Exclusive: LG G5 leak reveals Always On display

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 9, 2016

LG G5 Always On display

Listen up LG G5 fans, the Galaxy S7 isn’t the only flagship arriving at MWC 2016 that will have an Always On display. This GIF of the first LG G5 feature to be officially revealed, obtained exclusively by Android Authority, shows that LG has included the same thinking in its radically redesigned G4 successor. But the LG G5 version has a twist.

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The GIF shows a variety of smartphones gradually growing dark, until the silhouette of the LG G5 appears with the time and date (of the LG press conference at MWC 2016) displayed above a series of notification icons, very similar to what you would find on the LG V10‘s second screen. The text “Always On” then appears alongside the LG G5 logo.

LG G5 Always On

While this may look pretty familiar – the same kind of thing LG did with Glance View on the G Flex 2 and LG G4 or that Motorola and Google have done with Ambient Display on AMOLED devices – the LG G5 is very different indeed. This is because the LG G5 screen is literally always on, not just intermittently visible like the Moto X or Nexus 6P and without requiring a gesture like previous LG devices.

The LG G5 Always On display is actually a full-screen version of the V10's second screen.

From what we’re being told, the LG G5 Always On display is actually a full-screen version of the V10’s second screen, rather than an AMOLED display. That potentially means colors and customization, just like the LG V10, but on a full-screen scale. Battery consumption is always a concern where backlit LCDs are concerned, so it will be interesting to see how LG has handled that.

The GIF does seem to show a fairly standard layout for the Always On Display, so there may be constraints on what can be put there. But with much more available space than the V10, the customization options should be more extensive even if they do sit within regular widget-like possibilities.


Meanwhile, Samsung has trademarked the Always On Display name, reportedly for inclusion in the Galaxy S7. This means Samsung likely has a very similar feature in its new flagship too, but using an AMOLED display. AMOLED screens are more battery-friendly than LCD, so, as always – and despite fancy new features – the upper hand might still be won by something as tried and tested as better battery life.

Who do you think will do a better Always On display?

  • LastKings31

    But does it bootloop?

    • 404


    • Marty

      They’ve added that as a special feature…like that gap on the display of the Samsung Note 4, which Samsung listed in the owners manual as a “feature”.

      • Lazy Ghost

        No gap on mine and no issues either. Knowing how to use your device seems to be a required skill for most…

  • John Doe

    Would like to see what widgets will be compatible with this.. Weather, etc
    and obviously battery life ..

  • Always On with an LCD. Now this is Class A stupidity.

    • mcdonsco

      It’s the mistake moto made with the last x, why on earth they went LCD is beyond me, but it was a super stupid decision.

    • abqnm

      Nothing is confirmed yet. LG may still be using AMOLED in the G5 like was suggested a few weeks ago. Or they may be using some sort of full array LED backlight that can selectively light only the required areas of the display. I guess we’ll see.

      • Marty

        I’d like to see an LCD/OLED hybrid display. Use a normal LCD, but backlight it with the same resolution all-white OLED. One white OLED for each LCD pixel.

        • Mohamed Ahmed

          well that’s close to LG’s OLED TVs google white oled you will see what i mean. the same idea but color filter not liquid crystal.

      • Tajwar

        If it’s LG they could pull off something like that

    • brian

      i know right, im going to build the worlds first phone with a crt screen and then have it always be off. class A smart

    • fitnesspro22

      Exactly. More bells and whistles, higher price. B. S

    • Juan Plp

      It’s called “memory display” Nokia had it in the Lumia 830 with LCD screen.

    • JohnDoe

      LG will use OLED, not LED, not AMOLED, not LCD, but OLED

    • Oliver

      Real talk

  • DBS

    Seems the patent deal with Nokia is already bearing fruits.
    This is basically Nokia’s Glance Screen, something that has been around since at least 2012. And for those concerned with the battery because it’s an LCD, don’t be. No Nokia phone with Glance ever had any sort of hit in battery life because of Glance and I don’t expect the G5 to have it either.

    • Alex P.

      It was even earlier than 2012 and I believe it was called “Sleeping Screen”

      • mhbgt

        That was on AMOLED devices.

        • Juan Plp

          Nop, you only need an screen with “memory display” (AMOLED or LED)

  • perfectreign

    Oh, wow, that’s like on my various Lumia devices. I so wish the One M8 had that. Glad my 950XL does. My son’s LG V10 had an odd item in the top corner.

    • Ben

      i’ve owned the 900, 925 and 930, only the 930 didn’t support this feature

  • sosarozay300

    if the g5 has a lcd screen the gif is a lie, lcd will never have black levels like that, thats amoled level

    • JohnDoe

      Actually, the LG G5 will have OLED.

      • Dude, you know what AMOLED is? All OLED for phones/TV are AMOLED.

        • JohnDoe

          True! I got confused with a different kind of OLED that I usually think as being “the OLED”. Either ay it’s probably going to be AMOLED it seems. Which is still better than LCD.

  • Richard Schall

    The shape is interesting,the adjacent corners don’t match, but match the opposite corner.

    • brian

      all the corner radii are the same size. its an illusion due to the lighting at the bottom left, that makes the bottom radii look bigger.

  • Rybone89

    You’d have to think LG would start using AMOLED screens in their phones eventually, considering their leadership in the OLED TV space. I was a huge fan of Plasma TV’s so I’m excited to buy OLED when they become more affordable. Sucks that image retention and burn in are still a problem though. I even saw a GS6 with burn in yesterday. It was a demo unit however but this still surprised me.

    • WestSiide

      The first G Flex had an oled display. Then they went back to ips on the Flex 2. Who knows why.

      • Phil_A_Shio

        That’s not true, its still an OLED display.

      • DKRACING

        I’m typing this on my Flex 2, which has an awesome 1080p P-OLED display, thank you very much.

        • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

          How is holdind up aginst time the LG Flex 2, they are selling them at a awesome proceso point it make want to order one now.

        • peerpressure

          Yes, please share. Looking into getting this phone.

        • WestSiide

          Youre right. My mistake.

    • Lazy Ghost

      Ya the thing sits there day and night running no surprise on burn in…

    • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

      When Yuo check all the carrera stores yuoll ser that all the display Samsumg OLED phone are buen un to the max to the point it make you dont even want to buy them at all.

    • Ben

      i don’t have a burn in on my Galaxy S6 yet and i’ve owned it for more than a year now, so it mainly is cause it sits being on the entire day in the store

    • Ichibanmugen

      Samsung long solved the burn in issue. I’m using the note 3 for more than 2 years. No burn in at all

  • bsexpress

    My Motorola pure does this when I wave my hand over the screen. Only difference is I don’t have to wave my hand?

    • Gv0997

      Yes and this phone will get updates

      • bsexpress

        My Motorola gets updats. I’m on marshmallow. I don’t think that g4 had that yet?

      • Gjorgi Lazarovski


  • Wait so…. It’s a secondary display within the primary display? Jesus I’m glad this isn’t amoled or that burn in will fuck your shit up.

    • Ben

      i don’t have a burn in on my Galaxy S6 yet and i’ve owned it for more than a year now.

  • Dallen Lee

    It will just light up when you look at it. No need for touch, just a retinal scan. Won’t actually be anyways on. Battery woes sorted.

  • will CEO say “we develop this feature world first”? like Knock-on

  • onstrike112

    Say goodbye to all-day battery life!

    • If they’re using an LCD panel, I’ll turn this feature off the second I get the phone.

      • onstrike112

        Assuming you can at all lol

  • Ryan

    So far looks like the s7 and g5 are going to be a pass. Now let’s see what the m10 brings to the table

    • bhaismachine

      How did you come to that conclusion ?

    • Lucy Heartfillia


    • Lazy Ghost

      You’re funny.

      • Милен Стефанов

        No- he is just idiot…

    • libastral

      M10 is already nerfed, stupid amoled and no boomsound speakers. Last hope is on Sony, at least they got Marshmallow right and ditched the bloat.

      • Ryan

        I like amoled

  • Grischa Seletskyy

    Even my Nokia N9 (from 2011) had this “always on” display. And now Samsung and LG trying to sell it as a new thing xD

    How lame.

    • libastral

      Even Nokia 3310 from 2000 had it ;)

      • Grischa Seletskyy

        I know, but we are talking here about mobile phones with touchscreen.

        Your compare is like comparing the Virtual Boy of Nintendo with Oculus Rift. It’s another techlogy and should not be compared ^^

  • grrrr_unt

    I have an idea: what if the second screen is actually a transparent OLED display placed above the standard IPS LCD display? That would be so damn interesting to see.

    • Gianmarco Cárdenas

      Best idea ever!

    • jendrush

      Interesting, but why not use only amoled instead of both?

      • grrrr_unt

        Perhaps LG can’t get their OLED to be as vibrant as their LCD displays? I’m not sure

    • Jas Kapadia

      That’s exactly what I thought it would be. Maybe difficult to have a transparent display though?

  • IncCo

    Well.. if it does end up taking too much battery, I’m sure you’ll be able to turn it off.

    • Azarul Nazim Abdullah

      the premise of it to save some juice… that why it only white…

  • before commenting assume one thing: it’s all “leaked” like before releasing any other smartphone. and in most cases, none of those leaks were true in past few years. deal with trolls

  • KodiakCoatta

    Is it possible that the ‘always on’ screen is located on the back of the phone?

    • Wah, no one could thought of that! This could actually be the valid reason

    • Fornavn Etternavn

      What about the camera

      • KodiakCoatta

        I’m just guessing, but a camera could easily fit above the screen being shown… And to keep it a surprise they could have photoshop’d out the camera module from the image, but I’d say it’s not likely.

        Personally I don’t see the point of always on functionality if it comes at the expense of reduced battery life. One way to do this would be to have a secondary, low res, low power display on the back rather than powering on the entire front screen. There has already been a phone with an e-ink display on the back… So my guess isn’t that far fetched.

        • Fornavn Etternavn

          I understand, but its almost confirmed were the camera and fingerprint sensor will be.

  • Arton Haziri

    We used to have this on Nokia Symbian smartphones over a decade ago……

  • Cybertech

    I hope LG stays with IPS LCD. Not everyone wants AMOLED.

    • Phillip

      Said no one ever

    • Chris

      Not everyone, but many people do.

  • SJLGG .

    Didn’t Samsung JUST patent this crap

    • DBS

      Samsung can’t patent stuff that’s already patented lol. What they tried to copyright was the name “always on”…and it’s not even clear they’ll be able to get away with that because the term “always on” has entered common use. It would be like Microsoft trying to copyright “PC” at this point.

  • devoncatt

    Looks interesting , will it come with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3, LG V10 style camera controls, 64GB storage , 4 GB Ram and with Android 6.01? Will the always on create a screen burn in?

  • Person Dude

    It sucks that there’s no ideal technology for always on displays. An LCD will suck more battery and an AMOLED display will burn in if it’s left on showing the same thing all the time…

  • fitnesspro22

    I don’t care about this stupid feature or the fingerprint sensors. Give me speed, reliability and pure Android. I am a proud owner/user of NEXUS 5, 7 and 6P, all NEW. How about the that?

    • Oliver


  • chtan

    Always on with AMOLED is just a ticket to disaster. Screen burn in is inevitable.

  • Fam Holter

    Gotta love the interwebz. If anyone tries to push the envelope and implements a new feature into their products, they’re gimmicky and stupid. But as soon as someone else uses that feature, no one will ever be as good as the original. There’s just no winning with some people.

    I think it’s good that both LG and Samsung are looking to Nokia for some inspiration at last, because they have a lot of awesome features. I’m assuming we’re all here for a mutual love of Android, so why not just be happy that our options are expanding, and stop picking everything apart? As of right now, no one actually KNOWS anything for sure about this phone. It’s just pointless writing it off as a dud from a single GIF and a lot of guess work.

  • Evan

    So…it’s a case with a cover. But you can touch through the cover. And this is somehow better than just not having a cover, because…??

  • Wiharto Tjakra Tan

    Actually it’s a case that have an always on feature. Like HTC dot case . So second LCD is on the case ( My guess )

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    I’m inclined to believe LG will be utilizing an oled display this year. It kindve just makes sense. Considering that LG will be making millions for Apple this year ,manufacturing cost will drop considerably. LG has put alot of marketing muscle behind their oled tech so I wouldn’t be surprised if we finally get a quad hd oled display this year on the G5. With an always on screen, oled would really be the best aside from amoled. Think about it…