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Following a report from yesterday claiming LG would adopt a metal unibody for its next flagship, more details about the LG G5 have surfaced in an English language report from Korea’s ETNews.

Citing industry sources, the publication confirms that the LG G5 will feature a “full metal case” that would enable it to compete on equal terms with flagships from Samsung or Apple. This comes as no surprise, as LG is the last large OEM holding onto plastic designs for its flagships. With financial losses and lackluster sales, LG needs to adopt metal if it wants to stay competitive in the high-end market.

LG is already using metal on the impressive V10, but only for its frame. The device’s stainless steel and silicone construction makes it extremely resilient to shocks, without the compromises that typically come with rugged phones. But for the G5, LG will go full metal.


If LG adopts a fully metallic design for the G5, there’s a high chance that the device will lack a removable battery and, potentially, a microSD slot. These were big selling points for the G4 and one of the few advantages that LG’s phone had over Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

LG is reportedly moving away from the design language established on the past three generations of the G series. One person that had supposedly seen the device called it a “major step forward” compared to LG’s previous phone.

The Korean sources claim LG plans to launch the G5 in Q1 2016, to go head to head against the local rivals from Samsung. MWC 2016, at the end of February, is mentioned as a potential release date, though that seems to be just an educated guess by ETNews.

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The report says LG wants to release the G5 right after its official debut, and that production of components for the “strategic device” is already underway.

This is far from official information, but it all sounds very plausible. LG was caught wrong-footed this year, when it used leather to spice up the otherwise played-out design of the G4. The company cannot risk another dud next year.

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Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Jay

    I loved a lot about the G4 but sold it after a few months. It is time for LG to improve the design and, more importantly, debloat the software.

    • Karl Dagenais

      Root, de bloat, install greenify, profit. No need for marshmallow.

  • I’m kinda glad that they are moving forward from plastic back. On my G3 back cover is so loose that even slight force can open it.

  • Keith Taylor

    Well I guess we’ll get the g4 while we can.

  • ranz

    guys may i hear your opinions.. sony z5 compact? lg g4? lg v10? or should i just wait for g5? i really just want an all around phone.. please help :(

    • DBS

      If a great camera is what you’re looking for, the G4. Otherwise I’d go for the Z5C. The camera sucks but everything else is great.

      • ranz

        yeah.. i have that very same idea.. i guess ill go for g4 or v10 considering that if the battery has depreciated, i could always order a spare.. to tell you honestly, i need a new phone that could last 5 years

    • Keith Taylor

      I want to like the V10 but for a new design it has a poor finger print reader, The second screen I consider useless.
      I agree with DBS. However I like the G4 camera enough to over look the other stuff.

    • Bur

      Same problem… gonna wait for the Huawei Mate8, Galaxy S7 and Lg G5. I NEED OIS. Stupid Sony…

  • Sal

    Well that’s going to be it.If people are still holding onto to look for phones with removable battery and micro sd slot you are going to have a harder time getting one next year. This seems to be the new reality and industry standard (unless the oem decides to include both in their next flagship). Until then might as well pick up up G4.

  • Daggett Beaver

    STAHP! with the metal backs already! Unless they’re going to include that new wireless charging technology that works with metal backs, that is.

  • Mohammad Hussain

    Isn’t it possible for companies to put metal on the removable backs di that you can still have a removable battery and SD card expansion. COME ON GUYS…..

  • Fam Holter

    Thank you all Samsung and Apple fandouches, and all the phone reviewrs who doesn’t get that PERSONAL TASTE differs, for ruining the smart phone market for the rest of us. Thank you “high end” brands for making useful and sought after functions disappear, because “lulz, so design”.

    Not everyone likes metal bodies, not everyone who buys something other than Samsung and Apple had to do so because they couldn’t afford your ridiculously overpriced phones. Some of us liked LG’s old designs, some of us prefer to not have a metal phone! I nearly live on the frikkin northpole, a metal phone during winter is damn near impossible to use, because it gets so frikkin cold. You know what happens when your phone insta-freezes when you take it out of your pocket, and you bring it to your ear, which is slightly damp after being tucked away under a hat all day? It gets stuck. No joke. Like licking a cold, metal fence during the winter.

    I’m so frikkin angry. LG is my favourite brand, and now you snobby douchenozzles have gone and ruined it.

    • Fredrol

      “douchenozzles” hahahaha! Awsome! :-P

    • teomor

      Metal and glass are only good for one thing: to slip from your hand. That’s why I bought the S5 (mini) just a few days ago.. I fell in love with the back cover. It’s simply amaziiing!!

    • Keith Taylor

      Yeah all I hear is,,well it doesnt feel “premium enough” who the fuk cares. I like do so much need a replaceable battery but an SD card slot is a must. Really the battery for me is only good when my phone freezes and I need a soft reset.

    • Jason

      It’s called a phone cover or case. Look into some.

      • Fam Holter

        1st, it’s called humour, look it up. 2nd, for the price these things are commanding, they should be usable out of the box. I shouldn’t need to buy lots of stuff to make them comfortable to use. That should be top priority when paying that kind of money.

    • wabbies

      So now you blame people for having a different taste? Be mad at LG, not at people (like me) who prefer metal and glass.. You said you hate people who don’t get that personal taste differs, but you think we ruined it because we have a different taste taste? Hypocrite much..

  • bklm1234

    LG G4 is an awesome phone. I got one for my wife on tmobile. I was gonna get it from her when it can be unlocked so I can use it on my company’s AT&T contract. But she wouldn’t give it up. I ended getting an unlocked one from Amazon, the H815 version. I’ve been a big Android fan. The G4 is the closest to ideal phone to me. It’s skin done right. It’s fast even it has lots bells and whistles, which help and not get in the way. In fact I returned Nexus 5X and 6p because G4 has so many more useful features such as long pressing the toggles brings you to the corresponding setting screen (a common function to all skins) which I can’t stand not having. The G4 runs faster than the Nexus 5X, maybe because it doesn’t have forced encryption. The removable battery is one big reason I love it. It saves my day many many times. Screw unibody. I don’t know why LG isn’t more popular. Maybe fans don’t post enough. Nitpicky do and they ruin G4’s reputation. I don’t know what will save LG. But unibody won’t. It probably drives some loyal customers away

    • mosincredible

      Agreed except I’m still using the G3. I bought the 6P, and decided against keeping it. Losing my sdcard, removable battery, sound quality & extra software features wasn’t worth paying extra for. With CloudyG3 + a good kernel, my phone is plenty fast for everything I do. Early Marshmallow bugs and lack of extras remind me why I’m willing to wait for OEM updates. LG comes the closest to checking all my requirement boxes in a phone. Hopefully they continue that trend.

  • Fredrol

    Hope it don’t get a glass back.. That’s just fucked up..

  • KM

    LG, you’re just joining masses of other brands with metal unibody phones. What makes you stand out now?

  • ceruleanblue

    I’m all for a metal body. The G3 was simply not durable enough. That was one reason I didn’t upgrade to a G4 (that and I prefer an AMOLED screen). But a removable battery and expandable storage are musts for me. Now I may go ahead and buy a G4 just to have a recent phone with those features. LG, use all the metal you want. But, please, retain the removable battery and storage.

    And the most perfect phone you could build is a combination of the 5x, G4, and V10: size of the G4, unlockable bootloader (like the h815), stock android (with some added features), metal frame and more durable (like the V10), removable back, battery, storage. Oh, but change to AMOLED screens

  • mason

    Have the lg g3 and like it alot….but was ready for something new and the g4 was not enough of a step up to justify the move …..Got tired of waiting on lg and got the Motorola turbo 2….Worlds first shatter proof screen, metal/leather/nylon/ build your own, world class battery life and more…..If motorola would brighten the screen a little like lg had to do to the g3 and trim the phone size a little leaving the screen at 5.4 the droid turbo would be the perfect phone…..Good start Motorola.

  • bklm1234

    Critics and Android OEMs look at Apple’s success and thought metal unibody was the reason. No, Apple is successful despite the unibody. It has great designs despite the shortcomings of unibody. Android OEMs should think how to have great build quality despite having a removable battery. Don’t copy Apple for God’s sake. Unibody works for Apple. It doesn’t mean it will save LG or Samsung or any Android OEMs. I think it will do the opposite.

  • TJ

    A metal body is a deal breaker for me. I refuse to buy one.

  • Han Chien Leow

    If you need more information about the LG G5, here you go: http://www.theveox.com/lg-g5-price-in-india-malaysia-usa/
    This is not a spam, just providing some information for you guys :D

  • kathy

    what is weigh of lg g5 if it will comes with full metal body?

  • kathy

    i do not hing LG g5 will release in Q1

  • Evaleen Tan

    Omg, it says LG g5 most likely be LACK of removable battery and potentially Micro SD slot ):
    Then I’m definitely not gonna get the G5. I’m still thinking whether I should still wait for the v10 anot.