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Last week saw hundreds of thousands of mobile industry professionals, journalists and exhibitors descend upon Barcelona in Spain for the annual extravaganza that is Mobile World Congress. This year saw Samsung and LG vie for the right to say they have the best phone at the moment, and while Samsung has mostly perfected its flagship smartphones from this time last year, LG has pushed the innovation boat out with its new modular concept.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are undoubtedly the hottest topic in tech at the moment, with the Korean OEM bringing back many of the features that customers and journalists alike lamented the company for removing from the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge last year. We’ve already covered the Galaxy S7 in detail during MWC, but what does the tech world think of Samsung’s new lineup?

At the end of the show, Joshua caught up with some of our Android Authority team members – Lanh Nguyen, Kris Carlon and Nirave Gondhia – as well as our special guests – Myriam Joire, Nicole Scott and Chris Velazco – to find out what each of them thought of the new Galaxy S7 lineup. This is unlike any other catch up however, as each person was given no notice and had just 20 seconds to extemporaneously convey their views on the new devices.

While the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the video shows that not everyone agrees with the assumption that they are the smartphones to beat. Which brings us to its chief competitor: is the LG G5 the smartphone the beat?

The G5 is the most radical change to LG’s smartphone line up since the introduction of the first LG G series smartphone several years ago, and like Samsung last year, the company has switched to a more premium metal build. However, unlike its Korean counterpart, the company has stuck to its guns and still offers a removable battery and expandable storage using the unique modular concept.

What did the team and our illustrious friends think of LG’s new smartphone? Again, each person was given no notice and had just 20 seconds to say exactly what they thought.

There’s no denying that the LG G5 has split opinions across the team and beyond, but there’s also no doubt that the concept has potential. For now, the final question that many of you are asking is: which smartphone should you buy?

Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge

LG G5 Camera Module Hands On

LG G5 Hands On

Galaxy S7 Color Comparison

Galaxy S7 Edge Color Comparison

To help you answer this, above is a series of additional coverage you’ll want to check out and below, you’ll find our exclusive hands on comparison between the two hottest smartphones of this half of the year!

Which smartphone is the right one for you and which smartphone are you going to buy? Let us know your views in the comments below guys, and don’t forget to head over to our Best Android Phones poll and cast your vote there as well! You never know… you might just be able to win one of these smartphones!

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  • Johnny Bravo


  • DBS

    I pretty much sign under what Kris Carlon said about the S7. Except for the Edge part. I prefer the smaller one.
    The only thing the S7 family is missing to me is, per usual, the dedicated camera button and the IR blaster.

    • Nallaikumaran

      I don’t care about it. Kris Carlon is a Apple fanboy.

    • Fifth313ment

      I don’t know why IR blasters are going away? Missing app drawers, IR blasters becoming extinct, small batteries, no stereo speakers, it’s like no one is listening to customers?!

  • mykaelp

    Weird, poorly written article. Regardless, the LG is too gimmicky and pointless with unnecessary modules. Samsung looks like the phone to beat, assuming TouchWiz has been knocked way down.

    • Surroundedbyfanboys

      Too gimicky? Did you actually get to use it? Spending 10 minutes with a phone on a show floor doesn’t count either. All Samsung did was add features to a phone that’s been around for years and yet that’s amazing? Between the two phones, the s7 has new features that are nearly identical to the s6 whereas the g5 offers the same as g4 but with an extra camera for wider shots and modules. Samsung owners have become the new iPhone owners, they just want more of the same

      • Dave

        To be fair, Samsung did completely re-designed their phone last year and this year they nealy perfected the product. Cosumers wants SD card slot and more battery juice, so they remodeled the inside and add SD card input, IP68 cert, and 3600 mAh battery. The G5 is re-introducing the moduling idea with limits in a lot of ways. First of all, wear and tear. The biggest problem with the module swaping is the wear and tear of the “chin” part of the phone. With a 2700mAH battery, you almost have to swap out the battery once a day and put the other one to charge. That is over 400-500 swapping in a single year. If the chin part, for any reason, cannot re-attach back onto the phone, your phone is basically dead. In addition, the modules LG released are very limited. Most people have a bluetooth speaker now and the camera module is only adding a gear for you to “zoom in” and “zoom out”. If they come out with more functional modules, like add-on projector, swappable camera, and business modules for enterprise users, then it might be a great hit in the future. But for now? I will not take a risk with LG’s new module phone yet due to it’s reputation with the G4. I saw my friend struggled so much with the G4’s touch screen bug and bluetooth conectivity issue…

    • Melonie

      LG Phones are now on sale only on

  • Derek923

    I will fall sick if I don’t have S7 edge hybrid Dual Sim in my hands by the end of March.

  • Deminox

    if the S7 does indeed have an exynos than that is yet another reason not to go back to samsung. Any exynos product ive ever used has lagged behind the specs it supposedly had. My exynos Chromebook runs laggy as heck, and my exynos tablet is just sluggishly horrible.

    The tablet is yet another example pf samsung abandoning their products early, which is another reason I’ll likely stay with LG.

  • unliterate

    I’m totally excited to have a modular phone. It’s all about the audio module for me.

  • HXRRY .

    Where the G5 Draws Doubt
    1. Smaller oem battery. Smaller screen. We got used to standards in the G4.
    2. The modules. The ones introduced – they’re nothing special. In fact they look to be a distraction at this point.
    3. Boring exterior. Even more so than the G4 which was criticized early on for its appearance.
    4. Solid phone, but LG may have unleashed too many questionable design philosophies on arguably their most well known flagship.

    Where the S7 Shines
    1. Got back the SD card and waterproof rating
    2. Slightly sleeker look and feel
    3. Bumped battery capacity up. Retained amoled screen.
    4. Samsung choosing to refine rather than reset the design and identity of the S7.

    I’m not completely set on the S7 though. The underdog G4 was attractive because it had that anti-Samsung factor, was cheaper and provided a better daily user experience than the S6 in my opinion. The G5 might prove the same. I won’t know until I have both in my pocket, but first blush goes to the S7.