Yet another LG G5 leak ahead of official unveiling bares all

by: John DyeFebruary 19, 2016


Update: Blass has since tweeted a more polished leaked image of the LG G5, included below.

LG was planning on giving the world its first look at the G5 in Barcelona this Sunday just ahead of the Mobile World Conference, but peeks of the device have been cropping up all over the place. However, a leak on Twitter by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass has given us what may be our best look so far at the front and back of this flagship smartphone outside of a case.

Although Blass has since deleted his tweet after being bombarded by negative comments (a “blood bath,” he called it), we managed to snag the image before it vanished. The shots reinforce what we’ve already seen so far: volume buttons mounted on the left, an unobtrusive fingerprint sensor on the back. Since we haven’t been able to locate a power button so far in any of these leaks, there’s heavy speculation that the fingerprint sensor will be pulling double duty, serving as the device’s power button as well.

LG logo cropSee also: Here’s a look at the LG G5 Magic Slot and removable battery176

It’s really best to reserve full judgement until we see the LG G5 formally unveiled on the 21st. The nature of leaks is that they’re often not the most aesthetically pleasing shots, and they can give a bad first impression of the device. Blass put it well in his explanation for taking the leaked photo off of Twitter:

Seems like quite a lot of people feel entitled to look at a picture on Twitter, make a disparaging remark, and move on. I hope you understand that this sort of activity is exactly what makes companies hate leaks: people judging the products on sometimes unflattering shots before they’ve had a chance to put their best foot forward. Perhaps more germane to you specifically, this sort of widespread criticism-for-sport discourages me from doing this, because I really don’t care for all the negativity.

lg g5 leak

Stay tuned for the official release of the G5 this Sunday. Our team is currently on their way to Barcelona to provide on-the-ground coverage of MWC all week, so when you want to tap into all the sweet mobile tech we’ll be seeing this year, check back in with AA.

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  • IncCo

    Please let there be one in black.

    • vmxr

      ya i think the black version would look a lot better if there is one of course

    • LastKings31

      If it’s metal.. I doubt it

      • IncCo

        Well.. The Nexus 6p has a dark version.. One can only hope.

    • Dizasta

      knowing LG it will be in black.

  • RG

    No ticker display, up top?

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      thank god

    • abn

      You gone go cry now? TEACH

  • vmxr

    not sure if i like it

  • Luka Bulatović

    Eww, it’s ugly. Only thing I think I like is stock Android look of the status bar which hopefully means dropping (to some degree) the horrible Optimus UI

    • Zmeg2222

      Just keep your iPhone……

      • Luka Bulatović

        WHAT?! I’m not brainwashed, thank you. I have an S6.

        • Goblin Shark

          I’m not brainwashed I have an S6? That is freaking hilarious! I’m going to be laughing at that all day. Is there anything funnier than a sheep that doesn’t realize it’s a sheep?

          • Luka Bulatović

            OK laugh, I really don’t care.. You can as well screenshot this and keep laughing every day. Just one thing, what is it that makes me (and so, millions of S6 owner) sheep?
            Btw, under brainwashed I meant using seriously limited os with basically no customization options and inferior hardware (not talking about build quality but specs)

          • Goblin Shark

            You just answered your own question baaaaa

        • Zmeg2222

          Just sounded like a iPhone comment to me. S6 is a beautiful phone except for no sd card and removable battery which I use all the time with my Note.

    • jasonlowr

      It really s is ugly. Even uglier than the G4

      • Zmeg2222

        Might be good to wait till you see a real picture.

        • Andrew White

          First sensible comment on probable appearance I’ve read.
          How many of us that buy it, will not protect the investment with a case?
          Currently using a thin transparent silicon case and a carbon skin on my G4. Looks great and not just my opinion.
          It is primarily what’s inside the G5 and how it will do more to enhance our lives.

  • RG

    Larger top bezel than we’re used to in the g-series

    • LastKings31

      Almost same as the g4

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        except maybe 70% more POWER haahahahahahaahaa

        • LastKings31

          What do you mean?

          • pcarsphyxexpert

            G4-G5 is approx 70% more POWER……

  • brusslesprouts

    may not be the best looking but with removable battery and micro sd card and DT2W i might get it. Hopefully less bloat then the g4

  • daftrok

    Unflattering shot = REALITY

    Best foot forward = BULLSHIT

    Another bulge heavy Android. This is getting ridiculous. Stop chasing the thin and make a nice flat device with a good battery. Just because iPhone did it doesn’t mean its suddenly an okay practice. Samsung learned from its horrendous horrible camera bulge on the S6 and is fixing it (kind of).

  • abn

    Lo fn L. Thats it, come on I hope thats not the real device. GENERIC AS FU@%

  • The Doctor

    The G5 looks like a poorly-made prototype.

    No thanks.

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      stop being a dill, it actually looks quite sleek and I suspect will look alot better when we get some HQ images and also, should feel good in the hand.

      • The Doctor

        “Sleek” isn’t the word I’d use for this device. “Cheap plastic” is a better adjective.

        • pcarsphyxexpert

          though it’s metal numptyhead.

          • The Doctor

            I know it’s metal. It still looks like cheap plastic, something from 2011.

          • Josh

            I agree

          • amal123

            Its jst a pic man looking better than s7 .s7 looks like a coloured wooden peice

        • Integrazimmy

          Unless you’re either metallurgist or a person from the future, there no way you can really say that’s cheap plastic!!! For what it’s worth, I bet you’re getting paid to hate on LG!!! Either by Apple or Samsung!!! It does look good!!! And I’m sure even better with a protective case!!! If it was made thicker to hide the bump it would’ve gotten criticized, made thin, the camera and power button stick out, it gets criticized!!! But being innovative with all the goodies, features and benefits is always eclipsed by Nay Sayers like yourselves!!! Shameful!!!

          • The Doctor

            LOL. I voice my opinion on something and now I’m a paid shill?

            What kind of stupid logic is that?

          • Integrazimmy

            The kind of remark made exactly by a person that does get paid and has to defend themselves!!!! Is it really that farfetched of an idea? It would be what a spy would say after being captured by the enemy, right? Same idea!!! Or…. You never got enough love & attention as a child!!! Which one is it????

          • The Doctor

            You need to take the tinfoil of your head.

            And take your meds.

          • Integrazimmy

            So says Doctor Jekyll!!! Was that supposed to offend? Try harder!!! Lovely it is to have control over your winding!!! Lol!!!

          • The Doctor

            Your posts make absolutely no sense at all.

            You really need to go back to the looney bin. And go back on your meds.

          • Integrazimmy

            So the question becomes… Who’s crazier? The crazy person? Or the person arguing with the crazy person? Something to think about Dr. Intellect!!!

          • Goblin Shark

            stupid logic worthy of your stupid comment LOL

    • Nathan Casey

      Most likely because it is a prototype…..

  • Fares Monsri

    Where is the loudspeaker? Not in front, not at the back, and the bottom is removable… So where it is?

    • LastKings31

      Maybe it’s a more premium sound thru headphone and not the speaker

      • Zmeg2222

        Looks like there’s going to be a premium sound module that’ll practically turn it into a audiophiles dream hopefully and a camera control system that helps turn this into a viable option for a pro camera.

    • IncCo

      It’s at the bottom

  • LastKings31

    Looks like a a G2 2016

  • LastKings31

    Waiting for this phone. Currently own the G4. But if the phone and reviews don’t convince me I might go for the s6 edge plus

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      why out of curiosity?

      • LastKings31

        Why what?

        • pcarsphyxexpert

          Why “upgrade” from G4 2 G5?

    • J Cav the Great

      I’m also on the fence for the GS7 or G5, the A10 (HTC) looks too much like an iPhone/Samsung Offspring.

    • abn

      You wont be disappointed. I’ve had Lg phones in the past they just cant hang with Samsungs performace. I have an Lg Tv had it for 3 years wonderful. As for phones they just dont have it yet. Im hoping they can get it right within the next 5 years.

  • J Cav the Great

    Definitely seeing some Nexus 5X influence.

    • SaRPeR

      Yes, it is at least as ugly as Nexus 5X.

      • J Cav the Great

        Yo, i didn’t say it was pretty. LOL.

  • charlie Jason

    Why not just make the whole phone thicker so there is a bigger battery and no ugly camera bulge?

  • Hayden Marsh

    Looks like an older HTC phone

    • SnakeSplitskin

      I don’t know which phone it looks like but the design does feel kind of dated. I was hoping they would throw some pizazz into this phone

  • insomniac

    This is a BEAUTIFUL & INNOVATIVE design!! It is gonna be the hottest phone of 2016. Please people, if can’t understand the design of the phone, atleast support this only main stream company for keeping removable battery & expandable storage in a METAL BODY!!! Look at what everybody did to Samsung’s design, yeah we got slightly splashy design, but we lost removable battery & storage in NOTE series! (Thats unbelievable & very sad).

    • hoggleboggle

      Beautiful? Not by a long shot. Design wise it is incredibly dull and very clunky in places, but who cares if it truly delivers with the magic slot concept. Anybody who places appearances over performance with a smartphone is pretty much a hopeless lost cause

      • insomniac

        Why nooot! I’m 100% sure you’ll like it after launch :-|. I’m not worried about performance cz its getting SD820+4GB RAM. I’m curious about battery life. After G2, LG phone sucks in battery endurance rating.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Ha! No one is going to buy a phone just to make sure that at least one OEM supports removable battery. Are you nuts? This phone will be a hit not because of the removable battery, but more because its software functions just as good as 6P or Note 5, has and even better camera than the G4 and can open up as quickly as a Samsung, and looks good doing it all. So the verdict is still out on whether this will be a winner. One of the photos makes the phone seem visually appealing but the others don’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • insomniac

        I know, removable battery can’t be the only factor to sell a phone. But that should be appreciated right? That was my point. Everything else gonna be good, we know that. SD820+4GB ram, even they use G4’s camera, this phone is a definite winner. But these access-able battery is a huge plus. Honestly, I use Note 4 & didn’t swap my battery in last 4 months. BUT, after a certain amount of time (may be about a year), if you change the battery you’ll get a significant amount of endurance out of it. I bought my Note 4 as used & after changing the original battery to an Anker battery, I’m getting about 2 more hours of screen on time!!

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Yes, some appreciation to removable battery should be given. However, most of us have already lived through that lifestyle. I for one refuse to continue to deal with that. I just don’t like having to stop what I’m doing just to replace a battery. I really hate the fact that my phone turns off when I remove the battery and I’ve often dropped a battery, a backplate, or even the phone during the replacement process. Not to mention the pain in the a$$ upon discovering I put in a spent battery rather than the juiced one. None of these misfortunes happened all the time, but they occurred more than I would have preferred. And finally, having two spare batteries in my pants pocket digging into my legs was another part of that lifestyle that I got fed up with. Bottom line is, if I know I’m going to need a lot more juice on a day where I’m away from my wireless charger then I just use my Zero Lemon battery pack/case. I have enough juice for 2 days, no battery swaps, no phone drops, no cutting my phone off, and no spare batteries filling my pants pockets.

  • jd

    Just no. The interesting feature of this series was the oddly placed buttons on the back that once used became something of an intuitive practice. Now the series has taken a step in the direction of banality just like other phones. It stands out less now.

  • Kody

    Lol, the back looks like the robot from Wall-E.

    • Roy

      That what i thought about the 6P and that why i love them, they look like a cool robots!

  • Noah Jones

    This leak looks kind of outdated so I’m hoping this isn’t it. I love LG for their elegance and sophisticated designs. This looks childish.

  • Vinnie


  • Rick_Deckard

    Unfortunately, my next phone will be a Samsung or Sony’s… Despite, I love my G4, particularly the camera, which I think is one of the best out there…. However, my LG G4’s display got burn in!!!!! In less than 7 months… I usually buy international variant models that has no warranty…

    • Goblin Shark

      That’s odd, I wonder what you’re doing wrong?

      • sevastian

        LCD ? Burn in?, haha.

      • Rick_Deckard

        Well… I use a lot my G4 for photography…
        Although, I am super careful with my device…

  • Bryan Perez

    It looks kind of ugly

  • Fam Holter

    You know, I actually don’t think it’s that bad. And can I just FLUFF YES MOTHERFLUFFING LG, for the removable battery in a metal phone. This is why I have stuck with you through thick and thin. This is the kind of thing that is the reason I stay loyal to LG. I’m sorry ai doubted you when you said you’d be making a metal phone. All you other people can have your fancypants “sapphire blacks” and stylus pens, you can keep your little sim-card toothpicky things. I’ll just be sitting here, with my metal unibody phone, with a removable battery, my SD card slot. You can go on and on about your fancy designs and gold rims and whatever. I’ll be over here with the company that stays true to it’s customers and keeps giving them what they ask for, with my little phone that could. Keep your bling, I’ll take the function.

    • RG

      Well said.

      • abn

        You didn’t spell check that. Not a question.

    • Anthony dipietro

      Don’t forget about your timely updates too. G4 has had marshmallow for some time now along with most other manufacturers while samsuck is just starting now. Don’t even get me started on the treatment I received on my note 4! Good riddens Samsung!

      • Zmeg2222


      • SnakeSplitskin

        Bye Felica! lol G4 with Marshmallow still can’t compete with Note 5 on Lillipop. What did Marshmallow do to improve the G4? Absolutely nothing. Happy to see you go nevertheless. The G5 is definitely a design improvement over the G4. Happy to see LG change their design language.

        • Anthony dipietro

          Well of course the note 5 is better. I have the 4 and never so much as held a LG before but I think the new device is going to be damn near perfect. But I could be dead wrong and regret buying it on a daily basis. Have to wait and see I guess.

          • ToasTd

            Maybe you should just buy it once.

          • Anthony dipietro

            Lol wow.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Well I just saw a video of the G5 along with some other photos I hadn’t seen that showed the battery separated from the bottom plate. This is a good thing because I thought at first it was all one unit. So far I’m impressed with what I’ve seen from the G5.

            Here’s my 2cents:

            – Pleasing visual design. Not a paradigm shift or anything earthshattering
            – Camera features look to be excellent…and fast
            – Camera module w/small battery is unnecessary and kind of a joke
            – DAC module should instead just have DAC featured as standard in the phone
            – battery module although innovative doesn’t make it any easier to swap so no
            new value added here
            – battery is smaller capacity which could require frequent swapping
            – I like the robot/camera add-on. I’d actually use that.

          • Anthony dipietro

            Robot is very cool. But it’s also probably going to be very expensive!

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Hopefully not as expensive as the BB8 Sphero

  • Josh

    I think that it looks kinda ugly. Hope this isn’t what they try to sell for 1k

  • Dale Anthony Santos Caling

    so the classified ad in dubai, was so legit!

  • guyinbox

    It looks pretty sleek I don’t mind the design at all. I’m not sure why people get so worked up about how a phone looks though I know my phones sit inside a case unless I’m swapping batteries. Not buying a phone because of how it looks is something I would expect of a teenage girl.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Because no one buys a phone saying to themselves “that phone looks really ugly, I think I’ll buy it and put a case on it”.

  • KeyserSoze

    Pffft, yet another ugly iPhone-aesthetics copycat… how unoriginally pathetic. Just think how backwards-stupid this phone will look when Apple comes out with its redesigned iPhone 7 which probably will have less-rounded edges and corners. No doubt LG will copy that new design next year as well.

    • Heliox

      Wtf? G5 is similar to iPhone? Where do you see similarities?

      • Fornavn Etternavn

        If a company makes a metal phone everyone call it an iPhone copy

  • adam cray

    hopefully, the bumps wont look as ugly as in these pics tomorrow.

  • Kamen Minkov

    It’s up to a manufacturer not to let “leaks” if they don’t want to see such thing. It’s clear as day that this has been let happen intentionally to get people talking and making a fuss.

  • Sulley Alsaeed

    Oh gosh so ugly. Cant wait for the s7 edge ???

  • Valent1

    it’s ugly …

  • Luffy75

    1. The back is ugly. I’ve never seen a worse design for the back of a phone. Even the S5 I like more than this
    2. They are not going to appeal to the general public with that design for the functionality they are providing. How many would bring that big module in their pocket? And it is not the same as just carrying a battery. A battery is way way smaller than the module. Removable battery was not used by normal users but only power users and I doubt this would appeal to the general users

  • caucasionally

    So far I really like everything I’ve been seeing with this phone. I’m just really concerned with the size of the battery. I feel like it hasn’t been mentioned because it’s smaller than last year and LG doesn’t want people to freak out about it yet. They want to to explain all the power saving optimizations first. This is a complete guess so we’ll see.

  • J

    I really dont like it to. But im going to wait and see it might look vetter tomrrow but i really dont no why they didnt go with a v10 type idisgn personal i think the v10 was a great desing from lg

  • Scottie Fess

    looks ugly as sin! stick with my G4 thanks..

  • Azims Lives

    I’m pretty sure that everyone can accept the design if it’s a nexus phone.

  • Goblin Shark

    If he understands how damaging leaks are to the company targeted, why does he do it? It seems a little odd to play with fire then complain that you got burnt and then scold the matches, telling them if they keep burning you you won’t play with fire anymore.

  • Josh Cook

    Reading these comments are telling me that the look of the phone seems to be more important than the functionality of the phone….I guess that’s why alot of people have iPhones. I’m gonna wait and see if LG fixed their UI, that’s what I’m more concerned about.

    • lbwc

      It’s not hard to build a phone that both looks good and functions well with some interesting new features. LG might well have it with the magic slot…but simple design touches really turn me off. They really could have made the backplate completely flat instead of the bulges around the camera module and the fingerprint scanner.

      Think 5.5 inch Huawei Mate 8 with the detachable chin for magic slot. So simple and elegant. That would be an instant buy for me.

    • IncCo

      Well.. if you are paying a premium you would like something that looks good as well.

  • BenGezarit

    As a owner of G4 i find it ugly too. Like i find the nexus 6p ugly.
    If that’s the final shape they can keep it.
    In effort to be original they throw always some weird detail in every phone.

  • James Westlake

    I’m gonna miss the back rocker…

  • Dusan

    Damn, that looks like a $50 phone. So ugly I would not keep it even if it was given to me for free. But let’s wait and see what it really looks like. Holding thumbs that it’s nothing like this. Man that would suck.

  • PaulC

    I have the 6P, and I’m pretty okay with the “chin”, but this camera hump is butt-ugly. One of the things that makes me okay with the 6P’s chin is that it keeps the camera from making the phone unstable when it sits on a table. I can tap at it all I want and it won’t rock or run away from me. And I like LG phones but this hump might be enough to keep me away from the G5.