At MWC this week, Lenovo is showcasing a new range of affordable tablets under the Lenovo TAB3 moniker. The new TAB3 family comes in three different sizes to suit your needs: we’ve got the 10-inch version, an 8-inch version, and 7-inch version. In full disclosure, these don’t have the most amazing specs in the world, but really that’s what makes them so affordable. If you don’t need top of the line specs, and are on a tighter budget, these might be tablets worth considering.

Recently we were able to spend some time with Lenovo and were able to get our hands on the entire TAB3 line, and so without any further hesitation, let’s jump right in and see what these new tablets bring to the table.


In terms of build quality, all of these devices are made of plastic and are powered by MediaTek quadcore processors. However, the most powerful of the bunch is the 10-inch version, which is being advertised by Lenovo as a killer business tablet. As a result, you’re going to find apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote pre-installed.

The 10-inch model also comes with a large 7000mAh battery, an IP-52 rating for dust and splash protection, and dual Dolby speakers.  The TAB3 7 is the cheapest one out of the line, and this one will deliver a 600×1024 resolution display, a gig of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and a 3450mAh battery. The TAB3 8, alternatively, has a 800×1280 display, a gig of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, and a 4290mAh battery. However, with either of these, you’re only getting the one speaker instead of the dual setup that the 10-inch model offers.

TAB3 8 - heroSee also: Lenovo launches affordable TAB3 series3

Software-wise, we’re running a fairly vanilla version of Marshmallow that has a few additions from Lenovo, including a kids mode and the ability to customize gestures. In general, however, the experience is pretty stock and so for those who don’t want all the OEM added bells and whistles (aka bloatware), you’ll likely be pretty satisfied with what’s on offer and it’s equally great to see that the tablets are running the latest version of Android as well. 


These tablets will be available in June 2016. The TAB3 7 will be going for $129.99, the 8-inch version will be going for $99 for the wifi only variant or $149 with LTE support. You can pick up the 10-inch version for $199.99 if you’re only looking for wifi support, but the LTE version will cost you $249.99. Still, not a bad price at all for the kind of specs you’re receiving.


And so that does it for our quick hands-on with the Lenovo TAB3 line. What are your thoughts regarding Lenovo’s latest mid-range tablets? Let us know your first take and whether or not you’ll be picking one up in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to Android Authority throughout this week to stay in touch with all the latest content coming down the pipe for MWC.

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  • Jé Be (Here but Gone)


  • Indus49

    I don’t really understand why these new tablets are getting much press. I can walk into Best Buy today and choose from a very large variety of mediocre Android tablets from Amazon, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Digiland and more. All with specs and price points comparable to these. Show me a 7 or 8 inch tablet with at least a 1080p or better screen, Snapdragon 810+, an absolute minimum 2GB of RAM and 16gb storage, WiFi AC and a 4,000+ mAh battery for under $300 and we’ll talk.

    Everything else is just rehashed junk.

    • Because Lenovo knows how to make tablets. The junk you can get on ebay, best buy, are not high quality. These are.

      • Indus49

        I owned one of Lenovo’s first Android tablets, and I was unhappy with its quality. The Lenovo Chromebook is the cheapest of the 11.6 inch crop. I’ve broken two Lenovo X1 carbons, one of them by simply using my thumb to open the screen. I’ve not been impressed with everything Lenovo has put out.

    • publicelement

      There’s a name for that tablet, NVIDIA SHIELD

  • KyleQ

    Until Lenovo get their act together regarding support and functioning updates of their current tab 2 line. No-One should be supporting them by buying their products… Go take a look at their android tablet forum and youll know what i mean.

    (WiFi issues, dolby atmos issues, no multi user support, slow to update etc etc…)

    Stay away and by a supported peoduct instead (Nexus)

  • Aaditya Goswami

    There’s a phone called lenovo vibe x3 that released in India, and its their flagship device. Its around 20,000 rupees (300$~) and I think it deserves a review for the amazing specs and features in that price. And I’m sure you’ve heard of the 4$ smartphone, freedom 251, that probably deserves one too