so get ready! Meanwhile, you can go ahead and keep watching this video to see what LG has in store for you.

  • SyaukiRazali

    must say that i’m impressed.. seriously considering one

  • Arman

    It clearly shows at 2:19 that the App Drawer is back for those who want it. Perhaps that was the main point of releasing this video. Smart move LG..

    • abqnm

      You know, that and the fact that they actually right-out say it’s an optional setting is a pretty good indicator too.

  • VanceVEP72

    Wonder how much “bloat” this brings to the phone?

  • Tatsuya Fujiwara

    mine is already preordered :)

  • Rick_Deckard

    Fuck u LG… My LG G4 got the motherboard burned in less than 7 months…. FUCK YOU! YOU CHEAP KOREAN CRAP COMPANY!

    • Ryan Neely

      It’s a defect. Everyone has defects.

  • Pēteris Rūcis

    I love my G3, but the 2GBs of RAM causes some lags. 4GBs of RAM + those awesome cameras in the G5 = I’m sold.

    • DBS93

      G3 with 2 gb of ram was pretty bad. The 3gb variant was alright. LG shouldn’t had release the 2gb variant, it was a stupid move because of the 2k screen

  • Ahmed

    Am really loving the LG g5 can’t wait to get one

  • Lin Dan

    If you are going to post something about LG releasing a new video at least please watch it. It clearly says that there is an option to bring back the app drawer. smh

  • xapoliz

    The question is: will they bring the new UI to older handsets, at least flagships, as Samsung did with 2016 TouchWiz and the S6 series?

    • John Matthews

      that would be pretty cool but I would worry about getting any updates at all first

    • DBS93

      Samsung didn’t release the same UI to 2014 flagships… Disgusting move but yeah..

  • Samuel Chua

    Does it support adaptable storage or can move apps to SD?

  • Abhijith V M

    The UI is still ugly

  • Necdet Ali Özdür

    I still don’t understand why OEMs continue to include those Smart Doctor Manager Battery & Strorage Saving Mumbojumbo apps in their devices.

    • xapoliz

      Money. They get money for it.

      • Necdet Ali Özdür

        Good point.

  • xapoliz

    Would be nice, if the G5 came with the snapdragon 820+4GB RAM here in Brazil…

  • DBS93

    Why no multi window? How would I feel in terms of multi tasking coming from the powerful note 4 which has all the multi tasking gimmicks?

  • X

    Glad to see that LG copies Samsung S-Health. AA should compare the apps!

    Where is the multitasking software?

  • Matty032

    If its like the G3, its UI is ugly with bloat. The G3 dialer was super ugly.

  • John Kats

    memory cleaner in 2016 with 3GB ram phones….still no themes….

  • Howie Eastin

    I would say that I am considering one. Just figuring out how I am going to sync everything to my Macbook so i can do things like message from my Mac or carryon a conversation from my phone to computer. I have always been impressed with LG products ever since the LG G2, Ive been sold solely due to the double tap feature of the UI which I am still surprised that Samsung does not offer as standard with touchwhiz.