How to take screenshots on the LG G2

by: Kevin NetherSeptember 30, 2013


The LG G2 is one, if not the most unique looking Android device on the market today. Featuring a substantial 5.2 inch near bezeless display, the G2 still packs one handed usability. This is due to the fact the device is only .35 inches thick, and the power and volume buttons have been relocated to the back for easy, one handed access. LG has decided to include a software method of screenshot taking, which does not require any physical button presses.

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Android snapshot button combo

Due to the size and unique shape of this device the button combination can be somewhat difficult. I have larger hands yet pressing close buttons on the rear of the device was a challenge, and sometimes required two hands.

To take a screenshot press the volume down and the power button at the same time. until you hear the screen capture sound. The screen will flash and the notification bar will say: “Saving screenshot…” once that is occurs it is safe to release.

Below are images of my hands pressing on the button combination, and also of a female with smaller hands.

IMG_4818 IMG_4821

A notification also appears on the Notification Shade. Slide down the notification bar to view your screenshot. Or, you can view your screenshots by opening the Screenshot album in your Gallery application.


LG G2 QuickMemo Screenshot

There is an alternative method to create screenshots on the LG G2 that is not seen on stock Android devices. This is accessing the QuickMemo software, and sharing the current image. This method not only allows for one handed operation, but it also allows for easy annotations on the current selection.


Once you are happy with the results, you have a few options. You are able to save the image to your QuickMemo folder in Gallery or save it directly to the Notebook by pressing the save icon to the top of the image. Once saved. a toast message states where the image is now located.

You are also able to share the image by pressing on the share icon which is located at the top of the image next to the save button. Then select which application you are looking to share with.

Let us know how these methods work for you.

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  • redge

    Thank u

    • Raj

      Some one please help me how to take screenshot on my LG G2, though i tried the same as mentioned above several times but in vain …………….

      • wgdbfh

        Take the home button and dra it to the right to access quickmemo. If the screen is just showing a notepad, click the second button inthe upper left, that looks like two overlapping screens, to view your current window. If you are seeing what you want to take a screenshot of, tap the save button in the upper right, then select gallery.

      • Luke

        You have to hold the DOWN on the volume as well as the LOCK button both located on the back… press and you must HOLD for about 1 second and the screen shot will be taken

      • jamesthemod

        Hold down the power button first and then the volume down button. Must be in that order. At least it is on mine! Hope this helps.

  • I noticed your comment on the Screenshot, I don’t have any trouble taking a screenshot with just my index finger and I don’t even have to turn the phone over.

    • bigdickbandit

      Thats what I’m saying boo boo. to easy

  • Anne


  • Rohit Naik

    have no clue about the LG G2

    LG G2 unboxing and review

    I’m still not convinced by this phone

    • dita

      Im a former iphone user and when i saw this mobile it made me want to switch. Havnt looked back since. Best phone ive ever had

      • Aky

        The same case as mine :) Used iPhone for 6 years. Now switched and started using G2. Amazing phone only one issue is the GPS signal sometimes restart locking on

      • mike

        Same here! I am constantly amazed and how much better this phone is than the iphone

        • HS

          Same here!! 6 years on iphone, glad I changed to G2!

    • kimbull88

      Do it, if you like being able to customize every aspect of your phone and have a thin sleek phone with a massive 1080 screen this is the way to go, I have always been a samsung advocate ( not to mention I am a computer and electronics involved indivdual), and I bought this over the gs4, note3, and everything else on the market, the hardware and over the sofware is awesome. For the cost size and power it is the best phone out there.

      • Jocelyn Jones

        Can you talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time? I just switched from the S3 to the G2 n im kinda doubting my decision

        • rome

          Yes u can
          talk and surf the web

          • shakej

            I have only been able to talk and surf when I’m on Wi-Fi. A drawback but not huge.

        • Robert

          Verizon’s 4G allows both. While on 3G if I was using RDP, and a txt msg came in or the phone rang, I would get disconnected, not with 4G.

  • kimbull88

    Just bought the lg g2, thanks for letting us know how to do a screen shot, i have big hands aswell but you can hit both buttons at the same time with just your index finger.

  • Flávia

    I just can’t do the screen shot. :(

  • bigdo

    The 1st method just aint workin…very tough to mmauever if you have big fingers, also phone just dont seem yo respond

  • emachine

    Yep, I don’t have to turn the phone over either. Can do it with one finger!

  • vlada

    Just tried it on my LG. Works great! Thank you very much.

  • RobotMonkyPyratNinja

    The quick memo way is the best AND you can annotate the image. Way easier than the buttons on the back and more useful.

    • cilla

      Can not figure this method out

  • Nett Bill

    I better download xposed utilities installer and add take a screen shot in the power menu.

  • galih

    I agree with the above article, and I will make it a source in my blog a how to take pictures of the display

  • Rohit

    really helping

  • Sprint Rep

    You have to press and hold the power button and volume down for it to work :)

  • Kathleen Glaser

    Thanks, just the info I needed!