The LG G5 has been formally announced just ahead of the official kick-off of MWC 2016. The LG G5 is a pretty dramatic departure from past members of the G series. The LG sets reinvent the G series by emphasising premium materials while also removing a few previously iconic LG features. Let’s take a quick look at what to expect from the LG G5 in terms of design, specs, and features.

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LG G5 design

lg g5 first look aa-10

With the LG G4, features, not design, were the key differentiators when compared to the LG G3 before it.While the spec sheet has certainly taken a big jump forward with the LG G5, it is the design that really catches our attention first and foremost.

The LG G5 is the first all-metal unibody flagship from LG, but with a twist. Unlike your typical unibody design, this phone still retains both microSD and a removable battery. This feat is accomplished by the addition of a “cap” at the bottom that can be removed to unveil the battery, microSD slot, and LG’s unique new Magic Slot. We’ll speak more on the Magic Slot and its modules a little bit later in this post.

lg g5 first look aa-19

The LG G5 retains much of the same look as previous members of the LG G family on the frontside, but the same can’t be said for the back. Not only are we looking at a non-removable metal back this time around, you’ll also notice that the rear volume and power button combo that debuted with the LG G2 is no longer present, replaced instead by a rear fingerprint scanner. The only other element found on the rear is the odd camera area that somewhat resembles the bump found on Huawei’s Nexus 6P.

Whether the new design is considered a step forward or backward will depend largely on personal preference. For what it’s worth, many of us at team AA are a bit divided on the design, with some feeling it’s not too bad, and others wishing LG had opted for a different look. Regardless, most of us agree it is good to see that LG is attempting something different.

For those that like having a number of color choices, you’ll also be happy to know that LG is giving you four: pink, gold, titan (charcoal), and silver. As you’d expect, these color choices will be dependent on market and/or carrier.

LG G5 Specs

Display5.3-inch QHD display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 820
Storage32GB storage, with microSD for expansion
CameraMain cam: Standard lens 16MP with OIS, wide-angle 8MP

Front cam: 8MP
ConnectivityWifi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
USB Type C, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2
SensorsRear mounted fingerprint scanner
Battery2800mAh with quick charging via Type-C USB
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow with LG UI
Dimensions149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm
ColorsPink, Gold, Titan (Charcoal) and Silver
ModulesLG Cam Plus & LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play

Of course there’s a lot more to the LG G5 than a brand new design language. Under the hood, you’ll find Qualcomm’s latest, the Snapdragon 820, paired with an Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB RAM. According to LG, the 820 will provide graphics that are 40% faster and 40% more power efficient than the Snapdragon 810, though obviously we haven’t had enough time with the device just yet to say whether or not that claim holds true.

In a world where many flagships offer multiple internal storage variants, the LG G5 sticks to just one with 32GB on-board storage, though the microSD expansion slot allows you to expand up to a theoretical 2TB. You’ll find the microSD card on the side this time around, built into the same tray that holds the SIM card.

lg g5 first look aa-15

Turning to the display, the LG G5 has shrunk the screen down from 5.5-inches to 5.3-inches, while retaining the same QHD resolution. The big story with the display this time around is an always-on feature that lights up part of the screen at all times. This differs from Motorola’s approach, which intermittently displays information. Considering LG uses an IPS display, many were wondering how this would affect battery life, but the good news is the hit is pretty minor. According to LG, from a fully charged G5 you can expect always on display to use .8% of the battery per hour.

On to the cameras, we find that LG continues to bring its A-game, offering the same 16MP main cam with OIS that was found on the V10, though this time it is backed by an 8MP wide-lens, which makes it possible to smoothly transition from standard angle to wide angle and all the points in between. It’s too early to say how good the LG G5’s cameras are compared to the V10, or to its competitors for that matter, but it certainly sounds impressive on paper. Briefly speaking on the camera software, expect a very similar experience to the LG G4, which unfortunately means that the V10’s manual video capabilities aren’t present here.


The last spec we want to touch on is the battery, which has been shrunk down to 2800 mAh, vs the 3000 mAh battery found in the G4. Of course a smaller display and a more frugal processor should equate to similar battery life, despite the size difference. What’s really the most impressive thing here is that LG still offers a removable battery, even after ditching the traditional removable back. Although removable batteries aren’t a must-have for many consumers, there are still plenty of power users out there that lust over such functionality, so it’s good to see LG giving these folks an option.

It’s also worth noting that the LG G5 includes Quick Charge 3.0 support, allowing you to charge from 0% to 80% in just 35 minutes.

LG G5 features

lg g5 first look aa-24

Moving past the traditional smartphone specs, we find that LG has included a number of special hardware features this time around. First, there’s a circular fingerprint scanner on the rear, similar to the sensor found on the LG V10 and the LG-made Nexus 5X. LG has also made the move over to USB Type-C and touts a rear-mounted speaker.

Of course the real show stopping feature for LG is the Magic Slot, a new slot found by removing the G5’s bottom ‘cap’. This proprietary connector allows users to connect special modules to the LG G5. While only two modules were shown off by LG initially, LG says that it will share details for its proprietary connector with any accessory manufacturer that wants it, and so hopefully that means many more unique modules will make their way to the market in the months to come.

lg g5 first look aa-4

Here’s a brief recap of the four hardware accessories shown off by LG, two of which are modules:

  • Camera module – The LG Camera module might not change up or add any new sensors to the LG G5, but it does provide a better grip for taking that perfect shot. It also includes its own supplementary 1200 mAh battery as well as a physical wheel for zoom, and bottoms for taking photos and video recording. You can also half press the camera shutter button to focus lock.
  • LG HiFi+ (with B&O Play)In collaboration with B&O, LG brings us the LG HiFi+ module. This module replaces the existing bottom of the G5 and adds two new headphone jacks optimized for HiFi+. This accessory supports 32-bit DAC with upsampling, and 384KHz audio. It can also be used with any other USB C smartphone as it has a top part to the module for use with non-G5 smartphones.
  • LG 360 CAM – While not a module, the LG 360 Cam is a new LG-made accessory that brings 360 degree recording. Each camera is 200 degrees, and resulting images can have a flat or spherical view. Video works with Google Streetview and YouTube 360. When you take a photo or video, it is saved on the 360 CAM, which has a 1200mAh battery, 4GB storage and microSD card slot.
  • LG 360 VR – Lastly we have the LG 360 VR. This VR headset achieves a 639ppi effect and it feels like looking at a 130-inch TV from seven feet. The device works with the 360 CAM module and weighs 118 grams. You will need to tether it to the G5 via a USB Type C cable in order to use it. The lenses that can be adjusted to match your eyesight and particular vision number and there’s a headphone jack on the bottom, but you can also use Bluetooth. Physical Okay and Cancel buttons are available on the devuce, but you can replicate this by short tapping the phone screen for Okay and long tapping for Cancel.

LG G5 software


When Samsung overhauled its design language in 2015, it also gave its software a makeover, and to no surprise, LG is doing the same in 2016 with the LG G5. First off, you can expect a much cleaner and less colorful interface this time around when compared to the LG G4 and V10. That said, LG’s icons are very similar to what we’ve seen from the LG UI in the past.

One area where the LG G5’s UI is very different is when it comes to the app drawer – as in, the fact it isn’t present. Reportedly this change isn’t just exclusive to LG either, as several of our sources have told us that Google will reportedly be making this change to stock Android starting with Android N. Those who prefer the idea of having only select icons on the homescreen might not find this change so great, but there’s always the option to use a third-party launcher of course.

Moving past the colors and the lack of app drawer, you’ll find that the settings have also been reorganized, and instead of side swipes for switching from network to sound, display, etc, they are now in one column. The icons in settings are cleaner and more minimalistic this time around.

LG is also removing a few things with the LG G5’s interface, including Q slide and dual window. Overall you’ll also find significantly less bloatware.

LG G5 price and availability

The global launch of the LG G5 is set for March 31, with the LG G5 launch date in US set for April 1. In the US, you can pre-order the device from all major carriers and big retailers.

The LG G5 is priced at $600 to $700 depending on the channel. LG is throwing in a free extra battery and charging cradle in the US, while in other markets, the Cam Plus will be offered as a freebie. Some carriers are offering their own offers, such as AT&T’s buy-one-get-one-free deal.





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Wrap up


The LG G5 is a pretty bold step for LG, though it’s still too early to say how well this step will be received by both the general public and power users alike. What do you think of the LG G5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to continue the conversation over at the AA forums.

  • Vineeth S

    Am in love with the G5 already! Wow! What a de’vice’.

    • Harry

      LG Phones are now available for a good discount below

    • Mike Sabotta

      the g5 is going to be a flop. The lg phones were different with the back volume buttons. Thats what made the g series phones stand out and they go and go in reverse and put the buttond on the side of the phone. The LGV10 which I have now is what the g5 should have been. The G5 looks like any other phone now. What a dissapointment.

      • Ankur Verma

        Because you like button at the back does not mean that phone is going to be flop. Mark my words today, this phone is going to be a success. It has everything a smartphone should have. Some filthy people like you who consider buttons are the reasons for success and failure does not even deserve to use a smartphone.

        • Keith douglas

          The fact that its ridiculously expensive for the phone then want up to 400 for the modules is a joke and downsize in screen and now looks like an iPhone its going to be a flop

      • Andrew Griffin

        As a G3 owner, I’ve felt that volume buttons being on the back isn’t as hand as having the power button back there. My contract is up for renewal in July, and I’m thinking the G5 is gonna be that phone. We’ll see if I still agree with that assessment regarding the volume buttons.

      • KiwiNZ.Bloke

        Ok Mike that’s YOUR opinion. Im going to be getting it.

  • charlie Jason

    Beautiful design ruined by a stupid bulge.

    • Steve Smith

      I say the same thing when I put on jeans.

  • Kishore Venktesh

    Great phone but that back is ugly.

  • Michael Harrell

    To small for me.. My G3 is 5.5 screen. all the newer devices are going bigger and the LG takes a step backwards… Ill wait for the next V Series….

    • yoherson

      Bigger screen size is just plain horrible. It’s already a hassle to use the phone with one hand on a 5.5″ screen

      • Svengalis

        a hassle to you. 5.5 is the perfect size for me.

    • Jagan Kumaravelu

      People are starting to get tired of phablet sized screens, and want to return back to smaller screen sizes. We all want a phone, not a phablet. Apple has bit the gun and is bringing back its 4″. Soon others will follow suit.

  • jasonlowr

    This is one ugly phone right here.

    • Steve Smith

      Your Mom should buy it then.

      • DanG

        Hey, whether a mom is pretty or ugly, she deserves the best from all of us.
        Only the low life scum makes fun of other’s mom.

    • Sin Shiwei

      Only tools care about a phone’s looks, sheep losers like you lmao.

      • Keith douglas

        So if i buy an iPhone u wont mind because they look exactly the same
        So your the loser here

        • AnonGrammarMan


  • Android of the Year. Samsung got upset before their event.

  • Federico

    Everything sounds great. Nexus 6p looked ugly at first too.

  • Rob Rabs

    Any wireless charging capabilities on the G5?

    • Andrew Grush

      Unfortunately no. I’ll add in a mention of that, thanks. :)

  • Maikel92

    2800 mah with a QHD panel plus de always on feature… Seems like a half a day battery life. The design remembers me to the old G2

    • Gamod

      Not really, seems like teh standard phone with a removable battery… buy 2 batteries and external charger and you’re good to go. The slot is perfect!

  • Abdulrhman

    Not impressed, gonna wait and see what Samsung has to offer.

  • Sulley Alsaeed

    Wow this is absolutley horrible for a flagship. Expected much more out of this hype. Bold move unveiling before samsung but what a weak blow.

    • Steve Smith

      How long have you worked for Samsung?

      • Sulley Alsaeed

        Does not compute

  • Who cares about specs. i will just go and buy that phone even it has entry level specs. main point is that all those peripherals can be connected to that phone.

  • Adrian Tomas

    I think this is a great step in the right direction for modular phones and mods.

  • 5.3 is a bit on the small side after getting used to G4 n that battery is tiny. I think I’ll wait to see what Samsung have to offer b4 passing judgment although it is an ugly ass phone!

  • A.K. S

    I’m not sure, myself. I’ve never been a fan of LG phones and this doesn’t do anything to encourage me to be. it seems cheap, actually, with the slide out bottom and all that. I see that breaking quickly. The lack of an app drawer is a big NO. If I wanted pages and pages of apps I’d punish myself with an iphone.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      You’re going to hate Android N then. Big deal just move your apps to one of the other 5 homescreens your phone has

      • A.K. S

        That’s a pretty clumsy solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I hope google realizes that and provides the option, as Samsung did. Keeping unused apps in an app drawer for those rare times you need them keeps the device clutter free.

  • Giannis Papadopoulos

    They made the screen smaller but they kept almost the same dimensions. In comparison with LG G3 (which has a very good screen to body ratio) it is 3.1 mm taller and just 0.7 mm less wide. But G3 has a 5.5″ screen and G5 only 5.3″. Screen to body ratio dropped to just 70.1%. LG dissapoints us once again (after the G4) in a field that they used to be the far ahead of the competition (G2,G3).

  • abn

    SNAPPING in those attatchments expecially the battery will be the end if lg g5 models. So as we can see Lg threw all in to Samsung. What a waste. Thats gonna cause all types of problems for people. My sister had the Lg g4 she saw this and although made sense what they tried to do shes so glad she got out of that device for the problems it had and in the future all the lg g5 owners taking there devices in for repair because of snapping batteries in wrong on an angle damaging circuitry. I hope they have it down I dont wanna see people out of a job but Lg too late now.

    • Steve Smith

      The phones not even out yet but your internet degree in mechanical engineering is predicting the downfall of this phone already. LOL

      • abn

        Nope no degree in communications. I Do have a Masters Degree. However I said I hope this doesnt affect peoples jobs. And would have thought they would have more thought into the design. And as you can see they didn’t put alot of thought into it. So With a straight face and look into my eyes. Im gonna say it slowww. Majjjjjjjjjjooorrr faiiilllll!
        Would have packed that all into the phone. Just wanna make money on attachments. It’s a loss. Buddy. Broken attachments and damaged phones. Lol? Respectively

        • Nunyur_Biznezz

          I know plenty of people with degrees that are total morons. Your piece of paper just proves you have huge student loan debt.

          • abn

            Let’s see. Back and forth.. Dont be mad at me because Lg screwed up. And As for my Degree I’m very proud of that. I put a lot of hard work into achieving that. As for the moron part I’ve been called that before Im a District Manager for a major shipping company, people call you that when they dont like what you say to them sometimes especially when they need contructive criticism . America has dept young one.
            I guess you aren’t American. I honestly can say I have a good life. I OWN a Samsung S6 edge + enough said!

          • Pebble

            I think LG’s risk taking attitude is really admirable. So i guess there is no need for you to “predict” their future for them since you haven’t even used one. Once again, how you are going to use your phone is your own choice. You dont exactly need to like its removable function to get this phone. You can just use it as it is, with quick charge 3.0. Isn’t it?

      • abn


  • Gamod

    This is everything I need in a Smartphone… I am a owner of a Galaxy S5… i love the removable battery and the micro sd slot, in fact, I love the modular bottom innovation. For me this is really the smartphone of the year… Galaxy s7 will have a hard time beating this phone. I am switching for LG.

  • Elaina George

    I’m an avid LG fan, but I have mixed feelings about this phone. I’m very happy they came up with an innovative idea to keep the battery removable but not thrilled about the button orientation. I’ve been using LG since the G2 and love those buttons. I am glad that it lost some size. The G3 and G4 were pretty big, so this will make those smaller phone lovers a little more tempted to use this phone. I’m not really surprised that they left some of the V10 features of this phone out. They truly are two different lines of devices. For now I’m on the fence. We shall see!

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      I have a G2, it has a 5.32 inch screen so 5.3 is not much of an upgrade. So it’s either the G4 to V10 for me. If the G6 doesn’t offer a suitable screen size I might consider something other than an LG in the future

  • Robert Johnson


    • Patrick Oneil


  • David Hunter

    I’m still siding with the S7 I think. Will wait and see. I want a great camera, all day battery life, comfortable to hold and pocketable phone. SD slot very handy and water resistance reassuring to have too. This LG, I take it, will still be a bit bigger than the S7? It certainly looks like a handful. I was going to wait to see what the iPhone 7 holds but since it seems destined to lose the headphone port I’m just gonna upgrade to another Android phone in April when my contract expires. The S6/7 design looks great to me: a good size, classy, comfy to hold, and I know the camera experience is fast and really good quality. While the modular nature of the G5 is cool it sounds like a lot of extra cost. The audio module just tells me that what’s inherently packed in the phone isn’t as good as it could have been. Would rather that be in the phone to begin with. Also it adds yet more length to the phone too.

    The VR device looks fantastic however, I’m very curious to see if it matches or beats visual quality of the Gear VR, if it does, then to do it in such a compact form factor is an impressive feat. With it’s own screens however it certainly won’t be cheap. Also I trust Samsung, considering their partnership with Oculus, to simply have better and more compelling things to do on the headset than LG does since it’s new to the market.

    Yep, still think I’m going with the S7 unless they drop the ball, yet so far it’s shaping up to be an almost perfect phone, the one I’ve been waiting years for. No compromises (battery/camera/design).

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      You’re not getting a SD slot AND water resistance. Samsung took away SD cards. if you have to have that you’re not getting a Samsung.

      • Ryan Neely

        What about the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z series?

      • Patrick Oneil

        Lol, Samsung just burned you. IP 68 water resistance AND an SD card slot.

      • Jesse

        Guess you should have held off on that comment till after the Samsung unveiling lol

      • IncCo

        Obviously you are talking out of your ass, the s7 just came out with all of those features.

      • abn

        Lol can you read and hear?

    • Sin Shiwei

      S7 has clumsy backwards, non customization buttons and that super annoying spongy home button, it’s a shiny piece of jewerly toy for me. Great phone for high school girls like the iPhone but this G5 is BEAST MODE.

  • Sang Pemenang

    Good job LG!!!

  • Not going to dent Samsung. Try again.

  • Buy! Why 2 cameras on back. Strange

    • yoherson

      One is for wider field of view.


    Nexus 6p has nothing to worry on this phone. Glad I have one.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      6P uses notorious 810 CPU and is made by communists. Oh can I get a 6P on device payments? No. Um sorry.

      • renee

        Actually you can do device payments to get the 6P…by going through Project Fi.

  • Nunyur_Biznezz

    At 5.3 inches this is a no buy from me. Yes that one feature is a deal breaker. If it had been the rumored 5.6 inches I would have considered it. Oh well Verizon still has the G4 on sale for $452. I guess I’l upgrade my G2 to that instead. Maybe in 2017 LG will come out with a G6 that has a screen size people want.

    • Daniel Cho

      “A screen size people want” you mean a screen size you want?

      • Sin Shiwei

        Exactly I’ve been using a Lg G4 and Sony Xperia z3 for the last year and the difference between 5.1 and 5.5 is not very noticeable at all.

    • yoherson

      5.6″? That is not a size everyone wants lmao

    • Sugar Shaft

      Yeah LG dropped the ball

    • KD

      Get a 6p if you want a screen that size.

  • Scott Whitt

    I think this is an interesting idea but I think how other company improve on it, LG too, is more exciting. The idea of havng more peripherals to lose is not something I look forward to,

  • Kunal Narang

    LG G5 is the dream phone and which caters to every need of smartphone users today. I didn’t like the back though. It could’ve been better. Keeping that aside I can say that G5>S7

    • Plamen Nikolov

      But if you think about it, how often do you look at the back of your phone?! I completely agree G5>S7, watched both presentations yesterday.. Samsung need to step up their game now, it’s funny how they explained how they listen, but it turns out that they tell us what we need.

      • David Winter

        Your right,you dont,but other people do…almost everyone and it looks horrible.
        The modules,well I dont think that my phone needs to be a home theater,let me put it in another way,the G5 looks like a Modified Car which will lead to problems…alot of problems,On the other hand the S7/S7edge looks like a goddamn Ferrari F-12 Burleinata.
        Because samsung is delivering the (galaxy) as a smart phone were you can take good pics,have your work and your sensitive data safe and secure in knox,Leave your wallet at home,and much more,unlike the G5,so in my opinion S7/S7edge>G5.

        • rtb61

          The back does not look good, either you are nuts or a marketdroid. I will always stick my phone in a wallet case, makes a great grip for large phones and protects the screen. Accessories, replaceable battery, VR screen and that goofy bot, well done LG and Samsung you are dead in my eyes (super slow software upgrades, no user replaceable battery, no expandable storage, stupid VR I will not wear a phone on my head, they got really arrogant with a market lead and will now pay the price).

          • David Winter

            I don’t give a damn thing if you’re gonna put your G5 in a wallet case,and a’m not nuts nor a marketdroid.
            Its not all about upgrades,we all know the latest upgrades are full of bugs,and why you want to change your battery unless if you think your phone is a freaking Playstation…do you?,man the S7 supports expandable storage,On what planet you’re living…?

        • Billy Allen

          The galaxy s7 camera is horrid and needs an update to fix it’s white levels. Pictures get washed out at times. It’s a software issue, so it can be fixed

    • Melonie

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    • Carrie

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  • Tilton Jamalle Anderson

    It’s only fitting that LG would find a way to create the most innovative smartphone in history. Definitely gonna grab this.

    • alan4195

      What? LMAO! Are you kidding me? The magic slot isn’t innovative. It’s a gimmick. In fact, the same external peripherals could easily have been designed to slot into a USB-C port. And WOW… what a novel way to change a significantly SMALLER battery. The mass-market doesn’t care about removable batteries. This has been proven time, and time, and time again, which is why the two undisputed market leaders make phones that DON’T have removable batteries.

      And that display… are you kidding me with that??? The $99 2013 Moto G had a better screen to body ratio. Those black borders are a JOKE. At least most people seem to agree that the back is fugly as sin. This seems like 4 steps backward in every design aspect, all in the name of trying to offer something the other guys don’t.

      LG was on the right track with the G4. A G5 with the same classic design but improved build quality and materials (what about a metal frame and optional metal back cover?), a 4000mAh battery (removable or non-removable), a fingerprint sensor built into the classic rear home button, and an improved camera was all LG needed to rival Samsung in sales.

      This LG G5 is going to be a gigantic flop. At least, I hope it is. If not, we may see more abominations like this.

      • Fishintx

        The market leaders continue to lose market share due to the battery. Don’t kid yourself, savvy consumers don’t want the weakest link(battery) to determine the life cycle of a phone.

      • Dr. Manhattan

        Well said.

      • Ankur Verma

        What a reply… Are you OK man????? .. I guess you need medical attention. Dude, company will not make a phone as per your need, they take into consideration all kinds of users(not just you). And if you know so much, why don’t you go and make a phone.

      • KiwiNZ.Bloke

        calm down alan. Your complaints mean nothing. Its only peoples persona opinion, You dont have to buy it so dont go on like its a personal insult. You can go and by the S6+

      • Joshua

        I actually do swap batteries and like it. So ill be getting the lg g5. You can have fun with your galaxy iPhone. I hope it dies.

  • saksham

    i dont know why people are calling all this shit innovative … srsly there wasnt this much hype with the edge -_- this piece of shit is the ugliest pricy phone ive ever seen

    • yoherson

      You’re just talking out of your ass. First of all there is no price placed on the phone. Second of all, the innovation cones from the removable battery even though it has no removable back. The edge is straight garbage, those curved sides on the display look really stupid.

      • saksham

        haha u like curves of a girl right ?
        same concept???

        • Joshua

          I don’t screw my phone

      • Sin Shiwei

        They produce annoying reflections, the only reason people like them is they are different and have a jewerly effect on simple minded, low vibration sheep.

    • Keith douglas

      It sure is 1100 in Australia and modules are like 230 for hifi dac 400 for 360 cam what a joke and its ugly as fuck

  • Alan Goldman

    What’s with that thick black bar at the bottom of the screen? blehh.. There’s just way too much wasted bezel area all around on this G5. I like my G4 look better. And I don’t need, like, or want that top display screen also taking up valuable screen space. This kind of kills it for me. Very disappointing. Thing is, not sure what else to look at. The S7 isn’t any better really.

    • Svengalis

      the other .2 inches the phone should have been

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    Its innovative, but design looks ugly, just like cheap phone, no offense LGfan, but in the end, sales determine all, hope it sell well, dont give up LG

  • daftrok

    Skip! No manual video controls, horrible screen to body ratio, rear facing speaker and a camera bulge. They literally messed up in every turn when designing this phone.

  • Gamod

    Great smartphone, great concept, great design… great slot! :) The first modular smartphone is here :)

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    What the heck LG? Bad design, bad interface and LCD display?!

  • thorsten garbe

    Sounds interesting. Now i have to wait for htc what they come up with.
    I love my g4 but after 6months i need some change. I dont like wearing same cloth for to long.

  • Rman87

    Phones is everything I was looking for (key being removable battery) but doesn’t have wireless charging which I use quite a bit. Now have to decide if I stick with my Samsung Galaxy S5 or upgrade…

  • Rman87

    I was hearing about a LG G5 Pro that might be released in Q2 2016, was there any mention of that and what the specs would be?

  • Abran Pineda

    Does it also have the super loud 1 watt speaker like the 3 & 4?

  • Steve

    Seriously LG? One of the biggest complaints with every phone every year is battery life and then you decide to do this “always on” crap and right from the get go take pretty much 8% of the battery in a full work day. 100% charged i guess now means 92% I’m sure that this can be turned off but if it is then there goes one of the “features” that you’re using to sell this phone. I’m not hating on LG, I like the phone and how they found a way to keep a removable battery and everything but I think they should have done something like Motorola with display so its only using battery when you need it.

    • Diego

      The g5 has a replaceable battery.
      try harder.

    • KD

      Consider the amount of battery people use turning their phone on and off all day to check their notifications. It could potentially save you battery over the course of a day.

    • Blackhex

      It’s .8% as in 0.8% per hour, not 8%.

      • Matt

        A full work day is consider 9-10 hours. You take 10 hours of your day with your screen on, you get at least 8% drain from the “always on” screen.

    • Sin Shiwei

      An extra battery is $30 dollars, go cry to your momma.

  • George

    Finally a new and complete flagship.
    Other companies take notes please. :)

  • Jtniggle

    I was really hoping to see wireless charging supported. I’ve been able to have wireless charging on all of my phones for the last 5 years, and there’s no way I’m giving that up now. Very happy with the G4 I have now, but if the G5 isn’t going to support Qi, I’ll have to move on to something else. Motorola Droid Turbo 2 is supporting Qi and PMA charging out of the box and I believe all flagships should be doing that these days!

    • Keith douglas

      Wireless charging is shit you cant even use your phone while its charges and dont u mean cradle charging thats not wireless

  • JaySee

    Any specifics on what spec the USB Type C port is? 2.0. 3.0, or 3.1?

    Putting the SD card with the SIM is stupid if they don’t have at least USB 3.0. Right now I remove my SD card frequently for faster data transfers.

  • geolemon

    Ugghhhh!!! Come ON LG!!

    Why can’t ANY manufacturer who reaches the point where they are considered “the pinnacle” of the high-end smartphone market realize THAT is the design that people want, and just iterate it with spec upgrades to keep it at the top?
    This is madness – like Toyota suddenly announcing that next year, it would abandon all it’s loyal Camry customers by turning the Camry into a truck! Why do companies do this??

    As a current Samsung S5 owner, I have a water-resistant phone with wireless charging and a swappable battery and storage – the latter are great for switching between casual-life mode and work-travel mode (where battery swapping becomes required as I refuse to compromise my composure with battery-on-dongle Rube-Goldberg devices).

    I even built a slick little Qi charging mount into the dashboard of my car, because phone-holders and wires running around my interior are the opposite of luxury and class. It’s nice to be able to navigate and have a screen in front of me and listen to music while charging rather than draining my phone on commutes and road trips.

    I was accepting that the G5 wouldn’t be waterproof, and almost OK with it.
    I can’t accept that there won’t be ANY means of wireless charging (even the hack methods – like I had done to my G3 before I got my G5).

    I never thought I’d say it – but just like the lack of swappable battery and SD slot that eliminate most of the smartphones out there, the lack of wireless charging is a dealbreaker for the G5.

    Why couldn’t they just do a G4 with updated specs on processor, memory, and camera?????
    What is wrong with companies… this feels like my issue with the G6 all over again…

    • Sin Shiwei

      Buy an extra battery or 2 AND SHUT THE FVCK UP idiot

  • vince

    does it have pressure sensitive screen?

    • Sin Shiwei

      Why the Hades would any phone care about that gimicky trash?

  • omegawon

    The ONE thing that has kept me with LG since the G2, the back buttons, are gone. I haven’t considered any other phone before now, but that curved screen has always been interesting……..

  • Vincentius Phang

    ugly looking

    • Sin Shiwei

      So are you and your family

  • Eric Jensen Michels

    So is it water proof, during the release, they showed multiple shots of it in wet conditions, like one in front of a surfboard, and jumping into water, but no comments on it, what the deal on this, it is my only hold up until this phone

  • Max

    I read that LG is opening up its accessories department to third party manufacturers and creators. Meaning, that this phone has unlimited modular potential now. There is going to be a proliferation of innovators trying to get their accessory device on this phone! I hope they make a really good Camera Lens mounting module!

  • Anon 1337

    What i think: the nexus 5x and 6p had a baby

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  • Going to technobuffalo

    I was reading an article and I have to leave now because this website is trash because of that nuisance your ads are. It literally takes away any good exerience from your website. Please know Ill be sure to never visit again as long as you have ads that wont even let me read on here.

  • I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya

    Meh, gonna wait til LG releases the V11. S7 and G5 are just fodder

  • Grant D

    To all you people who think that G5>S7… Are you ignoring the awful design change with a cheap, plastic-looking body. The lack of an app drawer. The massive bulges on the back that Samsung got rid of on their models. The utter lack of water resistance. The Removal of Q Slide and dual window… Have fun losing good features, this is LG’s S6 blunder.

  • Sue Henry

    Very refreshing. Tired of the same cookie cutter glassy shiny phones. Be a leader not a follower. The battery removal reminds me a bit of the htc inspire. Sure many dont care about removable batts but hey the option is there. Very clever concept. Maybe the G6 will be even better. Power stays on when swapping batts. Htc need to take notes,samsung can f*** themselves and Apple are in their own category. No love or hate for them tho. The industry would be a bore without apple.

  • One question for Android Authority, is it waterproof (or resistant) like S7? To where I can use it in the shower without worry. It seems LG and all the other review websites have not even commented on it like they have for the Samsung S7.

  • To me, the wildcard in this is what the modules will cost. I’m assuming they won’t be cheap, bringing the total cost of ownership up significantly. As a person that switches phones every 6 months or so, this is the deal breaker (unfortunately).

    • A0A

      I am curious, since you are changing phones every 6 months. Why would even consider buying the modules?
      Actually i dont understand why people want their phones so “premium-ly” built when they change their phones so frequently. It is like since our phones are so “disposable” nowadays. Why bother?
      Sorry im just curious and confused.

  • Martin Cairney

    I think that LG have surpassed themselves with some good out of the box thinking on the G5 and are to be commended for it.

  • muddog15

    I have been a Samsung user for a lot of years, now they are not making there phones with removable batteries so I’m looking at other brands that do. The LG G5 is on my watch list.

  • Ali Barkawi

    There’s a built in option to have an app drawer, without having to use a third party launcher. Though I’ll still be using Nova once I get this bad boy

  • Jason Zukowski

    I personally think that this is a big fail for LG. Of course I’d love to have all of the upgraded internals in my G4, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking this leap. Here’s why.
    Stupid design!
    I HATE that the volume buttons have been relocated. I don’t care that it’s made of metal, but if they had to be the same as everyone else, they could’ve at least kept the removable back since its not water-proof anyway. Plus, I always have a TPU case on my phone anyway. The smaller screen and battery are a disappointment. Also, there are no upgrades to the camera. A second lense? Its not even the same quality as the first!
    Now, on to the OS.
    It comes packed with Marshmallow, but they want to be “Apple-esque” by modding stock Android to have no app drawer? So I can’t have a clean home screen?! That’s just plain BS! Why do I want to add more software to it just to get a normal Android experience? I dont! Carriers have enough bloatware without the need to “fix” what shouldn’t be messed up in the first place!
    So, the add-it’s could be cool. But the only ones that are don’t use the magic slot. So here we go again with the same garbage they did with the Windows phone so long ago that had a Pico projector attachment. (yes, I owned that phone, and could never swallow another $300 for the projector.)
    So, in closing, I say this. If you want to beat out the big boys, don’t try to be like them! Be better! Give the power user what they want like you have been doing. This is a backwards step if I’ve ever seen one! And as far as the other guys are concerned, they won’t get my money this yr either! Other than internal hardware, I’ll be more than happy with my G4 until they can top it with a better user friendly device!
    (Note: The fingerprint scanner is the only part that makes me want a newer device. But it’s +1 over way too many negatives)
    The last thought I have is how many times I’ve dropped my G4. Barely even a scratch on my screen cover, and only the thinnest TPU cover on it. Basically meaning that metal will bend and dent, plastic doesn’t dent and some flexibility is probably a good thing (like sitting on your device). So, way to go LG! You lost another sale trying to be “The next SAME thing”!

  • Augustus

    I would have preferred the camera area to not bulge out. They should have just made the battery slightly thicker, and thicken the phone to the same level as the camera bulge. I would also prefer an LGG4 style button setup in the rear instead of the NSA sensor.

  • tom ku

    if may not the best, but LG leads the pack with its innovative concept of modular smartphone. If other vendors buys into this idea then imagine the other possibilities of never ending possibilities of a smartphone making it a truly a “smart” phone.

  • Shxwn Hxrry

    First impression: The phone is modular – so what. The attachments are borderline gimmicky. (C’mon you know it) Visually, the phone is boring-looking. It’s not a sin for devices to look sexy or inviting. The Nexus 5x/6P design philosophy is nothing to write home to your buddies about. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this a solid phone otherwise. And, like everyone else I applaud the different approach. Hoping for a better experience when I try it.

    • Sin Shiwei

      Most people use FUGLY and useless cases anyway, nobody should give 2 spits about how a phone looks.

  • Khristian A. Willis

    I would love to take some photos on that camera. Looks like a great phone. Love the innovation.

  • Darin Paddie

    After looking at this phone and the Galaxy S7/Edge I feel like Samsung moved backwards this year. Bringing back the same things that were once never thought to be removed. I see that LG has never moved backwards; in fact I think they did more good than bad. They managed to leap in terms of design, whereas Samsung just added new things to the same design (Technically old things). I do think some design choices were made that could have been discussed more, such as switching to an OLED display. But when you look at the screen, do you want true color or fake vibrant colors? I will say the always on screen is a great idea. I do think that LG needs to do a software update to enable users to specify select times where you can have it turn off (Like from 11:00pm – 6:30am). I don’t see why so many of you think it’s ugly when there are no antenna bands to look at or the lack of logos all over it (Verizon). LG has found a way to keep everything they believe in from the very first G device. If I designed this phone I would be happy at the results because it shows that a low player can make something interesting. I’m a guy that loves clean lines and software that is fast, simple, and clean. Maybe it’s why iOS is my favorite, or maybe it’s because LG removed features that only 10% of it’s users used. Reducing features and polishing your design makes the UI much nicer and easier to look at. Look at TouchWiz on Samsung devices; they remove a little each year but add other things and it makes the phone use 8GB of memory out of the box. Removing the app tray is not something that I like but to make the UI easier to understand I get the choice. LG is trying to make an iPhone of android phones. I have never liked any previous LG devices so I’m not a die hard LG fan or user. But I will give LG my respect when they redesigned everything. Another thing that you have to look at is size. Samsung has 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch models of phones, whereas LG decided to go in the middle and make a 5.3 inch device. I like bigger phones but I use my tablet or computer when I need something bigger. I’m excited to see what LG does in the future because from a company that always used cheap materials to making a modular phone takes real work. The other big deal LG could do here to make there device more attractive is price. If LG priced this at $549 it could be a big enough price difference to sway people away from Samsung and others. So overall I would say that the G5 is not the best phone out there in either hardware or software, but it is a future I would like to see evolve over time. I need to express my opinion and this is from my point of view. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I am compelled to get the S7 or the G5. I just think that LG will be more open in the future unlike Samsung. Also I am working on my own Operating System based off of Android. Tell me what you think.

    • Keith douglas

      Im a big lg fan own the g3 and 4 but wtf is this shit ugly as sin downsized the screen and made it look like an iphone
      And they want shitloads of money for the phone same for the modules time to go to htc or other but not samsung because they suck too

  • KaeTay

    if only it was water resistant like the Samsungs.. I need a childproof phone and those cases just don’t do it.

  • bennythejetrodriguez

    I will have to applaud LG for sticking with what alot of Android fans still value. Micro SD card, removable battery and even keeping the IR blaster. I first thought I would want the s7 edge no questions asked, but now I have to think it over.

  • Sin Shiwei

    Funny how all the comments neglect to mention the TRULY REVOLUTIONARY spec of this phone which is the wide-angle lens. I spent $1500 on a Nikon 14-24mm lens for my DSLR and the 8mp wide camera is EVEN WIDER!

    The lens will allow people to take photos that are vastly different perspective-wise from the other sheep using standard focal range mobile cameras.

  • Dakota

    I have a g5 i love it. I used to think samsung was the way to go but i tried the s6 and wasnt impressed. When i got it i showed it of to my grandpa and he has the iphone 6. I laughed at samsung when i noticed the s6 looks almost exactly like the iphone 6. So ever since then i switched to lg. In my opinion samsung is copying iphone and is just becoming another iphone no change and nothing different. Lg always offers something better and doesnt look like a damn iphone

  • Take pictures like a pro with the LG G5. Dual Rear Cameras offer Standard and Wide Angle Lens options to capture the big picture without compromising quality. Take advantage of enhanced camera and video features like Ultra HD, Manual Mode and Auto Shot – a setting that takes pictures instantly when a face is detected.
    Available in cbuystore

  • Keith douglas

    Lg have lost the plot first of all it will cost $1100 outright in Australia then the dac module will be $229 and 360 cam $400 are u serious then lastly you cannot unlock the bootloader unless your in Europe so you cant root it and put on a custom rom just like the g4 never again am i buying from lg they can get fucked

  • Rick

    Is the sim card in the V5 the same as the G2?

  • Chris G.

    I’ve had a couple Samsungs and now the G5 is my 3rd Lg and there’s no comparison. I’ve had nothing but problems with Samsung. They look good, but lack overall quality. Lg only for me.