Another year, another mobile extravaganza unfolding in beautiful Barcelona. Serving as the official start of the Android flagship season, the Mobile World Congress sets the tone for the industry, but before the gates of the show open tomorrow, LG hopes to impress us with something radically new.

LG just took the wraps off the new G5, and it’s probably the most ambitious device in the series. This phone is LG’s big bet, a high-stake gamble that might define its future in a market that’s increasingly hard to impress.

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With a metallic unibody and innovative modular design, the G5 also comes with some rather shocking changes on the software side. We spent extensive time with the G5 ahead of its unveiling today, and this is our attempt to answer the question – will LG’s big gamble pay off?

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Design and build quality

If you already made an impression of the G5 based on the leaks from the past days, you may want to reconsider. LG G5 looks much better in real life, and not even our high quality hands-on images really do it justice.

The rumors were generally accurate: the LG G5 features an aluminum unibody, with a side-mounted volume rocker, and a power button built into the fingerprint sensor on the back. LG said goodbye to its trademark rear-mounted volume rocker, probably to avoid making the design of the back too busy.


The edges of the G5 are rounded, which goes nicely with the subtle curvature of the bottom cap and of the top of the screen. LG calls this design 3D Arc. Unfortunately, there’s a seam between the back and the frame, that you can feel when holding the device.

lg g5 first look aa-16

Both the camera and the power button/fingerprint are slightly raised, but the bulge is small and it probably won’t stick out. In fact, when the G5 lays on a flat surface, it doesn’t even wobble when you touch it.

The power button has a little give to it and there’s a good click when you push it. That said, it tends to rattle when you do a quick tap, which makes it feel cheap.

lg g5 first look aa-10

If you opt for the fingerprint unlock, you can wake up the phone with just a tap on the button. The sensor is very accurate, and we rarely had to tap it more than once. It’s also noticeably slower than the Mate 8 or Nexus 6P, but not slow enough to become annoying.

Now for the unique feature of the LG G5: the bottom cap can be removed, allowing access to a replaceable battery – a rarity in 2016! – and making it possible to add various modules, like a camera grip or a hi-fi audio module.

lg g5 first look aa-19

To remove the cap, you just press on the lock button on the left side and pull. The cap and the attached battery slide out, revealing the hollow core of the phone. Removing the cap is easy, but it takes a little courage to snap the battery off the cap, which you have to do in a specific way. We can’t help worry that some people will break their phones trying to replace the battery.


To LG’s credit, this design is pretty well implemented and when the cap is on, the phone feels pretty solid. Only the thin seam between the phone and the bottom cap gives it away, and users who don’t care about swapping modules or batteries won’t ever have to bother with it. On a side note, the pin-actioned SIM and microSD tray is located on the right edge of the phone.

G5 and friends modules

If you think the removable battery is impressive, you’ll love the other functionality made possible by the G5’s removable bottom. As rumored, you can replace the bottom cap with various accessories, created by LG or by third party companies.

We were shown a camera grip attachment called LG Cam Plus, that offers an extra 1200 mAh of power and manual controls for the shutter and zooming function. The grip virtually eliminates the danger of dropping the slippery G5, while improving one hand use for mobile shutterbugs, with the added benefit of bringing the G5’s battery life up to 4,000 mAh.

lg g5 first look aa-22

The other module we were shown is a dedicated audio module from Bang & Olufsen, called LG Hi-Fi Plus, that’s geared towards audiophiles. The module includes a 32-bit DAC and a dedicated 3.5 mm headphones port.

lg g5 first look aa-24

Display: always-on

LG opted to downsize the G5’s display to 5.3 inches, down from 5.5 inches on the LG G4. That’s an interesting choice in this day and age, but at least the screen is excellent. The display is a Quad HD IPS LCD, and it’s nice and bright, with pleasant colors and good viewing angles.


As teased last week, the G5 features an Always-On mode that shows the clock and notifications at all times. But wait, doesn’t that kill the battery? Not according to the LG folks, who claim that Always-On Display (AOD) typically eats up just 5 percent of the battery per day. The per hour figure is 0.8%, but the display shuts down when the phone is in a pocket or face down on a desk. Plus, you save a lot of power when you don’t power up the phone every 10 minutes to check for notifications – LG estimates that people do that 150 times per day.

lg g5 first look aa-17

Hardware and battery

The LG G5 device is only the second phone announced to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor (the first was the Letv Le Max Pro). Coupled with 4GB of RAM, the G5 should perform outstandingly. We’ll reserve full judgment for when we can run benchmarks and put the G5 through its paces, but, bar some major overheating problems, this phone looks like a beast.

The GPU is an Adreno 530, and the Snapdragon 820 also incorporates 14-bit dual image processors, a low-powered Hexagon digital signal processor for always-on applications, and Cat 12/13 LTE. 32GB of storage are available and you can supplement that thanks to the microSD card slot.

lg g5 first look aa-18

The battery is 2,800-mAh, smaller than on the G4, but the G5 is also a smaller device overall. Thanks to Quick Charge 3.0, you’ll be able to replenish 80% of the battery in a whopping 35 minutes. Wireless charging is not available.

Camera: wide angle magic

We’re finally past the megapixels war, and now phone makers are looking at innovative solutions for improving the quality of their cameras. While some companies opted for sensors with larger pixels, LG has used an interesting dual setup on the G5, featuring one normal-angle 16MP camera and one wide-angle 8MP camera.

lg g5 first look aa-9

Depending on the scene, the phone stitches the inputs from the two cameras into one image. You can switch between the wide-angle (135 degrees) camera and the regular one manually from the camera app, and the instant transition is pretty impressive.

lg g5 first look aa-26

We’ve got to test out the LG G5 camera in bright conditions on a street in Barcelona, with excellent results. Indoor shots were also quite good, though the software on the G5 is not final yet. For more on the G5’s camera, check out our Camera Feature Focus and our G5 vs Note 5 quick camera comparison.

Goodbye, app drawer

For years, LG has been criticized for its heavy-handed UI design and often gimmicky features. The good news is LG has followed the example of its hometown rival Samsung and drastically toned down the user interface of the G5. The bad news is a quintessential part of the Android experience has gone by the wayside as well: yes, the G5 does not feature an app drawer.

lg g5 first look aa-11

Now several phone makers, most of them from China, don’t use app drawers, and Apple famously shuns the feature. But LG is the first established OEM outside of China to go down this route, in a move that could signal a bigger trend – if Google is indeed dropping the app drawer with the next version of Android, LG may be just one of many Android OEMs that abandon the venerable app drawer.

Speculation aside, LG insists that the reason why the G5 lacks an app launcher is because users don’t really care about this feature. Removing it entirely makes their life simpler, according to LG.

The UI of the G5 is a clear, and welcome, improvement over the G4. Visually, the notifications dropdown has been revamped, now featuring black or light green icons on a white background, as opposed to the darker scheme from before. Likewise, the settings menu is now organized in a single column and features the same fresh color scheme.

lg g5 first look aa-12

LG actually gave up on a lot of its software features as well. For instance, you can no longer launch two apps on the screen at the same time with Dual Window. Q Slide apps are also gone. The de-bloating of LG’s software is visible in the homescreen, which is positively airy. Just a few LG apps were present on the devices we’ve played with, though the units that ship commercially may differ.

lg g5 first look aa-14

Wrap up

The LG G5 is nothing if not bold. It brings some truly momentous changes to the G series, with its metallic construction and streamlined software. It also brings true innovation to an industry that has become risk-averse.

There are good reasons why LG’s rivals are playing it safe, almost to the point of becoming boring – the stakes are just too high, the competition too fierce. But LG couldn’t play it safe this time, and that’s visible in the G5.

Will phone buyers understand or care about what LG tried to accomplish with the G5’s modules? Is the removable battery still a selling point? Is the design of the G5 up to par? These are questions we can’t answer for now, but we will tell you this – LG deserves huge credit for trying something completely new.

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Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of the LG G5, Galaxy S7, and other cool announcements from MWC 2016! And tell us your thoughts on the LG G5!

  • southerndinner

    holy hell that is ugly

    • legendlord4751

      I guess it comes down to personal preference. I personally really like it, then again, i stood by Huawei when people were screaming ugly at the 6p too.

  • Kay9

    It could be phone of the year what with samsung pulling off the same shit this year with GS7

  • 0xdkx0

    no app drawer? If i would want an apple eco system i would choose iphone.

    • Turanga Leela

      You can get it back with a custom launcher.

  • Fam Holter

    LG, you beautiful beast. While I’ll miss the volume rockers on the back, and I am one of the few that actually enjoy the old UI, this is a keeper for me. I will be lining up to buy my 4th consecutive LG phone.

    • gurudeep p


  • czerikcum

    What a beauty! And, LG is once again the innovator in the mobile industry. I was very impressed to say at least.

    • southerndinner

      There’s lots of things to like about the phone but “beauty” isn’t one of them.

      • Roman Krivochapov

        For me, the beauty of the phone always depends on its cover afterall, oops

    • X

      What did they previously innovate? This seems to be the onlt legit innovation if not gimmick.

  • vmxr

    looks nice in dark color

  • Bryan Kwong

    This may or may not be my next phone but I am extremely happy that a company finally decided that the industry has stagnated and tried something new. Can’t fault them for that

  • moew

    I will reconsider my opine. Holly F, that’s even more ugly than in the leaks. WTF LG.

  • Brian Stewart

    Well done LG, Fantastic – I wonder if third parties are going to be able to fit a bigger battery into the module…..

  • Jeet

    I am really happy with the specs and built quality of G5. Full Metal body, finger print scanner, removable battery, SD slot. It’s really amazing how LG came up with this modular design. Everything looks fantastic. Need to check the results in real life now. I really miss the back buttons. Also I was expecting a dual screen. Probably this is something which may be announced later,like G5+.

  • Bob Carleton

    Is the lack of an app drawer just a launcher thing? IE if you used Nova or something your app drawer would be there right? Do people really still use manufacturer stock launchers?

    • Airyl

      I use stock versions of MIUI on most of my Xiaomi devices.

    • Scott Hamilton

      You could add a third party launcher, or you could download the update to the stock launcher they released a day or two ago replacing the app drawer.

  • utack

    Wide angle camera is a great idea.
    For nice photos I have a real DSLR anyways, and for capturing some moments with a phone cam a wide angle camera is ideal, even if it deforms the pictures on the edges.

  • Airyl

    As per usual, LG does great. While the design will probably divide people even more than the Nexus 6P’s, it’s unique.

  • Quindim

    The back is ugly, the front is ok, but the cool thing is because we have (finally) something truly new this year.

    • neural_physics

      that back is probably the worst I have ever seen. What were they thinking? The G4 looks SO MUCH BETTER

  • _fraa88


  • Dan

    A: No

    Its a flagship phone that by all intents and purposes seems to be aimed at kids.The play friends are just gimmicks that will not fit into a pocket… they seem to have missed the point of a MOBILE phone.
    The battery is pathetic at only 2800mAh of which up to 19.2% (0.8% x 24Hrs) could be used up each day for the always on display, leaving a measly 2262mAh to play with.
    Having to purchase a module to provide high end audio… could they not just have integrated it into the phone in the first place?
    Removing the G series key feature of rear buttons was just foolish, it had a lot of fans of which I was one.

    • Scott Hamilton

      You can turn the always on display off if you don’t like it. I have mine on and after talking it off the charger this morning it took 4 hours to drop to 99%.

      • Dan

        Four hours to drop 1%….. well I would suggest the calibration of your battery is rubbish unless you are implying you have a 16.6 day battery life (100% X 4hrs = 400hrs / 24hrs = 16.6 days)… I’m usually a fan of LG but this year they dropped the ball with a gimmicky phone that is missing the point of being mobile ie having to carry modules. Also the battery is way too small for a flagship and they shouldn’t have removed the useful back keys.

        • Scott Hamilton

          No, the battery drains as normal once you’re using the device, I just mean that the always on display doesn’t pull enough juice to be noticeable in normal situations. I’ve had this phone 18 days now and the battery life is better than what I was getting on my g4, had 6 1/2 hours screen on time the other night watching videos, was at 46% at that point. Had the phone paired to earbuds listening to podcasts on stitcher last night with always on display, fell asleep after unplugging fully charged device at 1am, woke up around 6 device still playing, always on display still on, battery at 93%… I’ve got no complaints in battery life. I got the extra one from the promotion on the way, until then if I absolutely needed more battery I’d just plug in my camera grip (it’s way slimmer than it looks in photos), bringing total battery capacity up to 4000 ma/h (2800 + 1200 for the camera grip).

  • LeVvE

    They removed the IR blaster?

    • Scott Hamilton

      No, it’s still there.

  • Seriously, the YouTube player is better.

  • isaac maqruez

    What the first off I’m done with LG it’s Nexus 6p for me. The screen size is a lil bigger than my G2 ten some idiot decided to take out the app drawer that’s what separates Android from Apple now it’s just like Apple horrible decision. At least there’s launchers for that dumb mistake. With that said had LG gave us a 6″ screen then they would’ve kept this faithful fan so see ya LG and good luck.

    • Zachary

      Lg v10, I switched from the galaxy note series, best decision ever

      • SnakeSplitskin

        which Note did you switch from?

        • Zachary

          Note 4, we switched carriers from tmobile to Verizon and the note 4 wasn’t available (wanted to keep the removable back), so I jumped ship, my girlfriend could care less and she got the note 5, and there’s nothing wrong with it, that being said, I don’t like the g5, the always on screen which is on the top of the v10 is in the center of the g5, which uses more battery, and I like the textured back of the v10, and I like having an app drawer, which I know their is an app for that so it’s ok I guess, but the pysical phone is kinda disappointing, I understand they were trying something new but. They took away the feel of the phone, if I honestly had to choose between the g5 and the samsung, I would go back to the samsung, but I still love my v10, I do miss having the built in extra fitness sensors, I don’t know why lg hasn’t added that yet

          • SnakeSplitskin

            well i do believe if you were going to jump ship that the V10 was a good choice. With that excellent camera and sturdy back I can understand your decision. The design isn’t my cup of tea and I’ve never been fond of LG’s software, but from what I’ve heard the battery life is the ONLY thing that the V10 comes up short on and that’s probably not every user’s experience.

          • Zachary

            Compared to the note 4, I d say it’s about the same in my experience, I haven’t noticed a huge difference, but actually being on the phone does drain it faster than the note 4 did, which I’m sure is due to the chipset and the screen technology more than anything

  • Chief

    Holy bezel bulk, Batman!

  • Adramalech

    I like more the 2 screens in the V10 and app drawer because i love a clean homescreen only with some widgets. I´m in dought to buy this now..

  • Krzysztof Jabłoński

    hmmm… it looks like a cheap chinese imitation of itself..

    • Dato Alavidze

      finally someone who gets it…

    • Derpy Dimentio


      • joe

        probably aiming for china since everywhere else shunned them

  • Chief

    Loving the DAC add on. Simply great that manufacturers are starting to consider audio lovers for a change. I might finally ditch my M8.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      I like the idea of DAC being a feature of a phone but it should be included as a standard feature, not an expensive add-on. The standard part of this phone doesn’t differentiate itself far enough from other flagships who will also be bringing their camera A game. The G5 could have stood out if it had DAC included under the hood.

  • abn

    LG this phone looks horrible. That bulky attachment who would want to carry that arround. A bag of attatchments. Come onhurry grab all those attatchments quick and tell them its a joke you built it all into the phone. Major fail!

  • Hanson Eze

    Ugh ??

  • Arol Wright

    I’m not the kind of person who says these things often, but LG: that UI is atrocious.

  • Hanson Eze

    How much is this anyway?

  • Anique Zafar Malik

    I’m gonna miss the back buttons … I still think that there was nothing very wrong with the G4 for which they had to change the whole software and hardware language, and that back doesn’t look good, I was thinking of getting the G5, but I think I’ll just get the Nexus 6P …

    • Dan Duke

      Check the V10. I couldn’t be happier with mine.

  • iamdluhansa

    I want this one badly. Damn it’s gorgeous.

  • jafcep

    Damn LG. At first, I wanted to praise LG G5, but seeing that they removed a lot of very important features like app drawer, dual window and Q slide, I have to say that LG you are retarded.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Who needs an app drawer, dual window and Q slide on a camera? That’s what it is, right? A camera, which doubles as a phone.

    • czerikcum

      Well, taken the fact that no app draw and Dual Window mode will be included in the next version of Android, I don’t see this being a deal breaker.

      • jafcep

        If the next Android won’t have app drawer it does not justify the removal of it. Moreover, it’s a disadvantage of the next Android OS, and the phone manufacutrers should reintroduce this feature if the stock Android is missing it.

    • Abhijith

      Nova launcher is there :p

    • bossytexaschick

      agreed! Qslide was the most awesome feature!!!…problem is, few even KNEW they could change the opacity and use on top of other Windows…sorry to say, I think this will be the beginning of LG’s “slide” to last place…BTC

      • jafcep

        LG G5 is missing more very important features.

        -It does NOT have manual video controls (that you saw in LG V10).
        -LG has removed Adoptable storage, a micro SD card feature that Android 6 has included.

        Shame LG.

        • jafcep

          … and

          -FM Radio

          • joe

            buy a v10 then they make multiple phones for a reason

    • Derpy Dimentio

      dual window? who the fuck uses dual window honestly that function is only usable on a large screen note sized or tablet

    • Scott Hamilton

      They released home ux 4.0 yesterday, restoring the app drawer. Qslide is also still there, just not where it was before- you have to add the button on the bottom along with home, back, and recent.

  • ArunKumar Bejagam

    hoo surprised you are using it from Jan 1st ?

  • usaff22

    Can we all agree that it at least looks better than the Nextbit Robin?

    • gurudeep p

      who cares Robin? wtf

  • inspectorgadget

    Don’t know why but I still don’t see a phone that will make me wanna replace my M8… I can’t stand boring, overrated Samsungs. No matter how great phones they have made there is always something missing with LG, cold, souless. To be honest i think v10 is a better deal then G5.
    Looking forward to new m10(?), I hope its gonna have sd card slot, ff speakers, same Mseriess beautiful superpremium build quality and design, and a great camera even though I could easily live without it on my phone…

  • Kunal Narang

    LG G5 is the dream smartphone!

  • Kubis

    Looks as FAIL to me. Big black bezels on the front like some 2015 cheap China phone. Back side is not nice either. Huge size of G4 with 5.5 vs 5.3 inches screen. Less battery 3000 vs 2800. I need to decide if I want to more battery + camera options or listen to HIFI music? What if I want both or just battery? I have to pay more again and have extra weight and bezels? This concept doesn’t look sexy to me at all. I was hoping to get one as V10 rocks(too big for me), but G5 is clear disappointment for me… Even Samsung A5 2016 looks much better. .

  • Preben Nielsen

    No appdrawer? Goodbye LG launcher !

  • saksham

    looks like only lg fans are rocking on this page

  • boota

    what worries me if this modular thing becomes standard is that we may end up with a situation where the phone in itself is not satisfactory without (expensive) add-ons that must be brought everywhere and replaced when something else is needed more. today i am using my smartphone so much because i don’t have to bring any extra stuff (except for earphones). in hindsight this “innovation” might very well be a limitation of customer experience

  • SaRPeR

    I can already see G5 will have a very bad battery life just like G4 and the G3 before it. G4 had nearly half the battery life of Note 5. V10 also has terrible battery life. LG can’t seem to get battery life right.

  • Choda Boy

    The removal of the App Drawer is not only annoying, but it could be a mistake. It would seem they are attempting to dumb down Android for the iPhone crowd. Why not make the App Drawer an OPTION? Choice is good.

    • Scott Hamilton

      They fixed it already.

  • Dato Alavidze

    No app drawer??!! LG whyyy?? Now the phones software looks like some Chinese garbage.

    • Kamen Minkov

      This is not iOS land, you can always install another launcher.

  • Jimjim

    interesting hw especially that rear cameras…

  • Vince

    LMAO @ people crying over the app drawer. Are there not enough launchers in the playstore?

    This phone is a dream. That camera is to die for (and the attachment) and the phone if actually really beautiful. They called the Nexus 6 ugly and now I see people claiming its the better option. Ha. Stop crying, folks.

    • Vince


      • gurudeep p

        evry1 liked nexus 6p..

  • maaen

    If only people appreciated the value of the removable battery…if only….but it seems that people don’t care about what happens to their phone when it stops being the New Kid In the Block…time for another phone ….
    That kind of blind stupidity led to the rise of the TITANS…and I am not calling them that in a respectful way….
    Glad that LG remains on the decent side of the market and the sensible people

    • legendlord4751

      I’d really like it for the removable battery, but Google Now launcher is going on as soon as i finish initial setup

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Try explaining that to the many users of the Nexus 6 and it’s non-replaceable battery. Truth is, people have held onto that phone because it was a great phone. No blind stupidity about it. If you like phones with replaceable batteries then go for it. No one will say its blind stupidity. But just because 75% of the rest of the smartphone buying market buys phones with non-replaceable batteries doesn’t mean you should get all butt-hurt over being part of the minority.

      • maaen

        COOL….nothing personal ….and good luck with the Nexus…hope it goes well for you for a long time ….

        • SnakeSplitskin

          I have the Note 5. I was just using the Nexus 6 as an example of how the market is reacting to phones that don’t have replaceable batteries.

          • maaen

            I understand ….but the market does not care much about removable batteries ..but people like me all over the globe want to have a choice…my Notes 1..2..3 and 4 have all had removable batteries and I refuse to get the Note 5 because I prefer to charge my batteries in external chargers….and I like spare batteries….and that is how it is always going to be and I am hoping that perhaps Samsung will revert to removable batteries in Note 6….although they did not do this in SG S7 and SG S7edge…but they water resisted the phone for half an hour upto the depth of about 1.5 meters I think….and they said they were listening to their customers today at the unpacked event….that is some very selective listening

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Lol, listening is one thing. But economics is another. Not enough people yelled out at the loss of replaceable battery. Also, the market pretty much already decided that a dedicated battery is the preferred method.

            Now I know people have their preferences and I totally get that you prefer a spare battery situation. But I can’t help but chuckle when you say “I prefer to charge my batteries in external chargers….and I like spare batteries”. What value do you really get out of it? I mean, you had to buy your external charger. If you bought a handful of batteries, then you probably have more than one external charger that you had to purchase. Now you have several batteries to manage AND you have to carry them around in your pocket. So if you’re out all day at a wine festival, then early dinner, then bar hopping all night, you’ll probably be trying to change your phone’s battery 2 or 3 times. Let’s face it, when you have the freedom of spare batteries you have a tendency to use your phone like crazy. At least that was my experience. So with all that inconvenience you still may not make it through the entire nite or even weekend. Then you’re stuck at home recharging all those batteries. Why not just get a battery case and be juiced for the entire weekend?

          • maaen

            You may laugh …but my preferences are very much my own experience from many years ago..and it suits me just fine….and I shall wait to see how much the tide turns…and perhaps there are fewer people wanting replaceable batteries but clever marketing is just clever marketing and not necessarily ethical marketing…and I feel for a lot of people who have been quite disappointed with their S6 and also the Note 5….although that is not too well advertised but then I would not take a chance without a two year warranty for the battery alone which Samsung will not give out….so there goes the Ethics…so soon after Noten 4 just because of economic considerstion

          • SnakeSplitskin

            well alright. your preferences are duly noted and respected. I feel for anyone who is disappointed with their phone and I’m sure you’ll find disgruntled owners of every phone ever made.

          • maaen

            Simple …Samsung possess enough expertise to design a phone that allows for a removable battery and still package it to keep the ‘slick’ market happy….but they want to test out the happiness factor by giving back the micro sd card in the S7 and edge.along with the water resistance….they could have also brought back the removable battery …but that tide might turn later…..we can only wait and see.
            GOOD NIGHT.
            Sorry forgot to add I am still very happy with my Notes 3 and 4….

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Well, we can also go so far as to say that every OEM has the expertise to do everything you want a phone to do yet they all come up a little short. Truth is, just because you have the expertise to do something doesn’t mean it’s the best business decision to do. For all we know, Samsung increased its profit per unit by making phones without removable battery. They may have also increased it further without the SD card. This time around they may have reduced the cost on other components allowing the addition of an SD card while still increasing profit per unit. To me, it doesn’t really matter. First and foremost I need a phone that you can count on to perform every time. My note 5 does that. I also require a phone to get through the day and still leave me with a respectable amount of juice. The Note 5 does that leaving me with 30% by the time I go to bed. And finally, I require a phone that is sturdy and looks and feels amazing. Any additional features the Note 5 provides is icing on the cake.

          • maaen

            As for me I am not going as far as asking for the earth in a phone…all I want is a removable battery in my next phone purchase not much more…the rest would have been the lovely extras for me …and so I will survive with my Notes 3 and 4 and …not to worry…I won’ t be wasting my money until I get a phone that satisfies me …first with a removable battery…

      • Nickname303

        What concerns me about non removable batteries is that if the battery fails you’re screwed. If you’ve got a phone with a removable battery it’s not a problem at all, the phone can be working again within minutes. So for that reason alone i prefer a removable battery to a non removable battery.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          You’re absolutely right. But then, what if your screen fails? You’re still screwed, right? What if the phone bricks itself, you’re still screwed. Or worse yet, what if your removable battery explodes? You’re still screwed. All of these are possibilities and have actually happened. The truth is, these type of failures are so few and far between that the concern for it is negligible. Usually these mishaps have happened within warranty and are replaced.

          when I first heard that Iphones had a sealed battery, I laughed my a$$ off. I thought how stupid is that and what idiot would buy such a device. At the time I was toting a blackberry with multiple spare batteries in my pocket. Then I moved to the first Samsung Galaxy phone with the same amount of spare batteries. I even bought a spare battery charger. Fast forward to 2015 when I bought the Note 5 and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve left behind what I thought was a real convenience and life saver but what actually was a drain on my everyday user experience.

          Now I understand why Iphone users didn’t see the sealed battery as an issue. That’s because it really wasn’t. I only assumed it was because the idea that the phone’s sealed battery could die out was so strong. Truth is sealed batteries have proven to be reliable. It appears that some Iphone 5 owners still own their phones with their original batteries. For me, I’ve got a wireless charger to keep me charged so that when I leave work I’m at 100% and a Zero Lemon battery pack to keep me juiced for those full weekends when I know I won’t be returning home except to shower,change clothes.

          But I do understand. Having faith in a sealed battery is a huge shift in thinking that is difficult to overcome. I think if all OEM’s made phones with sealed batteries people would eventually give up on their older phones with replaceable batteries and accept & eventually embrace phones with sealed batteries. Most phones sold today around the world don’t have replaceable batteries so that fact alone should tell you something.

          • Scott Hamilton

            Some people have different needs. I for example play ingress, a location based multiplayer game. This translates to many hours outdoors with screen at max brightness, gps running, often tethering teammates who can’t get a signal. I’m also paranoid about wearing out the charging port- I’ve changed screens and camera lenses on phones before, and most of them look like it would be impossible to replace a broken port unless you’re very skilled at micro soldering, which i am not. So about 3 or 4 hours into an op, when friend’s phones are dying and they’re plugging them into power bricks i just pop in a fresh battery and I’m good to go. I realize not everyone wants our needs removable batteries, but choice is good. If you don’t want that feature simply don’t buy it.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            I’m just simply saying that it will get to a point where OEMs realize
            that it’s pointless to cater to such a small group of users. I mean,
            the world isn’t going to end or even care if your game of ingress gets
            cut short. Will this mean you will keep your same smartphone for the
            next 10 years just so you can play your favorite game and swap batteries
            at will? I doubt it. You’ll do like everyone else and conform or just
            plug into an external powerbrick or battery case. Choice may be good
            but the G5 and it’s replaceable battery friend doesn’t look much like a
            good choice.

          • Scott Hamilton

            Whatever. I have the g5 and like it just fine so far, just like i did the g4 and g3 before that. Plenty of companies make phones with sealed batteries, if lg wants to cater to those of us that want removable for whatever reason, why not let them? When my galaxy s4 screen got shattered, i ordered a replacement and ended up not being able to replace it because of the way Samsung glued the glass to the display. When my g4 screen shattered, i ordered a replacement and was able to switch it out in around 8 minutes, easy peasy. Every part of that phone is easy to replace except for one part- the charging port. I could also get a zerolemon 9000 mah extended internal battery for that phone. Using it for active outdoor purposes doesn’t reassure me that having a power brick plugged into it would not add unneeded stress to the charging port. It’s a simple matter of preference, and apparently lg has done the market research to decide to continue to cater to those of us that want the swappable batteries. Why can’t you just let them make the devices and not feel the need to tell us we’re wrong for wanting them? As long as they keep making them, I’ll keep buying them and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. If i wanted a sealed battery, there’s plenty to choose from already, however i don’t. I for one am glad that lg is doing something different and will continue to support them until/unless they start to follow the masses. Don’t think i haven’t given sealed batteries a chance, i briefly had an s7 edge before returning it for this phone, for 3 reasons- swappable battery (quick charge mitigates this somewhat but is useless when you’re away from a power source), the edge features really didn’t bring anything to the table that i really used, and the amoled is harder to see in direct sunlight than the lcd on this phone, not to mention my gs3 and gs4 both had pretty bad burn in by the time i retired them. I just don’t understand the need people feel to tell me that I’m wrong for buying a device that appeals to me and lg is wrong for designing the phone in the first place. If i wanted to follow the herd I’d have an iphone or Samsung- i don’t, and it’s as simple as that.
            Edit: typos

          • SnakeSplitskin

            No one is telling you what to do. You need to get over that fallacy. No one is telling LG what to do as well. All I’m doing is highlighting the fact that LG’s most recent implementation is a failed one. First off, the battery you get when you buy the phone is small. Then you’ll have to replace it with a new battery which requires you to first remove bottom plate/battery cartridge. Then remove the battery from the bottom plate. Then add new battery to bottom plate. Then insert cartridge back into the G5. All of that just so you can have less than decent battery life which means you’ll go through that whole swapping process all over again. How many batteries will you carry in your pocket in order to be comfortably juiced up for a full day/nite? I’ve lived that lifestyle and decided that it definitely sucks. Too many times I’ve been on the go and had to swap batteries causing me to either drop a battery, drop the phone, drop the back plate, or drop them all at once. When I wasn’t dropping batteries I was wasting time inserting spent batteries because I either pulled the wrong one out of my pocket or I forgot to charge it. All I want is a phone that will last all day and well into the night. The Galaxy S7 Edge seems to be the phone to do that. The edge features offer quick access to certain shortcuts, apps, documents, and contacts. You may not have used the edge features when you had the S7E, but the truth is that you do use shortcuts on any smartphone you use. The S7E just happens to put them in an easy to access edge swipe which is more convenient than what the G5 offers you. But my guess is that you prefer a more complicated and inconvenient method of using a smartphone.

            For the S7E, having wireless charging is icing on the cake. While you’re at work replacing your battery on the G5, the S7E will be sitting on a wireless charger with no need to go through a reboot just to get to 100%. By the time I leave work at 5:30pm I will be at 100% every time. When you leave, you’ll have at least one spent battery in your pocket with probably another spare jabbing you in the leg. My phone is juiced up enough to get me through a night of dinner & drinks, movie, & after movie snacks & socializing leaving me with about 30% by the time I get home (usage includes heavy use of texting, map/gps, yelp, taking photos & video, instagram/facebook, snapchat). No need to fumble around with removing and adding spare batteries, no need for discomfort with a bunch of batteries in my pocket, and no time sitting around waiting for my phone to boot back up.

            So if having a pocket full of batteries & going through several reboots a day is your type of lifestyle then by all means embrace it. No one is going to tell you what to do. Just don’t get pissed when the rest of us are laughing at you when you’re fumbling around with your goofy battery “friends”.

          • Scott Hamilton

            18 days into ownership and I have to beg to differ, battery is way exceeding what I thought I’d get… 6 1/2 hours screen in time watching movies in bed the other night, device still at 46% when I plugged it in. Unplugged phone last night streaming podcasts, always on active, woke up 5 hours later device still streaming and battery at 93%. I’ve got the extra one shipping but don’t think I’m going to use it all that much except for ingress, and I can always just plug the camera grip in for total of 4000 ma/h. I also have the 360° dual fisheye lens camera, it’s an absolute blast, records video as well, though to be fair it also works with other Android phones and even iOS.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Great! I’m sure there are plenty of use cases that give great SOT. But that’s true for any phone. Enjoy your G5 although I don’t think the G6 will be modular. There’s just no reason for developers to take the time to develop additional “friends”.

          • Scott Hamilton

            Lg are shooting themselves in the foot with their dev policy re:friends, wanting final approval and a cut of profits… That’s gonna go farther towards anything in killing the third party market. I think third parties would have a shot but they gotta think different, don’t make accessories for a phone not a lot of people have, instead make a killer app must have accessory that people will buy this phone just for access to that part, think many lens array light field camera, one inch sensor with exchangeable lenses compatible with common dslr lenses, a module with blood anylizer for diabetics and possibly other health sensors, maybe even a breathylizer, pico projector… I think a small company could come up with the right idea and end up selling a lot of G5s if it’s the right idea and they nail the implementation.

  • FranchisePlayer

    With all the changes they did to this model, curious why there’s no USB Type C.

    • czerikcum

      G5 has USB Type-C. Samsung Galaxy S7, supposedly, does not feature it.

  • gurudeep p

    ugggghhhh…..UGLY shit

  • Sal

    People in the comments shouting out ugly. Come on it doesn’t look that bad and the article clearly states that the G5 looks better in real life and no amount of high quality images can do it justice. If you want to call it ugly fine but you might change your mind when you see the phone in person.
    On another note I’m glad that LG has opted to do different things this year in an industry that’s just playing things a bit too safe. It’s refreshing cause we not expecting much from Samsung later today just a more refined and polished S6 while also bringing back a few features they gave up in the S6 last year. However I’m not sure about the smaller battery. Seems like such a backward decision even though the G5 has a smaller screen. But at least it’s swappable.

  • Jamie S

    “LG insists that the reason why the G5 lacks an app launcher is because users don’t really care about this feature. Removing it entirely makes their life simpler, according to LG..”

    What a load of horse poop, sounds like Oneplus NFC arrogance to me.

    • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

      That’s completely different. The average user doesn’t spend countless hours organizing and cleaning their homescreens and tucking away apps in the app drawer, and they’re far more numerous than the homescreen-drawer obsessed user.

    • V-Phuc

      install a 3rd-party launcher that offers app drawer. There, fix it for you. Some launchers are free too.

  • Mail carrier

    Small battery. Contrary to most, I actually like the design and the way the battery and accessories work. I wouldn’t have a problem with it except for the fact my job demands a rugged case with a holster clip. Every time I haven’t had one I’ve damaged a phone. Pretty safe bet that unless a extended battery TPU case isn’t made by a 3rd party manufacturer with a belt clip holster, I won’t be getting this phone.

  • neural_physics

    No. The design is so freaking bad.

  • Alex P.

    Thanks for the video and explanation of the features, guys. As for the phone itself – looks pretty underwhelming. Battery capacity is pretty small (even for that display size), no water resistance, no wireless charging, no AMOLED display (not only for lower power consumption – AMOLED has a significantly superior contrast ratio), etc. Just a bunch of gimmicky features instead, most of which will be used a few times then permanently forgotten by majority of this phone’s users. That especially goes for that removable cap on the bottom – I can already see it becoming more “loose” after few months (even if you won’t remove it often), with the edges of the cap and the phone’s body becoming misaligned and “grabbing” onto the interior of your pockets and the seam between the cap and the phone’s body becoming larger and collecting the lint/dirt.
    Oh well, hopefully LG will still have enough money to correct the physical design flaws and replace gimmicks with usable features for their next model…

    • someone

      You need to press a button in order to remove the bottom.

  • neural_physics

    There is no audio jack? Are you kidding me?

    • Turanga Leela

      Pretty sure it’s on top

    • someone

      Its on the top.

  • Nadia Al-Belushi

    Going modular = great move!

    Removing the split-screen feature = stupid, stupid, stupid!

    Overall, it looks like a really cool phone, but why remove the split-screen feature? :-/

    • V-Phuc

      Point well taken about the split-screen feature. I like it both my Notes 3, and 4 and G4. However, perhaps not many people really use this feature on a smaller screen, 5.3 vs 5.7 (Note or V10). On those phablets, dual-window feature is a must IMHO. Hope LG does NOT mess with it on the V10 successor.

  • Ouinestone

    Disappointed it’s not a hot swapping battery

  • Philip K

    YUP the back looks like an alien face.

  • nita

    Disappointed they did away with the volume rockers on the back. On the other hand, good on them for keeping the replaceable battery.

    Typing this on my LG G2, which is, in my opinion, still one of the best phones ever.

    • kreemer


  • ConCal

    I’d just keep that speaker plugged in the whole time. Looks kinda cool.

  • Ouinestone

    “Is the removable battery still a selling point?”
    It’s a no-buy to me without it. Who would like to buy a second-hand phone with 20% of its original capacity?
    And don’t talk about repair shops…

    • SnakeSplitskin

      That’s a terrible argument to make considering that the recent LG G4 resale prices are lower than the Galaxy S6. Search both phones at Swappa and see for yourself.

      GS6: $354-$402 (recent sold avg of $353)
      LG G4: $240-$295 (recent sold avg of $271)

      At minimum, this shows that people are willing to spend more for a flagship phone with a non-replaceable battery versus a flagship phone with a replaceable battery. So if the GS6 only has 20% of its original capacity then that means people believe a premium should be paid for that remaining 20%. Obviously these resold phones don’t have 20% of their original battery capacity otherwise we’d see used GS6’s being sold for far less than LG G4s. So good luck trying to start and perpetuate false myths. The reality speaks for itself.

      • V-Phuc

        A lot of people don’t think about the actual remaining battery charge retention. Stupid, I know but hey, at least I’m not in the sheep herd. Just like a bunch of those who bought into the idea that for a “premium” material design (really?!!!), a removable battery and microSD are impossible. Guess what, didn’t Samsung just bring the microSD? The reality speaks for itself! Indeed! Learn NOT to drink all the SamApple Kool-Aid they give.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          LOL. Indeed the SD card came back but we also see the design has changed into something a little bulkier. Oh well, we’ll never know the truth behind it. What we do know is that no one is complaining they bought a used S6 that doesn’t charge past 20%. And don’t be such a mentalist believing to know what people are thinking. If someone found their way to Swappa to buy a used phone then these people are probably savvy enough to conduct a ton of searches to see everything there is to know about the S6 AND about used S6’s. Phuc, you never cease to amaze me with your child-like positions on the issues.

          • V-Phuc

            and you never cease to amaze me with the amount of kool-aid you’ve been drinking. For all your “nobody cares about microSD including Samsung”, well guess what? Someone beside you CARES. Think of it, no company makes something that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE cares. Apparently, it’s not a minority. BTW, if you (as the public in general) do not speak up, then who? Certainly not those who drink the SamApple kool-aid! BTW, isn’t the “freedom of expression” a constitutional right? That doesn’t mean that you can only speak when you swallow everything an OEM pushes down your throat, such as microSD is impossible with an unibody design. Really? Should I bring back the “I don’t own a Note 4 but I know it’s lagging!” LOL. Enough kool-aid for you?

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Phuc phuc phuc phuc phuc. You have really gone over the deep end. I wonder how many comments you’ve made across all the internet where you saw necessary to go off about “kool-aid”. Your rant’s point seems to be that I am telling people they can’t express their opinion. The truth is, you seem to hate it when I voice my opinion about someone else’s opinion. That’s fine, you can hate all you want. The more you comment the more people see you’re not much worth listening to. And yes, the Note 4 is still a laggy device! Simply search it in the Note 4 AC forums.

          • V-Phuc

            LOL. Very amusing. Just pointing out what you said before, either to me or to others. I didn’t invent any of this. I’d like to say, “if it takes 0.00001 second extra to open/reload my page, I can take it. My life is not defined by that 0.00001 second.” That’s OK if you and others can NOT tolerate that amount of time (sic!) and call a phone laggy. LOL. LOL. I bet you sit idle longer in traffic than reloading a page on a “laggy” Note 4 (!!!).

            Back to the topic. To me, it’s impressive that LG managed to change the design, material without sacrificing 2 important features:microSD, removable battery. Many people may never need to change battery or use microSD to store anything. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that if you ever need them, they’re there. In contrast to “I need them, but oops…”

          • SnakeSplitskin

            I seriously doubt that anyone who bought an S6 or Note 5 would ever say
            “I need an sd card, but ooops”. That’s because people who bought an S6
            or a Note 5 like I did know what we’re doing. I’ve used sd cards on
            phones before and always ran out of room and could never figure out
            why. I also noticed that upon reboot, I kept getting the “Media
            Scanning…X%” cycling 2-3 tmes causing a delay of when I’d actually get
            to start using the phone. This was extremely annoying. I used my
            computer to sift through the sd card and found duplicate image &
            music files. I also so a boatload of unknown files loaded in by
            different apps that I had either loaded and removed or currently had on
            my phone. I think this is what had slowed my phone down considerably
            especially upon reboot.

            To fix this I removed my sd card,
            uploaded my song files to Google Play, uploaded my images to Google
            Photos and set Google Photos as my default destination for any photos or
            videos I shoot. I only store downloaded documents to my phone which
            also gets uploaded to Google Drive for back-up. My music files are
            stored on my external hard drive at home for safe keeping. I simply
            stream them through Google Play when I want to listen to them.

            yeh, SD cards are highly over rated. I always have a data signal when I
            need it or have access to wifi during times where the signal is to weak
            to penetrate the walls. I’m rarely in BFE where there is no signal so
            streaming and remote storage of my data is fine.

            p.s. Note 4 is
            still laggy. .0000001 sec of lag time isn’t relevant. It’s the
            noticeable lag that people are complaining about. Obviously the lag is
            noticeable given the amount of complaints. You should stop because you
            can’t win this debate. Reality of the facts are against you. But I guess that never stopped you.

          • V-Phuc

            How much of a lag is a lag? Any number you care to provide as a Note 4 owner? If not, I guess I can safely say any phone out there has a lag. My life is not defined by whatever ‘lag’ yours seems to be defined. You think that your Note5 has NO lag? Really? Or you believe it because fewer people complain on AA or AC forums? Give me some solid stats and then we talk. Otherwise, it’s just “I say, you say”. Have a good day with your ‘no-lag” phone!
            LOL just because YOU don’t seem to need microSD or ever need to change battery, it doesn’t mean that ALL of us have the same needs. That’s what you seem not to understand, or refuse to understand. Keep saying “I don’t need therefore it’s useless”. Since when the “I” equals the “all the world”? Why do you think Sammy brings back the microSD? Because NO ONE cares? The last time I check, Samsung is not a charity company? They put a feature because that helps bring the money. Clear enough?

  • Turanga Leela

    The whites on the screen are looking a little cream-coloured again, much like with the G3 (the G4 fixed this). Unless it’s just the video.

    Also I’m pretty disappointed with the screen size. 5.5″ was perfect, 5.3″ is going to make a very noticeable difference, at least for me anyways.

  • Ronald Powers

    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 because it is the latest Galaxy model with the removable battery ? and external micro SD Memory card ? capabilities. I would have no hesitation to buy an LG G5.

    • V-Phuc

      or wait a bit to see what LG has in store for the V10 successor. If the trend continues, the V10.1 may have some interesting features to offer as well. Perhaps a stylus of some sort. LG already has the LG stylo but it is too low a spec to be in the same league as the Note. They need to do that in V10 successor. Then they’ll have a winner.

  • Mike

    My G3 was updated to marshmallow before MWC. The support LG gives its flagships is a higher selling point than some of the complaints people have. Ugly? Slap a thin case on it. Look at the personality. You all want Marsha, but what about Jan

  • Kunal Tolani

    Maybe the design is a bit off, but finally some innovative stuff coming our way. Actual innovation, not just edge screens and dual displays. Well done, LG.

  • kreemer

    This was the strongest launch I have seen in a long time. I cannot wait to actually catch sight of – and hand of ! – the device.

    LG played a smart game this year.

    And in my eyes, a responsible one. We are the people who keep asking for something new. Lg stepped up.

    I think it’s going to be an excellent year for LG – and for the changes this handset may force from other manufacturers going forward.

    LG deserve the year. I think they’ll get it.

  • V-Phuc

    Very impressive, and very impressed! Whoever came up with the idea and managed to follow through with a new body design without sacrificing 2 very important features: removable battery and microSD, deserves a huge raise! I cannot wait to see a more in-depth review of this phone. Time will tell how successful G5 is, but based on the specs, design, innovation features-wise, G5 just blew everyone including Samsung out of the water.
    I hope that they don’t drop the ball now for the V10 successor. IMHO, keep the screen size at 5.7. Incorporate a stylus if they can, that will definitely steal all thunder from the Note series. Don’t go down on the battery size, that would be a bummer. Keep up the camera specs and improve it in low-light conditions if possible.
    LG definitely hit the ball out of the park this time.

  • xtinajerez

    The phone looks cute at least for me, in the pink color

  • Mohd Danial

    if i were to purchase this, i better get use to the weird back. samsung plays safe with the s7 but it has liquid cooling… something to take note of. Hard to decide though.

  • i’ve been missing an app drawer since using huawei’s P6,
    but to be honest, when i use my nexus 7, i tend to forget some apps that are installed in the app drawer but on purpose not placed on the homescreen… on the Huawei phone, they’re in the “not so important folder” on a homescreen. where they’re more organized together and thus easier to find again. so i could miss the feature actually..

  • Arton Haziri

    Downsizing the display ??????……. ”double face palm” NO app drawer ??!?!?!??!?!?

  • Edgar Shirmamedov

    yes the back are ugly but i thing the phone will the best on the market

  • Ranjit

    Does it have usb otg capability?

  • Chris Droste

    I really would have appreciated a more evolutionary step this time. I think the G5 should have been the G4(leather back and back buttons in all) with the new, slightly smaller screen, the built-in DAC from the V10, the new Snapdragon chip, improved camera software, clean up the UI bloat even more (though i still love QMemo, QuickRemote, and Dual Window) and keep the dark theme, i really don’t want to get my face bleached in the dark when i pull down the notification bar. the Dark Theme was clean, good contrast and easy on the eyes. this reminds me of the stupid color removal thing on the top icons after upgrading from Jellybean (STUPID!!!) App drawer; I’m indifferent. it helps when i lose a homescreen icon after a software update but millions of iPhone users may find it’s removal another ease of use to draw in former apple devotees. And for the love of god what was wrong with the 3,000mAh battery? I personally loved that curved back!

  • Andrew Haller

    Does anyone know where I can get that wallpaper?

  • John Aguilar

    Well i believe its great and i hope it goes on stores soon !!!

  • shayn goh

    I wanted an app drawer though. This saddens me

  • tom ku

    can’t beat the koreans…

  • Gibeon Mathews

    there is a app drawer
    go to settings
    home screen
    select home and click easy home
    there you get your app drawer

  • ichuck7

    I’m pretty disappointed LG no longer has the q slide apps and the dual window. They weren’t as go as samsung, but it was better than not even having the option.

  • Efren Castillo

    My only gripe with LG G5…the screen was reduced to 5.3 instead of 5.6 as previously speculated. My Note 3 is due for replacement and would have ordered LG V10 but not available in Canada at all. My carrier offered free Cam Plus to reserve LG G5 which I think wiil be the best amongst smartphones seems like a good deal…I was really tempted and placed my order no hesitation. I just hope I can easily adjust with the smaller screen…and can buy cover that will include the Cam Plus because it will attached to phone all the time!

  • anonymous

    let me say that this is a wonderful phone with one of the brilliant concept changing the battery cap so as to provide a little extra battery as well…. the only concern i have is that in such an impatient world people might just damage the battery or the cap itself all in all it is a fantastic phone giving full competition to the samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge

  • JJ S

    No wireless charging, no (my) money.

  • Shizuppy

    White notification dropdown is horrid. Why can’t we customize the colors of this?