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LG G5 camera module demonstration

Josh demonstrates how to put the CAM Plus camera module onto the LG G5.

Published onFebruary 22, 2016

The LG G5 has been causing quite the stir in the Android world so far, and it’s only been official for about a day now. LG decided to try something new with this year’s flagship and include the ability to swap out different hardware modules, opening up a big world of possibilities as to what this device can accomplish.

LG G5 feature focus: modules and peripherals
lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-16

One of the first modules, or ‘Friends’, that LG is making available for the handset is the LG CAM Plus, which gives users the ability to add finer controls to the G5’s existing camera functionality. On top of that, it provides some additional grip and some extra battery power. We’ve already talked in great length about the G5’s camera in our hands-on and camera feature focus videos, so you should check those out if you want more info on the camera itself. Today we’re going to talk about how to remove and replace modules on the G5, and how to use the LG CAM Plus.

lg g5 first look aa-32

First, you’ll need to make sure the device is turned off. Once that’s done, locate the small button on the lower left of the device’s edge to disengage the locking mechanism. You’ll then be able to pull off the bottom of the G5’s body, and the battery should come with it. Once you pop the battery off of the base, snap it onto the CAM Plus module. You can then attach the CAM Plus to the G5’s body. Once you hear a snap, you should be all ready to boot up your device.

lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-14

The CAM Plus module adds an extra 1200mAh to the G5’s 2800mAh battery for a total of 4000mAh. The module is also pretty grippy which makes it very easy to hold.

lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-2

On the CAM Plus module, you’ll find a physical shutter button, a dedicated video button, a dial for zooming in and out, as well as an LED light and a power switch. When your device is powered back on, simply press the power switch on the module and you’ll be launched right into the camera app. To take a picture, you can press the physical shutter button down halfway to focus on your subject, then press it all the way down to take the photo.

lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-9

All in all, this is a cool idea. We’re really excited to see what modules will be made available in the future. Plus, LG is opening up the module design to third-party manufacturers, so we’ll definitely see a lot more add-ons for the G5 in the next few months.

Alright, now that you’ve seen it in action, are you a fan of the LG G5’s modular design, or do you think it still has a way to go before it’s worth trying? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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