While the upgrades to the LG G4 have been mostly evolutionary in nature when compared to its predecessors, what LG has managed to achieve by sticking to their winning formula is a flagship device that attempts to offer everything. The LG G4 retains elements of both its previous flagships, the G Flex 2 and the G3, with its subtle curve to the display, and of course, LG’s signature rear button layout, along with the device continuing to come with features that are not available with quite a lot of current flagships such as a removable battery and expandable storage. LG’s attempts at uniqueness come in the form of a slew of back cover options, including leather in a variety of colors, making for a device that really does seem to have it all.

That said, the LG G4, like any other smartphone or tablet out there, is not without its issues. Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the common problems that plague LG G4 users, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them.

Disclaimer: Not every LG G4 owner will face these issues, and it is actually more than likely that you won’t come across any of the problems listed below.


Problem #1 – Touchscreen issues


Touchscreen issues with the LG G4 are quite the prevalent problem, with the device often not registering taps and swipes, sometimes happening with a delayed response, creating problems with using features like Knock Code. Some users have even complained of whole sections, mostly up top, not working at all, making it difficult to access the notification dropdown. Users have also found the default LG keyboard to be very laggy.

Potential solutions

  • To see whether you are facing any issues with the touchscreen, open the Dialer and enter 277634#*# or 3845#*Model# (where model is the version of the device, e.g. 811, 815, etc.) to enter the Service Menu. Go to Device Test – Service Menu – Manual Test – Touch Draw Test – Manual. Now you can touch, tap, and swipe on the test area and watch for any missed touches, indicated by the lack of a red mark in that area.
  • If you cannot access the service menu, you can also download an app like Multitouch Test from the Google Play Store, and see if there are any issues with the touchscreen.
  • As far as the LG Keyboard lag is concerned, LG is rolling out a software update to tackle this problem, and this seems to have alleviated the issue. If you haven’t received this update, you can try a third-party keyboard from the Google Play Store, but some users have reported similar problems with these as well.
  • Some users have found the issue to reduce or go away completely by using “Force GPU Rendering” in the Developer Options. To unlock these settings, go to Settings – General – About Phone – Software Info and tap on the build number continuously until you see the “You are now a developer” message. Now go to Developer Options in the Settings menu, and activate Force GPU Rendering.
  • For some users that have used screen protectors, the fix has been as simple as just removing it.
  • For those users finding whole sections of the screen unresponsive to touch, this is likely a hardware fault, and picking up a replacement may be your only option.

Problem #2 – Notification LED issues


Some users have reported that the notification LED of their LG G4 keeps flashing randomly, even when no notification has been received. Others have also found that it continues to blink even after dismissing the notification.

Potential solutions

  • This was actually a relatively common issue with previous generation LG flagships as well, following their official update to Android 5.0 Lollipop. A member of the XDA Developer forums has outlined a workaround that fixes the problem using the Clock application which you can find here. Keep in mind that this is not an issue with the Clock app itself, but rather provides a way to fix it.
  • Some users have found the problem to occur after receiving notifications from third-party messaging apps like Whatsapp. You can try removing any such app and see if the problem persists. Of course, you will need the app eventually, so this isn’t really a fix, but a way to test if that is the cause. A future update from LG or the app creator should then help resolve the issue.
  • If nothing else works, you do have the option to turn off the LED completely, by going to Settings – Sound & Notification – Notification LED.

Problem #3 – Performance issues


While a lot of LG G4 owners are happy with the performance of the device, some users have reported that the device takes a few seconds to start when using double tap to wake or Knock Code, and there is a noticeable stutter when switching between apps.

Potential solutions

  • As far as the wake unlock issues go, download the Greenify app from the Google Play Store, that will show you a list of applications that are active on waking the phone, and you can then change the settings for these apps, which should help with the slowdown.
  • A rogue app could be the cause for any stutter or lag. Boot the device into Safe Mode (you can find the instructions on how to do so below) and see if the problem persists. If not, an application is the issue. You can then either delete the last few apps you have may have installed before the problem started, or perform a factory reset and start over, even though that is recommended only as a worst-case scenario, since you will lose all your data.
  • LG packs a lot of features into the software experience like Dual Window, the QSlide apps, Smart Bulletin, Smart Notice, and more. Disabling these, only if you don’t use them often of course, could provide a boost in performance.

Problem #4 – Charging issues


Some users have found the LG G4 to be charging a lot slower than expected, and others have had issues finding the right charger to take advantage of the device’s quick-charging capabilities.

Potential solutions

  • While it was announced that the LG G4 comes with Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 support after all, the available AC charger in the box is not compatible, so you may feel like the device is charging slower than it is.
  • Some users have found the LG G4 to not charge fast even with chargers that support QuickCharge 2.0. To be able to take advantage of the LG G4’s fast charging ability, you can check out this thread on XDA Developers forum to see which third-party chargers have worked and which don’t.
  • The charging seems to slow down significantly when the screen is on, so it might be best to not use the device while it is plugged in, and instead wait for it to be fully charged.
  • While not a problem but an annoyance, some users have found the fact that the LED light of the device flashes while it is charging, and that it vibrates when charging is complete, can get annoying. There is a workaround in place to avoid this if needed, which you can find here.

Problem #5 – Overheating issues


While not as common as is the case with devices out there that are powered by the Snapdragon 810, some users of the LG G4 have noticed the device getting uncomfortably warm, even while not performing any processor-intensive activities.

Potential solutions

  • Using a power saver mode when the device is heating up helps to cool it down faster.
  • If you have a case on, it might help to take it off before doing anything processor-intensive, such as gaming.
  • Let the device cool down for a while when it starts to get uncomfortably warm, before continuing anything you may have been doing.
  • A rogue app may be the cause for concern. Boot into Safe Mode and see if the problem persists. Uninstall the last few apps you have downloaded before the problem started, and see if that fixes it. Otherwise, in extreme cases, you may have to perform a factory reset.

Problem #6 – Connectivity issues


Connectivity issues are quite common when getting a new device, and below are the general steps you can follow when facing problems with connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

Potential solutions

Wi-Fi Issues

  • Turn off the router that you’re using and the phone, and wait for a while before turning them back on.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and forget the preferred network, before entering the details again from scratch.
  • Check the level of activity on your current channel with the Wi-Fi Analyzer application. If necessary, simply switch to a different channel.
  • Disable Power Saving Mode through Settings. 
  • Find the MAC address for the phone by going into Settings – About Phone and ensure it is recognized by your router.

Bluetooth Issues

  • Make sure that no power saving mode is enabled.
  • Start by turning the Bluetooth on your device off and back on again.
  • If the problem continues, clear the cache for Bluetooth by going to the Bluetooth Settings.
  • Restart the phone after clearing the data and cache.
  • If the Bluetooth device saves multiple profiles, you might have reached the limit for the number of profiles it can save. Delete old and unused profiles, and try setting up the connection once again from scratch.

Soft and hard resets, booting in safe mode, and more

lg g4 color comparison aa (1 of 11)

When all else fails, sometimes troubleshooting requires extra measures like booting into safe mode, soft resetting the device, or even doing a hard reset. Below are the guides on how to perform some key functions on the LG G4, including soft reset, factory reset, booting into Safe Mode, and how to access the hardware key control mode.

Soft reset

  • When the screen is not responsive, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, until the device restarts.
  • Alternately, you can also pull the battery to shut down the phone.

Hard reset

  • Turn the device off.
  • Press and hold the power button and the volume down key simultaneously, and when the LG logo is displayed, release only the power button, and then immediately press the power button again, and wait till the factory reset menu comes up.
  • Press the power button to continue, or the volume keys to cancel.

Booting into Safe Mode

  • Turn off the phone and restart it. When the LG logo appears, press and hold the volume down key until you see the home screen, which should take it into Safe Mode.
  • When the phone is on, press and hold the power button till the shutdown options appear. Press and hold the “Power off” option till a confirmation pops up and tap OK. This will boot the device into Safe Mode.

Hardware control mode

If the display of the phone is broken or damaged, you can still perform some basic functions using the hardware buttons.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the power button and both volume keys together for more than 10 seconds to enable the hardware key control mode.
  • Press the volume keys to scroll to the option you want, and press the power button to confirm.
  • To answer a call, you can now press both volume keys at the same time to do so.
  • to end a call, press the power button during the call.
  • To stop the alarm, press and hold the volume keys together when the alarm rings.

So, there you have it for this roundup of some of the common problems that plague LG G4 owners, and some potential solutions on how to fix them. Do let us know if these solutions have worked for you, or if you’ve had any other problems come up, and we will update the list above.

If you need more help with troubleshooting your LG G4, or have any questions related to the device, you’ll also want to be sure to check out our official forums!

For those on the fence about getting an LG G4, don’t let any of the above problems deter you. Most of these issues are rare, and can often be fixed with a little patience. It’s also worth noting that you may run into similar scenarios with just about every new device you get, as these kinds of issues are often common, especially shortly after a device first launches.

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  • SamG

    i wonder if any reviewers faced these issues

  • Jay

    Got a G4. Luckily I’ve not been affected by these too much. The LED thing did start up, though. And once a week, Knock Code just won’t register my taps.

    Otherwise the LG charger is quick enough. Only overheated once. No performance issues, really.

    LG also released a software update, and tend to every 2 months which is good.

    Saying all that, I’ll keep my options open for the OnePlus 2 and the new Nexus :)

  • Rameez

    I faced a problem with my LG G3, the notification light kept blinking even though there were no notifications and then i found out that it was because of Candy Crush Saga and 8 Ball Pool. I disabled the notifications within these two games and everything is working fine now.

  • Lethal_1

    Are you ____ing kidding me.?
    Is EVERY PHONE having stupid problems these days.?
    And we call these current phones “Flagship Devices”.? Gimmee a break!!
    No phones in the last 2-3 years have been “acceptable”, nothing but ____ING POS JUNK.!!!!!!

    • Lahoma63464
    • Arthur Cooper


    • jeyloux

      Do you think the problem is in the phone? Or maybe in third apps coded by bad programmers not following Android programming methods.

      • Lethal_1

        Hard to say really.? But I have noticed that the UI’s these companies put on these phones (and I mean ALL companies like Samsung, Htc, LG etc) adding a “Skin” to a degree complicates the process & smoothness etc, even tho they handle it, it’s extra software not needed, it’s a piece of bloat we really don’t need other than making it “prettier” …

        • WutDixLibsR

          I have to agree there.

    • mambobananapatch

      Life truly is a long, cruel ordeal.

    • pizzamannetje

      Are you ****ing kidding me?
      Is EVERYONE complaining about issues on a phone they don’t even have these days?
      And we call this an authority website? Gimme a break!!
      I have the G4 and it has been perfectly acceptable with none of the issues described here a problem anymore.

      • Lethal_1

        That’s good to know! Thanks!
        The G4 was on my short list because it’s an awesome phone!
        But only recently I have purchased a Motorola Moto X Style / Pure!
        I wanted to minimize the “bloat” & chose a close as possible stock phone! Happy-as!

      • wot

        You do know that you’re not the only with a G4 right?
        I have a G4 and these issues are actually true.

        • Harrison Myler

          No they are not. The phone probably gets hot because you have too many background recourses. If you have connectivity problems, upgrade your shitty router or shitty router firmware. Charging is very fast when I use my OEM charger or even my 2006 ipod USB charger.

          • Liz Hanz

            Ummm I didnt know that GOD’s alter-ego was named Harrison. You idiot. I just bought a G4 owned it 2 weeks and the stupid thing gets hot enough to fry eggs on. Its going back tomorrow to be exchanged for a samsung of some sort as I never had any issues with them in the last 10 years. I got suckered into this LG. There phone is as crap and their TV’s and white goods. And before you get all huffy about background resources I dont have any. Im a baby boomer so i am not interested in all the garbage on google play. Its a work phone and is still as pristine as it was when it came out of the box. So my advice pull your head in and open your ears. Listening is better for your health than mouthing off.

          • Brøssøvítçh

            So install an aftermarket OS like CyanogenMod with no GApps or root and remove all the intrusive carrier stuff and Google crap. The device will be 100x better afterwards with no heating up. And you’ll get several more hours of battery. Or you can just go into the app permissions and chamge them to your needs, really simple. But all this will take a basic understanding of technology and a PC… I mean the G4 is an amazing flagship device but as any carrier branded OEM skinned Android device it needs tweaks to be optimal. There’s too much BS installed on most OEM systems and that’s a royal pain in itself. Simply removing the clutter and garbage thays not necessary fixes most issues. But I habe never used any Android device after Android 1.5 without root and heavy mods to my system. But I know what a smartphone is and have an understanding for technology, hence while I’ll never use an iPhone, since they’re for idiots and made by satan himself. Good day to you.

          • Torrey

            Sounds good to remove the excess Google cap but how do we average users do that? I’m on my 3rd phone started in sept.2015 now having overheating issues.don’t want to get another phone,but not found any place to show how to do it. I hate most all of the cappy apps that came with the phone, I’m not interested in. How /where can I find out how to do this!
            Thanks for any suggestion.

          • John Tate

            I just read these comments and if I had not be online since the 90s they may shock me. Guys the people that respond with comments like why are people complaining about a phone the no longer have or people use. Also the people that say that these problems are not real because their phone does not have them and gives insane reason why they think they are right. Just completely ignore them. The internet has become a place where crazy people meet other crazy people and have a voice they they do not have in public. If they said these things in public people would quickly tell them they are crazy and end of story. If you really think these problems don’t exist just because you phone doesn’t have them you are crazy and have serious mental issues. Anytime you think you are right and the rest of the world is wrong it is a huge red flag. It is ok though. We know you will never admit that you are crazy because that is part of being a narcissistic person with grand delusions Kanye. IT is time to go back to youtube and do your daily video on gang stalking or how we are ruled by lizard people. Just ignore people like this they are a lost cause and are just here to cause chaos. If I had the time and a way to get ahold of some of you I would help all I could.

          • John Tate

            lol You made me laugh so hard I spit my drink.

          • John Tate

            Hey Kanye you are a gay fish. Are you having fun being a narcissistic ass who thinks they know everything?

      • Brandon Fitzgerald

        I have a G4 and it was without issues until I did the Android 6.0 T-Mobile update. Now the damn thing takes hours longer to charge, and depletes charge much faster. Otherwise, it’s been pretty rad.

        • peepsie

          this may explain my issues. it charges stupid slow now. if it charges. today it went from 87% to 3% in under an hour while not in use, powered itself off, and now won’t charge or turn on at all. and it’s not the charger-it’s charging the kindle I’m typing this on just fine.

          it’s definitely the phone.

        • Brøssøvítçh

          Factory reset, these issues will disappear.

        • Bethany

          Glad to know I’m not the only one. I got my first G4 in August of last year, charged super fast, held onto battery life for 14+ hours with continual use. Got hit by the issues with the phones in a certain serial number range, had to get a replacement – which per my agreement with Sprint is a refurbished, reset device. That was December. It got the latest Android update, all the sudden it wouldn’t charge. I would have it on a quick-charger all night and would wake up and it would be at 40%. Eventually the problem fixed itself out of nowhere. Then a month ago, I got hit with bootloop on that device and had to get ANOTHER replacement (just got it 2 days ago) and this time it was a brand new device, latest version of Android. Will. Not. Charge. It’s been on the charger now for an hour – while completely off – and is only at 32%. LG needs to get it together. It’s insane how many issues I’ve had with this device, despite how much I truly love it.

        • Jason

          I see that the original poster (pizzamannetje) is quiet now. Maybe his phone crapped out on him and he’s complaining on another site about how awful the phones are.

      • Jason

        You wrote this 9 months ago…any problems yet? And yes, there are a TON of issues on LG G4s. I went through 2 now: one had the boot loop issue and now this replacement has an issue where it just keeps shutting itself off. So annoying!

    • teedofftaxpayer

      Then don’t buy one.

      • Lethal_1

        And I didn’t buy it either .. I got the Moto X Pure instead, happy-as!
        Tho the G5 now looks interesting with a removable battery (as you should be able too)
        Has other attachments too, just hope this model is a success, they just need to lose the bloat.

        • teedofftaxpayer

          I just bought a LG G4 and love it with the removable battery.

          • WutDixLibsR

            Same here, and none of the problem described in the article.

  • out2late

    I have wifi issues… a lot of the time my home wifi network says “avoided poor Internet connection” however when I click on it, it says signal strength “excellent”. Never had any issues with my M7 or M8.

  • massiveloop

    I’ve got the g4 and luckily haven’t run into most of these issues. The thing that is bothering me and was hoping would be addressed here is that audio track metadata is not displaying on my cars Bluetooth screen channel. From what I’ve read this is a major issue with this device.
    I really wish an update would get released to fix this.

    • Jay

      Yeah that’s true, mine has that issue too. Bit annoying.

  • PhonecardMike

    2 issues I am having with the Verizon Model.

    Battery drain. This thing is a juice hog.

    Second, 3 way calling to a toll free number. It does not work with the toll free number. Verizon has been working the issue for 3 weeks, but no luck so far.

    • massiveloop

      Not sure how it is with Verizon but I had to disable like15 preinstalled apps from at&t ( they cannot be uninstalled but they can be suppressed). After that my battery was getting a full 24 hours on moderate to heavy use.

  • peano76
  • Jack

    I’m having an issue with using the power button to end calls. It doesn’t work at all. With the setting on or off, the power button only turns the screen off and on and never ends the call. Very frustrating. Any tips guys?

    • Azooz

      Same problem :/

    • Lolddddd

      Try to do with the phone away from your ear until the screen light on again

  • Mary

    ******* i like me androidauthority < Find Get More

  • Daggett Beaver

    One problem with the LG G4 and how to fix it:

    Problem: It sucks.
    Solution: Sell it to some sucker on eBay or swappa and get a different phone.

    • massiveloop

      And get what the galaxy? I’ll take my chances with the g4 any day Samsung.

      • john cahill

        Agreed.. My g4 is problem free.. Lol

    • jeyloux

      Or buy an Iphone without notifications LED. No led, no issues. Great apple. Loosers.

  • Nate S

    My g4 has only been suffering from issues with the touchscreen and keyboard issues, and although installing a new keyboard solved that issue, none of the suggested fixes worked for the touchscreen in general, and it is essentially impossible to play any games that involve many precisely timed taps in succession.

  • massiveloop

    So after reading this I noticed that the knock code needs to be used in the lower half of the screen and avoid doing traps in the top half unless you’re just doing a double tap to wake the screen.
    Since I began applying this the past few days I haven’t failed one knock code unlock.

  • Azooz

    Well my phone has a stupid issue, When I call someone or I receive a call the screen shuts down and then I can’t end the call even from the power button I have to tell the person that I’m calling to end the call from his phone is it a new technology or my phone is just stupid?!

    • jeyloux

      Do you use any case hiding the light sensor?

      • Irchad Hnf

        Hi i had the same problem just now that i read here ,i took out my screen protector ,and it works,,now i can turn off my calls finally uff..thanks

  • Lethal_1

    I’m seriously hanging out for the ” LG G4 Pro ” … Expected release is approximately said to be ~Q3 2015 – Lets hope the guess/leak/rumour of it sporting a SnapDragon 820 comes true! – LOVE the G4 specs, just hope the performance is true, UI is not intrusive, & that it has an awesome camera, along with the swappable battery & sd slot, bring it on! :-))

  • Greg Grzywacz

    I don’t like the phone. Coming from Nexus 5 there is very little improvement in some aspects and many annoyances. But the biggest problem is the contacts and phone app. Always loading, and unavailable. I don’t even use the phone anymore for the most part. I use fb for calls. I might have lots of contacts but the phone should be able to handle it. On top of it all I hate the LG bloatware that I can’t remove and the shortcuts that I never use but are there getting in the way.

  • Jason

    Mine keeps shutting off and hard reset does nothing. Hate this phone.

    • Jason

      I heard the processor in the G4 is horrible

      • jeyloux

        I heard the man never reach the moon.

  • Inajet

    I bought and returned 2 G4 phones, they both had overheating issues and battery drainage. Very dissapointed, horrible.

  • Udene Cumm

    LG G4 has a Mute all sounds function under Setting – System – Accessability – Hearing – be sure TURN OFF ALL SOUNDS not checked

  • Carlos

    Left half of my screen freezes but i can still use the other half. Used to happen once now its every minute

    • Fernando Valadez

      Same here. Any solution?is it still happening? Starting to think it may be tempered glass.

  • Walandra Davis

    So android did a update last night and now my messaging or my settings is working. Any idea on how to fix this problem without losing my stuff?

  • svfoxhotmail

    thats alot of problems for a phone


  • Rashad Maxie

    hello everyone my name is shad and my LG G4 is having issues while i use my keyboard or camara when i use the camara it blink out and in for example (iam using my my snapchat and and watch someone story and it will blink out TO my camara)
    also when iam using my keyboard it blink out and i have to tap on it again in order to use it again.

    • massiveloop

      Hi Rashad, I was having issues with the keyboard as well but not quite the same as you describe. I installed the Google keyboard and haven’t had a problem since. I’d say give it a try and see if that help.

      • Rashad Maxie

        thnk you and i`ll will check into google keyboard but iam still a teenager and ill perfer decent emojis. Is there a paific root of my issues and can it be resolve?

        • massiveloop

          If used appropriately emojis are ageless. Also, the Google keyboard uses emoji and you can switch to the iPhone style ones in the settings.
          Just hold the Enter button in the far right bottom and the emoji function can be selected.

  • massiveloop

    So, At&T FINALLY released an update Wednesday and my Bluetooth issues have finally been resolved. If you are on another US carrier you should see the update soon. It’s a good for many other issues as well

  • I really dislike the G4. I purchased 2 through Verizon a few months ago and they both have a laundry list of problems that are all different. When I triple tap the screen, my unlock screen gets “stuck” halfway. It will unfreeze if I press the power button twice, or if I slide into the camera, exit that, and then can put in my lock code. My camera gets stuck a good bit, and my wifi drops ALL the time on multiple wifi networks. My speaker phone is weak, and if I use an headphone/earbuds with a microphone, the volume of the whole phone drops to nothing. Had to get earbuds with no mic and now that seems “Ok”. On the second phone, it would not charge properly for the first month. With an update that got better. For the last few weeks it kept freezing, and required that the battery be removed. Besides freezing, it also would just restart on it’s own, about the same amount. That went from once a week to once every few days to now just starting up and resetting over and over, without getting past the Verizon screen. Can’t even get through a safe mode start or clearing the cache screens… it just restarts on the Verizon screen. Verizon is replacing the second one, but since we can’t even get into the phone anything not backed up now will be lost. And for the first phone, Verizon said to try a hard reset before they would do anything. Very frustrating.

  • Cris S

    I had an LG G4 and was having issues with call clarity, as well as the WiFi dropping. I traded it in for a new one thinking it was a defect, but now the 2nd one is having same call clarity issue. Specifically there would be a clicking and it would cut out during calls. The clicking was the most obvious because the cut outs were so quick and short that I couldn’t even be sure if they were happening. Did anyone else have this problem? I understand glitches/ bugs need to be corrected but I need to be able to use my phone to make calls and be able to clearly hear the other person.

    • Trent Larson Larson

      If your using T-mobile wifi calling DON’T. Its jacked up. Maybe with android M there may be a fix but it won’t happen with L. I’m using the unlocked version with T-mobile and Zero issues. It also has a great FM tuner. Most carriers rip that out. The unlocked version using GSM is the only way to go with the G4. Most of the issues with the G4 are from the carrier SW. Your troubles with voice calls reminds me of the wifi calling issues with TM. You can turn that off I believe and that could clear things up. One of the reasons iPhones are so stable is Apple will not allow carriers to install their crap ware on their devices. If you buy Android you better buy an unlocked device on Amazon or be prepared for the worst.

    • JKay6969

      Sounds like the Matrix has you…is this line secure??? Remember to follow the white rabbit :-)

  • Adam Wienieski

    Haven’t had one of these problems with my Verizon branded VS986 purchased about two weeks ago; its a nice upgrade from my iPhone 5 and it was effectively free after $100 discount/$300 trade-in/$200 rebate.

  • joe

    OK. This is the 3th or 4 the website says that the G4 have Snapdragon 810 Qualcomm processors but LG website said that the G4 have 808 processors. So, are you sure your information was right?

    • massiveloop

      The G4 uses the 808. If you download the CPU-Z app it clearly states that it’s 808.

  • Henry Diaz Da Silva

    I can only access the playstore using Wi-Fi, any solution?

  • Sherial

    Woke this morning to screen frozen on “LG Life’s Good”. Have removed battery, but screen still frozen. Do I take it to shop?

    • bl@ke

      SAME thing here!!! I don’t know what to do & I’m just now beginning to try and fix the problem. My issue started today. I was able to enjoy the Marshmallow 6.0 updates and the phone worked PERFECTLY until I left my car to head into work today and for some reason, it is now stuck on the “LG Life’s Good” screen so ANY help will be appreciated!!!

    • Monica

      same issue. It wouldn’t even reboot, or hard reset. I would plug it in, and I got a black screen, appearing to have no life, (no charging light for battery). Turns out that the battery was actually charging during this time, as it went from 20 percent to 100 percent. (data received from an external battery charger). Every once in a while, I would finally get to the AT&T screen, only for it to go black again. Mostly, I couldn’t get past the “LG Life’s Good” black screen. I brought it to the AT&T store, and they said it was a software issue. It was still under warranty, so it is being replaced, unfortunately, with a refurbished model. I have never had problems with Samsung, HTC, or even OnePlus. Blerg.

      • peepsie

        THIS is what mine has done this morning!!! I’m sitting here sans phone and it’s frustrating. I can’t even call T-Mobile! grrr not looking forward to dragging the kids to the mall….

        maybe it’s actually charging with it’s black screen of death. I’ve popped the battery out and everything trying to make it work. so irritating.

  • Gold Blooded

    This phone is garbage. I bought it in France for 700 euros!!! Wow. My iPhone and S5Active perform way better. The LAST LG I will ever buy.

    • Gold Blooded

      My LG G4 Just resets over and over and over out of the blue. Tried all the suggested fixes. Nothing. This phone is in mint condition and I bought it in August. Lame.

      • London Nut Official

        I’m guessing you already tried a factory reset?

        • Gold Blooded

          Yes I have tried it all. Even downloading the software again. Nothing. Repair people say i need to send it back and LG is making me send it to France! Wow.

  • droidest

    I love this phone but have been experiencing so many issues even the keyboard lags. Have gone back to my trusty Blackberry Classic several times.

  • alex graham

    my problem with the touchscreen is when i have my phone chargng

    • London Nut Official

      occasionally have the same issue, happens with many phones tbh even my iphone 5s

  • Yrral Noxid

    Everybody has already said it. The LG G4 is a useless piece of shit, it has a manufacturing defect and shutting itself down and becoming inoperative. I don’t trust the piece of shit, but sprint has a new one for me. I have doubt that its a new phone at all, its most likely a refurbished piece of shit somebody else had. I will put a law suit against LG , as I am not paying a price for a new phone and getting a refurbished piece of shit. I’m sure more than myself is annoyed with this phone and its manufacturing defective bullshit, would you pay the full price for a car that you thought was new and come to find out its used , fuck No!!

  • Evren Elveren

    LG G4’s very slowly charging after 6.0 update :( any ideas what’s going on with marshmellow?

  • Stac Teno

    Anyone having problems with the power button to turn on the phone? I have to press it numerously to turn on the phone. Wtf so irritated! Anyone have a fix for that?!

  • Patrick Mitchell

    Hey you guys, I know you’re all super busy but I bricked my LG G4 (^>^\). So far so good but anyway the thing is I can’t reboot into recovery mode. If you know anything that could help me, please tell me here. Thanks for your time.

    • London Nut Official

      Download LG drivers and LG Bridge, take battery out of phone, put it in, hold volume up button while you plug it into your computer, it’ll start up download mode, on LG Bridge go to software update and click update error recovery :)

  • Steve Brain

    This list of COMMON problems with this phone is why I won’t be buying another LG.
    Currently experiencing one that is happening more and more often recently, turn my screen on and go to punch my knock code in.. Before I get half way the bloody screen turns completely black and unresponsive to input. The only thing on the screen is the time on the top centre of the screen.
    Great camera, terrible software.
    Will be giving the Galaxy S7 a try when this phone becomes completely unbearable.

    • Brøssøvítçh

      The screen doesn’t need to be on to enter knock code. Never has for the past few years of the feature existing.

  • massiveloop

    Funny that this email string pops into my notification drawer after my g4 just randomly rebooted into “no service”. I may be able to blame that more on att than the phone itself ,
    my galaxy used to do that every once in awhile

  • London Nut Official

    You can make the G4 reach its potential; my recommendations are: disable the lg bloatware, turn off animations!! (developer options), get a custom launcher (i like asus zen ui but you’ll loose tap to turn off screen), get a camera app with filters like candy cam, if you use many apps get greenify. For those who have soft bricked their G4 i discovered the joys of LG Bridge (from LG site) – it’ll re-install stock OS you just need to plug in your phone in download mode and go to software update and click ‘update error recovery’ its a life saver!

  • Jason Baker

    Why can’t I find a website talking about the metadata problem since the G4 marshmallow update. Now my car stereo no longer displays song names and I can’t use my steering wheel controls to skip songs. I have found many forums with people complaining about this.

  • Raffael Ettlin


    My LGG4 starts sometimes several times but never completely.
    If I press and holt Volume up, down and Power botton for about 5 seconds an IMEI Display comes up. And when I press Volume down and power botton, then release power botton and press again it says that i can delete all datas, that starts but not completely…
    do you have any Idea how I could solove that problem?


  • William DeMarco

    The main problem I had (before it bricked today) was that for some odd reason, it’d bring up the Google voice search thing.

  • massiveloop

    So, I have been standing by supporting my LG g4 as being a great device and thankful that I have been largely unaffected by the name issues.
    However, lately my WiFi has been flaky, Bluetooth had again been not connecting properly, then to top it all off my g4 had now fallen victim to the bootloop issue.
    I have since gotten the Samsung s7 (no edge), and all I can say is GET ONE!.

    THE s7 has a premium build quality, functioning os, perfect Bluetooth, excellently predictable WiFi, and expandable storage which is what pushed me to the g4 when the s6 had no expandability.

  • Erica

    My G4 turns it’s own volume up. It’s annoying and after goi g through tech support, i still have no idea how to correct it. Tried factory reset. Any ideas?

  • Kuke

    my G4 literally just took a shit, i was texting on it, it froze and the screen just turned off

  • Sherry

    Hi Everyone

    I have a LG G4 mobile with Sr No : S/N :507KPHG695248.

    Since today morning I face the problem with the “KnockOn” Function.

    LG’s smartphones have long featured the so-called KnockON function. It’s what you would call a “double tap to wake” – when the phone’s screen is off, you just tap on it twice, and the device wakes up. Alternatively, if the phone is on, you knock twice on an empty spot in the home screen and it will go to sleep.

    But in my phone many a times “double tap to wake” is not responding. Even the power button does not respond simultaneously.

    I try these two ways to awake my phone:

    1) insert the charger pin & phone awakes immediately.

    2) take out the battery & replace again & start the phone.

    Kindly suggest a proper solution.

  • Sai Tsukihana

    I haven’t had any of these problems. The only problem I have is the ringtone not playing the tone that is assigned. In fact the tone it plays instead is one that is not even an option in my phone. Creepy, but oh well. XD

  • chechelou

    while i was checking on my fb my phone freezes and when i press the power button it turns to black and since then I couldn’t i could not turn it on. I checked on the possible solution over the internet and follow all the probable steps and solution but still my phone seems dead at all.

    • peepsie

      same. exact same thing.

  • Rick Williams

    I’ve had the g4 11 months now. I really enjoyed it. The screen received a very slight crack from a very short fall (less than 3 feet) probably 5 months ago. I would have a great review for the phone if it hadn’t randomly quit working today. It won’t load the OS. I’ve done soft resets, hard resets (to factory install), and tried to boot into safe mode. Nothing works, it simply won’t go past the loading screen. This is my second LG phone and my second time having issues with their hardware. I’l never buy LG again.

  • Don Rambarran

    I’ve had mine nearly a year…annoying quirks aside, it’s a fantastic phone. Better than any iPhone I ever had.

  • mohammed

    me too when I make the new update 6.0 the phone died !!!! until now I looking for a pro fixer badly not found.. before was the phone the best in the marker.. I am very sad because my son g4 died ..

  • Brøssøvítçh

    Root & remove all bloatware. Done, snappy performance, much longer battery life, the phone stays perfect. Definitely uninstall the carrier garbage and all unnecessary LG crap. Remove unnecessary boot & shutdown animations as well as their sounds. A few build.prop tweaks for cpu. And you’re basically done. I prefer to remove several LG apps and manually install AOSP apps in their place. Then, any system apps updated via Google Play Store simply integrate back into the system. It’s all quite easy if you know what an Android device is..
    And for people complaining about receiving an update from one firmware version to the next, why would you ever think that it will just work better without a full factory reset? That’s a major update (LP to MM) and you need the system to re-optimize the data, cache, & dalvik/ART partitions. And ensuring a full wipe of the internal storage as well would definitely make a HUGE difference. So what if you need to enter a few passwords and get all your settings back in order? Google will automatically restore your contacts, apps, wallpapers, & some preferences of you set up your account preferences correctly.
    Try flashing a new system and/or factory wiping your device 30+ times a month purely for developments sake.. If you can’t handle setting up your device once in order to have a purely perfect experience, maybe you should grab one of those overpriced hipster paperweights with the rotten apple on the back and allow that to do your thinking for you…. Just my 0.02¢.
    -Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh ?

  • Sarah Maples

    What about the earbud/speaker vol/earbud volume restriction, and video streaming halt when trying to adjust up. Making the enjoyment of a movie impossible. I hate LG phones. Stuck.

  • Vickie Golden

    For the ones that have the lgl4 and have not had issues you are so lucky this is the second one that i have had first one the port went out after 2 months second one which was replaced just quit working shut down and only powers up to lg screen thats it any solutions

  • gjt3rd

    Hi all. I read the article and many of the comments. Comments are often more instructive than the articles. I have been using the LG4 for a little over a year now through T-Mobile I have 2 issues with the LG4. The first issue is constant dropped calls when I call out from my home or anywhere. If an alert comes through at the top of the screen, the call in process is dropped. The second issue is an uncomfortably hot, not warm, screen. Removing the LG4 from its case helps cool the device. There are other features that i like about the LG4 which is why i keep it. The photos are great even when magnified. Videos are great and I can magnify videos. The storage is extended by using cards to hold data. The phone is the most durable cellphone i have owned since the 1990s (back then only doctors, hospice nurses and bad guys had cellphones. I was a hospice nurse.) i have used many wireless providers and cellphones (my favorite was the Motorolla Razr). The LG4 is the best featured cellphone that I have used. I plan to back up my current data and perform a factory reboot. During the winter the hot phone is not a problem but in 100 degree weather i had to switch to speakerphone to carry a conversation. My call dropped 4 times while calling a doctors office today. Yes I have earphones. My point is that the LG4 was purchased at a high price point. If the manufacturer knows these issues exist, the consumer should be notified and fixes should be volunteered. Young people are being trained to “roll with it or throw it away.” My point is that Manufacterers know that cellphones are like drugs – people are addicted. When people are addicted to something, they will pay any amount and make sacrifices for that thing. Based on my experience with LG4, i will not buy another LG cellphone. After the latest Android was rolled out, i could not use the LG4 for a week. I wil try using the suggestions found on this page. If the suggestions do not work, i will return to using a land line phone. Well the phone is “uncomfortably warm.” I must turn off the screen. Before going – thank all of your for your advice, hints, and tips. Cheers –

    • Bethany

      Well said. LG has not handled these KNOWN issues correctly, especially the issues caused by a loose component in the hardware on affected devices. I got my first G4 in August of last year and I am now on my third, to no doing of my own. My phone gets incredibly warm as well, even with no apps running. I’ve found that restarting it once or twice sometimes takes care of the issue, but not always. Also sometimes turning off location can help me with the over heating issue. I live in TN and I guess sometimes it’s trying too hard to figure out where I am with no help from Sprint’s network. I’ve not experienced the dropped calls issue, but I’ve experienced many others. LG needed to tackle these problems proactively, not reactively as they are doing. I just had to wait 3 weeks for my 3rd replacement device because they’re on back order given how many people are having to have theirs replaced. Totally unacceptable.

  • KVragec

    I have a problem with charging. My phone sometimes takes 5 hours to fully charge. But i found out that if i replug the charger from the wall the led notification turns itself on and it charges faster after

  • blacknblue2

    Mine froze and it wouldn’t even complete a factory reset. Yesterday I noticed that it didn’t want to take a full charge, un-pluged the charger and tried again. The second attempt produced a full charge. Later in the day I said to my wife that the phone that is in my pocket seems hot.

    This morning I received a message that google services had stopped, I hit the power button to re-start and it never restarted. I am in the logo loop.

    My last phone was a Samsung and it lasted for years. It still works. It survived a 5 foot drop to a ceramic floor and never had a problem.

    This LG is of low quality and last two months.

    • Bethany

      The issue is called bootloop, as you may already know, it’s due to a loose component in the hardware. LG released thousands of devices that will be or have already been affected by this issue. I am on my THIRD G4, and this last time, had to wait a solid 3 weeks for my most recent replacement device because so many have crashed recently that they’ve been on back order. LG deserves to take a serious hit because of their failure to handle this situation correctly and proactively. I definitely feel your pain!

  • suheil

    Hello. I was wondering if any one else is experiencing the same problem I am. My phone won’t turn on. It won’t even charge when I plug the charger up. Usually it vibrates to tell me that it’s charging and its not doing that either. It was just fine a few hours ago. When I remove the battery and power it on it turns on but won’t go past the LG screen. It wont cut back on unless I remove the battery again. Anybody have any idea what the problem might be?

  • Scott Britton

    Would anyone have any idea why on certain text threads when I tap the text field to start typing, the keyboard disappears?

  • Scott Britton

    Issue is with an LG G4

  • Pam Meeks-ennis

    I can say I will NEVER, EVER purchase a LG product again! Just got my LG G4 phone this past March and for months now it has been nothing but problems!!!!!! It shuts off ALL the time and may not come back on until the next day. It will shut off and on continuously for hours on in! I don’t have to be on my phone for it to shut off, it does it whenever!

  • Tyler Campbell

    I can not turn my phone on still. The bottom left corner of it glitched and made a box that was solid static pixels. I am still unable to turn it on, I tried holding the button for 30 seconds but nothing.

  • Martin

    cracking frame issue for my LG G4 – simmilar to same G3 crackng issue…