It’s now just a day to 2016 yet for many, many Android users concerned with device updates, their thoughts will remain fixated on the current year: Android 6.0 Marshmallow released back in October. While some devices have already been updated, the vast majority are either ambiguous or else waiting. LG Poland took to Twitter earlier to announce that denizens of said country need not wait any longer: Marshmallow is now updating to the LG G3 in Poland.

Some may recall that, much like with Lollipop last year, LG quickly released the new OS build to G4 users in Poland, a country which often sees itself serving as a test market for this kind of thing. Soon after Korean variants started to get 6.0. The G4 was updated there first as well, and so too does it follow that the G3 is as well.

LG itself has an official site dedicated to detailing the changes brought on by Marshmallow, which can be viewed here.

Those in Poland who have yet to receive the OTA notification pushed to their phone can try to manually prompt it by going to the Settings menu, selecting About Device, then finding the appropriate Software Update tab and checking. It may take some time before the update is formally pushed to all devices.

  • MSmateo

    The update is available in Croatia too, only via LG Mobile support tool, OTA is not yet available. I am currently updating my G3 32gb international model. :)

    • jakovbrli6

      Kako da updateam??

      • MSmateo

        Skini na PC program lg mobile support tool i odmah u gornjem lijevom kutu ce ti bit update gumb, prikljuci mob sa usb kablom i klikni update i tjt.

        • MDra

          Hvala majstore, baš se pitam vjerovatno imamo i mi upate kad je u poljskoj! hvala!

    • Khalid Ghouri

      sir please tell me which version you have to installed on your mobile

      • MSmateo

        Lg d855

        • Khalid Ghouri

          I mean 30a or 30b

        • Khalid Ghouri

          software version ?

        • Khalid Ghouri

          please check it about phone, software info, software version I am thank full to you

    • MDra

      Probao sam svoj i neće, tj. nema novog update-a! 16gb

      • MSmateo

        Neznam, ja imam 32 gb verziju. Probaj u programu za update na PC-u promjenit zemlju u poljsku

  • Wolf0491

    I wonder if ATT will even bother to upgrade it. I have a G3 as backup phone be nice if it got upgraded. Maybe in couple months.

    • MSmateo

      Its good update. The phone gets a bit faster and everything is more stable. Except camera, Default camera app is a bit slower, HDR is faster than normal photo shoot.

      • Nikša Оvčina

        Bok! Znači, kamera je sporija nego u 5.0? u 5.0 HDR je dosta spor – je li sada isto tako? I normalno slikanje je sporije od HDR?

        • MSmateo

          A kamera je slicna kao prije po meni malo sporija. Ali zato koristim google kameru koja je po meni bolja i brža

          • Ivca

            zasto mi ne pojavljuje update,probao i zemlju promeniti u poland i nista???

      • Anthony Simmons

        Best answer by MSmateo.
        1st person to say how the performance really is. Way to many claiming exaggerated speeds.

  • confirmed, updated and works fine. I noticed slight performance upgrade also, cannot confirm battery yet doe

  • Me

    My software version is V21a-EUR-XX
    how can I update? it is non branded D855, when I open LG support tool, I get message “the newest version is installed” it is android 5.0

    • Hemanth Kalyan

      yes i have the same problem