Display case seems to confirm LG G5 button placement

by: John DyeJanuary 25, 2016


Although we’ve only heard whispers and rumors leading up to the LG G5’s release, the lack of an official announcement and spec sheet means that we really haven’t had anything solid to lean on. One way that the LG G5 is rumored to deviate from the G4 is that the volume and power buttons are rumored to appear on the device’s side.

Those of you who are thinking this sounds perfectly normal must have missed the last several entries in LG’s smartphone listing. In a controversial move, the LG G2 and G3 ditched the traditional side buttons and relocated them all to the back of the device. Responses to this change were mixed, but it certainly set the smartphones apart both stylistically and functionally. Some believed this placement would become something of a signature LG move, and it continued to be implemented all the way up through the G4 and the V10. However, word on the street is that the G5 will be sheepishly returning to the conventional side placement, and a brand new ArmourDillo protective case seems to confirm this.

lg-g4-vs-samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-quick-look-aa-2-of-141See also: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5: which are you more excited about?189

The case, which looks delightfully rugged and somewhat tire-tread-esque, seems like a pretty solid case for the as of yet unreleased LG flagship. What’s most interesting about it to us, however, is that it seems to reveal some officially unreleased specs regarding the G5. It’s plain to see that the case is designed to support power and volume buttons on the side, with only the fingerprint reader remaining on the back. Seems like this rumor can pretty much be put to bed.


So yes, barring some colossal design error on the part of ArmourDillo, it looks like we have at least one more particularly solid bit of information about the LG G5. We’re looking forward to the official unveiling, which is expected to go down just before MWC 2016. The flagship smartphone is expected to be officially announced alongside its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S7, on Sunday, February 21, 2015.

Are you stoked about the LG G5’s release, or are you more of a Samsung fan. Let us know which you are more excited about in the comments below!

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  • Joshua Courtney

    Why LG why

  • Michael Noyola Merino

    ssooo no second screen?

    • John William Dye

      Think the current belief is that the second “ticker” screen will be returning.

  • Pomacat

    I will stick with my V10 and see what the follow up to this is like

  • moew

    Don’t forget the g3 and g2 had rear buttons.

    • John William Dye

      Good catch! Thanks. Made the edit.

  • Shellyman 8K

    It looks good.


      What picture are you looking at?

      • Shellyman 8K

        You tell me..

  • Jarl

    totally sucks they’re getting rid of the rear volume buttons, guess I’ll replace my aging g3 with a g4 instead of this crappy looking g5

  • Overblown Ego

    This is an odd move. Now that most phones are putting a fingerprint reader on the back LG was primed to make their signature buttons on the back seem like they’d been predicting the future all along. I was a little skeptical about the rear placement at first but I’ve really come to love it. It’s eliminated pocket dialing from my life and I’ve grown used to reaching in back to adjust the volume or activate the camera from sleep. I can certainly adjust to buttons on the side again but I’m hoping I don’t have to. As strong as my G3 is going I’m not in any great rush to upgrade anyway.

  • Andrew White

    Think I could live with volume rocker on the side if placed near the top, out of grab range. As a trade-off for powerful specs, premium build and a possible modular battery tray.
    In terms of pure ergonomics, including button placement, my G4 really does tick all the boxes.
    LG could have simply added metal to satisfy those that want ‘bling’ on a smartphone.


    Moving backwards LG

  • jdiamjr

    Extremely disappointed the volume buttons moved from the back. Will look for another option when it comes time to upgrade from my G3. Perhaps the G4 or V10.

  • Shadowsumbra

    Where is the power button? I only see the volume rocker on the one side.

    As long as they maintain the removable battery this is my next phone. That and microSD card support are my two favorite features. I actually like the side volume buttons, the back ones seem like they’d be hard to press.

    I also don’t see why so many people push for ‘premium’ materials like glass and metal that are easier to break and reduce signal quality or show fingerprints. Really looking forward to this.

    • Fifth313ment

      Ditto everything!

    • Ethan Heselschwerdt

      power is probably the button in the back, just like the previous phones except for the relocated volume control

  • David Thompson (Cyklone)

    WTH? The whole point of the G series was the rear buttons! Will just stick with my G3 till LG decides otherwise. Will maybe go with the G4 for an upgrade.. ugh

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    This looks like LG thought it was going to be the one to design the Nexus 6p and the Google pulled a fast one and changed its mind to Huawei. This literally looks like what Lgs 6p would’ve looked like…

  • That One Guy

    If they put the second screen on the g series, what will set the V series apart from it? It is like the Galaxy s series and note series! If you put the same features on both phones consumers will not have true differences between devices.

  • Ivailo Yanev

    still rocking my G3… if they put the buttons on the side I will look away from the G-series.

  • MikeyLNG

    Yet no camera shutter button? Come on LG, I thought you were touting one of the best camera phones on the market?

  • steadymobb

    Rear buttons were ugly anyways. I’m excited to see the way this one looks!

  • Adrian Hermawan

    I like LG Smartphone since LG G3 comes into market. What makes LG G3 is so special to me that there is no button on front and side. The only button is placed on the backside. When G4 release on 2015, there is no significant moves just the upgrade version of G3. Long awaited time and here comes G5. This 2016 LG comes up with “iphone like design” and there is push-able button on the side. I dunno why LG puts it back but I don’t think LG fans want it badly. the other feature that I rather pessimistic is the second screen which act as notification. It will reduce the screen size which draws back people who like big screen. I personally don’t like notification since I dont use many apps and rather will uninstall apps if there is so much notification. I do hope there is touch panel on the bottom like samsung so screen could go bigger. Anyway why join “finger print competition” I am not really need that feature seriously. First maybe to identify this phone belongs to whom but thats it. Rather than having finger print, LG should make special id for someone to buy its phone, making a game or competition that could be redeem with special appsin LG world like playstation sistem.
    For your information in my country Indonesia, everyone who owns samsung could get free coupon and everyone like it.
    Overall “I don’t feel any need to buy LG G5 at this moment n will wait G6 for further development”

  • Anonymous

    So far it doesnt seem like the phone has a 2nd ticker display….i just hope it does
    Really looking forward to it
    As for the side buttons i dont mind them a lot
    Their main focus should be on battery
    I had g4 and its battery life sucked
    G2 was the best according to me

  • Jure Ravnikar

    I am a super LG fan, but only when they do the Nexus device :D

  • Josh Cook

    Didn’t think volume button location was deemed as a deal breaker for some people lol

  • Guinnesses

    I like the back buttons but I can do without. Just don’t pull a Samsung – keep the removable battery and micro SD support. G3 is the best phone I’ve ever had and I’m holding out to upgrade to the G5 as long as it doesn’t suck.

  • dr.shahid

    More interested in lg g5 offcourse…atleast they will try somthing new …kind off bored from Samsung, it seems a change is required in mobiles as Samsung replaced Nokia…

  • John Ross

    Back buttons just make zero sense. Time and time again I’ve shown people the physical reason. Pushing a button pushes the device out of your hand, and also…you can’t use it while it’s laying down.

    I’m glad to see them get back to sensible buttons, but where is the power button?